Toronto Blue Jays v Detroit Tigers

The Blue Jays will play their final game of the road trip today, and hope to end it with a sweep of the Kansas City Royals. Brandon Morrow takes the mound the Jays against Ervin Santana, who was acquired this off-season from the Angels. In two games against the Jays last year, Santana, once known as “Little Pedro”, allowed ten hits and eight runs in 13 innings.

The news of the day however, came from this tweet from the Duendin Blue Jays account. Brett Lawrie playing second base today in Florida. Better believe it!



It seemed as if R.A. Dickey was upset about being pulled in the seventh inning last night, but Brendan Kennedy tweets that he just didn’t want Gibby to go to the pen that early.

Kennedy also notes that Gibbons is simply giving Colby Rasmus a day off today, no injury to report after crashing into the centre field wall last night. Brendan also adds that the team has no strict timeline on Lawrie’s return.

TV: Sportsnet

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

CF Emilio Bonifacio (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
3B Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
RF Rajai Davis (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Brandon Morrow RHP

Kansas City Royals

LF Alex Gordon (L)
SS Alcides Escobar (R)
DH Billy Butler (R)
C Salvador Perez (R)
1B Eric Hosmer (L)
RF Lorenzo Cain (R)
3B Elliot Johnson (S)
CF Jarrod Dyson (L)
2B Chris Getz (L)

Ervin Santana RHP

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  1. REYES THE BEST….errrrr. make that MORROW THE BEST!!

  2. Lawrie at 2nd! wait…. no

  3. Chicken wing is due for a big game.

  4. Cats in the cradle

  5. Hey guys…
    I dont have PVR.
    Do any of you know anywhere that I could download or stream a game to watch after completion?
    Thanks guys!

  6. I HATE seeing davis in the lineup agianst righties. Especially quality ones. Basically an autmomatic out. I would rather see wells in there, to be honest. No reason to give rasmus the day off unless hes hurt. Lind has been worse than rasmus, yet hes still in the lineup.

  7. Lawrie to 2B. Millions (hundreds) vindicated.

  8. Like I posted in the last thread, I don’t understand how replacing Bonifacio at 2B with a Bonifacio/Davis or Wells platoon at RF is that much of an upgrade for the lineup that’s worth having 3 players field different postiions.

    • Lawrie is really the only one fielding a different position. Bautista has more MLB games at 3rd than the outfield, and Bonifacio is probably better in the outfield than at 2B anyway.

    • The move is probably purely to give aa more leverage in potential trades.

    • yikes, that scares me, although with reyes back you could trade for another right fielder thats better than rajai

    • I doubt that happens. I can’t imagine Anthopoulos looking to move one of the best defensive 3Bmen to another position, and wasting Bautista’s arm at 3B. If they can find a decent bat/defender for RF then I’m all for it, but with the Jays’ budget supposedly at it’s max right now, I doubt this happens on a permanent basis.

      • Stanton? Can we dream? lol.

      • By moving Brett to 2nd we now have one of the better fielding 2nd baseman. Jose has a great arm that is more accurate than Brett’s at 3rd. Jose is has average range in RF with a great arm, but Melky, Ras, and Boni would be able to cover more ground in the OF. My only problem with this that the entire OF is struggling to hit with any consistency (Melky is starting to come around).

        • Lawrie got moved off second the first time for a reason though. A lot of people who tend to know these things don’t exactly think Lawrie’s defensive style plays in the middle of field.

  9. Looking at early season stats are always good for a larf.
    Lind has a K% of 6.9 and a wRC of 10(!).
    Those numbers for Rasmus, meanwhile, are 40 and 122.

  10. Hey Kritzer.
    I don’t give out praise lightly so let me say you done a great job on the weekends.
    Tip of the hat AND a crotch grab to you.

    • You’ve come a long way with those crotch grabs, RADAR.

