Jose Bautista is out of the lineup for the Jays again tonight, with several reporters tweeting that John Gibbons informed them of his condition this afternoon. The manager noted that the slugger’s back– not the ear infection that had tin foil hats racing off the shelves when fans first became aware of it last night– is the problem as, according to multiple tweets, it’s still bothering him a little bit, and he hasn’t swung a bat in two days.

What he has done, apparently, is get caught in this bizarre scene that was tweeted this afternoon by’s weird, trending shit repository, Cut4. (After, apparently, it was put on Instagram yesterday by Jose Reyes.)

The caption reads, simply: “Reyes’ sprained ankle + Melky in a belly shirt = this weird, amazing photo.”

So… y’know… for those of you who’d been asking me why Cabrera isn’t quite as fast a runner as you’d figured, uh… there you go.

Addtional scuttlebutt from Gibbons after the jump…

- Brendan Kennedy tweets that Gibbons says Bautista “probably” won’t be available to pinch hit tonight.

- Chris Toman tells us that John Gibbons isn’t sure of the results of the MRI on the triceps of Sergio Santos, or if he’s even had one.

- As for last night’s big pinch hit, Mike Wilner tweets that Gibbons says he’s still happy with taking Rasmus out for Davis, and says he would have heard about it if he hadn’t done so.

- Brendan Kennedy adds that Gibbons said he feels the defensive drop from Rasmus to Bonifacio is not as large as the offensive gain going from Rasmus to Davis against right-handers. Makes sense in the abstract, but given that it was one seventh-inning at-bat versus two crucial ones in the most important outfield position, I’m still not sure I’m on board.

- Seriously, though, what the fuck is going on in that picture?

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  1. If only there were a donkey in that photo.

  2. I just can’t stop laughing at that photo.

    • I can’t stop crying about the team’s record.

      • 2 games below .500 with 5.5 months to go. Time to start phoning this season in; it`s over.

        • I didn’t say that. I expect it to get better.

          I also anticipated a better start considering the competition in the first few weeks.

          It’s not like they were playing Tampa,Texas, LAofA.

          Sure baseball averages out, and any team can win on any day, but I can still be sad about it.

  3. Just DL Bautista already. It’s obvious he’s going to be out awhile. Maybe we wouldn’t be stuck having to pinch hit shit for shit if we didn’t consistently carry injured guys on the bench. Bring up Sierra, he’s an offensive upgrade over anything not in the starting lineup and frankly, most of what’s in it right now.

    • You’re SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO right! Your clarity is reminiscent of that of TV psychic Cleo.

    • I wonder if he’s just being douchy because he doesn’t like playing third, so they put him there for two games and he has to complain long enough to ensure he never gets put at third again.
      I hope not but, never know.

      • Good one.

      • I thought I heard it was Bautista’s idea to get moved to third/he was totally on board with it when Reyes got injured? Besides, a guy that wants to win isn’t going to pull this petulant crap when he knows he can help his team win.

      • Holy fuck CG and david. I don’t know whether to hate you both or to pity you. What goes on in those little brains of yours?

    • It’s “day to day” not “day”. I’ll grant you that Gibby probably didn’t do anyone any favours by constantly saying that hopefully he’d be back the next day. It’s perfectly normal to be out a few days with back spasms. If it continues to nag, he’ll get injected with some Toradol or whatever and be back out on the field.

      • There is cause for concern in that the Jays are not forthright about their injury situation; plus, backs can be quite unpredictable. Seems that this is how it started with Lind last year…he’ll be out a couple of days…..maybe next week…..and then, after he sat out for several days, on to the DL he went. . When they’re talking injuries, you just can’t trust anything that the Jays say.

        • What, you mean like the “lower/upper body” injury nonsense you hear in other sports? or the accurate portrayal of unreliable back spasms changing from day to day. I fail to see how the Jays are being less than forthright about a situation which is fluid, what rationale they would have for divulging any more information into the public sphere (and their competitors) than is strictly necessary, or how in the fuck it impacts you personally.

        • It’s the same with every single team in every sport out there. This is not unique to the Blue Jays. Injuries and recovery times are unpredictable.

          The implication that the Jays are deliberately spreading falsehoods about player injuries is laughable.

  4. what’s going on is all those guys will make more in one day than we will for the next ten years.that’s the real joke.

  5. Reyes so hoppy

  6. The D.R. Mafia

  7. While I always feel it’s important to rest and heal when needed, as not to aggravate or worsen injuries, something screams ‘bullshit’ about Bautista’s demeanour. He doesn’t exactly look like someone who is suffering through back spasms or otitis media – two conditions which are very easily treated with proper medications.

    • Says a guy who has literally not once in his life swung a bat as hard as Bautista does every game.


