Cleveland Indians v Toronto Blue Jays


Alright. Time to get back on the ol’ horse.

The Jays end their series with the White Sox tonight, looking to even things up in an outstanding pitching matchup featuring R.A. Dickey and Chris Sale. The White Sox tough lefty is all that stands between the Jays and a record that’s four games below .500, at which point the team will obviously have to just fold up for the season, sell off the Rogers Centre, and start strategizing as to how they can improve themselves for next year. MUST WIN TERRITORY!

No, but seriously, a fucking win would be nice.

That watermelon, Jose Bautista, will sit this one out, as will Colby Rasmus, following a rough night against a lesser lefty in Jose Quintana– though, in Colby’s defence, that creep can roll.

The Yankees come to town starting tomorrow, so it’s not like things get any easier… though the Jays do miss CC Sabathia in the process. But still… again… a fucking win would be nice.


Mike Wilner is the first of many to tweet Bautista updates from John Gibbons, as he relays Gibbers’ saying “Bautista’s showing progress, won’t be much longer. We think he’s pretty close.” He adds that Gibbons said they don’t expect to put him on the DL– which in tweets from other sources was sometimes quoted as they “have no plans” to. Either way.

Wilner also checked in as the first of many with an update on Sergio Santos, whose MRI revealed a “strain of the flexor pronator. He won’t throw for a week, and will then be re-evaluated.”

Brendan Kennedy later tweets that it seems the “flexor pronator” is in the elbow, not the triceps. You know… technically. “At least Gibby didn’t say it was his back,” he quips.

More gold from Wilner, who tweets out a picture of what Munenori Kawasaki was wearing on his feet.

Getting Blanked has the latest on Derek Jeter, who is now apparently out until the All-Star Break, which is odd, because baseball teams are supposed to know precisely to the hour when injuries are going to be fully healed, right assclown?

Rather than save this for a link dump I may never actually get around to ever again, over at Getting Blanked, Matt Klaassen checks in with his latest Fogging The Measure post, which is rather topical for those of you reading this post, as he– a Royals fan– shares his experiences taking in the commentary of Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler for a game last week.

Lastly, for your between-inning listening pleasure, it’s today’s edition of the Getting Blanked Podcast– which, FYI, is posted much earlier than this over at Getting Blanked, as well as on iTunes and RSS. Subscribe!

TV: Sportsnet

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

RF Rajai Davis (R)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH J.P. Arencibia (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
CF Emilio Bonifacio (S)
C Henry Blanco (R)
SS Muenenori Kawasaki (L)

R.A. Dickey RHP

Chicago White Sox

CF DeWayne Wise (L)
2B Jeff Keppinger (R)
RF Alex Rios (R)
DH Paul Konerko (R)
1B Adam Dunn (L)
LF Dayan Viciedo (R)
SS Alexei Ramirez (R)
3B Conor Gillaspie (L)
C Tyler Flowers (R)

Chris Sale LHP

Comments (262)

  1. At least in can’t be TJ surgery.

    If he has been pitching through it all night it can’t be that bad. Might as well pull him now, though.


  3. damn EEE hit that hard. nice play at 3B

  4. What was the Encarnacion-Flowers thing about? I’m watching the game on mute.

  5. ahhh shiet Rogers, one of the ? in the Bullpen

  6. Jesus fucking goddamn christ. Can the Jays not just have a fucking game when they win and no one gets hurt? The last fun game to watch was the blowout of the Royals . . . when Reyes died.

    This looks like a DL for Dickey. Lower back strain. Tomorrow they’ll say he’s day to day, two days from now he’ll miss a start, and then he’ll disappear for 3-4 weeks and we’ll bring up fucking Justin Germano or some shit from AAA.

    Yes, I am freaking out because our ace, our best hitter and our best players are hurt and it hasn’t even been three weeks.


    • Actually watching him with the trainer in the dugout, it seems like it might be an upper back or neck-ish issue. Didn’t seem lower back, which is good news.

    • He had his best start of the season pitching through the back/neck issue or whatever the fuck it was. Even after the trainer came out, he finished the inning.