      • I’ve seen the expression here, I’m trying to be hip like Stoeten.Sorta keeps me young.
        I’m thinkin about trying to start a second career as a free-style rapper.
        My name is rapper master C,
        I’m here to be the one for you and the one for me.
        I might not be the guy that gets picked,
        But i am the guy with a great big d…..

        Maybe i shouldn’t.

  11. what i dont get is why this move is happening now, it really has nothing to do with the shortstop getting injured…and why would you want to screw with a good thing with lawrie at 3rd and jose, who himself says hes better in RF. the only upgrade we are getting is in 2nd base defence i guess; and some davis ab’s in RF

    • Yup, that confuses me too. Seems to be more about Bonifacio not being able to handle 2B than anything. Since Jose apparently made the call to move to 3B himself, the Reyes injury appears to have been the catalyst, even though it really doesn’t affect anything.

      • Again I like it. Assuming, and it’s a rather big assumption at this point, that Lawrie’s defense is up to par at 2nd, then after you factor in offense and defense, I still think you come out ahead with Jose, Izturis and Lawrie in the infield and some combination of Bonifacio, Gose or Davis in right field.

        It lets you have your best bats play everyday without having a glaring hole defensively like you have with Bonifacio in the infield or Kawasaki’s bat in the lineup on a daily basis. Say Gose does get called up and plays right field. Anyone going to argue that Jose’s defense is as good as Gose’s in right? Jose’s arm might top Gose by a little but there’s no way he covers the same ground as Gose does. As for bench depth, it still leaves Derosa to pinch hit vs Lefties and Bonifacio to fill in at the infield spots if needed.

        There’s no denying you’re losing some D at third with Jose there instead of Lawrie but again if Lawrie surprises at 2nd just as he did at 3rd, the net result is better.

        The beauty about pushing Bonifacio back to the outfield and calling up Gose is that you can now trade Davis for more infield depth without having to sacrifice more prospects. Imo you’re not losing anything at all by swapping out Davis for Gose.

        • Lawrie is a great athlete and that athleticism (range +arm) is wasted at 2b. Bats is fine in rf. They can acquire a middle infielder if 2b is that much of a concern. In the meantime, I see no problem with an izturis/boni platoon.

      • Options. Flexibility. Etc., Etc.,

    • Actually, I think it does have to do with Reyes’ injury. With the old configuration, DeRosa would probably see more playing time while Reyes is gone. But by putting Lawrie at 2nd and Bautista at 3rd, DeRosa can sit on the bench more, so as not to hurt our offense any more.

      • When Lawrie’s back, DeRosa is on the bench anyways. Lawrie at 3B, Izturis at SS, Bonifacio at 2B, Kawasaki on the bench as the backup middle IF. DeRosa doesn’t come in to play here.

    • If it works out, they can eventually put Gose in RF. Seems like they’re trying this out because hey, why not?

  12. let’s fuckin sweep em today boys, Santana is a shit baller even against a line-up like ours. I gotta say I really like the position versatility a lot of the Jays have. Ohh and keep up the great work Kritzer!

  13. Bowden says jays inquired on pastornicky of the barves

  14. If anyone wants to join our beat the streak pool, feel free to join the group ‘ROCKO’ (named after a beloved usher at the dome)

    no password needed

  15. Am I the only one who shouts at the TV when Zaun starts talking. Utter, utter moron.

  16. What is with the Management of this team – Lawrie at second?!? AA give your head a shake. You already made that decision 2 years ago. The weakness of this team is down the middle and its showing in week 3. AA here’s a hint you need to trade for a 2nd baseman and don’t worry who in the minors has to go!

  17. Lets move Lawrie to second permanently, and then trade for fucking Chase Headley to play third.

  18. Having Lawrie take a few reps at second base isn’t such a bad idea. Give the infield a bit of flexibility, it has to be a very big deal for AA who could basically look for anyone to play 2nd short or third to fill in for Reyes.
    I kinda wish that Bautista would stay at right though, even though its pretty cool that he can play 3rd. Still the fact that the Jays have guys who can play different positions in the field is a huge strength.

