April 17 vs White Sox

Batter pLI WPA
Davis – RF 0.59 0.028
Cabrera – LF 1.01 -0.112
Arencibia – C 0.44 -0.045
Encarnacion – 1B 0.48 0.021
Lawrie – 3B 0.59 -0.061
Rasmus – CF 0.37 -0.043
DeRosa – DH 0.47 -0.049 Pitcher pLI WPA
Izturis – 2B 0.31 -0.032 Happ – SP 0.54 -0.215
Kawasaki – SS 0.24 0.025 Oliver – RP 0.09 -0.016
Total 0.51 -0.269 Total 0.36 -0.231

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

Shamsky: Rajai Davis, 2.8%
Griffin: J.A. Happ, -21.5%
Impact At-Bat: Melky Cabrera Groundout, Bot 5, -5.0%
Impact Pitch: Tyler Flowers 3-run Home Run, Top 2, -25.8%
Highest Leverage AB: Cabrera Strikeout, Bot 3, 1.67
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Flowers Home Run, Top 2, 1.71
Lineup Contribution: -26.9%
Pitching Contribution: -23.1%
Average Leverage Index: 0.43
Chart explanation

- J.A. Happ’s line: 5.2ip, 6h, 5er, 1bb, 3k, 7.14FIP.

- Ramon Ortiz was welcomed to the team by being left out to rot for 3 1/3rd innings. He surrendered 5 hits and 2 runs in 15 incredibly low leverage at bats.

- Munenori Kawasaki went 2-for-2 and added an 11-pitch walk. Rajai Davis and Edwin Encarnacion also had 2 hits. Nobody else had any.

- Brett Lawrie and Colby Rasmus combined to go o-for-8 with 7 k’s.

- The only Jays at-bats with even a little bit of leverage both fell to Melky Cabrera, and neither (strikeout in the 3rd, groundout in the 5th) ended with anything good.

- Rajai Davis led the team in WPA with less than 3% and Mark DeRosa DH’d. Do I really need to get into specifics about what else went wrong?

- This evening’s projected match-up is R.A. Dickey (4.58FIP, 0.0fWAR) v Chris Sale (5.14FIP, 0.0fWAR). Juicy! This same Jays team that struggled against LHP Jose Quintana will be in tough against the man-mountain Sale. 

{All numbers via Fangraphs}

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  1. 2013
    Still cheering for the Jays

  2. a few observations:

    1. Ortiz looks like a coked up Otis Nixon.
    2. Rasmus stinks. I’ve finally come to that conclusion. Small sample size my arse.
    3. The Jays need a proper bench.
    4. Buck & Tabby are morons.

    • correction: Ortiz looked like an *even more* coked up Otis Nixon

    • You mean the Rasmus that has the second highest OPS on the team right now? That Rasmus. You wanna disregard the size of the sample, then at least come to the right conclusion based on your parameters.

      • An OPS+ of 88 over his last 1200 PA is a big enough sample for me. He’s certainly not a worthless player, but if you’re trying to contend he shouldn’t be starting. I like Colby, I think he’s the best baserunner on the team, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot when your OBP is under .300.

        • See. now your arguments actually make sense. My point was that saying “rasmus stinks” based on THIS season alone, which is what the above poster seemed to be implying, was actually wrong.

          Damn it though. I still desperately want Rasmus to be good. Damn it.

          • To my admittedly untrained eye, he HAS looked pretty solid in the field. So he might be worth all the at-the-plate stinkiness.

            • wait, except for the fact that he hits home-runs, right? or are home-runs bad? ya, they are definitely not helpful, for sure!

          • Rasmus has 23 Ks in 51 plate appearances. That is awful regardless of what his OPS is through those at bats………….it isn’t sustainable. (well neither are the Ks but they show that he hasn’t learned how to hit)

          • He stinks based on last season as well. Admittedly, he had one great season with the Cards in ’10, but his time in Toronto has not been great. People tend to give “can’t miss prospects” like Rasmus a ton of rope, which drives me crazy.

            • Even if he just did what he did with the Cards the year the Jays acquired him he would be a very valuable CFer.

              As much as he hated LaRussa he seemed to thrive under him. He just wasn’t as good as Jon Jay.

            • he had a great month last year.

    • I’d put up with the strike outs if it meant not having Bonifacio in CF.

