New York Yankees v Detroit Tigers

The Jays, unlike the 2012 edition of the club, actually have more than one good pitcher, so– hard to fathom as this may be– tasked with following last night’s R.A. Dickey gem is actually Brandon Morrow, who– FYI– is kinda outstanding in his own right.

Tonight he takes on the (hopefully not) ageless Andy Pettitte and, hilariously, a whole bunch of ex-Jays, who come to town, for some hilarious reason, wearing the colours of the New York Yankees, which is totally hilarious. Wait… did I already say it was hilarious?

I did. But know what won’t be hilarious? When fucking idiots boo them.

Go Jays.


“Dickey says his back is better,” says a tweet from Barry Davis, “but will know more tomorrow. Says he’s never had anything like this before.”

“Shoot, he looked so good last night maybe he ought to keep it,” says Gibbers, via Ben Nicholson-Smith.

Scott MacArthur tells us that Gibbons’ plan is to have Jose Bautista DH through the weekend.

Wilner tweets that, in comments to the media, Jose says he’s not 100%, but ready to play. He’s “still sore, but not tight.”

“It’s more frustrating than scary,” Bautista adds, via a tweet from Nicholson-Smith. “I knew that I wasn’t going to be hurt for a long time.”

TV: Sportsnet

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

RF Rajai Davis (R)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
SS Muenenori Kawasaki (L)

Brandon Morrow RHP

New York Yankees

CF Brett Gardner (L)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
3B Kevin Youkilis (R)
DH Travis Hafner (L)
LF Vernon Wells (R)
RF Ichiro! (L)
SS Eduardo Nunez (R)
1B Lyle Overbay (L)
C Francisco Cervelli (R)

Andy Pettitte LHP

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  1. Instead of crying how do we fix this?

  2. Honest to Jesus I loathe everything about the New York Yankees. I’m a hater, through and through. With that said watching Wells and Overbay go yard was fucking awesome. All kinds of it. Haha!

    • I got a whole bunch of chirps wearing my Wells jersey last night. But I didn’t give a fuck. Wells is still awesome. Hate the contract, don’t hate the man.

  3. This ain’t good enough. 20 of the next 30 games are against division rivals. If they continue to suck they’ll be in a big hole. Mark Buehrle historically sucks against the Yanks. I’m not sure his 83 mph fast ball can get it done tomorrow.

  4. I know morrow sucked but gotta blame this one on the offense (and jpas error), mostly. I mean, their approach fucking sucks. They have no clue how to how to work an AB. So many easy outs for pettitte. Most of the blame should go on the players but some of it should go on AA. I mean, he knew obp was an issue the past few years and who did he bring in besides reyes to address it? If this keeps up I wouldnt be against demoting jpa to AAA and bringing up thole. Obviously you would be losing some power but Thole is superior when it comes to obp which this team sorely needs. Career .331 OBP. I’d take that. That would be like 3rd best on the jays.

    • Wouldnt it make more sense to bring up Thole and replace fucking Blanco?

      • I suppose but then catching dickey might be an issue. Otherwise, that makes way more sense. Plus they can give arencibia the day off against certain righties.

        • Thole has caught Dickey before plenty of times, so it’s probably not a huge issue. And he has crazy good platoon splits… But the RA and Hank White combination has been terrific the past two starts, probably worth the decreased offensive output.

          Still annoyed about Casper Wells, though. Using DeRosa as a backup DH is just stupid when we had the ideal alternative available.

          • Not saying Blanco is the answer when RA pitches but we can all agree that JPA is NOT the answer. If JPA catches on the days when RA pitches, you turn a likely win into a likely loss: nevermind the OBP.

    • C’mon AFDG they both (offence and defence) sucked terribly . My theory on Morrow is his diabetes/blood glucose levels were acting up. The guy couldn’t get a fastball much past 91 mph and Cecil wasnt a lot better. Delabar and Oliver were better but by then the game was over. My BIG problem with the offence was that they quit (except for Bautista maybe and 1 or 2 others).

    • Jesus. Everyone calm down. Pretty funny when everyone is awakening their inner hitting coach here… Who the fuck cares about OBP? This offence will score RUNS. In fact, provide one reason this lineup isn’t CLEARLY better than the 2011 team which was a top 5 offence in terms if runs scored. And that offense wasmbuiltmexactly the samd way. You guys are lucky Uncle Ruslan isn’t reading this because you’re all acting like a bunch of fucking losers.

