New York Yankees v Detroit Tigers

The Jays, unlike the 2012 edition of the club, actually have more than one good pitcher, so– hard to fathom as this may be– tasked with following last night’s R.A. Dickey gem is actually Brandon Morrow, who– FYI– is kinda outstanding in his own right.

Tonight he takes on the (hopefully not) ageless Andy Pettitte and, hilariously, a whole bunch of ex-Jays, who come to town, for some hilarious reason, wearing the colours of the New York Yankees, which is totally hilarious. Wait… did I already say it was hilarious?

I did. But know what won’t be hilarious? When fucking idiots boo them.

Go Jays.


“Dickey says his back is better,” says a tweet from Barry Davis, “but will know more tomorrow. Says he’s never had anything like this before.”

“Shoot, he looked so good last night maybe he ought to keep it,” says Gibbers, via Ben Nicholson-Smith.

Scott MacArthur tells us that Gibbons’ plan is to have Jose Bautista DH through the weekend.

Wilner tweets that, in comments to the media, Jose says he’s not 100%, but ready to play. He’s “still sore, but not tight.”

“It’s more frustrating than scary,” Bautista adds, via a tweet from Nicholson-Smith. “I knew that I wasn’t going to be hurt for a long time.”

TV: Sportsnet

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

RF Rajai Davis (R)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
SS Muenenori Kawasaki (L)

Brandon Morrow RHP

New York Yankees

CF Brett Gardner (L)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
3B Kevin Youkilis (R)
DH Travis Hafner (L)
LF Vernon Wells (R)
RF Ichiro! (L)
SS Eduardo Nunez (R)
1B Lyle Overbay (L)
C Francisco Cervelli (R)

Andy Pettitte LHP

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  1. Morrow the BESTEST!!!

  2. Go Jays.

  3. Bautista back in the order. yeah!

    Yankees need some more L handed hitters. I hate playing against Pettitte. Damn.

  4. anyone else read Dirk’s chat today at Sportsnet?

    why do the Jays need a power hiting first baseman that can handle lefties?

    Does Dirk know that Encarnacion is on this 2013 edition of the Blue Jays?

    • I assume he meant to replace Lind instead of EE?

      • Once Bautista returns to his regular position in right field, Adam Lind and Rajai Davis will take over at DH

        from sportsnet

  5. Anyone else listening to Zaun’s strategy for batting Rasmus against LHP?

    • Why would anyone listen to Zaun?

      • He is entertaining that’s why. Good for a laugh.
        Don’t take everything so serious.
        Watch the game, laugh, shout, drink beer.

      • I agree Zaun is good for a laugh. Plus he had a career in the majors so he may know a thing or two…

        • That’s crazy talk….why would you listen to someone who has spent a lifetime playing a sport when you could listen to someone who reads fangraphs and baseball reference all day?

        • Isn’t Zaun trying to replicate Don Chery with a better player track record?

  6. Really linke having Hayhurst in the TV pre game calling Zaun out on his bullshit. He might even get Zaun to raise his game a bit. Win win

    • I like Dirk. Him & Blair are the new odd couple.

      He is trying to explain new stats to grouchy blair.

      Blair has a new book coming out on 40 years of the Jays

  7. C’mon Kawasaki!

  8. man, I love watching morrow pitch

    • He is giving up some loooonnng flies..

      Andy is really exposing the hitters’ crapiness atm.

  9. 9-2 Jays

  10. Wasn’t Overbay booed when he came through here with Pittsburgh a few years ago? Not that I’m condoning it, I just remember that.

  11. Coach! Dude! Why am I dropped down to #6? Is it cuz I am hitless??? Cmon coach!

  12. Reporting from bremner, expect an extremely drunk and stupid crowd tonight. Go jays!

  13. Second friday in a row where Sportsnet has Flames/Oilers hockey at 7 on sportsnet west and OHL hockey on sportsnet 1 So they won’t play the Jays games. No one fucking cares about OHL hockey in Alberta, show me the damn Jays game or at least the first two hours before the hockey game starts. Anyone got a feed?

    • At least the online feed of radio works…normally it doesn’t

      • and it got cut to tim and sid replay…

        • If you have Sportsnet One, do you not have Ontario, East and Pacific? Game was on each of those.

          I agree though, bad programming.

          Online, to stream it, you will need an MLB atbat subscription. Its $19.95 and you get audio of every single MLB game. Its outstanding if you are on the go and wan Jays.

          Well worth the money.

  14. I hope Vernon pops up or swings past high fast balls all night long

  15. Imagine Sinatra singing this version of “All My Tomorrows”

    Today I may not have a thing at all except for just a dream or two
    But I’ve got lots of plans for Morrow and all my tomorrows belong to you
    Right now it may not seem like spring at all, we’re drifting and the laughs are few
    But I’ve got rainbows planned for Morrow, and all my tomorrows belong to you

    • Imagine Sinatra singing All Tomorrow’s Parties

      • Not quite the same vibe.
        I’m drinking wine, but it’s not the same if you feel the need to crank it.