    • @Brent in Dublin,

      Something “screams bullshit” about your post – Like just exactly what the fuck is a person suffering from back spasms and otitis media supposed to look like during a moment of clubhouse levity captured in the instant it takes to snap a goofy picture. Please get a fucking clue. We’re all disappointed Joey Bats won’t be in there tonight, but he doesn’t strike me as a malingerer based on the large sample size of his tenure as a Blue Jay if that’s what you’re concerned about. Jose Reyes is getting a good chuckle out of it – I guess (aside from the cast) he doesn’t look like a person suffering from a severe ankle sprain. Better get him back in that lineup pronto, or is he a malingerer too?

    • Are you for real?

      Dont feed the troll!

    • I’ve had back spasms in the lower back, over the vertebrae which connects the spine to the sacrum. Turning either direction – or, hell, sitting down or even sleeping – was a pain in the ass for a few days. Yes, he makes a lot of $$$, but I’d rather he sit until he’s healthy than risk doing further damage which incapacitates him later in the year. It’s not “being a dick”, it’s being smart.

  8. Interesting end bit to Gibbys comment…..he “wouldve heard about it if he hadnt done so”

    He can only mean from AA, as thats his direct superior. Did AA give him orders to always PH Rasmus late vsm LHP? Or just to use a
    splits more often?

    • I think he means that the fans and media would have been asking him why he let Rasmus face a LHP late in the game.

    • How do you assume AA? Could be referring to the media, dontchathink?
      I definitely think he means media types would have been chirping him about it

      • ok, well considering he used the “I would’ve heard about it if I didn’t do the move” seems to be being used as a quasi reason for it, I would hope he doesn’t mean the fans.

    • He didn’t mean AA. He meant the fans and media.

      If he left Rasmus in and he struck out (which never happens against LHP…eye roll), the masses would have been out with pitchforks.

  9. *and says he would have heard about it if he hadn’t done so.*

    Like, from AA? Was there this kind of accountability with some of Farrell’s more ridiculous decisions? Is the GM micromanaging like that a good thing? So many questions, of course I could just be interpreting that poorly since the link to the actual tweet sends us to your fantasy baseball team haha.

    • That’s Gibby speak for it made sense at the time, and the bench as a whole was on board with it.

    • I think it’s pretty obvious he’s referring to the same people who are giving him crap for doing it in the first place. i.e. us.

  10. Actually you can see the outline of a 6 pack, Cabrera is far from fat. You can be muscular and slow too. As for Bautista, this is starting to stink. This is the second injury this year where he didn’t leave the game immediately yet has missed games afterwards. He’s doled out some loose high fives post game and after HR’s. Whether it’s physical or mental I don’t think that wrist is back to where it was.

  11. I think the Melk man has been make ice cream and not sharing any of it.

  12. I would have caught that ball last night.

  13. Did someone say my name?!??!

  14. Never put me at third again. Ever.

  15. Even though the team is losing I can still goof off with my Dominican hombres. Fuck Toronto. Thanks for the cool 16 million.

    • I really don’t understand this sort of attitude. People who have it either have not played high-level competitive sports or they were miserable teammates. It sucks playing on a team that is overly somber or serious for days on end. If you lose, then you figure out why you lost, you file that away so you can improve/not make the same mistake next time, and then you move on with your life.

    • plz perma b&

    • Kawa saki..clap clap clap clap clap

  16. Who took the picture?

  17. ooh a post for the girls, i love it.

    abs are overrated anyway……. but is that a tattoo on his side??

  18. Did the comments actually manage to get dumber today or something?

    • How do you deal with this shit?

      • Today is like, historically bad, so… I don’t know. But seriously, did the comments actually manage to get dumber? Because I know they’re always a bit bad, but some of the stuff today is just mind blowing in its stupidity– the Bautista theorizing, in particular.

        • C’mon Stoeten.
          You had to know it was coming. The price of success.It’s gonna get worse and better, at the same time.Same shit used to happen years ago, just less people were visiting.
          The popularity that makes you famous makes people want to be a part of it.
          It’ll be interesting to see what DJF looks like if the Jays go on a streak.
          You built it, you’re gonna have to deal with it.

    • the monkey army at work

    • It is HORRIFYING!

    • Navin did link to DJF from Fangraphs today, I somehow doubt, however, the two are correlated.


  19. Sorry Gibby. I rarely bother worrying about moves in a game. But this one stunk to me.

    - Davis was followed by two weak hitters and looked completely overmatched by that pitcher
    - Rasmus is hot (in a Rasmussy kind of way)
    - Rasmus might have caught that ball
    - Davis has a horrid arm that hurt us (really should have had that runner)
    - Rasmus would have been up against a RHP later instead of Davis

    AND fuck we could have used Davis to pinch run for Adam fucking Lind who stood at first like a bump on a log while we made outs in the 9th.

