Chicago White Sox v Toronto Blue Jays

R.A. Dickey looked like the pitcher the Jays thought they were getting when they dealt Noah Syndergaard and the now-injured Travis d’Arnaud, absolutely dominating the White Sox for six innings under the closed roof at Rogers Centre, as the Jays won 3-1. Dickey had struck out seven, walked just one, and allowed two hits on just 64 pitches when he exited in the sixth– a precautionary move, the club later said, after he felt some tightness in his neck and back.

Mike Wilner noted that Dickey was rubbing his right neck and shoulder area when he left the dugout, while Shi Davidi noticed that he had favoured his right side a little bit following his sixth inning strikeout of DeWayne Wise.

“He didn’t want to push it,” Wilner explained, quite rightly, the Fan 590′s post game show. “I’m not sure if the Blue Jays gave him the option [to stay in] or not, but he didn’t want to push it.”

It makes sense that he would be cautious, given the way flared up backs have hampered this team in the last week– or, y’know, flared up back, singular.

Speaking to reporters after the game, John Gibbons says, according to a tweet from Brendan Kennedy of the Star, that “it’s been bothering him for a couple of days,” calling it a gutsy effort from his ace pitcher. John Lott adds that John Gibbons says that it tightened up in the sixth, and likened it to “what Jose’s going through.”

“He’s a tough guy, I’m sure we’ll see him in five days,” Gibbons says via another tweet from Kennedy.

So… hopefully that’s the case. Because tonight, he was jaw-droppingly fantastic, and rather emphatically showed why fans need not be worried with a club a couple games below .500 with a-hundred-and-forty-something left. Great win tonight– even if the bullpen didn’t make it quite as comfortable as it felt surely like Dickey would have. DickeyTheBest.

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  1. “He’s a tough guy, I’m sure we’ll see him in five days,”

    Is this the same game Bautista will be available to pinch hit?

  2. Watching Blue Jays fans freak out continually makes me sad because it makes me realize we have an idiot fan base that’s very vocal.

    • I think that section of the fan base is just a very loud minority.

      At least I hope that.

      • Unfortunately it isn’t… it’s the vast majority and it’s embarrassing. Although you can’t expect much else from an area that overall knows very little about the sport.

        • I’m sorry Edwin’s Right Arm, but I have to assume you are just making things up. As if you have any idea how the vast majority of Blue Jays fans think.

        • Depends where you want to draw the line at “fans”

          • Also, it is not clear this differs from most fan bases of most teams. Especially in a year in which they get better and the number of people paying attention jumps significantly.

          • The term “fan” is derived from the word fanatic, Of course people get pas, and want the team to win.sionate about their teams

  3. i think “Dickey Dazzles” will be my new stage name… it works as both a late 70′s LA Punk singer, or as a children’s magician

  4. he will be fine. move along… move along…

  5. DickeyTheBest

  6. I will take Gibbons comments with a gigantic grain of salt

  7. Didn’t one of the Sox hitters throw out his back or something flailing at Dickey’s magic? That was awesome.

  8. Looks like Bautista’s yeast infection is contagious on this team

  9. It’s over. Front office has ruined another season by trading the arm chair is the locker room for these back breakers.

    • All d’Arnaud is going to be doing the next 6 months is sitting in an armchair with his broken foot so ya thanks

  10. Fuckin yankees come back in the 9th on a cervelli hr of all people. I know its early and stuff but damn the yankees and red sox are playing well. I think all the “yankess and red sox arent what they used to be” talk is motivating them.

    • The only reason the Yankees came back was because of the injury news they received about Jeter today. They rallied together as a team, playing with as much grit and heart as possible. The Yankees have always been near the top of the league when it comes to grit and heart stats and this is only going to amplify things.

      • THIS. If you are a moron, colour commentator, or someone who believes Wells, Francisco and Overbay can play .625 ball for more than 2 weeks. Fail.

        • You don’t believe that professional baseball players can actually play well, but you believe in “heart and grit”? Seriously?

      • Doc. That was fantastic.

        Heart and grit. My God.

  11. Do you think if Bautista was in his contract year he would have missed seven games already? He is the face of the franchise but we can’t afford him to miss 25 to 30 games every season. This is becoming the norm with him.
    And Santos goes back on the DL. Last year day to day became season ending for him.
    Baseball is won or lost with starting pitching and we have a great staff. The fifth man was the wildcard so if you discount Happ’s last start we have five straight very good quality starts, starting with Dickey’s last start, then Morrow, Buehrle, Johnson and now Dickey again. This team will win a lot of games with this rotation.

    • “Do you think if Bautista was in his contract year he would have missed seven games already?”
      You can’t be serious.

    • That first sentence needs to go in the DJF hall of fame.

    • Bautista admitted to playing hurt in 2010. I believe he had a herni or something like that. He has a high level of pain tolerance.

      I doubt he is sitting out because of a minor injury.

      Hopefully he will be back for the Yankee series.

  12. I believe RA will be back next start and that it is as reported, minor stiffness, but I still don’t like how the Bautista injury was handled by the Blue Jays.