        A blackened shroud, a hand-me-down gown
        Of rags and silks, a costume
        Fit for one who sits and cries
        For all tomorrow’s parties

  16. We hate Sportsnet West!

  17. So how many hits and walks does gardner get this year vs us? He absolutely owns us.

  18. First 3 fastballs 88,88,89…yikes

  19. wtf brandon 88, 88, 89 88 mph on his first 4 fastballs?

  20. I bet there were a beaucoup de breaths being held there.

  21. No velo and shaking his right arm constantly, HEY MAYBE CHECK THAT OUT CRACK TRAINING STAFF.

  22. Morrow is getting squeezed big time right now

  23. My kingdom for a 1-2-3 1st inning!

  24. ok, with Morrow throwing this bad (throwing soft, trouble locating the slider) and with Pettitte we are in serious trouble this game

  25. Morrow aint got it right now.

  26. Thanks Wells! or should I say thanks AA for dumping his sorry ass. :)

  27. I think Rajai should start seeing a lot more playing time with Boner playing so horribly bad

  28. Blue Jays are in flight!

  29. Someone was asking where the rest of Lawrie was the other night…where’s the rest of Hafner?

  30. The Jays should start selling oven gloves that look like Rajai’s base running glove

  31. Both pitchers being squeezed.

  32. man EEE should have had a walk there

  33. what is he swinging at that shit for

  34. Wow the ball is carrying.

  35. Some REAL good swings on Morrow tonight..

  36. Come on Morrow, bring some damn swag!

  37. For fuck sakes morrow. Cervelli?? Really??

  38. Don’t like this matchup against Cano AT ALL right now

  39. Time to send Morrow down to Dunedin to hang out with his buddy Ricky.

  40. Morrow doesn’t really look right so far.

  41. Hoo. Morrow’s lucky to get away with 2 runs so far. Hopefully he can loosen up and pick it up now.

    • Indeed. With the Mottola magic lacking in this offense so far, the pitchers really need to pick up the slack. This team isn’t going to win too many slugfests right now.

      BTW a certain medical practitioner in attendance has most likely doomed the Jays to defeat this evening. Said person’s record while in attendance is abysmal lol

      I hereby demand that Radar or SP counteract the bad mojo with some kind of ritualistic sacrifice of small animals or prized possessions.

  42. Morrow dealing meatball after meatball.. Come on kid.

    • yeah, wtf is going on with Morrow? we have no SP depth at all if he is hurt…

      • Fear not Simulating Rickey™ shall save the day! The Jays might be 10 games under 500 by then but I am certain he will ride to the rescue. Don’t we have J Ace Happ in the meantime to right the ship?

  43. He doesn’t have the fire, and even the outs are hit hard. He needs to settle down or this game will get out of hand.

  44. Nice throw Youk.

  45. I hate Pettitte

  46. Haffner does look like he lost a lot of weight

  47. Wow. The ball is soaring tonight. That was a lazy fly ball and it almost blew out to the warning track.
    Between the small strike zone and this wind, could see a few runs put on the board tonight.

  48. fuck Morrow is sucking

  49. this is painful to watch Morrow sucking so much

  50. They need to get Morrow out of there. He’s shit tonight and looks hurt anyway. There’s a reason we carry 27 relievers and this is it.

    • You think Morrow is hurt???

      51 pitches in 2 and 1 third innings is a lot.

      Cecil warming up…..

  51. Cecil warming up

  52. A bit late to the game here.

    Topics for discussion.

    Is it flashback Friday with Wells & Overbay in the YANKEES Lineup?

    Is Hank Hill from King of the Hill based on John Gibbons?

    Morrow seems off tonight. Velocity down.

    Bautista is back at DH so I am happy.

    Do the Yankees have the oldest average age lineup in the MLB?

  53. apparently we are on a stretch of 20 games without a break. longest such streak in the majors this year

  54. Please take Morrow out while there is still a chance of keeping this game close.

    • What just happened??

      2 runs scored on a throw into the dugout???

      5-1 Yankees….

      Wells in a Yankee uniform is weird.

      Overbay caught looking at strike 3..classic Overbay at bat.

  55. Brutal camera work again.

  56. Fucking awful.

  57. Wow, it looks like it’s one of those days…

  58. fuck JPA sucks defensively. way to throw the game away buddy

  59. Seriously?

  60. Really fundamentally sound team we have here.

  61. Shit show

  62. and they give the error to Colby. that is just retarded. The fucking throw hit JPA in the god damn chest

  63. JPA showing he isn’t just a terrible hitter.

    • JPA would be out of baseball by now if it weren’t for his Twitter presence and love of hockey. No other major or minor league team would put up with his shit, but the Jays just eat it up.

