Concerning Concerns


It’s insufferable to be a Jays fan right now, and certainly not just because the club is losing. The team will be fine, but clearly that doesn’t stop certain types of braying fucking morons from either outright losing their minds about normal day-to-day baseball failure, or from insanity like asking people like me questions such as, “when is it going to be OK to worry about so-and-so?” or “is tonight a must-win game?” As a consequence of all that, the stoic and rational among us, if they’re anything like me, must by now be deep into a tantric-like focus on the positive, whispering “serenity now” to themselves about all things sane, as though those utterances were some kind of force field keeping the suffocating knee-jerk stupidity that surrounds us out of our brains.

And that’s not even the shitty part! What really sucks is that there actually are things to be dismayed about fifteen games into this 162 game season, but those subjects have become hopelessly difficult to broach, for fear that they’ll send some eighty-games-and-out tool into a frothing, insufferable, perspectiveless rage.

The thing about the completely perspectiveless, though, is fuck them. Let’s not let the shortcomings of their feeble little minds get us too wrapped up in pushing for sanity that we can no longer kinda agree that the Jays haven’t had a very good start. Let’s be up front about what’s actually concerning about this club’s performance, so far, and not hold back. Maybe the truth will set us free– it usually does.

The injury to Jose Reyes

There will be no argument from anyone that this– though a freak accident that had nothing to do with his injury history, assclown– fucking sucks. Reyes was red hot atop the Jays’ lineup, and one of their too-few regulars getting on base with any kind of consistency. Not to mention, he’s fun as fuck to watch. His glove work maybe isn’t the greatest, but with Brett Lawrie now finally back, they’d have made a rock solid left side of the infield– as they will in two or three months.

Nothing that can be done about this one, but it certainly hurts the lineup, especially because…

Bonifacio and Izturis aren’t what we thought they were

It’s not exactly our fault, as fans, when we’re sold a bill of goods– though it maybe shouldn’t have been as difficult as some of us, myself included, found to look a little deeper into the backups the Jays were carrying for their injury concern of a shortstop– but where the fuck was the team on this? They’ve known since December that if Jose Reyes went down, Maicer Izturis and Emilio Bonifacio would be there to pick up the slack, and yet, when the time comes, they’re afraid to play them at short– for good fucking reason!– forcing the club to rely on Munenori Kawasaki, who, while awesome so far, isn’t exactly the guy anybody’s going to plan on running out there for three months.

Bonifacio already seems to have worn out his welcome at second base, as well– again, for good reason, though I’m not sure his awful play so far is 100% representative of what he’s capable of there– and uses his speed to mask brutal instincts and routes in the outfield, making one wonder– legitimately, and not in a panicky fucking idiot way– how the hell he was being sold as some kind of secret gem in November’s trade. If he’s pretty much just a backup outfielder and a pinch running threat, does he not kinda make Rajai Davis redundant? Or…

Wasn’t Casper Wells with the team for a little bit there?

And isn’t Casper Wells better than Rajai Davis at everything, save for baserunning? Yet he gets designated for assignment– I fear for the same sorts of reasons that Mark DeRosa has a comfy spot on the roster. Don’t want to disrupt the room with a better fielder per UZR in all outfield positions– including right field, where Davis best suited (per the metrics – and a better hitter for the role!

Rajai has posted a .347 wOBA and 118 wRC+ against left-handers over the last three seasons, while Wells– albeit in 313 plate appearances to 413 for Davis– is at .363 and 132. They had a better platoon-mate for Adam Lind or Colby Rasmus, and a fine pinch runner and backup outfielder already in Bonifacio, and yet they exposed Wells to waivers. What the hell is that about?

This fourth and fifth outfielder stuff wouldn’t be such an issue, of course, if not for the fact that…

Jose Bautista has to stay healthy

It’s another one of those things that just can’t be helped, but the lack of the team’s best hitter– coupled with the lack of their second best hitter– is definitely not making this team any more watchable right now. Shocking, I know.

That doesn’t justify that absolute horseshit conspiracy theories about the Jays hiding injuries or the astonishingly fucking dumb fucks talking about Bautista not being a gamer, though. Oh, did someone not predict with to-the-hour precision when something would be fully healed? HOW FUCKING DARE THEY, RIGHT?

But yes, it sucks to not have either Jose in the lineup. And every day Bautista’s back injury lingers makes the challenges that face the Jays’ offence that much more prominent. It’s entirely futile to complain about it, but it’s certainly a concern. So go ahead and bemoan it!