      The Reyes and Bautista injuries have nothing to do with this.

  7. EE, the Japanese samurai….ant the pitchers, are carrying the whole team..

  8. i cant take all of these injuries anymore. if he misses any starts at all i think we are cursed

  9. Yes Dickey is hurt tonight, but maybe the annoying as hell chicken little Blue Jay fans will shut the hell up now? Dude was throwing a masterful game but two weeks ago everyone was freaking out assuming Dickey was a lemon. He pitched a great game, got to the 7th without any real issues.

  10. neck and back tightness for RA. gawd dammit

  11. did stoeten ever apologise to the baseball gods?
    be good to RA, he prays a lot.

  12. It’s the curse of 60 Minutes.

    Totally made that up of course. Although Andy Rooney is on the premanent DL.

  13. Gibbons with hands in pants must be GIFed. Witty caption optional.

  14. Dickey did what your ace needs to do. He outpitched the enemy ace and put his team in a position to win. was looking like a complete game shutout..through six on 64 pitches.. until the back thing happened. Lets hope its nothing and he can make his next start.
    Rogers got his guys, now its up to the rest of the pen to close the door and get the W.

  15. I don’t think this Dickey thing will be bad. If it’s similar to the stiff neck/pulled side neck muscle thing I get sometimes, it’s painful but goes away in a day or two, it’s just a twinge, nothing that lingers. At least that’s what I hope.

    It’s the lower back problems that seem to be the bad ones.

  16. our offense is looking like shit still. lucky for the White Sox errors

  17. kinda scary Rogers coming out for another inning?

  18. Danks, but no Danks!

  19. wow our injury luck continues year in and year out

    now it’s worse bc the players actually matter

    • I wouldn’t get overly worked up about this injury until we hear something.
      he pitched well, got a decent way into the game, so even if he is sore a little, this early in the season why would you keep him out there? It could be nothing at all and could be back good as normal by next start.
      If he came out in the second inning, it might be a bit more of a concern, but im not too worried about this one, have a good feeling.

      • surely I hope it’s not a big thing, but even without this we are down Bautista, Reyes and Santos again…just got Lawrie back too. How long until he runs head first into a mascot and is out for another 4 weeks?

  20. I don’t understand how you call yourself a MLB outfielder and botch that play. He’s just so terrible.

  21. Loup is a loogy. Its time gibbons figures this out.

    • He’s doing his job.

    • This must be true. If Loup were trying harder, he would have made the RF a professional outfielder who could track baseballs off the bat…

    • Not sure why you’d say that. He’s held righties to a .253 wOBA in his major league career. Which pretty f’ing good. Granted that is only 77 right handed batters but there is definitely no reason to treat him as a LOOGY till he proves he can’t handle them.

  22. who’s ready for jansen to rock the mound!?!

  23. Hope KC is as dominating as he was last time.

  24. Here comes the JanMan

  25. Woooooooo!

  26. KC, my favorite player this year.

  27. Great pitching tonight.

  28. Love the 8-pitch ninth…

  29. And THAT’S how you handle Rios and Konerko!!!

  30. Good.

    This was a must win game. If they lost this one, the season would be a disaster. But now that they’ve won it, I’m going to book off time at work for the World Series and the parade in Toronto.

  31. Jesus, the way some of you people are reacting you’d think Dickey’s arm fell off. He even threw another pitch to finish the inning.

    Sometimes a little twinge really is just a little twinge.

  32. Holy shit the knuckleball looked sexy tonight.

  33. What’s up with the former ace, Romero in the minors?

  34. Solid win. Hope Dickey’s okay.

  35. Sportsnet Ontario is supposed to replay that Kawasaki piece this segment

  36. Gibbons: Dickey’s back has been bothering him for a couple days. He tightened up. They didn’t want to push it. Muscle spasms.

  37. Gibbons: Don’t think he’s going to miss a start

  38. Well thats the kind of game you want from you speedsters. too bad they couldn’t pull more of that off each night.
    Kawasaki…doing the job once again.

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