  19. I am going to post this on Craigslist, but I figure I would try here first.

    I have two tickets for this Thursday (April 18th) game with Jays and White Sox which I won from the Fan590. The seats are located at section 127 row 14 and are considered ‘Premium Dugout’ seats with a face value of $62. I would like to find someone who has a pair of weekend tickets in May-July with a similar face value who would consider a trade? Which basically means I’m willing to take ‘Field Level Bases’ or ’200 Level Bases’ as a fair trade. I would love to take my daughter to her first ever game and a weekend date is really the only time it can be done.

    Let me know if anyone is interested in meeting up and making this trade.

  20. Let this glorious event commence

  21. Still having issues accessing DJF on iOS – and none of the other Score sites. Anyone else?

    • Yup. It seems to be all the blog homepages take forever to load (e.g. or but links to the posts themselves load right away

    • Me too. It’s been really frustrating not being able to access DJF on my phone. I often have to wait until I can get home to post anything on my laptop…

      Fix this!

      • I have the same problem with my iphone.

        Stoeten, can you get this fixed.? Many of us use our iphones while at work to access the site.

  22. I am envious of the Royals’ and Rays’ powder blue alternates. Don’t see it as gimmicky when it’s done properly and the primary cookie is already blue.

  23. Has Morrow lost some velocity? He used to hit 97mph consistently

    • That was weird…I noticed that too. His fastball was sitting 89-91 in that inning. Is the KC gun fucked?

    • you mean consistently at the Skydome home opener?!?! That gun was juiced by at least 2-3mph and more like 4. All SP’s including the Cleavlanders and Massholes are down the same in their games out of the skydome that I have seen on tv.

  24. That was a tidy 1st.

  25. Jesus fuck, Davis will never lay off that pitch.

  26. oh gosh the bottom of our order is poo

  27. What is with that one camera angle? Looks like the fucking Zapruder film.

  28. “Rings him up on an outside fastball” (the ball broke 2 feet) – Nice call Buck

  29. Morrow already looks a million times better today. He’s got great movement and control on his slider.

    • Locating his fastball right at the bottom of the strike zone.

      • Reminds me a lot of his complete game shutout against the Angels last year…pinpoint control to the bottom of the zone with his fastball.

  30. Boner, Davis and Cabrera in the OF today. fukin scary. every fly ball is an adventure.

  31. *Dirtbike noises*

  32. Holy shit a Jay that can bunt…I <3 Jonenori Macasaki…(not my joke saw on twitter yesterday)

  33. Who do we petition for additions to the stats kept on boxscores? I propose adding BUs (Buck Ups) where the television announcer fucks up easy things. I just heard a great one as Buck updated the Braves-Nationals score and he pronounced this the battle for supremacy in the NL Central. BU-1.

  34. Where can I buy my new KAWASAKI jersey???

  35. That wasn’t ideal

  36. Does it seem like the SN pitch tracker needs recalibration, since the beginning of the year it seems that the grid needs to move a few inches to pitcher’s right-hand side of the plate. The umps seem to call strikes on balls that show up on pitch tracker on the outside of the plate to the right, and balls they show as in the zone on the left hand side get called balls.

    anyone else think this?

  37. Holy crap that Dyson kid can fly

  38. Why the FUCK did Gibby have Melky waste a pitch bunting with 2 on and no out, I mean fuck he was at the good part of the order that can hit.

  39. check swing power bunt

  40. We have yet to throw a strike to billy buts this season

  41. One of the glaring weaknesses of this team so far this season is the inability to take a pitch. We just say Detroit kill us by waiting for strikes, and burning through out pitching staff by letting pitchers cross themselves up. Santana will get into trouble if we let him. But if you swing at everything close you let him get into a groove – and rack up easy outs.

    • When healthy, this isn’t an issue with the top 4 of the lineup. But when you have a brainless hitter like JPA hitting 5th and likely getting lots of at-bats with runners on, it’ll be magnified.