  5. I just came back from the game and witnessed both Vernon Wells and Lyle fucking Overbay go yard on us with my own eyes. I just don’t know what to say about that. I have no words.

  6. Since the Reyes injury, we’ve averaged 2.71/rpg over 7 games.

  7. didn’t listen to the jays talk tonight, how did that go?

    • Wilner is defending this garbage. There is no defending the pitching staff tonight giving up homers to Overbay and Wells.

      • I can understand defending the team and trying to assure people they will get better. but at some point you have to say they were shit tonight and they better get their shit together quickly or they will be in trouble.

  8. I’ll defend this team to the end of time, but jesus is this team hard to watch.

    • I can accept slumps and such, every team has them. But the lack of fundamentally sound baseball from a large portion of the lineup just sucks. Pettitte wasn’t even that good tonight, yet the Jays were hacking away at bad pitches all night long.

      • I agree, its not the record its the way they are losing. and losing badly. and the wins havnt been great…I know a win is a win but they have not been convincing wins.
        I was optimistic at work this afternoon and it even crossed my mind that the Jays might even be 500 by the end of the weekend and the slow start would be behind us.
        but alas it was not to be.
        The irrational panic a couple weeks ago may have had some rationale to it after all?

        • I’m gonna give the season 40-50 games to constrapolate a big enough sample size to make a judgement. I’ll still cheer for them afterward obviously, but my confidence in it being just a slow start will have evaporated by then.

          Still lots of baseball left.

          • No question.
            I will cheer as well, I mean most of us have for years even when there was not shot before the season even started.
            so 40 -50 games, you are almost half way there, wont be long until you have your sample size.
            I hope they can turn it around. I keep waiting…

  9. Bring up Thole. Move JPA to DH so he only has to concentrate on that and let him catch once in a while. i think it will benefit his hitting more.

  10. While we’ve been sleeping, Travis Snider is suddenly opsing 909

    • It’s early and thats over 39 AB’s (45 PA’s). Most of the people who’ve expressed an opinion on Snider here like the kid. But AA had a crushing need for pitching and Snider, who was learning, (but slowly), was out of options and couldnt be sent down.

      Rather than get nothing for him, they turned him into Lincoln. About the only thing to do is wish him well. I noticed also he’s got 6 BB’s. That’s great progress for him.

      • I am happy for Snider & always enjoyed watching him play.

        Brad Lincoln is in Buffalo? I think he was hurt?

  11. Tom Maloney in the Globe just called Lo Viste a sideways peace sign. It’s nice to know our sports writers are so dialled in.

  12. Things are never as good as they appear when things are going well, and things are never as bad as when things are going poorly…I just don’t know which applies to this years Jays. Frightening really

  13. Remember the Clevland Series? Jays made them look like World Champions – Indians are now up to 5 wins on the year.

  14. Loooooooong time DJF reader, first time poster (trying to point out my non- troll credentials before I type).

    I was at the game last night, aside from the team on the field being disappointing so far, I just want to say that our bandwagon-jumping, I-can’t-hold-my-alcohol, lets-throw-paper-planes, lets-cheer-into-a-camera-when-we-are-4-runs-down, I-have-no-clue-what-personal-space-is “fans” are a bloody embarrassment this season.

    Every team/city has their portion of dumb fans, but I gotta tell ya that we are right up there on the douchebag hall of fame list this season.

    Maybe it was my own fault for going on a Friday night when the student/hipster drunken asshole quota is higher than normal, but holy batshit it was beyond stupid at the game last night.

    I guess I just finally wanted to post a comment like this because I’ve read similar comments already this season and wanted to vent.
    That is all.

    Go Jays Go, let’s take the next two games against the Yanks.

    • @Johnny.

      Welcome to the board. Seems to be a very rowdy crowd on friday nights. I am reluctant to take my children to those games.

      I went to a Tampa bay Rays game a few years ago & the crowd was quite sedate.

      However as a future GBOAT – 2013 KAWASAKI says. Go to games & Drink Beer & Shout.

