April 14th vs White Sox

Batter pLI WPA
Bonifacio – RF 0.90 0.088
Cabrera – LF 0.53 -0.026
Arencibia – C 0.62 0.052
Encarnacion – 1B 0.54 0.061
Lind – 1B 0.84 0.139 Pitcher pLI WPA
DeRosa – 3B 1.20 -0.154 Buehrle – SP 1.19 0.152
Rasmus – CF 1.30 -0.041 Rogers – RP 1.49 0.116
Izturis – 2B 1.01 -0.033 Loup – RP 2.38 -0.033
Kawasaki – SS 0.69 0.052 Janssen – RP 2.17 0.168
Total 0.85 0.096 Total 1.41 0.404

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

GBOAT: Casey Janssen, 16.8%
Griffin: Mark DeRosa, -15.4%
Impact At-Bat: Maicer Iztuis Solo HR, Bot 2, 10.3%
Impact Pitch: Jeff Keppinger 6-4-3 GIDP, Top 5, 14.2%
Highest Leverage AB: Colby Rasmus Strikeout, Bot 1, 1.92
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Tyler Flowers Strikeout, Top 8, 3.33
Lineup Contribution: 9.6%
Pitching Contribution: 40.4%
Average Leverage Index: 1.14
Chart explanation

- Mark Buehrle’s line: 6.1ip, 9h, 2er, 2bb, 3k, 3.03FIP. I’ll take it.

- Casey Janssen shut the damn door in the 9th. Two K’s and a ground out. Both he and Esmil Rogers (3 flyouts on 7 pitches) earned Shutdowns.

- Edwin Encarnacion had a nice night at the plate, 3-for-4 with 3 singles and he seems to be putting it together after finishing strong to end the Royals series.

- Adam Lind did all you could ask of a #5 hitter, going 2-for-3 with an extra base hit and a walk. He looked capable at the plate and overall not totally terrible against right-handed pitching. 

- Munenori Kawasaki appears to be a front runner for annual Blue Jays utility infielder that carves out a cult following for his attitude and style. He was steady fielding the ball at short, helping turn a game-saving double play, and he added a triple in the 4th that would turn into a run. By all accounts he’s an entertaining guy in the dugout and his celebrations are what we in the click-baiting business call ‘Giffable‘.

- Emilio Bonifacio hit a lead off hustle double just past the glove of Adam Dunn and a wild pitch moved him to 3rd,  where Melky promptly cashed him in with a sac fly.

- Solo home runs from J.P. Arencibia (4) and Maicer Izturis (2).

- It appeared Buehrle was going to be in tough after looking awful in the 1st inning, but he managed to do enough and work quickly to keep himself out of trouble again until the 5th, where that handy double play ball got him out of the jam.

- Jose Bautista missed the game with back spasms but is expected to be alright and return tomorrow. Brett Lawrie will be activated today while Sergio Santos is headed to the DL with a triceps strain.

- This evening’s projected match-up is Johnson (4.94FIP, 0.0fWAR) v Dylan Axelrod (3.89FIP, 0.1fWAR)

{All numbers via Fangraphs}

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  1. I love the post game analysis. Kawasaki is fun to watch. I hope Bautista will be back today.

    The injury to Santos is worrisome. Last year he felt pain after 6 innings. similar thing this year.

    Was AA robbed by the White Sox? It’s very discouraging .

    • Considering the guy they traded away has all of 4 innings pitched above AA so far and is not 24 years-old I can’t see how he was possibly robbed.

    • Having said that, if Santos does become an always-injured type it’ll be disappointing. He’s got the arm to be an elite reliever.

      • +1.

        Nestor Molina hasn’t done anything yet. Santos’s agent was smart to get him some guaranteed money.

        Watching the Jays is becoming like an episode of ER. Everyday someone goes on the DL or has an unexpected injury.

        We have yet to see a complete 25 man roster from the sportsnet preview guide.

        Reyes missing. Romero in Dunedin…It sucks. It will be fun to see Lawrie back.

