Yeah, that Jose Reyes injury was shitty to watch, but his replacement is quickly becoming a fan favorite ‘round these parts. Munenori Kawasaki may not stay on the Jays roster for long, so we should cherish his presence while we can. Whether it’s his awesome awkwardness, his bat, or the bow, here’s why you gotta love Munenori Kawasaki.

1. The extended “Bow Lo Viste”. Gotta love how long he keeps it up for

2. The post-homerun courtesy bow that Maicer Izturis doesn’t even acknowledge

3. The post-triple “Lo Viste”

4. The drop and roll

5. The laugh after the drop and roll

6. The dancing (from his Seattle days)

7. And last but not least, THE ASICS BAT, SON.

You’re my boy Kawasaki.

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  1. Asics makes bats?!?! Incredible.

  2. He’s got that Ichiro-like slap at the ball, too. Looks like he keeps it loose, and fits in well with the guys.
    If he can handle SS reasonably well, and not be an automatic out at the plate – he’ll be OK. I’m less thrilled with the defense provided by Itzy and Emilio. Bonerface handles every fly ball like there’s a Category 4 windstorm up there.

  3. I hear rumour that Gibbons even did the Lo Viste thing in his press conference after the game last night. I want this rumour to be fact.

  4. Izturis gave him a point, no?

  5. I love this guy, I hope his bat stays as is so we can keep him around longer!

  6. Love that he has given quality at bats thus far too. If he can play solid D then I wouldn’t mind him replacing Reyes at all. Long as he keeps the good at bats coming. Nice contrast to the constant Ks from some of our other players.

  7. I’m really lovin’ this guy… haven’t felt this kind of love since Reed was patrolling the outfield and our hearts.

  8. So he’s basically a Japanese Jose Reyes. And we have them both. Amazing.

    • There is a slight difference which you may not be acknowledging at this point. It relates to Reyes’ batting title and Kawasaki’s Asics bat. I’ll let you fill in the blanks.

  9. Don’t know if this has been posted yet… Tony Gwynn Jr. owns a heckler:

  10. How can you not love him. I’m just not excited about having the Johnny Mac conversation for the next however long.

    • why?
      has this blog turned you into someone who thinks its uncool to be a fan of a player unless he prevents you x amount of war/dollar?

    • See a couple of these videos from his days playing for his “hometown” team. He’s dancing to the Fukuoka Hawks team song, which is played during the 7th inning stretch here, with cheerleaders dancing on the field to the song before the crowd releases a large number of balloons into the air at the song’s end.

    • VITAL

  11. I’d love this guy to hang around… he’s obviously very solid defensively and in a premium position he’s fine to bat 9th… will any of the mentioned names really deliver anything more?

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed his antics and character and it seems his team-mates do too.

  12. Really hoping they stock his jersey at the jays shop.

  13. We found our new John McDonald!!!!

  14. can someone pass the love potion #9 my way….damn ya’ll
    i like him too, but i wont be too disappointed if he is replaced with an upgrade.

  15. In Japanese history there was the Tokugawa era, then the Meiji era, and now the Kawasaki era.

  16. Last out of the game was a beauty, Kawasaki gets huge air on the routine grounder…

    • I saw that and had a chuckle about it too. You can tell he really loves playing the game and is having fun with this team.

      He may not be here for a long time, but hes definitely here for a good time. Theres something about watching the guys having fun whilst playing a game (which is supposed to be fun) that is really endearing.

      Oh and winning helps …

  17. K-Money!

  18. Big fan of Munenori! #8 on this list should be his constant bowing in the direction of Melky Cabrera while on the field. It was non stop last night! Also, if this guy is helping the team stay loose then he’s worth his weight in gold. It was a rough start and anything that keeps the machine moving well should be kept close.

  19. I miss Reyes. BUt absolutely LOVE this guy.

    Unless a higher quality SS falls into AA’s lap, stay the course. He can bat ninth in my lineup anyday.

    Heck, we won a World Series with Manny Lee at SS.

  20. Munenori “Money” Kawasaki

  21. He had a couple of pitches coming at his head. Didn’t seem like it bothered him at all. I’d hate this guy if he played for the other team – sounds like a keeper

  22. I think in clip #2 Izturius thought that the other ninja was the bat boy, that is why he didn’t even look at him. hahaha.

  23. most .gif-able ballplayer ever?

  24. #8- He’s not Kevin Mench or Tomo Ohka

  25. If Blue Jay fans are looking for a unique way to pay tribute to Kawasaki, here’s video of his cheer song sung by Hawk fans:

  26. If he is helping this team stay loose and is a good clubhouse guy, maybe the team doesn’t need DeRosa around… just a thought

  27. Asics bat FTW! Surprised, he’s not using Mizuno

  28. Kawasaki > Derosa x a billion…

  29. I have no idea how often this happens, so it might be a dumb story. I was watching him in the on-deck circle before his first at bat on Saturday night. He had the bat weight sleeve on while he was warming up. As he was ready to go to the plate, that sleeve was seriously stuck. He was slamming the bat on the ground, trying to get it loose and then finally got the bat boy to quickly get him a new Asics bat.

  30. I didn’t watch the game. Did the chin music have anything to do with the Lo Viste, perhaps?

  31. Hilarious Kawasaki related photo

  32. #Munees

  33. wow! linked from the Star website…moving on up eh fellas! haha :)

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  36. Yes, he is!!!

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