    • I don’t understand why people get pissed for bandwagon-jumping, I-can’t-hold-my-alcohol, lets-throw-paper-planes, lets-cheer-into-a-camera-when-we-are-4-runs-down, I-have-no-clue-what-personal-space-is “fans”
      here is a thought. maybe some people there are not baseball fans but are there to have a good time?
      for a blog called drunkjays fans, there are way too many anti alcohol people on here.
      if Toronto didn’t have bandwagon fans the Jays would have a constant 14,000 attendance no matter if they were doing well or not, is this what you would prefer?
      If I am at a game and they are losing by 5 runs, its still my night out and I amstill going to have fun. what do you want me to sulk and have a shitty night out because the jays shit the bed?

      • @ NID Bruce

        You’re wrong calling out Jonny. he’s correct.It’s one thing to get drunk and have a good time, it’s another to destroy the experience for everyone else. People I spoke with,who were at the game last night were bombarded with missles from the 500′s including full containers of beer.
        You want to get drunk and abuse others?Time to grow up and learn how to handle your liquor.
        You don’t see anti alcohol people on DJF, you see anti asshole people.
        I’ve had more booze run off my chin than most people have drank in their life.
        I’m a happy drunk but to some out there, it’s liquid courage to be belligerent.
        It’s a matter of time before somebody gets seriously injured.
        If the team is down by 5 runs and your only method of regaining your entertainment experience is to act like an asshole, then I pity you.

        • I get what your saying, most people don’t like assholes. I havnt been to a game yet this year so I cant speak to the experience this season. But I do know that Toronto fans have long been accused of being laid back, not loud etc… I like a loud fun crowd. some get offended by cheering if you can believe that.
          Fights at a game suck I agree with that. having beers thrown at you suck too.
          a couple paper airplanes I can live with.
          the thing is you have 18 year olds at the same venue as a 50 year old trying to have fun. the 50 year olds idea of what constitutes a good time and the 18 years olds idea are going to be different.
          Ill call out the fights and the very drunken stuff, but I don’t mind a rowdy crowd. Id rather have that than a crowd that sits on their hands.

        • Hear, hear RADAR.

          *slow clap*

      • I’m not anti-alcohol; I’m anti-asshole. I had 4 tallboys at the first Bosox game, but didn’t like that my son had to watch two separate fist fights in the next section. My 6 year old shouldn’t be afraid to go to a baseball game.

    • @johnny “hipster drunken asshole”
      I hope you don’t get banned on your first post for calling the blog owner names.

    • Brilliant first.. Totally agree

  15. Just flew back from Mexico and fuck are my arms tired.

    Seriously though folks when do these Jays start the regular season?

    Next Jays player that claims all he can do is go out and try to have fun should be shot on the spot!

  16. and im sorry but this JPA being changed is complete BS. look at his rates – awful

    • I know it’s not going to happen, but I would sure like to see what kind of a game Thole brings to the table.

      • Same, I know the Dickey-Blanco tandem is working well, but Thole caught Dickey for a large part of his CY season so I don’t buy that Blanco’s that much more of a “natural”. Not to mention Blanco is more or less dead weight on the bench 4/5 days, while Thole has platoon splits and would certainly be a better option to DH that Mark fucking DeRosa.

        Really hope to see him up here sometime this year.

    • He’s selling out for power. Won’t complain if he hits 40+ HR, but he has the talent to be a better all-round player if he didn’t swing for the fences every fucking time.

      • He’ll give you a shitty batting average for certain, and he’ll give you home run production possibly. I’d rather have guys who know how to figure out a way to get on base.

        Hazel Mae talking to V-Dub yesterday and he attributes his recent success at the plate to shortening his swing and trying to make good contact – and as a result he’s finding that the home runs are still happening. As he said, you start to hit home runs, then you start trying to find out how far you can hit it.

        And that’s where some of our guys are now. They’re swinging like they think a 450 foot homer counts for more than a wall scraper. They’re taking an all all or nothing approach. Too much nothing as a result.

        Why do hitters not figure this out until they’re a year away from retirement?

  17. Hell , let’s just bring up the entire Buffalo team. 27 runs? Yes, please.

  18. If we can’t beat Kuroda, then we have no chance against the elite starters. Same old story, pitching and hitting never get on the same page at the same time.

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