Cleveland Indians v Toronto Blue Jays


Alright. Time to get back on the ol’ horse.

The Jays end their series with the White Sox tonight, looking to even things up in an outstanding pitching matchup featuring R.A. Dickey and Chris Sale. The White Sox tough lefty is all that stands between the Jays and a record that’s four games below .500, at which point the team will obviously have to just fold up for the season, sell off the Rogers Centre, and start strategizing as to how they can improve themselves for next year. MUST WIN TERRITORY!

No, but seriously, a fucking win would be nice.

That watermelon, Jose Bautista, will sit this one out, as will Colby Rasmus, following a rough night against a lesser lefty in Jose Quintana– though, in Colby’s defence, that creep can roll.

The Yankees come to town starting tomorrow, so it’s not like things get any easier… though the Jays do miss CC Sabathia in the process. But still… again… a fucking win would be nice.


Mike Wilner is the first of many to tweet Bautista updates from John Gibbons, as he relays Gibbers’ saying “Bautista’s showing progress, won’t be much longer. We think he’s pretty close.” He adds that Gibbons said they don’t expect to put him on the DL– which in tweets from other sources was sometimes quoted as they “have no plans” to. Either way.

Wilner also checked in as the first of many with an update on Sergio Santos, whose MRI revealed a “strain of the flexor pronator. He won’t throw for a week, and will then be re-evaluated.”

Brendan Kennedy later tweets that it seems the “flexor pronator” is in the elbow, not the triceps. You know… technically. “At least Gibby didn’t say it was his back,” he quips.

More gold from Wilner, who tweets out a picture of what Munenori Kawasaki was wearing on his feet.

Getting Blanked has the latest on Derek Jeter, who is now apparently out until the All-Star Break, which is odd, because baseball teams are supposed to know precisely to the hour when injuries are going to be fully healed, right assclown?

Rather than save this for a link dump I may never actually get around to ever again, over at Getting Blanked, Matt Klaassen checks in with his latest Fogging The Measure post, which is rather topical for those of you reading this post, as he– a Royals fan– shares his experiences taking in the commentary of Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler for a game last week.

Lastly, for your between-inning listening pleasure, it’s today’s edition of the Getting Blanked Podcast– which, FYI, is posted much earlier than this over at Getting Blanked, as well as on iTunes and RSS. Subscribe!

TV: Sportsnet

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

RF Rajai Davis (R)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH J.P. Arencibia (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
CF Emilio Bonifacio (S)
C Henry Blanco (R)
SS Muenenori Kawasaki (L)

R.A. Dickey RHP

Chicago White Sox

CF DeWayne Wise (L)
2B Jeff Keppinger (R)
RF Alex Rios (R)
DH Paul Konerko (R)
1B Adam Dunn (L)
LF Dayan Viciedo (R)
SS Alexei Ramirez (R)
3B Conor Gillaspie (L)
C Tyler Flowers (R)

Chris Sale LHP

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  1. just when you thought you couldnt love kawasaki any more… that pregame bit was awesome.

  2. how bad is this lineup tonight that at first glance i dont even realize jpa is still hitting 3!!

  3. May the knuckler dance and the bats hit bombs.

  4. So is fucking Jack Morris going to be in the booth full time now? Because that would suck.

    • just for the rest of the homestand i think

    • watch the game, turn down the volume, listen to the radio

      • Yeah, I actually prefer him as the third man on TV. He’s easier to ignore because you just watch what’s going on, plus he’s the least heard from of the three guys. And I like Jerry and Dirk on the radio together.

  5. So SN-P has poker

    SN-1 has Soccer.

  6. Good to see that Kawasaki is back to batting LH.

    Lets hope the switch you didn’t just screw the rest of his season with that jinx.

  7. Damn our lineup looks shitty

  8. If anyone is buggered by the weird Sportsnet tv scheduling, vipbox is your friend.

  9. Dickey the best!

  10. Wow. That knuckler was insane.

  11. …as was that one.