    • What should they have done differently?

      • Put him on the DL from the first sign of back pain, obviously.

        Like… have these people never known anyone with a fucked up back? Not exactly something you can pinpoint recovery from.

        • Kind of like Gibbons being “sure” Dickey will make his next start?

        • No you can’t do that because you would lose him for 15 days.

          If Bautista is hurt for a few more games, when do you think AA makes the cal to put him on the DL retroactive to last week?

          Also, lets say his back feels better , he wouldn’t have to miss another 15 days.

          I think it would be better to have an extra bat for the bench & 1 less relief pitcher.

        • I hear your point, but isnt that where you label someone as “day to day”?
          Not 1 game off as precaution and available for pinch hitting.

        • Maybe I`m imagining things, but I thought there was a 7-day DL?

    • All I would have liked with the Bautista situation is if Gibbons had added a “probably” to Jose being available to pinch hit and back in the game tomorrow. It’s possible he got misquoted in the pieces I read but when somebody who fills out the lineup card says Bautista will play tomorrow I expect him to play tomorrow.

      Gibbons didn’t say it was conditional on anything just that Jose wouldn’t start, might pinch hit and would be in the game the next day. If Gibbons knew this wasn’t a guaranteed he might express that in his statement because the impression he gave the fans was that it was minor and Bautista was sitting out as a precaution not because his back spasms were so bad he “couldn’t tie his shoes or put on a shirt” as was reported by Sportsnet after the fact.

      • @Beermaven. That’s what I was wondering about.

        Bautista’s interview with Mandani indicated that he was in severe pain, with not being able to tie his shoe laces.

        That’s why I was shocked when Gibby said he was available for pinch hitting.

        On the other hand, maybe these “spasms” can go away quickly. It could be a sharp “flare up” & then it’s ok after a day.

        Dirk Hayhurst thought it might be a result of Bautista’s violent swing.

        The bright spot was Dickey was fantastic & you can see the difference when the knuckleball is working.

      • But who cares? If he’s out, he’s out. Why do you care so much?

  13. That dickey’s a real peach.

  14. huehuehuehuehue

    fuck bandwagon jumpers

  15. I don’t know if this has been linked already, but this was an interesting read.

  16. All of these minor injuries are going to cause some media troll (my vote is for Zaun, who has already characterized the Bautista injury as a “conditioning” thing) to take Gibby to the woodshed for running a lax spring training instead of a regimented training camp with conditioning drills run day and night.

  17. The good news: Dickey da best.

    Rajai hitting and running… (also getting thrown out)

    Bad news:
    Offense continues to suck. Lawrie out of whack…he’s no tim raines who needed no spring training.

    • Of course the offense is going to suck when Lawrie is in his third game and both Jose’s and Lind and Rasmus are not playing. Say what you want about Lind and Rasmus, but together theyre good for 40 hrs easy and comined with Bautista thats like 80-90 potential homeruns out of the lineup pluss all the stuff that Reyes does. What team ever in the entire history of baseball would be expected to have a powerful offense whenm you subtract 80 hrs and 60 sbs etc.?

  18. I always wonder why people are so suprised to see stupid comments when talking about sports. Unlike say, science fiction, which tends to attract a slightly higher than average average i.q, sports tend to attract a lot of dumb people. Ever meet someone really, really stupid? Chances are they love sports. Now, obviously this does not mean smart people don’t like sports, just that those who are and do would be well advised to expect a certain level of idiocy. Factor in the necessity of corperate sports coverage to attract views and that the best way to do that is to appeal to the largest segment of your audiance – i.e idiots – then you come to understand why the average Zaun “analytics” or Cox/Simmons article is so hilariously ridiculous.
    All I am saying is that when you read that Jose Bautista would be playing if it was a contract year, or that Dicky can’t “handle” the American league, or that the season is done, or that John Gibbons is somehow an idiot, or that the team is out of shape or that the propensity for minor injuries is somehow the organizations fault or if that Gibbons isn’t able to read Jose’s mind and then communicate to the media the exact date and time of his return, if you read these things, you gotta take em with a grain of salt. If you wan’t intelligent analysis and debate, then perhaps you need a knew non-athletic hobby.

    • @big jim.

      I agree. Any sports team needs attract as many fans as possible to generate revenues.

      As the team gets more popular , the team will attract many new fans with different levels of knowledge about the game.

      The “SABR” fans & the new advanced level of stats to analyze baseball are creating a new fan base that can analyze the game a different way than the traditional fans.

      Look at sports coverage of the Jays 5 years ago. I rarely heard any comments about OPS, WAR etc.

      Buck & Tabby were talking about RBI guys, strong hands , grit etc…

      Terms like chemistry,grit,playing hurt are part of the sports narrative. It makes it easier to explain things to fans.

      It would be interesting to compare sports blogs, message boards in various cities.

      Boston & NY are supposed to be knowleageable about basenball, yet if you visit son of sam horn, there are more dumb comments there than smart ones.