  42. Man I can’t stand Buck and Pat making me gouge my ears out

    • I was prepping lasagne, but overheard Buck saying that one of the Royals had the “perfect body for baseball.”

      No need to worry about me girling up baseball chatter when Buck is around…

  43. I know it won’t happen, but when Zaun Cherry mentioned Profar as a replacement last night some blood rushed into my penis.

  44. GO RAJAI GO!


  45. Put Kawasaki in the hof already!

    • extremely pleasant surprise, was expecting a complete dud

      • check out his gif’s on google….some funny shit

      • Oh I’m certain that given time he will be a complete dud. For a punchless bat he hasn’t been challenged much, but certainly pitchers will figure it out soon enough.

        • nice optimism…only need him to play replacement level ball for 3 months, he seems capable of that but youre the expert

          • Really we only need replacement level production? The definition of replacement level is that you should be able to find it with ease, I would hope we can find at least replacement level production and would honestly hope for more than that. I think Kawasaki could be a replacement level player, how’s that for optimism? And for what it’s worth (not a lot), Kawasaki was sub replacement level last year in his admittedly massive 61 game sample size.

            • One extra base-hit in 103 ab’s….

              • I’m sorry you’re right we need more than replacement level production….shall we trade the farm for an all star SS? Reyes is out for 3 months….sucks but shit happens. Kawasaki seems capable of playing good D and has been productive offensively so far in his first 3 games. Hope he keeps it up…if we judged every player on their first 61 games of their career not many would stay pro now would they…go eat more sour grapes, you seem to love them

                • Hah sour grapes? I’m just being realistic with my expectations, I don’t think it’s fair to judge him any more on his first 61 games then it is his first 2 games with the jays. The guy has solid plate discipline and has looked acceptable as a defender. But he also has no power whatsoever, so his bat is quite punchless. If he plays good defense and decent situational hitting that would be great given the circumstances.

                  At no point did I suggest we trade the farm to try to get an all-star shortstop, that would be stupid. But I do think that there might be options out there that are better than Kawasaki, it’s AA’s job to try to find them not mine.

                  • If I’m reading fangraphs properly his zips projected line is .264/.300/.319.

                    I could live with that.

  46. of course we can’t see whats happening

  47. Can we please keep Kawasaki? I don’t want a trade. This reminds me of when my family took care of a kitten for some family friends when I was a kid, and I had to let the adorable bastard go after a few days of bliss.

  48. Once we get a hit with risp this year I am going to pop the bubbly

  49. hopefully that sparks something in his undies


  51. Just enough sauce on that chicken wing. maybe lightly spiced or breaded.

  52. Some interesting tweets regarding Lawrie and Gose

    Jeff Blair ‏@GloBlair 1h
    Re. experiment with Brett Lawrie at 2B: two years ago Brian Butterfield told me he’d have no issue with Lawrie at second. Athletic enough.

    Jeff Blair ‏@GloBlair 1h
    AA was on with @Wilnerness590 and made clear a move with Gose is not imminent, My guess is three weeks at the earliest.

  53. There’s my boy EE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Hayhurst looked slightly shocked there.

  55. They just announced a 3-man booth for the White Sox series: Buck, Pat and Jack. Dear god.

  56. That was some stressful shit

  57. nice vertical on a sketch play

  58. da bloop and da groundball

  59. Kawasaki – Great or Greatest?

  60. I thought he was done, but Morrow’s only at 74 pitches. Gotta give him another inning at least.

  61. Man gibbons pulls our starters too early 2 games in a row

  62. Jays have been lucky to win the first 2 games. The offense has been non-existent the entire series.

  63. looks like rays might get no-hit

  64. I like CupofSaki but he’s not the answer for three months. He’s played well in this short audition but it would take him three swings to get the ball to the warning track.
    He has mendoza or below written all over him.
    Please don’t throw too much hate my way.

  65. Rays helping pitchers again, Buchholz taking a no-hitter into 8th

  66. Fun fact: 5 of the 9 Rays hitters currently being no-hit have a higher OBP than SLG this season. Four of the Red Sox starters are in the same boat. How’s that for a fearsome division?

