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Barry Davis of the Rogers-owned Rogers Sportsnet tweets that the Rogers-owned Blue Jays will have Jose Bautista in the lineup tonight at the Rogers-owned Rogers Centre. Huzzah!

Parkes and I watched 42 and talked about it in the National Post on their Popcorn Panel.

In a notebook post at BlueJays.com, Steph Rogers and Evan Peaslee talk to Chad Mottola about the offence pressing, Casey Janssen’s success, Brett Lawrie’s quest for timing, and Ramon Ortiz about actually being still in the Majors.

Speaking of Casey Janssen, Mike Wilner talks about his surprising awesomeness, among other things, in his post-game report at Sportsnet.

And speaking of Janssen still, Parkes kicks off Ten Stray Thoughts on a Friday at Getting Blanked with a look at how generous umpires have been with the Jays’ closer this year– and how he might be kinda awesome anyway.

In the Globe and Mail, Jeff Blair talks about the Jays brief pursuit of Anibal Sanchez this winter, but mostly about Emilio Bonifacio, who hitting coach Chad Mottola thinks is going to be fine.

Hello, Monday! Richard Griffin has a new mail bag up at the Toronto Star. As always, I have not read any of his answers.

Elsewhere in the Star, Daniel Girard looks at the plethora of ex-Jays who are in town this weekend as members of the New York Yankees.

In the Toronto Sun, Bob Elliott writes some horseshit about Jack Morris being a Hall of Fame pitcher, ignoring all the sound arguments against him (which are, in fact, all of the arguments), and ignoring the fact that, back in his first year on the ballot, when his wonderful career was fresher in the minds of a much, much older and less sabermetrically-inclined electorate– and before it had been so badly disparaged by new-age thinkers– he received support on 22.2% of the ballot. The following year? 19.6%. So… yeah. If you’re into that kind of thing, go ahead and read that.

House of the Bluebird provides some early-season notes and observations.

Minor League Ball has a pair of Jays-related Prospect Retrospective posts, one on Mark Buehrle and another on Carlos Delgado.

At Jays Journal, Charlie Caskey takes us through the past week in the Jays’ minor league system, while Kyle Matte indulges the idea that the Jays ought to be clairvoyant when it comes to injury recovery times.

Thirsty and in the east end? For one, don’t hate me for my parting shot in today’s podcast. For two! Check out Thirst Base Thursdays, presented by Blue Jays Way and Left Field Brewery, which kicks off next week at Riverside Public House somewhere between here and Cornwall.

Lastly, it’s your Friday favourite, the Getting Blanked GIFs Of The Week!

Comments (7)

  1. Is the “huzzah” Rogers-owned?

  2. Those Dickey GIFs are insane. Poor Dewayne Wise.

  3. Re Riverside…that’s a short hop from work and I’ve been meaning to try Left Field’s stuff. Nice to see a number of baseball themed events at bars around town.

  4. Man, I just can’t get enough of those prospect retrospectives by Sickles.

  5. I wonder if Josh Johnson would be amenable to a contract similar to Anibal Sanchez if he was offered one during the season.

    At his best, Johnson is better than Sanchez but he has durability questions and doesn’t have the same fastball he used to.

    Seems like it would fit the “shared risk” that I think AA would need to extend him.

  6. Being I’m on the wrong side of 50. I remember quite well when Jackie Robinson died. At the time his death hardly rated a mention in the newspaper (one paragraph). MLB waited until he was dead 25 years to acknowledge his contribution to the game. For that reason I find this whole April 15th love-fest they have over him every year to be rather phony. You can have your own opinion, but I was around then, and that’s my perspective.

  7. Me and my friends saw 42 last night, and i thought it was pretty good…

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