    • 1. Who cares
      2. His D and his power thus far are perfectly respectable
      3. We would have a good bench if it wasn’t for Reyes and Bautista and Lawrie all having missed time
      4. You’re just mad because you don’t have soft hands

    • agree 100% with all. esp. Tabby and Buck are Morons, skeezy and weezy…

      • behavior: they love to argue, even on simplest of iusess. If he had seen the discussion thread of Hasin’s recent post, he would have been proud of himself. Hasin wrote that he wouldn’t hire a guy for his company

    • I thought i was the only one who thought that he looked like a coked up Otis Nixon… Guess it was just that obvious..

    • Yeah, I think you meant to say “Ortiz looks like Otis Nixon”

    • That’s an angry inch.

  3. From an e-mail I just sent to a friend ;

    Jays got killed again last night. They had to drag the carcass of 40-year old Ramon Ortiz out there to pitch after Happ got pulled. He didn’t even pitch in the majors last year, and has only pitched 63.1 innings (with a wonderful 5.53 ERA) since 2007. They’ve started Munenori Kawasaki at SS the last 5 games – the same guy who hit .192/.257/.202 for a stellar 34 OPS+ last year for the Mariners in his first taste of MLB. How fukking pathetic is that for a team that’s supposed to be a contender? They also put Santos back on the DL. This is turning out like last year, where the team on paper out of spring training was pretty solid, but 2-3 injuries later their complete lack of depth is exposed. They’ve already used 16 pitchers FFS, and they’ve only played 5 games!

    I realize its still early, but when the season isn’t even a month old and you’re already trying to win games with shit players like Ortiz and Kawasaki you might as well stick a fork in it. Its not the 6-9 record I’m concerned about, it’s the fact that this lineup can’t be expected to do a whole lot better going forward. Rasmus has already struck out 23 times in only 46 Abs – half the time!!!! Roidless Melky has one extra-base hit and 2 rbi. Mark DeRosa (.220 /.309 /.269 over the last three years) has already started 5 games. Arencibia and Bonifacio have showed some nice pop with 16 XBH between them, but they’ve also combined for 2 walks and 36 Ks. Unless they make some kind of trade to replace Reyes, and get better bat coming off the bench, they might as well throw in the towel right now. This is a tough division.

    Like I said before the season started, this is a team that could win a lot of games if things went right, but they could also be mediocre if things went wrong. Things have gone wrong. I’m not saying they’re going to be last or anything, but I can guarantee you today that they won’t be sniffing a pennant race, unless AA can pull off another blockbuster trade.

  4. Was a pretty good Jays Talk last night. Even Wilner said it was pretty epic.

  5. If you buy into this sort of thing, tonight’s where R.A. needs to earn his keep as an “ace” or a “stopper”.

    • Last night, Mad Max met up with King Felix in Seattle.
      They combined for 16 innings, giving up 1 earned run & 1 walk between them.
      Together, they threw 211 pitches: 151 strikes and 60 balls. They struck out 24.

      The bad guys are pitching Sale tonight,
      and he is quite capable of matching what Max or Felix did last night.

      If Dickey is to be our “ace,” we need that kind of performance from him.
      And we need it tonight.

    • Yeah agreed. Could use another really good start from Dickey tonight. Sale can be a tough customer, and especially if Bautista is out (seems probable) runs will be tough to come by again. Would hate to be on a 3 game losing streak and hit a season low 4 games under .500 with the Yankees coming to town.

  6. Its a long season but we are already 10 percent there. Not insignificant.
    There is concern.

  7. Seeing how this is still only April 18, i’m not buying all of the epic fail bs that people are spouting. Gibby said is best in his post gamer, they need to be satisfied with some ugly hits rather than being a hero. Dirty Squibblers FTW!

    • he also said its time for people to stop using the excuse thats its still early.

      • Wilner’s favourite excuse. . .nothing matters because it’s early in the season. Even Gibbons admits it’s getting a little late to be ‘early in the season’ I’m not saying it’s over, adn I’m not in panic mode, but someone should explain to Wilner that losses in April count the same as they count in September. if you agree that the division will likely be close, and will be won or lost by 2 or 3 games at most, then this April play definitely is meaningful.

  8. The Jays 6-9 record is not so concerning. What is concerning is how hopelessly uncompetitive they’ve looked in games. The Astros batting lineup looks instills more fear into pitchers these days than the Jays lineup

    • Yep, it’s the -27 runs for/runs against deficit that sticks out most. With that number they are lucky they have 6 wins really. That said, it is early and there is time to turn that number around too. It is cause for concern though…………….that and all the garbage stacked into one lineup.