        Hope Bats back is OK

      • Hayhurst says lower arm troubles are to be expected after coming back from shoulder surgery. Compensation for weakened shoulder structures. I would imagine the DL stint is precautionary, to prevent a little thing from becoming a big thing.

    my projected just for fun line up for tonight
    Boni – RF
    Melky – LF
    JoeyBats – 3B
    EE – 1B
    Lind – DH
    Aaron Cibia – C
    Brett thank fuck hes back – 2B
    Colby – CF
    Kawasaki – SS

    • Gibby said last night that he expects Bautista will be in RF and Lawrie at 3B for tonight

      • Didn’t he also say he likes Brett 5/6th in the lineup? If so, who leads off?

        • hmmmmm ok…..2nd guess
          Boni – CF
          Melky – LF
          Joey – RF
          EE – 1B
          Lind – DH
          Brett – 3B
          AaronCibia – C
          Izturis – 2B
          Kawasaki – SS

          • I get that Boni has the speed to be leadoff – but his glove and bat are worse than Colby, no? At least so far in this young season – does that tradeoff work?
            What about Melky 1st and Colby 2nd…? Is that crazy?

            • Boni is a good Outfielder, not a 2B as we have seen. I like Colby, but it hasn’t really gone well for him either, yes he has 3 knocks, but right now Boni is the better overall player. Boni did a great job running down a double that ended up being a single because of his speed in RF last night, you just dont see that kinda thing from Colby of Joeybats.
              This team is built on its Pitching from what i can see, with lots of power in the line up, but we wont win the games we need with solo shots, we need guys to get on base, boni hasn’t been great at that nor has Colby, so i think the D boni has over colby is what makes me feel like he should be in there.

            • Bonifacio is terrible offensively and defensively so far. gotta get him out of the lineup.

              • he has been good in the outfield, shitting at 2B

                • no, he has been shit in the OF but worse at 2B. he can’t read fly balls so despite his good speed his range is limited most of the time. his arm is also very weak and inaccurate. have you been watching him play out there? he cost us runs and probably the win a couple of games ago

                • Your standards for ‘good’ are pretty low. Fly balls are an adventure and he throws like a T-Rex.

              • Everyone but Melky (and Reyes) has been shit offensively so far, way to early to kick him to the curb.

                • not sure who you were responding oo, but not kicking Colby out, just think Boni gets start today, based on the last couple games, and the need for D over 2 cold bats.

                  • this whole “Boni is good at defense narrative,” is becoming very tiresome…

                    Yes he is fast, and yes he plays a LOT of positions, but he’s hardly competent at any.

                    His arm is Zimmerman-esque, and Rajai freaking Davis reads the ball better off the bat.

                    Dont get me wrong, Boni can provide surplus value if utilized correctly. The thing is being utilized correctly doesn’t mean batting him lead off and playing him in centre just because he is fast.

                    The notion that Boni- who CANT walk, CANT hit for power, and CANT defend- should be replacing Rasmus, is just plain silly.

                    I know its early, but if you need empirical evidence look at Colby’s OBP, WoBA, SLG… any metric you want.

                    no, Colby isnt great, and yes, far too often he looks like shit at the plate, but he DOES walk, DOES hit for power, and DOES play PLUS defense in CF.

              • unfortunately not a lot of depth right now…

                Bad Boni>>>> worse DeRosa?

  3. Hey…I like this Kawasaki guy. Fine, maybe he’s not the living incarnation of Roy Hobbs – but he looks like a pistol and seems to have caught the spirit.

  4. Waitaminute… we won without Reyes, Bautista, Lawrie or Santos? Wtf.

    I’m so confused. I thought the season was over? Didn’t they already fire AA?

  5. Yeah, if Kawasaki can hit .220, run a little and be a plus defender, that ought to be enough to float us through…if the other bats start to perform. Not getting the ridiculous notion in Griffin’s latest bullpen that Boni has proved himself to be worthless and is the prime candidate to be shipped off for a short term SS fix. We’re still dealing with a 30 at bat sample on all these guys.

  6. The mariners never gave kawasaki much of a shot, only 100 PA…

    • Sure, but he’s 31, so I doubt there’s secretly a plus bat hidden in there.