    I mean the move backfired in every conceivable way.

    I don’t care. I still like Gibby. And AA. And the team. I’m still happy. It’s all good. But let’s call a spade a spade. That move only had one small chance of working out against half a dozen ways that it sucked.

    • False.

      • False what? What part? I listed them nice and easy.

        I’m not making up crazy conspiracy theories. I’m trying to talk baseball (as opposed to crazy conspiracy theories about AA’s phone and Bautista’s back and donkeys).

        We have a very short bench. We gave away Davis speed that we could have used in the 9th. We traded a left/lefty matchup in the 7th for a righty/righty in the 9th. We let a guy that does not look comfortable on D yet play CF. We let Davis take RF and miss an easy throw by 10′.

        It isn’t even like the Davis at bat was high leverage. No one was on. 7th inning.

      • To be fair, Stoeten, you shouldn’t complain about stupid comments (and fuck, are you ever right that there are tons of them today), and then respond like this to one of the few people trying to have an actual baseball discussion. You might disagree, but if you’re going to respond, you should engage. Just replying “false” is as trolly and stupid as half of what you’re decrying.

        • Agreed. If u don’t like the comment why not have a reasonable debate.

          The personal attacks aren’t necessary.

          As for Bautista not wanting to play 3b. I think he wanted to help out the infield. Which was having more defense problems.

          It looks like the ball finds Emilio wherever he goes.

          • “False” is a personal attack?

            I wrote a whole post about why this comment is way over the top in negativity. You’re on the site where I wrote it right now. Maybe read it.

            • Well I just think the 7th inning was too soon to be worth one potentially better at bat. Anyway it’s fine. I’m not saying I know better than anyone here or in pro baseball. Just talking. In a way I should just retract the whole thing lest I be associated with those calling for people’s heads over this or some injuries or a mediocre start.

            • You wrote a lot worse about me, calling me “out of my fucking mind”. on the post last night for being upset about Bautista not being in the lineup. Is that a PC term for being mentally ill?

              Look, I don’t mind the salty language, & am a regular contributor here but lets try to keep it relatively civil. You are a witty guy, so use it.

              The “false” comment is not a personal attack, but it’s kinda rude. Why not do a snappy comeback with a quick fact to refute the poster’s argument.

              Also, calling me a “troll” is ridiculous. I do disagree with you but I don’t call you names.

    • If Colby takes that at-bat and strikes out people start yelling at Gibby for leaving him in against a lefty.

      • Exactly. Just because you play the odds doesnt mean it works out 100% of the time. Thats why they’re called odds and not facts.

      • Thanks Sharkey.

        Its easy for these idiots to be better bench bosses than Gibby, AFTER the results.

        Good ol’ armchair managers…

      • Yeah but it left Davis in as a righty against a better RHP in the 9th.

        A little worse no? And left us no one to pinch run for the tying run who was on first.

      • Exactly right. Oh…and the players (who are handsomely compensated professionals) didn’t make the plays that were needed. So it *must* be the manager who lost the game…

  20. Wow. Just wow. Its like the TSN site went down and they all came a posting.

  21. Why didn’t Gibbons just tag him?

    Thats all i see when reading these comments.

  22. Fine, if no one else will do it, I’ll explain the picture.

    Melky is having technical difficulties with his shirt.
    Bautista is giving Melky some pointers on the complexities of shirt-donning.
    Encarnacion is deeply pondering Melky’s stomach.
    Rogers? is just happy to be fitting in with the hitters, and,
    Reyes is singing “belly, belly, belly, belly, be ee ell ell why….”

  23. If you call Melky fat for that photo then I’m Randy from Trailer Park Boys.
    He doesn’t have 8 abs staring you in the face but he looks pretty solid.

    Love the photo, it shows you crazy bastards who are sick with anxiety that the players realize it’s early and are hardly in a bad spot.

    • And it’s not like my O’lady needed another reason to love Reyes but it looks like he could tie his shoelaces with that tongue.

  24. Is no one concerned about Baitista’s injury?

    I don’t remember him having back spasms last year.

    Lind ended up on the DL last year or the year before for an extended period.

    Gibby said Jose got the infection when he coming back from kansas.

    Is it possible that playing 3base would aggravate his back?

    • Somehow you’re not the most irrational idiot here today.

      In fact, you’re probably right about third base.

      You kindof whipped out your jump to conclusions mat with the Lind comparison.

      But if Jose’s gonna be a delicate flower now,

      we’ll finally have a DH who can hit.

      Can you write

      like a normal person?