    • Yep thinking exactly this this morning. The 6-9 record is not what concerns me, it hardly means anything at this point, but the way the’ve gotten there IS becoming a concern.

      Things can turn around fast. Just last year Toronto started 10-6, on their way to 89 losses. But I have to say I don’t have a good feeling where the team is right now. It might be irrational but they just don’t “feel” like they’re on the edge of busting out or anything.

  9. Kawasaki at leadoff…..?

    Wow that looks even stupider to see it in writing. And yet I’m still not convinced it’s not worth trying…

    • It is every bit as stupid as you thought it was.

      Now, Lawrie or Melky at leadoff? That’s something I’d consider.

    • I’d put Kawasaki at lead off. Ride the hot bat and all that. One bad game and he’s back at number 9 or bench though.

    • I’d do it. The guy seems pretty good at lengthening at-bats.

  10. For everybody complaining, I hope you’re noticing how the Angels are starting this season. 4-10, Hamilton’s not hitting, Trout’s starting slow, Pujols is already looking like he’s starting the transition to a strict DH role barely into year 2 of that contract, the pitching is unbelievably thin now that Jered Weaver’s injured, and yet again Mike Scioscia’s job is looking rocky. Not every team is going to be the 1984 Tigers and start 35-5. Some good teams start slow.

    • Or the Rays!

    • With a left side of Romine and Callaspo, Bourjos in CF and a rotation of Wilson, Blanton, Vargas, Hanson and Richards, one could make the argument that the Angels are an over rated team, not a good team. Losing Weaver didn’t help, but even with him, that is a pretty shaky rotation to take championship hunting.

  11. I got…..high hopes…..i got hiiiigh hopes…..

    crying on the inside…..need some healthy Joey and some hotter bats

    Pitching hasn’t been too bad this time threw the rotation, and still only 2-3

    come on boys, lets getter done already.

  12. Gibby said in the post game something along the lines of “We can’t use the excuse its early in the season, we gotta start playing better baseball”

    He knows whats up

    • Hmm. If Gibby is nervous, and realistic about the effect of slow starts will the dont worry be happy crowd change their tune?

  13. I wish Aaron Cibia could take an 11-pitch walk.

    Hell, I wish he could take a walk.

    • He’s on pace for like 50+HR even with less playing time. For 1/30 the cost of Bautista.

      Complain about the team’s overall batting. But picking him above all else is pretty weak.

      • You misunderstand. JP has been great for us, but his game would really reach the next level if he developed a better approach at the plate.

      • It’s just unusual for such a consistent power source to be this incapable of taking a walk. Even Cletus has 5 walks this season. JP has 1 (one!). I remember AA saying in an interview once that the stats he valued above all else when evaluating players were BB’s and K’s.

        If he could somehow “find it” like Bautista in 2010 or EE in 2012, he could become a real force. I really hope it happens.

        • Fair enough – I agree that with a better eye he would be a lot better.

        • Bautista didn’t “find” a batting eye…His walk rate stayed pretty much the same (except for some extra intentional/semi-intentional ones), he just starting hitting balls a lot further when he swung.

    • He is our second best player right now (first being KAWASAKI!)

    • +1.0

      Bonus: MLB Leaders in Ks

      TOR Colby Rasmus – 23
      HOU Chris Carter – 23
      TOR JP Arencibia – 20
      HOU Rick Ankiel – 20
      MIN Aaron Hicks – 20

      • at least JP as a catcher, he’s on his knees for 3 hours. Colby has less contribution to the team he’s obligated to preform better than a catcher!

  14. Funny, all the jokes around here in the off-season about the Marlins . . . well, they suck too, but they had about 6,000 more fans at their blow-out loss compared to at our blow-out loss yesterday.

    This Jays team looks a hell of a lot like the Jays teams from 1994, 1995,1996,1997,1998,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010, 2011,2012 . . . non contenders.

    • Yeah, I was quite shocked to see the sea of empty blue seats in last night’s game. If I wasn’t a 13 hour drive from Rogers Centre I’d do my part.