That all said…

There is still a lot to feel good about here, even if the mounting losses are dispiriting for the moment. History suggests– nay, insists– that from here forward the pitching will look a whole lot more like it did in the third turn through the rotation than it did in the first and second. Brett Lawrie’s return has given the club a massive defensive upgrade at third, and while his bat may take a little while to warm up, with him essentially starting Spring Training over again, he’ll be fine. The bullpen, even without Sergio Santos, looks solid (except maybe when Darren Oliver’s on back-to-back days or Steve Delabar is on back-to-back innings). Edwin Encarnacion won’t hit .200 forever, and J.P. Arencibia and Colby Rasmus have been excellent so far.

Yes, even Colby, who plays very good defence, and has sacrificed contact for power so far, to much better effect than you probably realize. Yes, striking out 45% of the time is fucking ugly, but the walk rate is better, and in this tiny BABIP- and HR-driven sample, he looks terrific: .375 wOBA, 140 wRC+.

The wins haven’t piled up the way anyone would have liked, and there are more, legitimate concerns than sometimes get acknowledged when the rational among us try to suffocate fires of lunacy with “it’s early, you fucking moron!” blankets, but the kind of starting pitching that this club has will cover a lot of temporary wounds, and there’s still a stupid amount of season left in which the club can dig itself out of the tiny hole they– and plain old “shit happens” luck– have created for themselves so far. There’s absolutely no reason to sweat it.

That doesn’t mean anybody has to like it, or is wrong to voice concerns about the club, but ultimately the “it’s early” and, more importantly, the “they’re bloody talented” prisms are the ones that everything needs to be viewed through right now. Lots of clubs start this poorly and are great, lots start off like rockets and fade away, and while it’s undeniable that every win is vitally important in the long run– especially in a division as tight and as battered by a tough schedule as the AL East– it’s just as important to remember that every team has losses like the ones the Jays have suffered through so far. Lots of them. That’s kinda how baseball works. It may not be very satisfying to think that way after wasting three hours on another turd, but dissatisfaction is a small price to pay for not being a fucking tool who thinks the season is probably over in mid-April.

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  1. Its all you can eat tonight

  2. Thanks for the calm down piece [puts whiskey back in top drawer].

    • Hey, it’s what I do.

      Every. Single. Day. Apparently.

      • typical DJF brilliance. nice writing.

        • “The thing about the completely perspectiveless, though, is fuck them” Rather than just saying this how about following through (not literally). It would be nice to come here for a day and not have to scan through all the bullshit of you needlessly defending the team. You can’t reason with the unreasonable so PLEASE stop trying.

      • I can understand your slant,especially when you are bombarded on twitter by casual fans, who were told,that on paper the Jays were supposed to dominate.If the starting pitching had a bad day then the bullpen and offence would prevail.If the offence slumped then the pitching would carry the team.
        While certainly the war is not lost due to the many battles ahead,the fact that battles are being lost, could be a concern or a trend..The Marlins last year were projected to finish first.
        I’m not panicing because it IS a long season.But that doesn’t prevent a Spockian eyebrow to be raised.
        The Jays have the ability to go on an 8-10 game winning streak and probably will. It just doesn’t look like it will be in the near future.Not what was expected nor advertised.
        I still think the Jays will be in the playoff hunt in September but the team may not look like it does today.

  3. There’s not much that can be done about the Jose’s getting injured, so what really gets me is the whole Casper Wells situation. Wouldn’t you rather see him out there in centre or left field when Bautista or Rasmus aren’t in the line up? Or facing lefties instead of Rajai or DeRosa at DH?

    This is on the thing that makes no sense to me and I actually find myself getting upset about. He’s younger, cheaper, more controllable and by most metrics a better baseball player than Davis. So WTF??

  4. I go with hoochie mama, but that’s personal preference of course.

    Also might be worth noting that virtually everything I’ve read about Wells’ defense mentions a plus arm, most notably Baseball America having him as the best OF arm in the Tigers system a few years running way back when. With Bautista nursing something like a back injury that might linger, having a plus defender with a plus arm to go to in RF would be a pretty big deal instead of Davis’ noodle and Bonifacio’s general cluelessness in the field.

  5. Well said, Stoet. For people that need reminders, the Tigers were 6 games under .500 in June and 3 games under in July.

  6. check this
    say this was July the team is 51-25 – fucking sweet right… add 6-9 into it….say a bad couple weeks mid july, and the team is then 57-34……ummmm still fucking sweeeeet.

