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Today we’ve got some interesting stuff from Jeff Blair, slightly buried in his latest for the Globe and Mail, which ostensibly serves mostly to look at the curious machinations from within the Jays’ infield of late. After running through the laundry list of issues the club has been faced with in the infield so far, and the experiments they’ve played around with, he drops this bomb on us:

Anthopoulos isn’t only talking to his peers about a temporary, defence-first replacement for Reyes during his three-month absence. He’s talking about a significant transaction that might require several moving pieces. What if, for example, his offensive concerns turn out to be best addressed by adding a particular right fielder? No way Bautista balks at a move to third base if it makes the team better able to achieve its ultimate goal; in fact, as he ages he might find third base less taxing on his legs than patrolling the outfield.


It makes sense, of course. As we well know, Anthopoulos tirelessly works the phones– and evidently the waiver wire as well– in order to keep every avenue for improving the club open. Does that mean that anything will come to fruition from his explorations of what’s out there? It rarely does– and it hasn’t yet, as Blair notes also notes:

Even in spring training, Anthopoulos was looking for another everyday bat and that might explain why the Blue Jays have claimed six players off the waiver wire since the middle of March, an unusually high number. Anthopoulos knows he will need to move multiple players to get an impact bat, and that’s been made much tougher by the prospects and players already dealt this winter.

The waiver wire stuff I’m not sure about– as I wrote yesterday, they sure seemed to have found themselves an upgrade on Rajai Davis in Casper Wells, who was D’d FA in order to add Ramon Ortiz. And… hang on, shit! Who might you say was single-handedly more responsible than anyone for driving up the prospect cost of talent over the winter? Anthopoulos!

Maybe he’s fucked himself here, and that’s part of why it’s become so difficult to find what he’s after. More likely, though, it’s because this just, traditionally, isn’t a time of the season when trades get made. So… I wouldn’t exactly hold my breath for a blockbuster just yet, with so few teams ready to wave the white flag on 2013.

But it makes sense from the Jays’ perspective.

And if you were betting on any GM to find a team willing to give up some big league talent right now, you could do a whole lot worse than going with Anthopoulos. The club’s hole at shortstop, plus their apparent confidence in the abilities of Brett Lawrie at second and Jose Bautista at third, means that there are a number of ways he could make something happen, too. Hmmm…

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  1. Chase Headley.

    • Lefty bat, could do worse. Still get the feeling the Pads would want quite the haul for their marquee player, though.

      But speculation is folly…

      • It would definitely be pricey.

        • You could kiss Sanchez goodbye, and possible Gose.

          I hate the idea of getting rid of either of those players. Anyone else would be fine, but for an elite or even near-elite player there’s no way that any GM worth his salt deals for anything less.

          Someone closer to the level of Willingham would be more palatable. But the Twins won’t be blowing off their season any time soon.

  2. Giancarlo!

  3. I guess this would mean they would be looking for an outfielder. Who are potentials (however crazy as they may seem right now)?

  4. Is Blair hinting at Stanton? That’s who he means with the right fielder thing, right?

  5. Hello David Wright

  6. Does this mean AA is going to get Stanton?

  7. Wait…we’re getting Stanton?!?! NAILS.

  8. Hypothetically if we were just going by bats I would rather have Bautista at 3rd, Lawrie at second and a better hitting RF than Maicer (maybe Gose?), but as it stands that is too much risk for too little reward, and Boney makes some interesting offensive plays, if only his defense at second wasn’t so ugly.

  9. Let’s get Neil Walker!

  10. Hard to say where an upgrade is needed. I like our lineup how it is, although I am quite tired of Adam Lind, I think it’s time for him to move on. Keep Money Kawasaki in the lineup, surely there is a place for him when Reyes returns…

  11. Vernon Wells in a few weeks when the Yanks start getting healty? lol no no, thats crazy talk, just crazy.

  12. No way do the Marlins do anything with the Jays again for a good, long while, especially involving Stanton. Even if they did do well, the optics would be awful.

    …which the current regime doesn’t seem to care about, I suppose. ALL THE PROSPECTS FOR STANTON

  13. I love Jeff Blair but in this occasion he’s just talking out of his ass

    • indeed

    • You love Jeff Blair???

      Drew hinted at this on a podcast, but they never got into it… and I wonder…

      Does Jeff Blair act like an idiot to get the Average Joe engaged? Or is Jeff Blair just an idiot?

  14. isn’t 3B tougher than RF?

    What if they found a good SS with a better glove than Reyes? Would they consider moving Reyes to 2B? I’m assuming it wouldn’t be terribly difficult to move Izturus, even if you get nothing back you got him for nothing.

  15. You guys are all wrong. The right fielder is obviously the on-base specialist from Pittsburgh!


  16. Get your sunglasses ready, Corey Hart is coming to town.

  17. We gonna win so big tonight, JJ perfect game, Lawrie hits for cycle, Bautista Grand slam, triple play

  18. Jays get Stanton
    Marlins get 3 minor league players going nowhere

  19. Morneau please.

  20. He’s realized the Jays fans love of Japan and will be trading for Norichika Aoki. Plays RF and bat leadoff in Reyes absence. Moves Bautista to 3B, Lawrie to SS, everyone’s out of position, getting hurt but fans praise AA because he can make a waiver wire and DFA everyday. TIRELESS ON THOSE PHONES!

