According to an official release from the Jays, outfielder Casper Wells has been designated for assignment by the club, and Buffalo starter Ramon Ortiz– yes, that Ramon Ortiz– has been called up to the Majors to take his place. Meanwhile, Jose Bautista is out of the lineup for tonight’s game.

So… this makes no sense.

At 3:20 PM ET, Richard Griffin tweets that “we’ll see why” Bautista is out “in about fifteen minutes.” And a few minutes later– while I was working on the Jose Reyes stuff– Shi Davidi of the Rogers-owned Rogers Sportsnet reported first from Rogers Centre that the Rogers-owned Jays announced Jose is dealing with back spasms.

The fact that put themselves down an outfielder with Bautista not in the lineup suggested, to my mind, that whatever’s up wasn’t terribly serious. The Wells-Ortiz stuff, however, strikes me as a little bit odd.

That’s because there it’s pretty hard to make a convincing argument that Rajai Davis is a better right-handed outfielder than Casper Wells.

Neither of the two should ever hit right-handed pitching, both having posted sub-.270 wOBAs over the last two seasons for that split. Against lefties over the last two years? Wells– who is also the better fielder, Wells, by both DRS and UZR– has posted a .373 wOBA and a 141 wRC+ over 261 plate appearances, while Davis, in 260, has posted a .345 and 117. Make it a three-year sample and the difference lessens, but remains significant (.363 to .345 in wOBA and 132 to 117 in wRC+).

No, Wells certainly isn’t the threat on the basepaths that Davis is, but with Emilio Bonifacio on the roster, Rajai’s basically pinch runner number two, and probably doesn’t offset the value lost to Wells in the other facets of the game. Hey, but he’s got a guaranteed contract, so…

And shit, maybe even some nonsense about not upsetting a room that expects Rajai to be a teammate might be part of the calculation here too– though I have no idea, and fucking hope to hell that’s not the case. Whatever it is, though, I’ll happily call this move dumb, just so I can point to it in the future when assclowns try to tell me I never disagree with what the front office does.

Meanwhile, something may be afoot– perhaps with the Jays known to be actively seeking a shortstop, as Ortiz, according to a John Lott tweet, says that the Jays “didn’t tell him the circumstances that led to his callup, and he didn’t ask.”

So… we’ll see what that’s all about, I guess. Nothing to report as yet, though.


Annnnnnnd it’s nothing.

So… there’s that.

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  1. Crazy that the team sits Bautista with no explanation. If its a night off for rest say so. if its a nagging injury that needs rest tell us.

  2. Why call up Ortiz? Trade forthcoming?

  3. *explodes*

  4. Never a dull moment…


  6. This is all my fault. I bought Raptors season tickets 6 years ago and they’ve sucked ever since.

    This year I splurged for Jays tickets. What have I done? I…I…I didn’t know.

  7. AA is trolling fans. Again.

  8. Obviously Bautista will be traded, duh.

  9. Shi Davidi reports back spasms for Bautista

  10. davidi says back spasms on twitter

  11. Knobler just tweeted Reyes could be back in 8 weeks.

    • Reyes also tweeted “Good news my people” and included a pic of him in a cast … 8 weeks is livable!

  12. Knobler says that Reyes received positive news today about his injury and that he could be back within 8 weeks.

  13. AA and the jays showing an uncanny ability to add layers and layers of intrigue nearly every day of this already crazy season!

  14. Back spasms. Not bad news. And the Knobler knobles out some good news!

  15. what the fuck id going on in this town?

  16. Breaking: my patience

  17. Still going with my original thought of “Jose Reyes Figurine day” being his return date.

  18. You guys need to do something about the related posts. The related posts are:

    Roster Moves: Dyson Down, Gomes Up


    Thames and Sierra Travelling to Seattle

    For some reason they do not seem related to me.

  19. Does AA get paid by the roster move? Seriously.

  20. Don’t waiver claims cost the team $25k?

  21. Wells was probably going to be DFA’d anyways when they made a move to bring up an outfielder to play RF (Gose, Seirra…). AA just protecting the bullpen in case of a blowout in the meantime. That’s my guess at least. I’m sure Ortiz will be DFA’d and replaced with an outfielder in the next couple of days.

  22. Lawrie out the first 12+
    Bautista out 4 out of the first 12
    Reyes out at least 8 weeks

    Classic Toronto luck

  23. 2 Possible reasons to call up Ortiz:
    1) Ortiz is only up just in case Buehrle is crappy again.
    2) It was a good time to try an sneak Casper down to AAA.
    They were gonna need to DFA Wells when Lawrie came up anyway, so it’s not too much difference between now and a few days later.

  24. This isn’t necessarily the end for Casper. If they needed space it seems he would be the obvious choice to be DFA’d

  25. Casper was basically as visible to jays fans as a friendly ghost

  26. Stupid to dump Casper Wells like this. Such a waste. But I’m not surprised considering how devoted they seem to be Bonifacio (a guy who should clearly be on the bench) and what they are paying Davis.

    • Yep, totally agree. Bad asset management. Not to mention, poor talent evaluation on the part of the jays.

      • To be fair, I’m quite sure the Jays are well aware of what Wells’ fangraph page says.

        Most likely so are the teams that passed on him when he went through waivers.

  27. Bautista missing another game is bad news. I hope this doesn’t require him more time off.

    Is this the first time he has been out with back spasms?

    Lind used to get back spasms the last couple of years.

  28. Reyes is still out 3mo i beileve, the good news is he wont need surgery that would have prob pur him put longer then 3mo

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