  67. well, Jackie Bradley Jr not exactly scaring anyone, 3 hits all season and only 1 SB – good defence I guess – but hey Boston media, don’t worry about overhyping spring stats

    • I was listening to a WEEI podcast before the season started and an actual question to Kevin Millar was “where were you when you heard Bradley made the big club?”.

  68. I was in the car this afternoon listening to the game, first time listening to the Jays on radio this year, and I’m thinking “Why does everyone shit on Morris? He sounds pretty progressive in his view of the game.”

    And then Jerry called Morris “Dirk”, and I figured it out.

    • Morris is OK but he seems to use a lot of baseball cliches. He speaks in cliches. Hayhurst is more interesting to listen to because he struggled as a pitcher & he has more recent knowledge about the Jays.

      I miss Alan Ashby.

  69. ncie pitch seasaw

  70. I need to pee so bad but I can’t leave this at bat.
    I’m gonna pinch the tip.

  71. Lawrie confirmed on Twitter that he is in fact back at 2B

    @blawrie13: Missed playin 2nd !! Love to have that feel back !! #SegundaBasee #heeem

  72. dang missed a homer by a foot

  73. Keep holding smasher

  74. JP is so predictable (I still trust him) but he never swings at perfect pitches and always swings at a ball in the dirt always always

  75. He’s the JP we used to know.

  76. I hope to one day see JPA hitting 7th or 8th this year. The Jays are going to have a shit-ton of wasted opportunities with him being 5th.

  77. So where does lawrie bat in the lineup when he gets back?

  78. “Boney wasn’t going to get there” – Pat Tabler, 2013

  79. dang Delabar, walking noobs

  80. Just bought MLB. Tv during this game and I seem to only be able to full screen it once and then the full screen button disappears after I exit it.

    Anyone know how to fix that?

  81. Herrera, Collins and Holland. KC has a pretty filthy bullpen

  82. The only way we are going to win this is with a clutch bautista/ edwin homer (presuming it goes to extras)

  83. This:

    I’m sure Casper is thrilled about being re-united with his old teammate!

  84. Bonerface oh! Can’t play anywhere

  85. Boni the butcher

  86. This is a very well pitched game .

    Oliver just gave up a double & a single to Alex Gordon…

    Game over. Jays lose 3-2.

    Not a devastating loss, because the pitching was good. Need some more offence soon.

    Lawrie at 2B seems like a risky move.

  87. Why does it feel like the ball follows Bonifacio wherever he plays?

  88. Perhaps if Bonifacio aimed for a target other than the plate?

  89. I do miss Bautista in right, dat arm, the jays need a few days of only batting practice. We were 0-8 with RISP, KC was 3-10

  90. Does Boney always do terrible things? Or does he just do terrible things when I’m watching? Just curious.

  91. Bautista’s arm in right field was sorely missed on that last play of the game

  92. So maybe boni doesn’t gun him out… but to have the throw that far off??

  93. #FreeMoises!

  94. On to the next, the rotation still needs to pitch well

  95. Tough loss.

    On the brightside though, this was the first series where the Jays actually looked like the team I think we all thought we were getting. Good starting pitching, great bullpen. Key homeruns from EE and Bau, and a bunch of hits by Cabrera.

    Hopefully we’ll get a good homestand coming up.

    • It would be nice if those 3 were the only non-shit hitters in the lineup.

    • True, we had 3 relatively well pitched games. The offence was weak yesterday today but Eddie is staring to hir & Bautista’s HR was the game winner yesterday.

      The bullpen is good.

      Lawrie should be back soon

      • Really, I think this team (like most teams) will live and die with its starting pitching.

        If the Jays can get consistency (like we saw this weekend) 1-5, this team should have more than enough offense to be a very good team. Particularly with the bullpen looking good early.

        Will be interesting in the White Sox series to see if Buerhle and Johnson can get on track.

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