Now a little something to kill time on a Monday afternoon: it’s the DJF podcast!

And today we’ve got Zubes– aka Archi Zuber, aka @archizuber– filling in for the hopelessly disinterested Wally Pip, as we talk about the Jose Reyes injury, wishcasting on Brett Lawrie (second baseman) and Anthony Gose, and a whole lot more! (And please keep in mind, this was recorded before today’s events in Boston, in case we said anything that may now come off as insensitive).

If you’re more inclined to download today’s podcast, hit up the mp3 link.

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Mintmusical interludes courtesy Toronto’s own Optical Sounds. Be sure to check them out and buy every single fucking thing you hear at their site.Image via Dead Homer Society.

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  1. Thanks for the mp3 link, everything else is blocked at work.

  2. I am faster than Wells, I am a better defender, and I need more major league AB’s. Did you see my numbers from late last season? Fuck you guys are selling low on me. You’re giving Lind plenty of ABs???

    Get me the fuck out of Buffalo. This town sucks.

  3. I hate third. One fuckin game there and my back is fucked.

  4. hey, I hate to be that guy but…
    WTF is that song they play in the “intermission” in the podcast? lyrics like “in the church of…the choir is on fire”?
    that track kicks my a every time

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