    So lets just call it an early season slump/short team injuries….

    although, last night was fucking hard to watch….

    • For real though, right?

      People have to remember that there’s a reason the season is 162 games long. Boston won’t continue at a 115-win pace just as Toronto won’t continue dropping games at their current pace.

    • Plus one billion. One of the biggest reasons for the sheer state of apoplexy is the time of year at which the Jays are playing probably the worst baseball they will play this year.

      Those that don’t believe this is the worst they will play all year must believe that they will continue to hit sub .190 (sub .070 at home) on those rare occasions when they get men into scoring position, or that the BABIP gods will continue to mercilessly hammer them both offensively and defensively (I think they were 26th offensively and 4th worst defensively recently). Things will eventually begin to normalize again, and when that happens the record will start to improve. Book it.

      Considering everything that’s happened, the 6-9 record is rather flattering, and I for one will take it. And please free Casper Wells and trade Rajai Davis or Emilio Bonifacio for a bag of balls. Davis and Boni are the exact same player. We can’t afford to carry both of them. Boni plays more positions (albeit not very well), so maybe you keep him to be the pinch runner/super utility player and ditch Davis.

      It is fugly right now, but it will be OK.

      • I’d much rather keep Rajai. He’s not helpless at the plate against lefties, whereas Boni looks like blind and deaf hitting against righties or lefties. Boni’s also looked absolutely unforgivable in the field, too. He doesn’t look comfortable at any position.

    • the Toronto Sun fan club simply cannot grasp these concepts

      do not expect them to


      GO JAYS

      everything is just fine

      • This is hardly surprising given that they worship the vomit that Steve Simmons spews day after day.

    • I agree in principle but that a pretty terrible example to use. Jays would have to go 45-14 (.719) until July to get that record, all without Reyes.

  7. Reyes going down stings the most. Not because of the record or anything else other than he’s fucking fun to watch. Even in an impending loss, watching him play can’t help but put a smile on people’s faces. On the upside, by the time he gets back he’ll either be a huge boost or icing on a well formed ass kicking Jays winning cake.

  8. Brett Wallace sent down by the Astros. Maybe AA was right after all. Lots of hand wringing around here when the Gose deal was made. Maybe we should be more jaded when fed the prospect porn bullshit from the front office.

  9. In the mad rush to find a post big trade angle, lots of “rival GMs” and journalists started blowing sunshine up Boni’s ass, to the point where most fans were wondering why he doesn’t have a full time ride. I think we found out why, everyday ABs exposed him

  10. did anyone else see lawrie and taka tinaka doing the marbles sing to each other last night?

    • I read this setence like 4 times and I still have no fucking clue what you just tried to say.

      • little typo,
        in major leagues, they have an outfielder named taka tinaka, who has a striking resemblance to our new shortstop. Taka offers words of advice to his teammate who is slugging, and tells him what he really needs is marbles. The slugger ( cerano) is unsure of what he means so taka demonstrates by putting his hands below his testicles and raising them up and down and says marbles.
        Lawrie and kawasaki exchanged that same marble display yesterday…. it made me forget the rest of the game

      • Major League II reference, Isuro Tanaka,

  11. Out of all the “issues” so far the downplaying of injuries and the Davis/Wells question are the most interesting to me.

    The injury thing is really just anecdotal and minorly annoying but as for Rajai Davis.. I hope they can make the tough decision to shit can him asap. I like Wells so much more, and I found it kind of disturbing that they value Davis more than him.

    The injuries they obviously can’t control and the pitching is rounding in to form so hopefully they can stay in the vicinity of .500 until the cavalry arrives.

    • My question is more about Emilio Bonifacio and the error made in not choosing a 2B between Izturis and him. If Bonifacio isn’t a second baseman here, he’s a Rajai Davis clone, and having two guys with that similar skill-sets on the bench doesn’t make much sense.

  12. Excellent points, excellent points.

    So when SHOULD we be worried?

    • in Sept if they are 5 games under 500…..other then that, enjoy the summer, cause it will get better.

      • More like if at the beginning of September they arent at least 11 games above …

        If on September first they aren’t at least 73-62… Its hard to imagine much of a shot…

        Last year it took 93 games to get in the wild card…. Which would mean they would need to go 20 and 7 to finish it out… It might not take 93 wins… Who knows…

        Probably the best way of looking at is: as long as they are within 5ish games of a wildcard on September 1st

        • dont nit pick my example when it was clearly a point in “dont worry your little head young one”

      • Enjoy the summer anyway. Head down to the lake. Meet n greet with the bikinis, have a drink. Be happy.