  12. Dickster looks locked in

  13. great start. the knuckler is a dancin

  14. come on Rajai. steal one buddy

  15. power #s down so far for Cabrera. SSS obviously. coincidence?

  16. SN is really milking the hell out of the alternative camera angles to get some extra $$$ from Honda

  17. gotta love when Rajai gets on base.

  18. first time he is on base this year? lol. he is making up for lost time on the basepaths

  19. gotta score Rajai now!! IT IS UP TO YOU CIBIA

  20. lets get some contact JPA

  21. Maicier izturis hitting 6th???? Wow!! The Dunedin blue jays have a better lineup than ours.

  22. fuck you Cibia. you suck. man i miss Bautista. so sad we are reduced to having Cibia hitting 3rd. what is his OBP this year and career?

  23. What ass channel are you guys watching this on?

  24. EEE bails out Cibia!!! yeah man!!

  25. EE baby! He’s warming up!

  26. Sale is going right after us. Lots of strikes other than when Rajai was on first distracting him

  27. i wish reyes knew how to slide head first

    • he almost always does but he was too busy watching the play at the plate and didnt have time to do a head first slide. he fucked up

  28. The k’s are becoming an issue once again.

  29. i think they rushed back Lawrie too soon. He missed almost all of spring training remember so he isnt ready. hard to blame them though. couldn’t stand another game with DeRosa or Izturis there.

  30. swing and a miss he struck him out

  31. why is Lawrie bare handing balls when he doesnt need to? bad habit

    • because then Dunn would have gotten on base… and Rios would have gotten on base a couple nights ago

    • That was nearly a bang bang play if Donkey hadn’t let up, I don’t think that was a bad decision by Lawrie to barehand it.

    • guys, i just watched it on super slo mo. he was out by almost 2 full strides. you are wrong.

      • Did you also notice how Adam Dunn slowed down when he saw the ball was the in the air? That’s why it didn’t seem like a close play, if he had gloved it and Adam Dunn run at his “top” speed it would have been much closer.

        • lol. that was Adam Dunn’s top speed. he is very slow. it would have made zero difference if he gloved it or barehanded it. Dunn didnt slow down because Lawrie barehanded it. that doesnt make sense.

          • Look out guys, this cretin watched it on “super slo mo” and would love to argue with Lawrie and his instincts. He’s only one of the top defenders in baseball, but “yeah” thinks he can coach him up.

            Go ahead and tweet your thoughts to Lawrie and tell us what he thinks, champ.

  32. WTF is wrong with Viciedo’s upper lip?

  33. Nice play all ’round, Lawrie and EE.

  34. swing and a miss he struck him out. pretty much down the tube. sweet. 79 mph knuckler

    • that one barely moved, had lotsa spin.

      Its a good thing viciedo dosent belong on a major league roster

  35. If RA gets a no-hitter and I can’t see the end of it due to SNP’s bullshit, I’ll be slightly upset.

  36. Izturis batting 6th makes me want to cry

  37. Izzy lead off single!

  38. Jays are free game of the day today

  39. why is the kawasaki ninja hitting 9th? he has been one of our hottest hitters. i don’t understand this.

  40. walks him!!

  41. is Sale having trouble concentrating with a guy on first?

  42. nice work creating the lineup Gibby.

  43. what will Gibby do now. Situation screams for a bunt

  44. your worst hitter should bat last

  45. I can’t watch MLB game of the day because I am in the fucking area of the game. Actually about 5000 miles left of the game but whatever.

    • what? you cant watch the game on MLB if you are near TO?

      • In Canada I think

        • what is the point of having MLB then if you cant watch local games?

          • My understanding is that there is no point, except to watch out-of-market games. I like in SW Ontario, so obviously I can’t speak to the rest of the country, but I believe all of Canada is considered Jays “home territory”

    • You should try again Hagman, I’ve been able to watch the Jays on from the Maritimes this year…

    • If you use chrome, download an extention called media hint. Messes with your IP address, works for game of the day and netflix into tricking it that you live in ‘Murica. Works for me like a charm.