      • That’s what happens when you have high expectations, and fall flat on your face in the early going. The Jays are off to a slow start, and the Leafs are making the playoffs. Couple that with the high percentage fickle fans and bandwagoners Toronto seems to have, and you’re asking to only draw 15k a night.

        • If the Jays want butts in the seats, they need to put a winner on the field. Period. They haven’t been able to do this in 20 years. What the fuck do you expect?

        • Honestly, even if the Jays were off to a good start right now, I doubt the crowds would be much better. The White Sox, during the week, in April just isn’t a good draw. If the Jays were a playoff team the last year or two it might be different. Should be 40k crowds this weekend tho…

      • To be fair, the Jays have played maybe 2 games that were fun to watch, even the other 4 wins were ugly.

      • Game against the White Sox on a Wednesday, in April, with JA Happ on the mound? Not sure what you were expecting…

        The attendance will be there this weekend, bet on it.

        • agreed – even as a local- these april games when the dome is definitely closed, against a not very interesting chicago whitesox, and the prospect of spending 100$ when two of our most entertaining players aren’t going to be there??? Unless the tickets are gifted, i’m watching from my couch.

      • Keep in mind this is also the middle of the Finals period for University. A HUGE number of the extra fans are in that age range and wouldn’t be able to make a game.

        Last year that game would have had maybe 8,000 people sitting in seats. Its still much better.

    • Don’t look at attendance numbers in April. Last night the Reds, picked by many to win the World Series, playing in a town that lives and breathes baseball, hosted the Phillies in front of 15,000. The Orioles hosted the Rays in front of 14,000. The now 12-1 Braves beat the Royals yesterday in front of 26,000. Everyone’s attendance is down in April and even into mid-May, especially in northern cities. Nothing to worry about.

    • Actually right now the attendance patterns are looking similar to most of last year: crowds between 15 and 20 K weekdays, and swelling to between 25 and 35 K for weekend series, maybe even 40 K depending on the weekend opponent. If you look at the Jays 2012 attendance that was the pattern for the whole season, including that awful second half. Come July 1 and the all-star break, if they are in it you’ll see the crowds swell.

  15. A lot of the time I have no idea why you chose the picture/caption combo that you did. If they’re going to be weird obscure things like “kawasaki swerve” or today’s seemingly misused meme I’d appreciate a bullet point clearing up what the hell you’re on about.

  16. skinny lawrie looks like bonds circa pirates.

  17. Concerned how dead and non-interested we look at times – YES
    Concerned the season is slipping away – NO

    Teams with influx of many new players almost always start out slow. Add that we haven’t had our line-up for even one game yet and most games missing 2 of our core – we just have to weather the storm through April

  18. i can barely remember a time when the jays were in the top 50% of the league in On Base %… this is so frustrating to watch, and read about.

  19. I can’t remember the team rostering such a limited and borderline useless player such as Bonifacio. John Buck and Alex Gonzalez brought more to this team.

    • Been saying this all week. Him and Davis need to be used primarily as pinch runners. They cant do anything else well.

    • The bottom 3rd of the order now is like having 3 pitchers batting.

    • It’s hard for me to understand why the Jays wanted Bonifacio. He didn’t start stinking when he got to TO. He is just an all around awful baseball player.

      His one tool isn’t even an overly useful one.

  20. About all the K’s….

    Ok. I know I’m going to get dragged across the coals for this, and it’s overt, porous iterating of what I know to be only one stat, and that in my example some of these teams have a a myriad of other factors contributing for their success this early in the season.

    But in regards to K’s specifically. Ya we blow, however:

    Team strikeout leaders in MLB

    1. Houston 147 vs 37 BB (record: 4-11)
    2. Boston 126 vs 53 BB (record 10-4)
    3. Seattle 123 vs 45 BB (record 6-10)
    4. Atlanta 121 vs 44 BB (record 12-2)
    5. Cincinnati 121 vs 59 BB (record 8-7)
    6. Philadelphia 120 vs 34 BB (record 6-9)
    7. Toronto 117 vs 43 BB (record 6-9)

    22. (just for fun) Tampa 103 vs 47 BB (record 5-9)

    The different in the 2 top teams in this list could be about 10 more walks and great pitching. I just think that yes, while the offensive attack so far from the Jays has looked abysmal (and yes, K’s are bad), to sit here and suggest the season is over before it’s truly started and that with all the k’s our team won’t hit seems slightly premature and not necessarily indicative of what things will look like 30 days from now (for better or worse.)