  13. Perspective in under 750 words…nice tidy piece.

    I think some of these shortcomings would be easier to handle if the fucking Massholes and Yankees were shitting the bed the like we had hoped.

    But what-the-fuck-ever…if losing your shit over a couple of shitty games gets you going…get going.

  14. Stoeten – the good news is that Jose Canseco has done one helluva of a train wreck / Reddit AMA today to make you laugh, forget about the fickle fairweather fans, and realize what a contemptible human being Canseco is:

    at least he isn’t on the Jays roster again.

  15. As you alluded to, I do think there are some real questions about the Jays roster management this year. It’s minor in the big picture compared to all the talent they amassed, but some of the decisions have been very questionable.

    Carrying Mark DeRosa over a legitimate lefty-mashing option, considering the team has two starters that need a platoon partner (Rasmus and Lind) is a wasted opportunity, especially after one fell into their laps like Casper Wells.

    What exactly does Henry Blanco bring to the table over Josh Thole? A marginal improvement on ability to catch the knuckleball… even though they’ve decided Dickey won’t have a strict personal catcher?

    8-men in the bullpen… while Jose Bautista has been day-to-day half the year, leaving the team with a two-man bench… typically Henry Blanco and Mark DeRosa who can neither hit well nor play 7 or 8 of the positions on the diamond. Even if he’s not so great himself, wouldn’t having a Moises Sierra up to try to run into a ball or Mike McCoy to pinch-run or play defense make more sense than an extra scrub-of-the-week?

    Like I said, they’re minor things in the big picture, but they could add-up in the long-run if the decision making stays as is.

    • Thole over Blanco isn’t a roster issue. They picked the best guy to catch the team’s ace, it’s not like Thole’s bat is good enough to give him the edge for a roster spot. Hopefully Gibbers will let Dickey throw 110-120 pitches a start.

      • I’d argue that Thole’s bat is far better than Blanco’s, though I do get your point.

        • for sure, but they aren’t here because of their bats. if JP were to go down for a while then Thole probably comes up and catches the majority of the games.

    • Well said. Although trying to make a valid argument around here is futile recently. Why are we throwing Ortiz, Gonzalez and Bush out there when we have Lincoln, Beck and even Carreno? Why carrying Davis AND Bonifacio when they have the same strengths and weaknesses? With position players with a health record like the Jays a little more attention should be paid to depth.

  16. Bravo. What gets the fans worked up is when they are panicked, disappointed, angry, sad etc and they are told simply “Means nothing, it will all work out” by the likes of Wilner. That is like rubbing salt in a legitimate wound. You, Stoeten, on the other hand, acknowledge that there is a wound of some sort, and provide some healing words. It is one thing to calm down the crowds with “It’s early, it’s a long season etc etc” but at least freakin’ acknowledge that there are some things that are going wrong and maybe some areas that are disappointing , or cause for concern. You acknowledge that, while at the same time also reassuring us that it is, indeed, possible to make up 3.5 games or whatever in the course of 150 games left to play. Zaun, for all his faults. . . and I can list hundreds, acknowledges some things wrong and can criticize the team, so can hayhurst, so can Stoeten,. . Wilner, for some reason, can’t;

    • I think Wilner, for all his faults, is a “you want to be a negative retarded asshole? Okay, I’ll be be your counterpoint”. But agree Stoeten did it with greater balance.

      • Wilner employed by Rogers, much like the asshats Buck and Tabby aka Skeezey and Weezey, “never a negative word shall be uttered. ” The only one to speak his mind is Zahn.

  17. As a fucking moron hockey commenter, I believe the answer to what ails this team is to trade a first round draft pick for a player of Canadian nationality

  18. Davis really is best saved for pinch running. Or else as a very late in the game pinch hitter or as a defensive replacement used to replace someone else that pinch hit. I hate seeing him in the starting lineup except for rare rest days for someone else.

    EE is hitting the hardest singles possible lately.

    Lawrie looks in good (trim) shape.

    And at least Bautista was/is hitting homers still in between setbacks.

    Worried about Santos, but we’ve never really gotten used to having him so oh well.

