Last week’s edition of Photoshop Friday went off like a horse on fire, thanks to some outstanding reader-submitted work (thanks again, @wm_klassen!), so I figured it would be a good idea to keep the train going– and also to lower the bar a bit with some of my shoddy work, while simultaneously alienating half of the audience by making reference to a record none of them has ever heard of (and a player they probably current can’t fucking stand).

However! Those of you among us who don’t consider themselves disco aficionados can take comfort in the fact that you do know the record’s big track, and have probably even had it stuck in your head. Or if not, you’re about to…

Original record cover here.

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  1. Disco Stu likes disco music.

  2. I had the Boney M Christmas album when I was younger. On vinyl!

  3. It’s good, but can we have one where EVERYONE’S face is Boni?

  4. I have this album on vinyl.

  5. This is just horrible.

  6. Boney M dancing in the “Daddy Kool” video is the epidemy of dance. All those idiots on dancing with the stars and so you think you can dance need to take a god damn lesson on how a pro goes about moving his limbs to music.

  7. Make this photoshop Friday happen more often!

  8. Ra Ra Rasmus-in, Blue Jays greatest love machine,
    It was a shame that he always struck out.

  9. Great Photoshop!

    For what it’s worth, there is a vodka bar on Queen E. (fuck parkdale!) that every night at 9pm plays the Russian national anthem (the long version), followed by Boni M – Rasputin.

    Everyone is expected to stand for the national anthem, then the dancing cute Russian lady bar staff comes dancing on the floor with shots for everyone during the Boni M bit.

    It gets the night going quite well. Local boozers should give it a shot, and the rogers centre stadium marking department should take note.

    I believe the bar called Rasputin.

  10. Just a quick marking idea……

    To help the jays out during mid week poor attendance against the White sox in April, why not take that 70′s / disco theme thing they did a few years back and bring it back.


    1.Homage to disco demolition night….

    2.People who dig disco (people in late 40′s/ early 50′s) are a good demographic to target (they actually have money not like our sad,sad generation).

    3.Plenty of good seats still available.

    just say’n

  11. I’m not a photoshop guy – so I’m throwing this to the ether, if anyone wants to pick it up.
    “Fleetwood Mac – Trade Rumours”
    Shop in AA’s head on Mick Fleetwood, and Olney or Morosi’s head on Stevie Nicks (assuming it’s those 2 on the cover).

  12. I’d never heard of Boney M until I watched “Touching the Void” last week. It’s a movie about a guy who survived a week on a mountain with a broken leg. From Wikipedia:

    “During one of Simpson’s many deliriums, he experiences a very strong reminiscence of a Boney M song he hated thoroughly, “Brown Girl in the Ring”; at one point thinking “Bloody hell, I’m going to die to Boney M”.”

  13. hmm, wonder where u got the boni em idea from?

  14. [...] for those of you who aren’t in the know about the song or artist, I’ll direct you to a most excellent post over at DJF, which is where this season’s Boney M connection [...]

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