  46. damn Ramirez is good defensively

  47. You know…I would’ve liked to have seen that play when it happened. From a normal camera angle. Etc etc

  48. Who thinks Blanco should’ve bunted to advance the runners to 2nd and 3rd to eliminate the double play and possibly get another run? Fuck me

  49. swing and a miss he struck him out! fuck everyone who doubted RA!

    • the contract we have RA on is going to be an incredible steal. will almost make up for Buerhle’s horrible contract

  50. Dickey is fucking dealing. This is fun to watch

  51. RA has his good stuff tonight

  52. The saving grace in the Jays recent play is that the starting pitchers have been doing what they are supposed to do lately.

  53. JP always takes the first pitch and just hacks after that

    • 22 strikeouts and 1 walk. JPA’s number are about to crash. Hopefully by then Thole is ready to take over against RHP if nothing else.

  54. JPA and Rasmus. Grip it tight, close your eyes and let it rip!

  55. Watching the Sox broadcast. So annoying it’s endearing: we keep hittin’ ‘em right at Jays; we need to get on base; “he gone!”

  56. Wow is jpa an awful hitter.

  57. JPA has Vladimir Guerrero’s pitch selection with none of the accompanying ability to hit said pitches.

  58. Good thing Lawrie can limbo or he would’ve given himself a concussion smashing into Blanco.

  59. Fuck Rios

  60. swing and a miss he struck him out!

  61. Niiice.

  62. He gone

  63. Another fucking lefty tomorrow, were never gonna have a normal lineup

  64. Watching Sale pitch, how long until he blows his elbow out? What a violent delivery.

  65. the ninja turns 2!

  66. <3 Kawasaki!

  67. how old is that girl on the JPA commercial?

  68. Alright, gotta get this run in.

  69. F U Sale.

  70. Sale is really his own biggest enemy right now

  71. Paging. Paging Doctor Murphy. Your former team’s hitting ability is on life support. Code red.

  72. Watch Kawasaki motor!

  73. O yes! Nice.

  74. I don’t know who Julius is, or why he’s orange, but I want to punch him in the face.

  75. I was gonna tweet about that RBI but the names of the two guys exceeded my 140 character limit

  76. Nice matrix-esque/capoeira dodge by Rajai.

  77. Pretty decent AB by Rajai here

  78. Rajai!

  79. pretty nice. pretty nice.

  80. RBI double. sweetness

  81. Yay Rajai!

  82. Sexy at bat.

  83. Bow viste!

  84. ok, I’m suffering from some cognitive dissonance here….Did Rajai Davis just work a count, fouling off pitches too close to take, and then square up a ball to the fence? is this the Bizzarro Blue Jays?

  85. Rasmus and Rajai platoon FTW!

  86. come on Cabrera!

  87. dammit that is weak sauce Rajai

    • I think he was safe too but he really shouldn’t tempt fate like that at least take a shuffle step back.

  88. bad call by the ump. he looked safe

  89. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: A Rajai documentary.

  90. I’m of the opinion that to call someone out on a pickoff (especialy on 2B) it needs to be clear and obvious.

    That wasn’t. He was safe.

    • I agree with you for two reasons, ties are supposed to go to the runner so if a ump isn’t sure the runner should be safe AND steals are awesome so yeah make it harder to pick them off.

  91. swing and a miss he struck him out. K

  92. Kawasaki knows what the people want: bow, lo viste, gangster stare. Keep him for his awesome-ness skill, not his baseball skills!

  93. no. fuck no. please

  94. Fucking Jesus…

  95. all is ok i think. 17 balls, 47 strikes so far. sweet.

  96. Bye Dickey.

    See you next year.

  97. Okay he stays in and gets the out, but….

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