New York Yankees v Detroit Tigers

The Jays, unlike the 2012 edition of the club, actually have more than one good pitcher, so– hard to fathom as this may be– tasked with following last night’s R.A. Dickey gem is actually Brandon Morrow, who– FYI– is kinda outstanding in his own right.

Tonight he takes on the (hopefully not) ageless Andy Pettitte and, hilariously, a whole bunch of ex-Jays, who come to town, for some hilarious reason, wearing the colours of the New York Yankees, which is totally hilarious. Wait… did I already say it was hilarious?

I did. But know what won’t be hilarious? When fucking idiots boo them.

Go Jays.


“Dickey says his back is better,” says a tweet from Barry Davis, “but will know more tomorrow. Says he’s never had anything like this before.”

“Shoot, he looked so good last night maybe he ought to keep it,” says Gibbers, via Ben Nicholson-Smith.

Scott MacArthur tells us that Gibbons’ plan is to have Jose Bautista DH through the weekend.

Wilner tweets that, in comments to the media, Jose says he’s not 100%, but ready to play. He’s “still sore, but not tight.”

“It’s more frustrating than scary,” Bautista adds, via a tweet from Nicholson-Smith. “I knew that I wasn’t going to be hurt for a long time.”

TV: Sportsnet

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

RF Rajai Davis (R)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
SS Muenenori Kawasaki (L)

Brandon Morrow RHP

New York Yankees

CF Brett Gardner (L)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
3B Kevin Youkilis (R)
DH Travis Hafner (L)
LF Vernon Wells (R)
RF Ichiro! (L)
SS Eduardo Nunez (R)
1B Lyle Overbay (L)
C Francisco Cervelli (R)

Andy Pettitte LHP

Comments (436)

  1. I don’t think this team seems prepared to play baseball to start the season….

  2. Damn, looking at that replay… what the FUCK was JP doing?

  3. We have a number of holes in the line up right now unfortunately, I can’t remember the last time they had a big bat around inning. Which is hard to do with the unbelievable strike out rate by a few

    • To get a bat around inning and make it at least to the 10th man means a minimum of 4 runs has to be scored in ONE fukin inning. When have you seen that with these bags of crap? We can’t go more than 3 batters w/o a SO. Maybe it’ll be better when we call up some guy we;ll pick off the waiver wire tomorrow

  4. What is it about big home crowds that causes this team to really stink?

  5. Burhle pitch well tomorrow

  6. yeah Lawrie! 2 for 2

  7. everyone ready for another Rasmus K?

    • I like Colby and was hoping he’d turn into the star that he looked like he could become. I still think he’s a decent player but holy fucking hell is he helpless against lefties. I consider it a moral victory every time he makes an out without striking out against a lefty.

  8. Rasmus pleasantly surprised me with a pop up to 3B. I don’t think it is really even fair to him to have him play against a good LHP like Pettitte.

  9. On a serious note, if the team continues to look ridiculously terrible in every way and is 5-10 games under .500 by end of May, Gibbons gets canned, right? I know it’s not really his fault and everyone’s shitting the bed pretty much equally, but someone has to go and there have been enough execution errors that its appropriate for him to be the victim. Obviously after the season AA goes but they can’t wait that long to make a change on the field.

    • Are you having fun yet?

      • Oh yeah, being at a game like this is a blast. Everyone who actually likes baseball has either left already or is chewing nails. Fortunately the majority of the crowd is just here to drink and act retarded so it doesn’t matter whether the Jays win or lose.

        Back on topic, I think it’s a fair question. Usually when teams are expected to win 90 and challenge for the division, and completely shit themselves instead, management doesn’t sit idly by. How bad does it have to get for them to pull the trigger and when does it happen?

        • What you have against drinking?

        • Obviously AA gets fired, he is the reason Reyes broke his ankle, Lawrie hurt whatever that injury was (lat?) and DeRosa played 3B with brutal D. Why watch the team if you can’t enjoy anything about them? A couple of losses have been the most entertaining games of the year. Yeah, you didn’t get the outcome you wanted with a couple losses to Cleveland and Chicago, but they were awesome games to watch if you enjoy baseball.