  21. Would take something like Gose, Sanchez, Norris, Stroman, Hutchison and Happ for Nolasco and Stanton. But any deal not involving top mlb prospects is gonna look real bad on the Marlins, and I think its going to take better prospects than we have.

    • You may like that deal, but Miami doesn’t. If you aren’t unsure about a trade package then it is nowhere close to being good enough.

  22. Jussell Martin to play SS!!!!

  23. AA’s always looking to improve.But any trade has to make sense for both sides.

    Why settle for Stanton?
    Just go for it and get Harper AND Trout.

  24. Let’s not get carried away. Gose and Sanchez is an excellent start. Osuna would complete the deal.

    How about Profar instead?

    • I think you are massively underestimating Stanton’s current value. Zero chance i do that deal if I’m the Marlins.

    • After dumping a good crop of prospects….we want to clean out the rest?
      Not a chance, in my books.
      Gose will fill a need in field – before this season is out, I think – because Cletus will be good for 160 strikeouts this season, at least. Fucking guy whiffs like it’s his job. Yeah, occasionally he ties into one, but jeez….
      Gotta keep Sanchez and Osuna, for heaven’s sakes. In a year or so, Buehrle’s gone and Johnson probably as well. Drabek and Hutch will be just off their latest rehab, and Rickey might be back from his latest stint in Dunedin. Gotta stock the shelves with SOMEONE.

  25. Isn’t willingham a reasonable target?

  26. How do you guys read this blog, but also make these comments? Is the world about to implode?

  27. Kinsler.

    That is my guess.

  28. Or for that matter, Andrus.

  29. Can Votto play Rf?

  30. I CAN’T BELIEVE WE’RE GETTInG STANtOn aaaand VOTTO!!!!!1111111!%@&?2/@62-((Fuck!@!!!!@!!!@1@

  31. real thought, and possible cheap target…..Cubs were looking to trade Soriano

    • He’s on a 8/136 contract (AAV 17 mill per)…Or are you talking about who they’d have to trade for him? That could be do-able….

  32. or Maybe Aaron Hill??

  33. Or Rutledge from Rockies?

    Wouldn’t a 2B man that can get on base with + D be better long term?

  34. Jose altuve?

  35. We need a new middle infielder to fil in for Reyes, right? Why not Russell Martin?

  36. Since we’re throwing absurdities out there…I think Robbie Cano would be the second coming of Alomar and would guarantee us a couple championships. Trade the farm, pay him $30 mil a year and Bob is your grandma.

    • Yuck, player on the wrong side of 30.

      • He’s fucking 8 months older than Jose Reyes who you must be disgusted to have on our team as well. He’s only by far the best second basemen in the league and would give us an elite lefty bat to slot between Bautista and Encarnacion. But you’re right, he’s been 30 for the last 6 months and should probably retire.

      • AMAZING player on the wrong side of 30, mind you.

    • Wait for free agency, if we make a decent playoff appearance, i could see rogers opening up their pockets again to fill a gaping hole with premier talent. Though this will mean going toetotoe with the dodgers..

      He fits in with the other dominicans on the club too

  37. FFS no Bautista tonight again.

  38. Removing bautista as a “precaution” then him missing 3-4 games seems like a disturbing trend.

    • Not exactly a beacon of health.

      • I’d be concerned about Bautista maybe if it was the same injury bothering him.

        But he missed the Boston series because he twisted his ankle right? And this is a tweaked back.

        • That’s true. His back spasms did occur a few times last year, didn’t they? Can’t seem to remember and I’m too lazy to look.

          Not quite ready to give Bautista the injury-prone label because the Jays may just be exercising a lot of caution with him. But with him, Lawrie, and Reyes all holding critical roles on the Jays, thier injuries and tweaks are freaking me out just a bit.

  39. Raise your hand if you actually believed Bautista believed Bautista would be out only one game.


    That’s what i thought,.

  40. Andrew McCutchen

  41. Book it!

  42. So… Romero can hit, and he used to be a shortstop.

  43. I think you guys are over estimating the target that Alex is aiming for. He’s likely trying to acquire someone along the lines of a modern day Fred Lewis…A left handed hitting OF who wont embarrass himself at the plate or in the field..who you can actually run out there on a semi regular basis…who can hit enough to spell the DH now and then. There are plenty of these kinds of guys out there that are fourth OF on teams that may have needs we can meet..or perhaps some salary we can eat.

    • Kinda like Casper Wells then?

    • I think that you still think that JPR is still the gm of this team.

      Don’t be afraid to think big. After years of reloading and middling ball, you deserve to dream a bit.

      • Exactly. Also, read that Canadian Business article on the evolution of the Jays payroll. Pelley is obsessed with having Sportsnet overtake TSN in ratings. He wanted AA to take the money last year to shore up the pitching but the Ninja turned him down. There is more there if needed.