    • Nice way to diminish or shut down any debate on anyone bringing up the points you raised.

    • “…Ever meet someone really, really stupid? Chances are they love sports….”

      Jim, Jim ,Jim ….!

      Ever hear someone make sweeping generalizations? You fill in the blanks.

    • “Ever meet someone really, really stupid? Chances are they love sports.”

      Look, everyone, I’m projecting!

      • You missed the point and in turn proved it.

        • Do go on…

        • Nothing? Okay, look, in your soapbox rant you basically imply that you belong to this cultured, sci-fi-loving aristocracy of sports fans, and yet you can’t even present a coherent argument without the use of absurd generalizations like “science fiction readers are smart” and “stupid people love sports”. The tone of your post suggests some kind of repressed anger, so it’s obvious you aren’t in the best position to be lecturing others on the mental capacity of people able to appreciate sports without having to adopt your disdainful, holier-than-thou attitude.

          For the record, in the course of completing of my physics major I have met many people with “i.q.” higher than you can imagine, and all they fucking talk about is sports.

          • Jesus fucking Christ dude, if you arent going to read carefully and think about something before responding, why respond? The entire point I was making – which is not only valid but irrefutable – is that sports (because of its mass appeal) attracts a large segment of society and like anything that doesnt specifically attract smart people (like physics courses, or Gravity’s Rainbow discussion boards) there are going to be a whole lot of dumb asses. And when the majority of people who watch something are generally of the mouth breathing variety (and I don’t care how many anecdotal examples you use, I am not wrong or even close to it) then the commentary, analyis etc will be extremely dumbed down. Ergo it is annoying to read people who should know better constanly complaining about how stupid everything everybody else says is. What I am saying is that if these people are so smart, then they should be taking the Zaun’s, the Coxes and I guess the Spoonys of the world with a grain of salt, because in sports, stupidity is the norm and anyone who says differenly hasnt read a comment section or main stream sports article before.

            • Nothing? Okay, look, in your soapbox rant you basically imply that you belong to this cultured, sci-fi-loving aristocracy of sports fans,[I DO NOT. I SUGGSEST THAT PEOPLE WHO ARE SMART ENOUGH TO RECOGNIZE THE STUPIDITY INHERENT IN EVERY SPORTS DISCUSSION ACCEPT AND IGNORE IT, SINCE THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER] and yet you can’t even present a coherent argument [ITS EXTREMELY COHERENT] without the use of absurd generalizations [GENRALIZATIONS ARE A NECESSARY FACET OF EVEY SINGLE ARGUMENT; ONLY A MORON WOLD SAY OTHERWISE; IT IS JUST EXPECTED THAT YOU UDNERSTAND THE DIFFERNCE BETWEEN THE WORDS 'GENERALLY' AND 'ALWAYS' ]like “science fiction readers are smart” and “stupid people love sports”.[ BOTH THINGS ARE TRUE, IN GENERAL] The tone of your post suggests some kind of repressed anger [SERIOUSLY? TELLING SMART PEOPLE TO LET OFF THE IDIOTS AND JUST IDK, ARGUE AMONGST THEMSELVES IS INDICITIVE OF AN ANGER PROBLEM? IF SO, WHATS YOUR DEAL? COCAINE ADDICTION? SYPHILIS? CAUSE THE SAME AMOUNT OF EVIDENCE EXISTS TO MAKE THOSE ASSUMPTION] , so it’s obvious you aren’t in the best position to be lecturing others on the mental capacity of people able to appreciate sports without having to adopt your disdainful, holier-than-thou attitude. [TALK ABOUT A GERERALIZATIN]

              For the record, in the course of completing of my physics major I have met many people with “i.q.” higher than you can imagine, and all they fucking talk about is sports. [NOT SUPRISED SINCE YOUR INABILITY TO UNDERSTAND A BASIC ARGUMENT AND COMPLETE IGNORANCE OF RHETORIC THEORY JUST SCREAMS MATH MAJOR]

  19. Why is it ridiculous to suspect that the team training may or may not be related to injuries? If you have alot of similar injuries (lets say Back injuries) wouldn’t you look for a common thread . . . Lets say training staff? I’m not saying this is the case here, but I am saying it is not an unreasonable supposition. Google San Francisco 49ers Stretching To see what they did with injury rate by changing / increasing stretching routine .

    • Because every team has some degree of this. It’s totally normal. These guys are throwing and swing harder every day than you ever have in your life, even at your peak.

      You probably have never thrown a fastball as fast as Dickeys knuckleball.

    • Two players is not “alot”. And when those two happen to be throwing a 80mph knuckleball and swinging a bat harder than anyone in baseball, it’s probably a coincidence.

  20. so buffalo puts up 27 fucking runs
    Moises sierra goes 6/6


    in A ball, dunedin puts up 13 shutout innings

  21. DickeyTheBack

  22. Chris sale’s arms gonna fall off sooner rather than later

  23. Christ, that knuckler was dancing like crazy. It’s just amazing to watch that pitch when it’s being thrown well. Dickeythebest.

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