    • Its the lack of walks that hurt also. I know players like jpa and davis will never take walks because well they kind of fucking suck. However, the rest of the lineup needs to have a kawasaki like approach at the plate and grind out more ABs.

      • Yes, but Atlanta has 1 more team walk than us. And Boston only 10 more.

      • Ya – we need more players like Kawasaki and his career 52 OPS+.

        • Not his production. Just his approach dumbass.

        • Kawasaki is the perfect example of knowing his limitations and playing to his potential. He’s not going to be smacking home runs or doubles off the wall, but he has a plan for every at-bat and just grinds it out. If more of our hitters did that, we’d be rolling.

      • We don’t suffer from a lack of giving out walks though, that’s for sure.

  21. Too many DRK (designated rally killers) in the lineup. Lind, Bonifacio, Rasmus, DeRosa, Izturis,etc.

  22. I want to like Bonifacio. But every game it seems he’s right at the centre of the shitshow.

  23. Can they get through just one week without losing by a touchdown or more???

  24. I’m still looking for a tryout, guys. I can help this team.

    • You shoulda been better than your record.
      Lefties who throw 95 should be golden.If the fastball wasn’t so flat and you had a secondary pitch worth anything,you coulda written your own ticket.

  25. It’s like what happened last year – when you have players who are primarily backups playing fulltime roles because of injury.
    Boney should be rotated periodically between the outfield and second base – and giving the incumbents a day of rest.
    Kawasaki is what he is….a backup who’s supposed to play once over a 6 game stretch.
    Davis, etc….same story. Put him in to steal bases and last inning defense perhaps.

    But due to injuries to Lawrie (that will take him a week or so to get back to something resembling game-shape) JBats (anyone think he’s getting in before this weekend is delusional) Reyes (well, ’nuff said on that, Captain Obvious) – those situational players are thrust into starting roles..,…and the reason that they’re situational players becomes obvious.

    But frankly, I’m a little bummed at Rasmus and Melky’s production. Yeah, Rasmus occasionally ties into one and blows it up real good….but still, the guy is good for 2 whiffs out of 4 attempts. Melky? I can’t remember a decent base hit….let alone something that cashed in a run.

    Yes, it’s early days….but it’s never too early to dig yourself a giant hole in the standings.

  26. Jays problems are funda-mentals++…they cannot seem to engineer hits with runners in scoring position. Rasmus, Lawrie, Arencibia are always swinging for the fence: c’mon, shorten the swing and make contact. Kawasaki can draw a walk on 11 pitches!, and the rest of them always seem to swing at the first pitch ( Melky, EE et all ), never go deep in the count. Is this a jays philosophy? Their bench is abysmally thin, and carrying the extra pitcher, esp. w. Batista day to day is just bad management. Lind is not an everyday DH… when your DH is batting in the 8 hole, you got problems ( DaRosa last night) Where was AA when Travis Hafner was available? The pitching will be fine, if management decides to use the entire bullpen, not just Delabar in the middle.

  27. That little talk show host you got up there thought awful highly of me. You should have listened to him and given me a chance.

  28. Chris sale tonight, Tanya another hard challenge for our bats

  29. I like how Gibbons and AA keeps sending out the 8th man in the bullpen to basically be the heel of the pitching staff. Completely abusing them and leaving them out to dry in hopeless situations. Absolutely sucks for that guy(s), but I think it’s actually saving the rest of the bullpen for the rest of the season.

    On a side note, I know small sample size and all, but doesn’t Kawasaki look good? He’s hitting .364/.500. Definitely a small sample size, but if he keeps up numbers even .100 lower than that, don’t you think it’s a good idea to see how well he can play 2B once Reyes gets back?

  30. Will someone please tell Bonifacio to stop attempting to bunt? He seems to waste at least 1 strike every at-bat with a bunt attempt.

    • Better still – teach him how to bunt.

      • Even more better still: Teach him to bunt in BP while someone else takes his in-game at-bats.

      • I do agree that knowing the names of inotnevr/indicator/architect behind a tool is great, but I wouldn’t adjudicate a person’s passion only by this criteria, in fact I would rather motivate that person to know about them and draw inspiration. What I feel is more important to find out how and towards what has that person diverted that passion towards.Personally speaking I won’t mind if anybody did not know the names of tools/libs I authored . I also agree with Nasim bhai’s statement about OSS.

