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Arden Zwelling of Sportsnet Magazine profiles Brett Lawrie, and kicks it off with perhaps the greatest thing I’ve ever read: “Everything you’ve heard about Brett Lawrie is true,” he writes. “The boundless energy, the frequent Red Bull consumption, the lengthy vocabulary of movie quotes, college party proverbs and other assorted bro-isms—’RELAX,’ ‘EASY, BRO’ and ‘FIGURE IT OUT’ are favourites—all said loudly and in a mock-direct tone, eyes bulging from their sockets. You can see it all on display before games, when Lawrie is generally much more jacked up about things than anyone else. You’ll likely find him bouncing around the clubhouse, talking rapidly at whoever will listen or sometimes to himself, European house music pulsing at high decibel levels into his ears from bulky, red Beats By Dre headphones, as he sings along to the chorus, bobbing to the beat, slicing his hands through the air above his head like the world is his own personal rave. Yes, the mock Twitter accounts are accurate, more or less.”

Shi Davidi tweets that Jeremy Jeffress cleared waivers and will be sent to the minors– though the club he’ll be assigned to is still to be determined. Not sure if they would have lost him had they sent him down at the end of camp, but the fact that they didn’t here is almost a validation of all the eight-man bullpens they’ve been running so far. Almost.

Davidi also tweets that Ricky Romero threw in a simulated game today, and that Alex Anthopoulos says the reports are that he looked good, but there is still no timetable for him to get into real game action in Dunedin.

Richard Griffin discussed Romero’s situation in a wide ranging chat with Toronto Star readers today. “The Jays are slow-playing Romero for many reasons,” he explained. “They said originally that it was all about ‘direct line to the plate’ but now they are talking about no hands over the head, just in front of his chest in windup. It’s becoming a full makeover a la Halladay even though they won’t admit it. There’s no hurry to put Romero on a minor-league roster because they don’t need him at the MLB level yet. If there was an injury, you would see him start to go 0-60 in 15 days.”

“Sanchez belongs in any discussion of the most live arms in the minors,” said BP’s Monday Morning Ten Pack this week– speaking, of course, of top Jays prospect, and current Romero teammate, Aaron Sanchez. “He still needs to work on developing his change-up, but it has come a long way since his 2010 debut. The major concern with him right now is his command: in his first three seasons, he’s averaged nearly five walks per nine innings. Sanchez has made two starts in 2013, going five innings in each and walking a total of three batters while striking out seven.”

Staying with Baseball Prospectus, R.J. Anderson wonders about Jon Trolololosi’s suggestion that the Jays are not behaving like a contending team based on all of the waiver claims they’ve made so far this year, concluding that the merits of their approach are debatable, but that the claims alone are hardly enough to suggest that the club is in trouble.

MLBTR passed along, over the weekend, the notion that the Jays had inquired on blocked Braves shortstop– and former Jays farmhand– Tyler Pastornicky. They also cited several more options being whispered, including but not limited to: Cody Ransom, Josh Wilson, Mike Aviles, John McDonald, Yuniesky Betancourt, Jonathan Hererra, Ramiro Pena, Cesar Izturia and Dee Gordon.

Steve Simmons suggests in the Toronto Sun that the Jays’ use of the entire waiver wire as their 25th man is “micro managing” and “premature manipulation,” because… of course he does.

Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star tells us about how several Jays aren’t sold on protective cups, which is silly, because how else are you going to be sure your drink isn’t going to spill? Wait.. what?

In his post-game post at Sportsnet yesterday, Mike Wilner looked at the strong impression Munenori Kawasaki has made on the Jays thus far.

At gamereax, Chris Toman looks at Brandon Morrow’s start on Sunday, as he did well, getting creative while not quite having his best stuff.

In a notebook post, Evan Peaslee of MLB.com talks to Darren Oliver about Jackie Robinson Day, which was, of course, celebrated yesterday across the Majors. He also looks at the role Ramon Ortiz is expected to fill with the Jays (in long relief), as well as yesterday’s roster stuff.

A couple thirty things in things things from the Tao Of Stieb, who takes a deep look at Emilio Bonifacio, as well as J.P. Arencibia.

Jonah Keri’s latest MLB rankings at Grantland have the Jays even lower than they were in his previous set.

As a handy reference, Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet provides us with a guide to the various types of roster moves that take place in Major League Baseball. Ever wondered the difference between someone being designated for assignment and being outrighted? Here’s your guide.

Lastly, from Getting Blanked, it’s John Gibbons flashing the “Lo Viste” in GIF form. GibbyTheBest.

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  1. I just would like to point out, I find it funny no one seems to be pointing there 5-7 start to facing the red sox, detroit, and cleveland, fresh out of the gate ( Cleveland has a decent offense that I think will be better than most give it credit.

    • For the hardcore fan, It’s early, no panic.
      For the casual fan, all the “experts” told of a dominating Jays team.jays aren’t dominating.
      Has to do with expectations.

      • Has more to do with the fact that just about every team is good, and because they’re in the east, the schedule is extra tough.

        • I think you’re right Stoeten.Prior to the season starting you could make a case for any team finishing first or last.
          But when the team was 4-6 the casual fans seemed to be disappointed because the team was supposed to dominate ( on paper).

  2. That protective cup line made me laugh.

  3. Hayhurst and jeff blair get along about as well as cats and dogs on baseball central. watching it now and theres not much chemistry there.

  4. I heart Gibby! Lo Vista!

    “What does that mean? Does any of ya’ll know, cause I gots no idea”

    Gibby the best.

  5. There was a time when I suffered from premature manipulation. But then I found out you could get a certain kind of lotion….and we were good to go for MINUTES and MINUTES after that.

  6. How do the waiver wire moves affect who’s eligible to get a ring (cause of course they’ll win, right) ?
    what’ minimum service time?

  7. Johnson will dominate tonight. Another quality start for a Jays SP. Jays win 5-2.

  8. I don’t really read Morosi, and was wondering why he gets trashed so severely on this blog.Then I heard him on Prime Time Sports the other day.

    He has to be one of the least informed sports journalists I’ve ever heard speak. Keep in mind, I formed this impression of him while he was sitting next to Bob McCowan.

    While discussing the movement of Dickey’s knuckleball, and that it moves better in humid conditions, Morosi opined that it would probably be a problem in Toronto because it doesn’t get very humid there.


    Brunt did manage to get a few good burns in on Morosi, which was pretty sweet.

  9. Wait I thought Benny-Fresh worked for MLBTR, when he switch to the evil empire?

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