  19. I’d much rather have Casper than Rajai. But who knows as an outsider how this plays into long term roster management by AA? Maybe he feels that there is a good shot that Casper clears and goes to Buffalo while Rajai would be picked up by someone if D’FAd. Trades don’t really happen in April. Rajai may be able to net the Jays another cost controllable reliever in mid summer (AA prefered approach in past year) and which point the Jays call up either Casper/Sierra and come out ahead. Sucks in the short term, but not a lot of win/losses hinge on the 24/25 guy on a team that wants to contend.

    If you take the top two bats out of a lot of line-ups they are going to look pretty fugly.

    • Exactly correct

      • Some teams can handle it better than others. The Yankees have four vital offensive players out and they are managing to keep it together better than we are.

        • I would argue that ironicaly the Yankees have the benefit of being counted by EVERYONE and can rally around that, whereas the Jays have injuries but are still expected to meet expectations. I know that’s stupid voodoo bullshit, but I think the Jays kinda came out subconsciously expecting it to be easy and now they realize they need to ramp it up to be competitive and are having a hard time for multiple reasons.

        • Yeah, over 15 games. Hafner was a deft pock up though, gotta give them that much.

    • +1.

      Did Casper Wells get claimed? Or did he make it to Buffalo?

      The roster management has to be a concern, and that’s on the GM. An 8 man bullpen is bad enough, when they’ve had someone day-to-day for almost the whole year, and DeRosa/Blanco as two of the pieces? Ugh.

  20. I am worried about the offense. This lineup with and without the two Joses is night and day. It will be an uphill battle to the playoffs if those two are going to miss significant amounts of time, which is a very real possibility at this point. One more solid bat in the lineup (an upgrade at DH/1B hopefully) could ensure better offensive production if our big bats are going to miss time.

    • playoffs?!!!


      dude…this team is gonna be lucky if they match the 2010 .500 record.

  21. The will pick it up. The lack of optimism is the first step towards implosion.

  22. So let me get this straight. Our destiny is not in our hands? We need to rely on the Farrellball Massholes to lose 5-6 more games this year while we win all of the remaining 147 games to win the East?

    We’re fucked….

    We’ll have to get pull our BABIP up if we want to even have a chance.

  23. Have we lost Caspar Wells on waivers? MLBTrade rumors hasn’t posted anything. as of yet re: someone else picking him up.

    One thing that seemed very strange to me in the off-season is that AA didn’t fill one of the needs of the club that seemed to be one of the easier needs to fill: A RH platton partner for Adam LInd at DH. It seemed prudent in a way tho to simply let Rajai fill in for a while and something else would eventually surface on the cheap. Then when we are able to pick up Wells for nothing, we turn around and DFA him without even giving him an a bat, in order to bring up Ramon fucking Ortiz

    • I believe there are 10 days from being DFA’d before they need to be placed/cleared waivers. Seems to align with teh Jeffrees DFA/outright timing.

      Not sure if during teh 10-day time they can change their mind and bring him back to the 25/40 man rosters.

      • “Once teams designate players, they have 10 days to determine their next step. Teams have three options: they can trade the player, release him or assign him to the minor leagues.

        In nearly all cases, designated players must clear irrevocable outright waivers before being sent to the minor leagues.

        In other words, 29 rival teams will have the chance to claim them.”


        Basically, I’m pretty sure that this isn’t the same kind of waiver wire situation where teams can renege on waiving the player. He either gets through and goes to Buffalo or gets claimed. It’s also (extremely unlikely but) possible that he gets traded to another team who would put in a waiver claim.

  24. Toronto will not make the playoffs end of story

  25. There is more interest in the Jays than there has been for years. This has naturally brought all the fkn moron’s (yes you Steve Simmons) out to play. If its the price we have to pay to watch a potentially really good team then I can live with it. What you cant do is let the idiots get you down because they aren’t going anywhere. Personally I’m just going to watch and enjoy a good and hopefully great summer of baseball. Everyone else can get lost…..aint gonna spoil my fun.

  26. It looked like this was gonna be another ‘fairweather fans are morons’ and ‘its early, idiots’ post and I was ready to skip it… then lo and behold! actual baseball was discussed!

    Try and remember Stoeten: Just because the sky-is-falling morons are the loudest, doesnt mean they are necessarily the majority – especially among readers on this site. Most of us know how baseball works, and constantly hearing you bitch about how insufferable the idiots are is pretty – well, insufferable.