  31. What’s more frustrating than the slow start and injuries so far to me, is we appear to be pulling the same roster BS we did before we were a “contender”. Did we not trade for Lincoln last year? Why is Ortiz even sniffing the roster? Same goes for Gonzalez and Bush. Lincoln was heralded as an 8th inning guy when we acquired him now he’s not good enough to be the 7th man? Even Chad Beck would be a better option. I don’t know what’s worse, that Ortiz was put in a 4-0 game or that he was warming up in a tight game the night before.

    • Lincoln is stinking it up in AAA and Gonzalez, Bush, and now Ortiz have basically been utilized as cannon fodder so as not to burn out the “good” arms in the bullpen.

  32. On the bright side, we are unsweepable so far!

    • silver lining!

    • Well, since this is a 4 game series technically we can’t be swept, however losing 3 straight to the Chisox, w/b horrendous
      We are burning up our home games against mostly mediocre clubs and we still can’t win, in fact, in many of these games, we are not even competitive.
      Fuck, we have already been shut out twice at home in blowouts and been clubbed 11-1 and 7-3 on the road. We stink with the equivalent ( as someone mentiomned) of 3 pitchers batting all in a row at the bottom of the order.
      If Bautista is going to do the day to day shit, then fukin DL him and bring up a body as the bench is AA quality

  33. I have an unopened copy of The Show sitting next to my ps3. I think tonight is the night I tell reality to go jerk itself off bro and win a world series my god damned self

    • I increasingly believe that you are the real Chone Figgins, I love picturing him saying your posts.

  34. I think our DH is a big part or our problems. I’m ok with a high strike-out CF with great defence if he hits 8th. It’s when the rest of the lineup is weak and we have to move the CF up in the batting order we really feel it. Get a bonafide DH that hits 5th and the batting order looks a lot better! Our DH was hitting 7th last night and isnt’ scaring many pitchers.

  35. I think that even though it’s fair for Gibbons to say that the team can’t keep using “it’s early” as an excuse, we Blue Jays fans can still keep saying it. The players do need to play better and they probably shouldn’t be relying on excuses to make themselves feel better. Not that I have any idea what the players are saying to themselves behind the scenes, and I’m definitely not implying that any Blue Jay is not taking the games seriously or something. But even if the team shouldn’t just keep telling themselves that it’s early so it’s okay that they’re not getting hits, the fact remains that it IS early and there IS still plenty of time for the batting and pitching to start working at the same time and for the high level of talent on the team to start showing itself consistently. Gibbons is right that the team shouldn’t be making excuses, but from a fan point of view, panicking in April about a good team not playing well is just as silly as planning the parade for a bad team with a great April record.

    • This.

    • Agreed!
      Id rather they get this outta their system and heat up as the weather does, rather than run into their typical “June Swoon” that has become so accustom here in Jay Land

    • Great comment.

      People need to realize that the team just hasn’t gotten on a roll.

      Yet there are quite a few positives to take out of the season so far Johson, Dickey, Morrow, Beurhelrhele and Edwin have all performed well the past week. Bautista and Lawrie haven’t even gotten a chance yet to play to their potential because of injuries.

      Give it time, people. Really, everything will turn out fine.

  36. Hey so on another topic, Travis d’Arnaud fractured his foot and he’s going to be out for quite awhile.

    • Injury prone player …

      • I believe inafrmotion is what makes the world go around. Without it, we would wander around aimlessly without direction. Your content is a great inafrmotional piece with very valid points.

    • This is why injuries are not an excuse they are the fault of the player in question.

      I can’t stand when I read about the Jays problems being injury related that is not a credit tot he team. When you go out and get guys like Jose Reyes and Josh Johnson then hope for an injury free season there are pipes with more worthwhile dreams.

      Those two just add to the already injury prone roster the Jays have.

  37. Alright, everyone. Jose Canseco is on twitter. And he’s batshit insane. Read and laugh


  38. Rregarding Rasmus, He’s on pace for like 40 HR, and currently has a 52 UZR/150, which (if stayed that high) woudl be the higest ever recorded. He is also 2nd on the team in WAR.

    Obviously all those numbers will come down, but let’s not pretend like Colby Rasmus is the problem here.

  39. Our lineup vs. LHP pitching looks pretty weak right now, we could use a guy like Casper Wells.

    Having said that it would look a lot better with JoeyBats and Reyes in there.

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