  25. As a complete fucking moron hockey fan visiting from, this picture offends me.

  26. Jesus Christ the idiot brigade came out in force today didn’t they!

    Indulging my own hysteria, I’m sorry but it was fucking dumb as shit to pinch hit for Colby. It’s not like there was a runner on second or anything. Just because Gibby made a shitty move doesn’t mean he’s not still the best, but we don’t need to defend complete idiocy just because we don’t want to join the sky is falling club. And no, no one would’ve given you shit for hitting Colby there Gibby, because THERE WERE NO FUCKING OUTS AND NO ONE FUCKING ON IN THE SEVENTH FUCKING INNING! Christ almighty, Jays fans can be stupid as shit sometimes, but we patiently watched Adam Lind suck his own dick against lefties for three years. I think we could’ve handled Colby staying in the game in case he got a chance to face a righty later.

    I feel better now.

    • +1. Was my sentiment watching the game at the time.
      Anyway, Forward Soviet!-we have our orders

    • Let’s stop pretending that the choices in decisions like that are either 100% or 100% wrong. I thought Gibbons would have given his club a better chance by not doing it, too, but it’s not like not doing it was fucking inexcusable. Definitely there was reasonable thought behind it.

      • ok, not 100% wrong but compared to leaving Rasmus in, it was mostly wrong to put Davis in.

      • For sure. It’s not like he pinch hit someone because he had gone 3-5 career against that pitcher. It was just one of those too cute moves you see a guy like Mike Sciosca make. There’s no reason to pinch hit to lead off the bottom of the seventh with the bottom of the order coming up. Especially in a tie game. Especially especially when doing so clearly makes your defense tangibly worse. Especially especially especially when you’re taking out a streaky hitter who is currently, ya know, streaking.

        The move obviously didn’t cost us the game, but is was also obviously stupid as shit. We shouldn’t have to defend every move Gibby makes just to avoid being branded as a braying lunatic.

        Best part of baseball is, there’s another one right around the corner!

      • Actually, it reminded me of some of the double steal bullshit Farrel used to do before he became painfully disinterested with doing anything more than filling out the lineup cards. Sometimes shit like that is the right call, and sometimes it’s the right call even if it goes catastrophically awry. But, sometimes it’s fucking stupid, like when we send Rajai with Jose at the plate.

      • Fair point. His bullpen management so far has been better than Farrell’s last year.

  27. In hockey, players are rightly disciplined for participating in high-fives
    Flashiness, such as this “lo viste” crap, deeply offends us

    • Hockey “people”, you know the very serious yet violent jerks that run the NHL and its teams are such fucking wankers. They do know it’s a game right? Fist fights every night in the league, they should be ashamed of themselves.

  28. Where’s the Game Threat!? I have exams I’m trying to put off studying for!!! Righteous indignation, I tells ya.

  29. I don’t think Bautista has a severe injury, no need for panic, but what I am concerned about is the Jays tendency to downplay injuries. Seems like if how ever long they say someone will be out, times it by 5.
    Lawrie was supposed to be out what a game or to? not 3 weeks. Bautista was supposed to be out 1 game only, then was out the next game but they said he was available as a pinch hitter, but that obviously wasn’t the case. Now he is out a third game but at least this time they have said he is not available for pinch hitting.
    My guess form the start was he would be back on the weekend.

    • I think rather than complain you should simply tack on a 35 percent surcharge to the number of games they say said player will miss. As long as they are consistent, there is no need to complain!

      If they say player X will be out 10 games and he is only out 4..and then say player Y will be out 4 games and then is out 10…THEN you have something to complain about.

    • +1

      The downplaying of injures is a concern. Is it a strategic advantage to say the player is not hurt so that the opposition plans against bautista in the lineup.?

      I doubt Rogers would ask AA to say that the players are OK to encourage walk in crowd that wants to see Bautista.

      This is a new bone for Stoeten. It would be a good post to see if other teams play the same game of underestimating injuries, leaving a short bench.

      Why is ramon Ortiz here again? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have Moises Sierra or Gose here as bench help? Starting pitching seemsto be back on track.

  30. Comments are the worst part of this site. Cannot believe I share my love of this team with 98% of you

  31. In a tight game, with the top of the order getting another at bat, leave the better defensive player in, IMO. But Gibby has the job not me and if it worked….

  32. The team loses a few games early and everybody gets all angry and short-tempered with each other.

    Calm the fuck down. First of all, it’s mid-April. Second, and more importantly, it’s baseball. If your favourite baseball team loses a few games in April and it makes you angry and rude all the time, you’re a loser. Plain and simple.

    • Tell that to ken rosenthal who was on the fan this morning. He likened the jays start to angels 2012

      Can the jays overcome 6-9 ? Sure.

      The odds of 95. Wins slowly decrease. That’s all. The two Jose’s missing doesn’t help.

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