  27. I must admit. I think the team will be fine, but i am looking forward to winning and exciting baseball. There is frustration after having waited all spring training, getting amped up for opening day and then not much to cheer about all spring.
    Only the trolls are saying the season is done. Other fans are just frustrated and want to see some exciting baseball. you cant blame fans for wanting to feel the excitment of a winning team and after all the hype, i am sure most reasonable people could understand the impatience.
    I dont think anyone should feel bad for saying “Fuck sakes” after another loss, nor should anyone say that the fuck sakes isnt justified.
    Sunshine wouldnt mean anything if there wasnt rain.

  28. I prefer being alarmist than being rational.

  29. Davis-RF

    vs. Chris Sale….. this is going to be difficult to watch. Over under on 15 k’s?

  30. no Bautista again.

  31. This lineup actually makes sense. I wouldn’t start Lind or Rasmus against Sale. Would be nice to have Jose

  32. When Izturis was first acquired, I posted that he was not an every day player., but he’s fine as a backup who can play multiple positions. Pretty much been proven right about that.

    Last night, was thinkingjust what Stoeten is saying about Bonifacio and Davis. One of them makes the other redundant. For my two cents, I’ll take Boni ’cause I can’t stand how Davis freezes in his tracks every time a ball is hit his way. But I could live with the other choice.

    Agree entirely that they should have kept Casper Wells (or maybe Russ Canzler) over DeRosa. A lot of us made those comments at the time.

    I don’t think the injury thing is any conspiracy. I’ve just learned that when they say “a few days” think a week to 10 days and when they say a week, think 2-3 weeks. Pretty much seems to be how its gone.

    The other thing that concerns me is their approach at the plate. Have the Rangers game on TV. Commentators saying Kinsler was staying on top of the ball, using the whole field and was quite willing to go the other way. We saw the same thing with Detroit with A-Jax, Hunter & Miggy.
    I don’t see that with the Blue Jays. They’re all trying to yank it out of the yard. That leads to HR and strikeouts. Hard to sustain rallies that way.

    • Yeah, you sure have been proven right after a dozen games for Izturis as a Jay. Are you serious with that shit?

      • In 9 previous seasons he had over 400 AB’s exactly once. He’s not a big man; he’s the kind of guy who can wear down over time. He’s 32 years old and you think he’s magically going to transform into a productive every day player in his 10 big league season? His 12 games as a Blue Jay doesn’t have any more to do with it than his previous 791. I repeat, he is not an every day player.

  33. The Jays are off to a slow start – it happens. Come July:

    • I would be shocked if the Red Sox were still anywhere near 1st in the division
    • I would be even more shocked if the Jays were any worse than 2nd in the division

    The pitching is finally starting to come around, save for last night, and the offense will come around. All teams go through rough patches.

    Breaking: Prospects

    d’Arnaud DL’d with a broken foot. Hechevarria DL’d with a bruised elbow. Enjoy your spoils Mets and Marlins.

  34. Don’t know if it makes anyone feel better, but d’Arnaud is out with a broken foot and Hechavarria is on the DL with a right elbow contusion.

  35. I’m sorry…..I slipped into a coma the week after The Big Trade and just woke up now.
    Why haven’t we clinched yet? What’s happened? Fire AA. We got taken. Everyone’s a useless bum.

    I liked reality better when I was in a coma. I dreamed I was 30 pounds lighter, filthy rich, and Halle Berry, Katy Perry and JLo were my nurses.

    • Out of all the girls you could dream of its those 3?

      • hes old and doesn’t follow the new Pop Culture……

      • I’ll take one of those older, more experienced women any day – one who knows what she’s doing, and more importantly, LOVES what she’s doing…..rather than an inexperienced youngster who’s gonna get all emotional and shit about everything.
        Yeah…and I’m old.
        I’m not as good as I once was…but ONCE, I’m as good as I ever was.

  36. Think we’re panicking? The Ray’s fanbase must be losing their minds even more. Just image how people are freaking out over at Drunk Rays Fans?

  37. Of course they should have kept Casper Wells over DeRosa. But they aren’t getting rid of Lawrie, so DeRosa stays.

  38. Stoeten, I’m a fan and deeply respect your opinion, but come on, don’t you think you’re sort of sitting on a high horse here? I mean, yes there are some people overreacting negatively, but do you really think this forms popular thinking – I don’t. People are watching and attending games in increasing amounts and the team continues to attract a large share of Toronto’s sports media’s attention. You’ve created a straw man here. And while yes, we have completed only 10% of the season, simple math would tell you that their mediocre performance so far requires them to win at a 2% higher clip for the remainder of the season. Is that a lot or an insurmountable amount? No, of course not. But given the slim margin of error that they had to begin with, dismissing it as inconsequential (as many would) is not reasonable either. I get writing about the team is your job, but for the vast majority of us it’s entertainment, and if you can’t get emotional or overreact (at times) to this, I mean, what’s the point in first place?