      • He is projected to hit 19 hr and on pace for 50 (SSS clearly)…I’m sure another team would take a flyer on a catcher with 30 hr potential coming into his prime regardless of barely passable defence…dont be stupid please…

        • His strikeouts and terrible defense have cost the team 5 times as many runs as his occasional destroying of mistake pitches has ever produced. He could hit 50 bombs this year, he’ll still be a below replacement level player. The only reason he has ever had a positive WAR in past is that there really is no efficient way to include catcher defense in those metrics.

          • I’m not saying he’s great but he could have a couple good offensive years in the next 3-4 then be a decent back up/pitch hitter in the NL…the contact rate is horrible but all or nothing guys are all over the place it’s not like him and Colby are the only ones…

        • He’s good enough to be in the majors for now. He may very well have a Miguel Olivo-like career.

          But the plate discipline just keeps getting worse and by 2015 I expect him to be a non-tender candidate considering how HRs & RBIs are compensated via the arbitration system.

      • You are really a trolling fuck, aren’t you?

  64. What? in the fuck! [/RIcky]

  65. That was actually JP’s fault for some weird reason turning that throw into a short hop.

  66. fuck this

  67. these guys are such fucking losers. Jays are done tonight, they should just quit now and move on to tomorrow’s loss.

  68. Thats fucking garbage, whether it should have been cut or not, JP played that like a moron

  69. maybe this will wake Morrow up

  70. Fuck!!!

  71. Who knew, toon in to watch a sporting event and I get a Dramedy instead.

  72. where is the “It’s All Over” commenter when you need him?

  73. Im getting sick of these shit defensive plays. Its gone beyond ‘sample size’ at this point…

  74. I realize Gibby is laid back but certain times call for some anger, I think now is one of those times.

  75. New York is missnig 4 regulars and their lineup is still having much better at bats.

  76. Would have been a perfect throw if Aaron C. would have just stayed behind the plate. That’s not at all cleetus’ fault.
    Also not sure why EE didn’t cut it

  77. How did JP let that get away? Jesus.

  78. Can we start assigning JP an ERA at this point?

    • Fangraphs and the like have catcher’s era as a stat…saber guys dont like it but it’s fun for arguments sake sometimes…

  79. Man Wolf Blitzer and CNN’s coverage is starting to become incredibly appealing compared to this. Someone help.

  80. See you next year.

  81. Kawasaki – “sorry ump for pumping that ball off ur face. Why don’t you go sit down and have a beer and yell a bit. Life is too short man.”

  82. The Jays look shook up. Morrow basically has had his tail between his legs since the starting pitch. What gives?

  83. lets all keep fishing in the dirt fo pitches guys

  84. So we get behind and then everyone tries to hit a four run homer with nobody on.

  85. Man, it has really not been a fun start to the year. At all.

  86. It looks like the hitters have no game plan, well if you count swinging at every thing a game plan

    • this is seriously a team of quitters, how many fucking times are we going to lose by 7+ runs, 50? FUCK!

      Can’t wait for the “it’s not a big deal, relax, I’m so much smarter than you blah blah blah” posts from everyone around here tomorrow. Shit.

  87. Okay, I’m kinda pissed off. Morrow was going to get out of it, then we just gave away 2 runs. Inexcusable.

  88. Indifferent about Trudeau but that is total bullshit that the conservatives have to go all the way back to 1999 when Trudeau was a kid to pull a quote for that bullshit smear commercial.

    • I’m not a big fan of the provincial Liberals (not by a long shot) but the Conservatives can fuck off with the attack ads. Makes them look like total bitches

    • It’s their way.

    • Tell Trudeau to go back to drama school. Can you imagine that fucker be in charge of the armed forces or discussing pokicy with China? For fuksakes

  89. After reading these comments….

    Soooooo glad I am at work right now. Don’t think I’d be able to take this game, based on what I’m reading here.

  90. Woah. Morrow just hit 95.

  91. Morrow’s finally up to his normal stuff here. Too bad about the first couple innings…and the Arencibia thing.

  92. Morrow seems to be throwing harder now…

  93. I would recommend you all switch to Harvey v. Strasburg matchup; its great stuff. Especially compared to this slop

  94. Is it just me or was that a routine pop up to Melkey that he just butchered into a hit?

  95. Started out hitting 89 with his fastball. Just hit 97.

  96. A few too innings to late for morrow to suddenly be hitting 97. how the fuck do you have a change in fastball velocity of nearly 10 mph in the same game, played indoors? If its just a question of getting loose, it goes without saying that they should be able to do a better job with that

    • I think Rogers probably fucks with the readings. Our pitchers usually register a few ticks faster here than on the road. It took them a couple innings to realize he had nothing and inflate everything by 10 mph.

  97. People that think they know something about being a successful pitcher need to watch pettite. Absolutely dominating guys without a single power pitch. All about location and pitch sequencing.

  98. This team is a joke right now.

  99. What’s Aaron Cibia thinking in his at bats? He let a get me over fast ball go by, then spends the rest of the at bat swinging at off speed garbage out of the zone

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