    • They obviously fire AA? Are you a troll or are you stupid?

    • Is this a joke message? Are you trolling? Or just really stupid?

  10. Why doesn’t Rasmus swing the bat like that now? We need the 12 year old Colby

  11. The Jays look like a bunch of damn Justin Trudeaus out there today…


  12. I can already hear the Wilner spin on Jays talk tonight.

    “if you take out Morrows sucking the first couple innings, and take away JP’s ineptitude behind the plate, the Jays were right in this thing”

    • That’s as good as Tabby’s comment after not having Blanco sacrifice the other night and having him hit into a double play and justified it by saying 5 feet to the left or right and that’s a base hit, lol

  13. Izturis looks stoned out there.

  14. oh man. to add insult to injury Overbay hit a HR against us. unfuckingreal

  15. Lyle Overbay.Lyle Fucking Overbay.

  16. LOL.. Poetic justice

  17. Lyle….Ooooooooooovvverbayy!!! Why the fuck not!

  18. Fucking hell? Overbay???

    • Honestly, we deserve it. There is no reason to be booing overbay and wells like these morons do.

      • I could not disagree more. In principle, you’re right that there’s no reason to boo guys who never gave anything less than their all in Toronto, and if they were on a different team that would hold true.

        But these are the Yankees. The evil empire. The division rivals. OF COURSE you boo ex players that go to hated rivals. Even though I know there’s a school of thought among the high-and-mighty police that booing anyone ever is a deadly sin, but in this case there’s no need to be ever vigilant. You can take the night off from keeping the internet safe from negativity because this is something that Any. Fanbase. In. Baseball. would do. If we DIDN’T boo former Jays stalwarts who go to the Yankees, I would lose some respect for our fans. You don’t think the Sox fans are gonna boo Youk when he goes to Fenway? Give me a break Mother Teresa.

        • The difference being that Youk won’t be able to tell if he’s being “boooooed” or “Yoooooouked”.

      • I think Rios is different though.

  19. i’m either having a bad dream or this is like some kind of sick joke

  20. Colby doing a Lo Viste move in the 1999 little league

  21. No Jeter.

    No Texiera

    No Granderson.

    No matter.

  22. did Rajai just short-arm that fly ball? wow

  23. Morrow needs to come out.

  24. I like Gibbons’ strategy so far – Morrow must feel this pain.

  25. Another major league play by Rajai Davis.

  26. he just isn’t a good fielder

  27. he fucking did short-arm it fuck. Morrow had the biggest eye roll ever when Rajai missed it. he is very frustrated at the brutal D behind him

  28. Davis is all like… whoa.

    OK, just cracked the Weihenstephaner VITUS Weizenbock @ 7.7%. Need to numb my brain.

  29. Morrow’s facial expression after the rajai miss in the outfield – exactly how I have felt all season

  30. This is embarrassing. Now all that’s left is for wells to homer

  31. i need a couple of strong drinks myself watching this shit of a game

  32. This team is shit! Embarrassing

  33. Booooooooo.

  34. way to jog back for that fly ball Rasmus and turn that double into a triple.

  35. Cecil comes out throwing harder than Morrow. Sign of end times?

    Never mind – result’s the same.

  36. Well this is looking like another one of those blowout losses.

    Better luck tomorrow. And Sunday.

  37. How long can we get away with saying its “early” in the season? Until we are mathematically eliminated?

    • The team is not mathematically eliminated.

      Can teams in the AL East recover & make the playoffs from 7-9…. I think so, but it’s time to do some research.

      Let’s say hypothetically the team had started strong in April but went 6-9 or 6-10 in May, wouldn’t the panic level go down?

      The problem is that after the hype that began in November 2012, very few expected the level of injuries & underperformance in the first 15 games.

    • 2011 Sox were I think 17-22, and then won 70 of 90. IT’S STILL FUCKING EARLY

  38. I don’t know what’s worse – the fact that the Jays are completely flat and lifeless, or the fact that they’re being dominated by a Yankee team of geriatrics and re-treads.