    • you’re surprised by this?
      the man’s favorite word is insufferable

    • here is an idea….look deeper into what he is saying next time before posting, or before you rant about the Monkey leader….read the rest of the blog posts and comments…..

      this is a reply to the dumb as fuck statments made on here day after day after day on here…..see above…..not the full opinion of every jays fan that comments

      So once you finish looking down at him from your high horse…fuck off…

      • Wow dude, chill out. I’m guessing your monkey army membership is deeply valuable to you, but having a halfwit defend him only does a disservice to stoeten. But hey, maybe you can fantasize that stoeten appreciates (or even reads) your insignificant point of view and you can finally reach that elusive climax – happy for you!

        • dont really care if he reads them or not

          what i dont like is people taking what he wrote….which is why we view this page….and turning it into something else. He didn’t say “these comments forms popular thinking”
          He even said its ok to be frustrated and pointed out its hard to watch right now.

          So to call him out on this post is just dumb….we come here to read what he has to say, if you would rather criticise what he has to write, do it some place else.

          If we are only here to rip on the auther….then whats the point in the first place?

          • Nobody is calling him out on this post – I’m pointing to the running narrative (as drew likes to say) of the hyperbolic jays fan. I don’t believe such fan exists en masse – hence the straw man comment. As far as what you like (or don’t) – seriously dude, do you think I give a fuck? Stop being such a pussy…people have differing points of view.

            • using personal attacks to make your point… and im the halfwit? pussy?

              and if you dont give a fuck, then why do you keep replying?

              either way, we dont have to agree, but i dont see the point you were trying to make other then to try and nigate Stoets points in this post….which makes me think you should just start your own blog. there have been times i didnt agree with what he wrote, but i dont try and twist it in a way to make my point stronger. Disagree with what he said, not with what you think he meant…….

          • “dont really care if he reads them or not”

            I think coach LB may be fibbing a bit.

      • For dumb as fuck statements about the Jays – go to the Globe and Mail comments section.
        Holy jeez…there’s a bunch of characters there.

  39. 6 and 9 isn’t the end of the world and it is very early. The hardest thing is how they are losing. The 13-0, 11-1, and 7-0s are painfull. They are painful, boring games. I wonder if the 77 runs against versus the 51 runs scored are putting people over the edge.

    • It’s also the shit hitting against shit pitchers that’s upsetting. Axelrod, Quintana? We are lucky we dodged Verlander and Scherzer in the Tiger series.

  40. Check this SHIT out. Tonight lineup!

  41. It’s been almost impossible to vent about this team because of the kinds of people out there calling into Jays talk, asking Wilner why we didn’t start Dickey on three days rest on April fucking 17th…

  42. The Blue Jays are tanking April to better those World Series odds…..

    Off to Vegas!!!!!

  43. Meh it’s 15 games in. 6-9 is very disappointing, but seeing the starting pitching come around is huge. That’s what will determine if this team is good or not.

    There’s too much talent on this team (particularly in the rotation) not to turn it around and start to look good. Some tune ups are needed (including the legitimate concerns Stoeten mentioned above), but teams in June/July usually look quite different than they did in April. There’s so much time.

    • It’s really the record that’s troublesome – 6-9 really isn’t too bad at all when we’re classifying right now as a slow start, and rightfully so. What is troublesome is how they’re losing. Some of the losses they’ve been right there, losing by a run or two. But with the majority of the losses, the Jays have looked reeeeeally anemic.

      I have faith in Gibby to wake them the fuck up if it continues for a long period of time. 15 games really isn’t an indicator of anything.

  44. Total Attendance 15k – over/under?

    I will be at the game (free tickets).

  45. Well the Bison’s just put up a 27 spot in a AAA game. Moises goes 6 for 6. Jiminez goes 5 for 7 with 8 rbis. At least the AAA team is better…

    • Ha .. you ain’t kidding .. here’s proof!