  44. Lawrie moving to 2B long term would be a disaster. You dont a turn a top 3 defensive 3B into a well below average one.

    • well below average 2B, I mean

      Also, where is this “confidence the club has in him to play 2B”? The club sounds the opposite to me. Gibby said today not to expect him to play second.

      • I think their confidence in Lawrie playing 2nd is trumped by their lack of confidence in Derosa or Izturis playing 3rd.

      • We don’t really know that Lawrie would be below average at 2B, do we?

        I don’t remember anyone other than the Jays thinking Lawrie would be even average at 3B. And he’s turned himself into one of the best in baseball.

        No harm in seeing what he can do while he’s young and athletic.

        • Yeah we do, his two years in the minors he was not good. Thats a big enough sample and the game gets harder as you move up, not easier.

          The skillset for 3B is completely different. 2B is all finesse, and footwork and hands. 3B is raw instincts, steong arm and fearlessness. Lawrie is a fantastic 3B. He is a poor 2B

          • The point is he wasn’t supposed to be a good (great, really) 3B either. So how do we know he was completely unplayable at 2B.

            3B may be his best position, but he’d be ultra-valuable to the Jays as a 2B if Bautista could also handle 3B. Finding a new corner OF is much easier than another middle infielder.

            I don’t see any harm in trying it out in the minors. Nothing to lose, something possibly to gain.

            • Because he had never played third, so we really had no idea. But he played two years at 2B and was not good, so we dont have to wonder. We already know.

  45. There is a multitude of targets out there some of which were mentioned above and some a lot more believable than others ( Forget Stanton for example).
    I was trying to wrestle who AA might be willing to deal off the current 40 man and i do not think he would hesitate to trade any or all of Bonifacio ( coveted by the Braves in the spring bigtime), Rasmus ( who is getting worse not better in my opinion), Rajai Davis, Cecil, Rogers,Lind( but who wants him??) and Lincoln from Buffalo. I think he would be willing to mix and match these guys right now for a suitable and competent RF or CF.
    I do not think he moves either Gose or Sanchez based on his dialogue so far

    • Its’s not about believable, it about price. Some options are more expensive than others. Recent history tells us AA is will to pay for the “right/over the top guy”.

      Stanton, although a beast, has some years of control (but two less years than who I am about to mention), but no cost certainty.

      McCutchen on the other hand…….

      just say’n

    • Cecil’s been dynamite so far this year, I think we’re keeping him.

  46. While Jose recovers, he’ll have lots of time to work on his tunes:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VorzKV5g498&feature=player_embedded

  47. I’ll bemoan the Andrew McCutchen notion with one more support for my argument…..

    I dare you to click the link below, identify the person in the image, look him in the eye, and continue thinking that this could not happen. It’s jus impossible to do.


    Book it!

  48. I am concerned about Bautista. What caused these back spasms? Is it because he was playing 3B for a few games?

    Every day brings another disappointment that a key player is missing .

    Bautista’s precautionary abscense now at 2 games.

    Is he available for PH duties?

  49. Lets see, who else do we know that missed time because of a “bad back”. It’s not a lie if we know the truth!!! Fuck i hope it’s not the wrist again.

  50. Can you imagine AA was in your fantasy league? I’d be fucking bent out of shape. He’d be that dude scooping up guys coming off waivers @ 4am and lol’ing himself to sleep.

  51. Im thinkning AA is prolly aiming at the infield, not the outfield. Knowing they can move lawrie to second opens up third…

    aramis ramirez? prolly have to give up gose, or realistically sanchez..

    IF: ramirez/reyes/lawrie/encarnacion

    i’d love to see what we could get for any combinations of spare parts n prospects:

    rasmus/lind/bonifacio/izturis, gose/sanchez

  52. Profar

  53. we still suck dont care if we have a different roster we still have the shitty philosophy of tryin to hit a homerun at every at bat and lose from walks scoring into runs deja vu all over a again

  54. The problem isn’t the players… it’s the manager. They need to play more small ball with the speed that’s on this roster and stop trying to reply on homers all the time. This was the problem I had with Gibby the first time he was manager… didn’t like him then and I sure as hell don’t like him now! AA dropped the ball when he hired a manager that wasn’t a good fit for a team with this much speed. Yes power is nice, but speed doesn’t slump….

  55. [...] The Jays need a lot of things, mostly for the players they have to just play as they are able, but a trade for a bat could be in their future. Meanwhile, attendance is dropping at the Rogers Centre as quickly as the Jays drop [...]

  56. [...] The Jays need a lot of things, mostly for the players they have to just play as they are able, but a trade for a bat could be in their future. Meanwhile, attendance is dropping at the Rogers Centre as quickly as the Jays drop [...]

  57. [...] The Jays need a lot of things, mostly for the players they have to just play as they are able, but a trade for a bat could be in their future. Meanwhile, attendance is dropping at the Rogers Centre as quickly as the Jays drop [...]

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