Toronto Blue Jays v Kansas City Royals

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As I’m trying to wrap up the non-story on Jose Bautista sitting (back spasms) and Casper Wells being D’d FA, we have the following tweet from Danny Knobler– The Knobler!– of CBS Sports:


This comes on the heels of Reyes announcing on Instagram “Next stop Toronto✈✈✈. Good news my people … #happy#azul#blue #jaysnation#”.

Yeah, I know that a week ago the thought of being without Reyes for “only” eight weeks wouldn’t have been such cause for joy, but holy… after watching the way that ankle bent…


Shi Davidi tweets this at us after reporters spoke to John Gibbons this afternoon.

So… still good, but… whatever that means.


Aaaaaaand Shi Davidi takes the wind out of these sails:


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  1. #onegameatatime

  2. ONLY!?!?!?!?

  3. Some good news to distract right now.

  4. Confluence of news is making my Twitter stream somewhat of a roller coaster.

  5. That’s great. Even 3 months is great news compared to how awful it all looked to the naked eye.

    What was really messed up was losing 3 starting pitchers in one week last year. That was “season over”.

    This is sad but just did not merit the reaction some gave it.

  6. Relatively great news! However, there is gonna be a lot of noise and speculation on this injury.

    I’m gonna hang my hat on Stephania Bell’s opinion on the matter.


  7. “Yay, only eight weeks, you guys!” – Jose’s face

  8. Lets hope the Reyes good news is for real.

    On another note, JPA batting 3rd…that’s like 3rd!
    in tonight’s lineup.
    Even the most ardent JPA fan could have imagined that.
    Heck, even his mother had to double check the lineup.

  9. All of these things are projections, but it’s good to hear that the doctors are estimating a shorter recovery time for Reyes.

  10. Im still cheering for 6 weeks.

  11. Thank god it’s not 6-9 months like Kobe

  12. there goes his start in the all star game.

  13. Are there any rules that prevents Reyes from entering the batters box in a Rascal Scooter?

    Couldn’t they justify it with the CBA rules that allows some ball players to take certain ban substances if deemed medically necessary?

    Sure the SB’s will take a hit, but at least the bat will be in the lie up ;)

  14. Hope!

    Now, 8 weeks to fantasize about a Headley, Reyes, Lawrie, ‘Carnacion IF.

  15. This makes sense. If its nonsurgical ligament damage, then it really becomes a pain threshold issue once the initial swelling / interstitial tearing goes down.

    im thinking hell be off his leg completely for a couple weeks.

    then start some non weight bearing flexibility and strength work….

    light running in 4-6 weeks.

    then around 7 /8 weeks resume full activity..its going to take a couple more weeks for him to get in game shape and then theres minor league rehab..i still bet its closer to 12 weeks than 8 weeks before you see him back in the bigs.

  16. It did look horrific on Friday, but I keep thinking back to Napoli and his leg that went sideways in the playoffs two years ago.

    Sometimes the leg can take an extreme bend and not “break” or “tear”

  17. Let’s just calm down everyone! Stop the nonsense. Think how Kawasaki must now feel. His trip to the bigs that much shorter. ….. I feel for the guy.

  18. Fun while it lasted…
    Shi Davidi ‏@ShiDavidi
    AA says jose Reyes still expected to miss three months. Will be off foot for a month, so four weeks to back in action unlikely time frame.

    • oh well if dr. davidi said it i guess that settles it.

    • This is what they are going to say publicly. Its quite conservative. I seriously doubt that an athlete with nonsurgical damage to his ankle performs NO activities that stress the joint for an entire month. This is not a situation like a broken bone where you must let bone heal.

      They reported grade II ligament injuries. Im betting he starts activities in less than four weeks. There’s just no reason not to. In fact it would be detrimental to do this.

      • So first: Are you really a sports doctor?

        And, if so, why would it be detrimental to perform no activities on the ankle?

        I’m a veteran of many sports injuries, though most were bone related.

  19. How is 4 weeks off the foot, and 4 weeks for additional healing and getting into game-shape considered unrealistic? I’m still pulling hope for the 8-week time-frame.

    • Yea and reyes himself was happy for that very reason. I have a hard time believing anything gibby and AA say these days.

      • Well it makes sense for them to assume and plan on three months. Then if things progress quicker, great.

  20. seems like the most realistic timeline might be july 1st

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