    • I love all the idiots eating crow talking about how terrible the Red Sox and Yankees were going to be this year. These “joke” teams are embarrassing the Jays.

      • I looked at the Sox and thought they’d be OK, but I really thought the Yankees would be going down this year.

        • Yankees should be weaker than the red sox

        • I know people are going to shit all over this… but there is more to baseball than just the players that get put on the field. How come any player that puts on those pinstripes has some sort of career resurrection?

  39. Geez I hate Tabler and Martinez,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. they bring the infield in for a 7-1 game? that is weird

  41. Time to get into the bourbon…

  42. Aw here we are….AGAIN. Be careful fello bloggers. We’ll be called idiots tomorrow because we’re jumping the gun and expressing frustration with this team. So lets just act like everything is A ok with this group and waste fuckin 3-4 hrs very night watching this shit. Do I hope they turn it around??? Duh!!!! But right now,I’m fed up and all fans have that right.

  43. Someone needs to find some answers for why this team is so useless….

  44. Jays have a -32 run differential this year and counting…we kinda suck so far

  45. Run differential is highly predictive of team strength. Its not that the team cant get rolling with any consistent winning..its that they arent even competitive in 1/2 their games.

  46. On a positive note, the Boston younger brother terrorist is in custody as per NBC News.

    he’s alive .

    People are clapping on the street 67 Franklin Street

    The Yankees Cocoon Lineup is doing well tonight.

  47. I had a feeling we were pretty much toast this game during the first inning

  48. It’s absolute bullshit if the front office claims their not worried…one dimensional offense that can’t stay healthy and get its shit together and a schizophrenic pitching staff….

    • Morrow has always been like this though. You never know who the fuck is showing up… the shitty Morrow or the Ace.

      But you’re right… this team fails to just put the fucking ball in play. It’s always “swing for the fucking fences.” The amount of strike-outs this team has accumulated already is fucking infuriating. Absolutely no two-strike approach.

  49. Keep grinding out those at bats bros!

  50. Maybe if people would have listened to me after the first pitch of the season by Dickey when I said things were falling apart we’d have things fixed by now.

  51. The comments tonite are so beyond stupid they’re actually more entertaining than the game.

  52. Opposing pitcher reaches season high in strikeouts!? Against us!? No way!

  53. That was hit pretty well.

  54. jose jose jose, joseaaaa joseaaa

  55. yay?

  56. Spring training ended almost 3 weeks ago. This team was not prepared and it shows and it’s arrogant on their part to think that they can just turn it around when they feel like it. There’s too many good teams in the AL. Another meaningless HR by Bautista. Wooooohooooo

  57. EW, why do you need to defend this team? They are fucking terrible…why stay positive when they are being destroyed and can’t stay in ball games..

    • You have the right to feel the way you feel. I do, too. The entertainment is derived from people unable to express said feelings in a way that does not make them sound like drooling nitwits.

  58. that was a laser from EEE. hit right at Youk though

  59. Zaun: Batters take so many first pitches because they grew up in the Money ball era.


  60. A 5 run comeback is not unheard of is it?

    and hitters take the first pitch because they grew up in the money ball era? see Zaun is entertaining.

  61. seems like a waste pitching Cecil more than an inning this game. we are going to need him again this series hopefully and he has been our 2nd best pitcher so far.

  62. Joseeeeee

  63. WTF Zaun?

  64. Hitters take the first pitch because I like Kool Aid.

  65. 40,000 ppl are getting treated to a real gem tonight

  66. well, someone asked for it and they got it. fucker. Wells hit a HR

  67. We all knew it was coming..

  68. And there’s the Wells homerun.

  69. Just keeps getting better eh!

  70. why do the baseball gods hate us so much? they are really going out of their way to mock us tonight

  71. HA!

  72. At least they caught the second motherfucker in Boston. That’s about the only good new from tonight.

  73. Is it wrong if I’d rather be watching WWE?

  74. Maybe Farrell was a good manager. How bad would their record of been without him? Fair question I’d say

  75. wow just wow……

  76. That piece of shit in Boston got caught finally.
    I hope his brother rots in hell and I hope he enjoys his many, many years of jail-time, getting raped repeatedly.

