Toronto Blue Jays v Seattle Mariners

Brett Lawrie continues his road to recovery in Dunedin tonight, and will continue making it on the right side of second base– though that’s not necessarily where he will end up when he returns to the Jays lineup.

Lawrie is “still expected to play 2B tonight for Dunedin,” tweets Shi Davidi. However, the issue with Jose Bautista’s back has given the club “some pause about using him at third,” and Lawrie at second, Davidi adds. “We’re not dead set on doing that anyway,” John Gibbons told him.

In fact, Mike Wilner is even more emphatic, saying that Alex Anthopoulos explains that Ramon Ortiz is just insurance for a Mark Buehrle blow-up and that he’ll be off the roster when Lawrie is back– and that when he gets back, he’ll be at third base.

So… is heĀ still still expected to be at second in Dunedin tonight?

They’d better figure it all out soon, as John Lott tweets that “Gibbons says Lawrie should rejoin club in next couple of days.”

Personally, I’ve said that I’d be interested seeing what Lawrie might look like at second base, but I’ll admit that there are a lot of reasons to not be so comfortable with it. He’s already an excellent defender at third, and he was moved off of second base– where he played during his two years in the Milwaukee organization– for a damn reason. You also worry about him having to make the turn at second base, and taking some hard slides in the process. He’s not necessarily a fragile player, but he’s a damn valuable one, and one who hasn’t shown the greatest aptitude in his young career for keeping himself out of harms way. So now you want to increase the likelihood of contact with an opposing baserunner? Not sure about that.

Also, as Richard Griffin points out in the Toronto Star, what the fuck did you sign Maicer Izturis for, if you’re not comfortable with him at any of the infield positions? I get that three months in one spot is naturally going to leave a utility guy exposed a bit, but it also means having Rajai Davis or Emilio Bonifacio in right field, so…

We discussed this all quite a bit on today’s DJF podcast, so I don’t want to belabour the point. It’s just a bit odd– though clearly good news that Lawrie is due to finally make his return this week.

And apparently he’s going to do it the middle of the damn lineup. “I like Brett in the middle of the line-up,” John Gibbons said, according to a tweet from Arash Madani, who says that Gibbons hasn’t given any thought to Lawrie leading off.

On an unrelated note, Madani tweets that Anthopoulos says Bautista will likely be back in the lineup tomorrow, and in right field. He also tells us that the club finds out tomorrow if Jeremy Jeffress clears waivers.

So… yeah… baseball. Hey, at least it’s some kind of a distraction from the shitty world some days…

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  1. It took awhile to absorb that picture, it’s just so hilarious

  2. shit news in boston

    by the way will jeferess go straight to buffalo or back to the big league team

  3. Bautista + Lawrie back will give us some much needed hitting in the lineup, can’t wait for “the next couple of days”

  4. I’m not really sure where I would want Lawrie in the lineup. He did pretty well leading off last year but I still kind of like him in the middle. If Reyes didn’t get injured it probably wouldn’t even be an issue.

    Maybe I just don’t give a fuck — I’ll just be glad to have him back, period.

    • Batting lineup, that is.

      • I’d bat him 3rd, push Jose and EE to 4th and 5th.

        • They won’t move Bautista or EE.

          Maybe EE if he doesn’t heat up, but he looks like he’s coming out of it a bit. Always been a streaky hitter.

      • If Reyes doesn’t get hurt he’s your # 5 hitter for sure.

        Would you rather have Melky and Lawrie at the top with Lind/JPA/Colby in the 5 spot? Or Izturis/Bonifacio leading off with Lawrie at 5?

    • I don’t put a huge amount of stock in where someone hits in the lineup or whatever, but I totally see lawrie as the kind of guy who would have totally changed his approach top of the lineup vs middle of the order.

  5. Just looked at the lineup again.

    Holy shit with Reyes and Lawrie in there it looks good.

    Lind/JPA/Colby/Bonifacio as you bottom 4?

    Can’t wait to get them both back.

    • Agreed. And as much as people like to shit on Lind, JPA and Cletus, they’ve all had those streaks where they look awesome. Even if none of them figure it out consistently if you just have one of them on a hot streak at any given time that lineup is awesome.

    • Yep now whats our bottom 4?

      1 Boney
      2 Melky
      3 Rasmus
      4 EE
      5 Lind
      6 JPA
      7 Icturiz
      8 Derosa
      9 Kawasaki Ninja


  6. I’d rather Lawrie not bat ahead of Bautista and EE until he proves he’s not going to try to steal home with the bases loaded anymore. Plus, it would be nice to have a good bat behind Cabrera/Bautista/EE instead of rally killer Lind.

  7. Does anybody know Bautista’s zone rating in RF? Is it just me or does our outfield defence look horrible with him and melky manning the corners?

    Could Lawrie be manning two in preparation for a potential deal? Chase Headley is coming back from the IR and is possibly on the block, that would make our lineup really deep.

    • Bautista > Boney in RF, Boney cost us at least a run yesterday on terrible throws.

      • Not disagreeing with you there but could they bring in someone from outside the organization who is better than both?

      • Lawrie has better range than any of our other 3B options.
        Bautista’s arm in RF is a defensive weapon that no other Jay can match.
        Put those guys where they can be at their best.
        If Izturis/Bono can’t do the job at 2nd, go get a guy.

        • I’m not disputing his arm, I’m talking range. If balls are falling that shouldn’t, doesn’t that matter more than an arm? I don’t dispute that Rajai and Boneface aren’t strong outfielders but maybe we should be looking for one outside the organization.

  8. At least at 2B, it’s a lot harder for Lawrie to run into camera pits so maybe it’s a safer position for him. And thinking back to last year, Butterfield had Brett playing behind 2B what seemed like half the time due to shifts, so ain’t really nothing new.

  9. the Griffin Bullpen article was terrible this week

    Izturis, I guess, fouled a ball off his foot. This is the reason he did not play the last 2 games….so there is no justification to the Griff argument that the Jays are aready down on him.

    I think he wrote that crap while looking for his blackberry in the middle of the night at a gas station

  10. Thoughts are with the citizens of Boston tonight….Yep I’m interested to see Lawrie at second too – the same way I’m interested in looking at a some stiff that gets in the ring with a prize fighter. What are the Jays thinking.

  11. It’s a Buehrle game. With a shit lineup.

    If they can steal it, great. If they lose well then not a shocker at all.

  12. Can someone please photoshop a toilet into the above picture!

  13. Hey folks – question for you all

    What is Romero doing right now? I’ve looked on the Dunedin stats page and he hasn’t thrown a pitch… Is he just sitting in limbo? What happened? Thanks.

  14. maybe its because i hated farrell and cito so much. or maybe its credit where credit is due.

    but in a small sample size where the team hasnt been great. Gibbons to me has been unbelievable.

    he’s just so spot on with how he thinks, not sacrificing outs, uses his bullpen perfectly.

    I couldn’t be happier with Gibbons. he’s just so nails

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