      Buffalo Bisons
      Player Pos AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB SO AVG
      Jim Negrych 2B 7 4 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 .515
      Anthony Gose CF 7 2 2 1 0 0 1 0 3 .289
      Moises Sierra RF 6 5 6 1 1 0 3 0 0 .395
      Mauro Gomez DH 5 3 2 1 0 0 0 2 0 .364
      Luis Jimenez 1B 7 4 5 0 0 1 8 0 0 .353
      Andy LaRoche 3B 5 3 2 0 0 1 3 1 1 .279
      Ryan Langerhans LF 6 5 3 1 0 2 6 1 0 .333
      Josh Thole C 6 0 4 0 0 0 4 0 0 .393
      Ryan Goins SS 7 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 .314
      Totals 56 27 29 6 2 5 27 5 6 .333


    • I’m not sure the Jays will put up 27 total runs the rest of the season. If I had to bet on them doing it in however many games remain in April I’d for sure take the under.

    • Like seriously – I just saw that…I thought we left the PCL?!?

  46. I’m pretty sure if you take any team that’s qualified for the playoffs the last few years you would find a stretch where they went 6-9 or worse. The Jays struggles are magnified because they’ve done it to start the season.

    • Succinct and true.

      • the injury problems with our two best hitters are a major, major concern though. I have no idea how many games to expect from Bautista at this rate, and we can’t expect Reyes to carry the team coming off the dl.

    • That’s true, however with 147 games remaining, there is a high chance that there could be another shit stretch at some point down the road (being optimistic!) and you really can’t afford to have many of those, now can you? It’s the same as saying every team has a long-term injury to a key player at some point during the season, but with Reyes out for 3 months, that bullet has hit us already, and if we get hit with another…well, that just sucks.

      I guess it all comes down to a shrinking margin for error…

  47. Simple math will tell you that if you are still below .500 by the end of the month you are probably not making the playoffs because you are in fact a bad team.

    Last year only 1 team made the playoffs while being below .500 on may 1 and that was oakland and they were only 1 game below.

    With 12 games to go the jays would have to go 8-4 to get above .500. good luck.

    The season is in fact over.

  48. If anyone wants to see how bad the Bisons made Syracuse declare rape:

    • By the hammer of Odin!!!

    • 14 for 24 with RISP? Holy fuck. Do the Jays even have 14 hits with RISP so far this year? I know it’s just one of those games, but whoa!

  49. i love the site, but the hate towards the emotional fan is getting a little ridiculous now. i dont know if the recent slant towards advance stats to measure player performance but why do we have to apply the same emotionless, robotic approach to team performance?

    • I don’t think it’s hate towards the emotional fan, it’s the hate towards the irrational fan.

      For example, no one here will hold it against me if I ciritize the decisions made by Gibby in a particular game (with a good argument), or if I call into question the pitch selection of JPA, or if I simply say “Last nights game sucked!”. But I will have my head ripped on and shit shoved down my throat if I should go off spouting “Fire Gibby, JPA is not a MLB play, AA is a horrible GM, we need to trade everyone, we need a fucking Cdn player at every position, Steve Simmons is a genious, blah, blah, blah..”, which is as it should be.

    • @ All,
      100% feel ya,
      people on this site think its ridiculous to get upset after a loss, to be elated after a win, to stand up when you think a ball might be a bomb, to like a player that doesn’t fit the x war/dollar ratio that has been decided.

  50. travis d’arnaud is hurt again. rejoice!!!

  51. “I fear for the same sorts of reasons that Mark DeRosa has a comfy spot on the roster.”

    This terrifies me. He’s been awful and is waaaay beyond his peak, which was never even that high.

  52. It’s ok to be frustrated. They suck right now and everyone has high hopes. But Stoeten you can keep preaching all you want…this team has no fucking clue how to win. I read all these different blogs who compare this start to all sorts of other starts by teams who ended up making the playoffs. That’s fine…but who on this team is a proven winner? Who? Seriously is this a group of professionals who’ve been through a tight pennant race? Played in playoffs? They don’t have a fucking clue. Instead they act like they can flip a switch at anytime and take off. That’s all ego and if they’re that good…start producing. It’s hard to fucking watch right now and anyone, as Stoeten would say, with a brain would agree

    • Buehrle has winning DNA, in that he has a World Series ring.

      Not sure why I’m giving you an example when you don’t really seem willing and/or able to use your brain.

  53. manager was a bad choice, why does every batter have the green light to swing like a mad man every at plate? that is not baseball! baseball is players making hits, getting on base, the swing for the fences junk is like grade school mentality, time to manage the players and lay some baseball rules, hits for singles, get on base, lay some bunts down, pinch runners and pinch hitters when guys in scoring and cold batter comes to plate late in the game…

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