  77. Sad day…’s like watching a train wreck :(

  78. Ive composed a Haiku in honor of the 2013 season

    Immense pre season hype
    Inability to work count or walk
    More of the same

  79. our hitters are in a big hurry to end this game swinging at good pitcher’s pitches like that

  80. 2 pitches 2 outs

  81. 3 pitches 3 outs. great fucking work guys.

  82. don’t they teach you in little league you need base runners when you are down a lot of runs?

  83. Ok give me some fucking cotton candy already.

  84. Why does it feel like we’re always trying to get the opposing pitcher to throw a complete game?

  85. Hopefully they will come back and win on Saturday and Sunday. Now that Jose’s back, just have to make sure that they can string up some wins.

  86. we are straight up getting pooped on, but hey at least Bautista is back and got a HR gives us something to cheer about.

  87. I wonder how Buerhle is going to do tomorrow? I’m a bit nervous about it…. He is a lefty thought and Yanks aren’t good against lefties

  88. Alright people, it ain’t over til it’s over. Get out there and grinddddddd!!!!

    PS I’m drunk.

  89. There once was a good pitcher named Morrow,
    Who often had miles per hour to borrow.
    This year he’s be down,
    Now I wear a frown.
    He’s left me feeling filled up with sorrow.

  90. Hafner is hitting above 350, the yankees are getting real lucky so far this season

  91. I wonder if Morrow was having diabetic problems tonight?

  92. Just got out of an exam. Turned on the radio and promptly turned it back off. I’m going to Sunday’s game and expect it to be the second win in a row.

  93. The trolls on djf are insufferable at times

  94. By the way wilner probably reads djf as he tweeted something among the lines (sarcastically), that he’s a Rogers apologist and shrill

    • Ya McCowan got called out for that by a caller on PTS this evening.

    • Well, he is. If he doesn’t want to anger anyone, just don’t talk about Rajai’s defense at all. Instead he insults everyone else’s intelligence by backing a clearly false statement

    • well, if he thinks that Rajai is strong defensively then he is either a shill or not very smart. Rajai has a career -2.9 UZR/150 and anyone who has ever played outfield can tell right away that he can’t read fly balls very well and he doesnt have a good arm

      • absolutely correct, sir.
        The Jays are finding out quickly that you cannot chinse on defence. The LA Dodgers would go for defence when they had Koufax and Drysdale figuring if you don’t allow many freebees with stupid errors etc, then games could be one with substandard offence. Won a few WS that way.
        Instead we get all bent out of shape because BONI can run and steal bases ( not) but he alone has cost us a couple of games this year. Derosa and Izturis playing 3rd? there goes a couple more. Davis in RF? entertainment value only.
        Fuk comeon -get guys who can play MLB in the field and can some of these comedians.
        As for the look of Morrow, completely understandable. As some of you are aware, I did pitch at one time and yeah, when you don’t have your best stuff, which happens about 3/4 of the time ( well for me 99% of the time) then you need goood D not this mickey mouse shit we are seeing on a nightly basis. My Bantam squad executes better that these flakes.
        Forward Soviet! Get some marching orders

      • He’s ok if gets to where the ball lands ahead of time, but if it’s close at all, it’s 70% chance he’ll miss the damn thing.

  95. Boni worked himself into a 3-1 count, then looked at a juicy fastball right down the middle? What on Earth is going through these hitters’ heads right now?

  96. Kawasaki is the best player on this team. The fucking MARINERS didn’t even want him.

  97. Are we trolls if we are unhappy with the way majority of players are playing?

  98. You never know…….

  99. Fuck yeah Jaypee

  100. Watching sporting events in Toronto just makes me think they are all completely classless. Say what you want about Boston or NY. Booing guys who never did anything wrong?
    Bunch of classless fucks.

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