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CBS reporter Leslie Stahl, and Rich Bonin, producer of last night’s segment on R.A. Dickey, speak in this fascinating clip about the interview, the somewhat unexpected turns it took, including Dickey’s explanation of hitting rock bottom– a near attempt at suicide, a death-defying swim across the Missouri River, and coming to terms with the sexual abuse he suffered at 8 years old.

So… it’s not exactly baseball-themed hilarity to kick off your week with, but it’s some pretty damn poignant stuff from 60 Minutes Overtime.

From the 60 Minutes segment itself, CBS News has three additional clips up: the story of Dickey’s wife giving birth just before the start of a ballgame, an expensive baseball glove given anonymously to him when he was a teenager, and falling in love at first sight.

You can also watch the whole segment at CBS SportsĀ right here.

Check out theĀ Overtime clip after the jump…

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  1. #onegameatatime

  2. These were all stories in his book.

    • Yeah, all of this summarizes the book pretty well, but it’s a good watch if you haven’t read it. He glossed over the suicide attempt in the car in his book though, he has more specific details about that in the 60 minutes clips.

  3. What a story

  4. He was even on Q with Jian Ghomeshi this morning!
    (*slow jerk)

  5. Have to admit , for myself anyway, there’re 3 choices for my fave Jay: Jose, Jose, and RA. What the hell, I’ll decide later.

  6. I’m excited to pick up his book for a nice summer read!

  7. I called my girlfriend and promised her 60 minutes of Dickey tonight.
    I think she misunderstood me.

  8. Love to see the Jays win the world series now.

  9. With very few exceptions, there seem to be only a few types of columns that journalists trot out. You’d only have to look back a few months, I’m sure to find recurrence. Changes the names of the players, stat lines, whatever, and put today’s date on them and we’d never know the difference. Can we give names to the half dozen or so?

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