      I think Rowland nails it above: as long as he’s a little above replacement defensively, and not a total hole in the lineup offensively (so, replacement-ish), he should tide us over.

      Unless the incoming middle infielder is an improvement at 2B once Reyes comes back, why sacrifice more of our future?

    • Think there might have been a reason for that?

    • Kawasaki did hit everywhere from .259 to .329 in the Japanese league. Obviously .329 in Japan isn’t .329 in the bigs, but it’s possible that the .192 in 100 ABs sells him a bit short.

  7. I don’t think we need to ship anyone off for a short term SS. Now that Lawrie is back, we can run Izturis, Kawaski, Boni, DeRosa & Rasmus between 2ND, SS & CF ….They won’t look as exposed as when 4 of the 5 had to play every day – now just 3

  8. ode to DRE…
    K-A-W-A-S-A-K-I, …knows how to party. K-A-W-A-S-A-K-I, knows how to party

  9. favourite jays moment of the year so far ..

    every time KAWASAKI bows to Bonifacio ..

    I wonder how many games in a row the Jays would need to win before Gibbons would do the bow?

  10. This Minichiro Kawasaki guy has been pretty fun to watch eh.

    Thats of course pronounced – Mini Ichiro

  11. Big fan of Janssen.
    Shuffle-Shuffle-first pitch strike-second pitch strike-borderline outside-groundout/K (every batter faced).

    • I thought it was fun to watch Jansen against the last hitter he faced. The batter was rocking back and forth in the box and Jansen was weaving on the mound,

  12. Kawasawki the best.

  13. I am starting to (finally) become a Janssen believer. I was big on Santos but fuck…..

    One fuckin game at 3B and Bautista has back spasms… Thought DeRosa was the backup 3B? Keep Jose in RF.

    Kawasaki had a .320 BA and was a Gold Glover in Japan. I am buying a KAWASAKI jersey!

    • I think your probably is you overweight the importance of velocity and under-rate the importance of command. don’t worry, you are in a very large group and you have company

  14. Kawasaki is easily the new Johnny Mac. No Father’s Day home run necessary.

    • If he’s the new Johnny Mac that means we’re staring down a half decade of “Bring back Kawasaki, he’s exactly what we need!”

  15. Kawasaki has had a couple good games and definitely is endearing to fans… but let’s not get carried away about what he is. Not so bad here, but seeing some interesting comments about the guy out there.

    • Even die hardest of fans are not dumb enough to make that mistake. Kawasaki is doing a fine job atm, but seriously he is no Reyes. and if you look at our lineup and some of the hitters that are power guys only, anyone who can get on base 1 or 2 times a game has to be worth playing till your regular guy gets back.

  16. Does anyone know the MLB average for hitters when behind in the count? I couldn’t find a site that has those numbers

    • All I know is that the average for Rasmus, JPA and Lind with 2 strikes is .000

      • Yeah, that’s why I’m asking. All three shit the bed when the pitcher’s ahead, but was wondering if they suck that much more than the average hitter.

    • I think I saw that data in baseball prospectus’ book from a year ago. Maybe try searching with that included.

  17. What is the word on Bautista? Out indefinitely?

  18. The Jays went out looking for a Suzuki but instead settled for a Kawasaki

  19. I know the bat is barely MLB replacement level, but anyone else hoping a spot can be found to keep Kawasaka on the roster when Reye’s comes back… the infectious pleasure they both seem to get out of the game would be hard not enjoy… Imagine if we’d been able to sign Uehara as well :)

  20. It is not even certain that the other ninja will continue to get regular playing time while Reyes is gone. hopefully he can keep it up!

  21. Hey ask Stoets what Kawasaki brings to the dressing room means nothing its overrated its all about what he does in the field!!!
    A guy like this that makes teammates laugh is gold!!!

  22. My favourite part of that gif is the fact that Kawasaki puts his middle finger in his eye rather than below it. Lo viste newb.

  23. I savor, result in I found just what I used to be taking a look for.
    You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a gteat day.

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