Cleveland Indians v Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays will try and get back on a winning track after dropping Game 1 to the New York Yankees Friday night. Mark Buehrle takes the mound for the Jays against Hiroki Kuroda, who pitched a master piece of a game last time out against the Orioles. Buehrle’s last win against the Yankees came back on April 10, 2004, when he was a member of the Chicago White Sox.

Good news from the injury front, as Jose Bautista is in the lineup, so he had no trouble with the back after playing last night.


Brendan Kennedy brings us a quote from Gibby on the condition of R.A. Dickey. Doesn’t seem as if the team is very concerned at this point. Mike Comack adds that they should know more on Dickey after his side session.

Ben Nicholson-Smith tweeted another quote from Gibby, who basically said the team needs to start playing better.

Barry Davis tweets that Encarnacion will not return to third base anytime soon.

TV: Sportsnet

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

RF Rajai Davis (R)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Mark Buehrle LHP

New York Yankees

CF Brett Gardner (L)
DH Ben Francisco (R)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
1B Kevin Youkilis (R)
LF Vernon Wells (R)
C Francisco Cervelli (R)
Rf Ichiro Suzuki (L)
SS Eduardo Nunez (R)
3B Jayson Nix (R)

Hiroki Kuroda RHP

Comments (508)

  1. We need a four-game set with the Astros and we’ll be fine.

  2. watching Sy Young pitch for the yankees is getting boaring..

  3. Sorry my bad, thats the big Hiroki

  4. and wtf is up with vernon wells, did he all the sudden learn how to play baseball.

  5. Reading these comments is fuckin depressing. There is some serious hostility out there. The Jays play of late makes this faculty of fan folk vicious.

    Dont help that Overbay and Wells are ripping the tits off the ball. Jeez

  6. this is killing me

  7. Is it just me or does it feel like every player on every other team is better than every player on the Jays?

    The Yankees with Jays outcasts like Nix, Overbay, Francisco, etc…are humiliating us. Seems like the quality of players has nothing to do with the name on the back of the jersey, and everything to do with the team you are on. Put Lind on the Yankees and he will be 2009 Lind, put Cano on the Jays and he will hit .220.

  8. I’m dying a little bit inside with each passing inning

  9. I whine like a schoolgirl, therefore I care. I am the ulitmate fan. Now time to find me a perty sheep to curl up with. Heehaw!

    • Is that you, Cletus?

    • You’re on a roll basement boy but go back and check the tape. There’s no whining at all. My only post is in responce to your nihilistic reply calling out those pissed with the baseball being played thus far. That just because it’s early, some of us are not all that happy being 27th in the league in OBP and at the bottem in team defence. But you don’t care about that….or do you? Looks like I may have gotten to you. Was it the mom’s basement thing? Sorry friend. My bad.

  10. Chemistry doesn’t matter Stoeten? Clubhouse culture doesn’t matter Stoeten? Then why the fuck are Vernon god damn Wells and Lyle god damn Overbay killing us. How do the fucking Yankees turn this pile of shit of a lineup, where they DH fucking Ben fucking Francisco and bat him second, into a team that can consistently kick the fucking tar out of us. Shove your goddam sabre metrics up your ass you arrogant fuck.

    • Thatt’s Overbino if you please.

    • dude. you needs to fucking chill. it’s just fucking baseball. I don’t want to watch this shitshow right now either, but I’ll just watch my kids play instead. Take a walk. Take a breath. Like fuck, man.

    • I don’t recall him saying chemistry doesn’t matter

      • Then you probly dont remember what you ate for breakfast either

        • @ Chanse

          He never said chemistry doesn’t matter you twat

          I believe his point was that adding shitbags to the roster and pretending that its a positive because of their leadership ability is a dubious argument

          • Yunel cool your fucking jets!!

            Why would you resort to name calling simply because you dont recall Stoeten dismissing the “chemistry” factor because it cant be measured? Like he has done on here countless fucking times.

            Getta fuckin grip

            • How is “Then you probly dont remember what you ate for breakfast either” not an insult?

      • I don’t know if he ever said that. There is obviously a lot of added value in taking an innovative look at the statistics you can produce from Baseball. The issue is, there is a fine line between innovative analysis and being an insufferable fuck because you think that you know everything because you have the power of math behind you.

      • He’s said it 100 times.

        • Because it’s true.

          • Only in your mind Stoeten.
            1. No such thing as team chemistry
            2.Cito was an idiot whose teams won in spite of him
            3. Snider woes were due to getting jerked around by the Jays
            4.Aliens once abducted you

            If your going to tell fairy tales,tell me the one about Little Red Riding Hood.
            Makes as much sense as you sometimes

      • Stoeten is not PRO “Chemistry matters”.

        • My impression is that the blog isn’t pro chemistry but i dont think it was ever said that its irrelevant

          • Also is anyone supporting the OP point that chemistry is the reason that a team of ben fucking francisco, lyle overbay, vernon wells and jayson nix a good team?

            • We had this debate. I think chemistry & good working relationships among players help, but it’s hard to figure out how much.

              Look at the 9th inning. Bautista gave a suggestion to Davis to not go aftet the first pitch, but he did anyway & popped it up.

              It’s nice for Bautita to give a helpful suggestion, but Davis has to execute the at bat properly.

              Thus, execution trumps chemistry, but chemistry can help.

          • Many timesYunel. He’s softening his stance on the mental part affecting performance but the chemistry thing drives him nuts.I’ve argued the point many times with him.

    • “Consistently” i.e. two games.

      When you express your feelings in the form of an infantile tantrum it makes it really, really, really easy for someone who possesses even slightly above average intelligence (or, at least, the ability to control their emotions) to come off as arrogant simply by default.

      Like, really easy.

    • + 1 but I would have gone with condescending prick over arrogant fuck.

    • I hope that was a joke post. You can be angry, trash the current performance of this team and still retain a sense of perspective like I do. That was just brainless ranting.

      Please come back at the end of the year and we’ll see what kind of mystical impact “chemistry” had on Wells’, Overbay’s and Francisco’s #’s at that point.

    • Stoeten is a fat nerd who never played baseball other than houseleague. Shut your big fat mouth YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT.

    • Baby Arm, if you are so dumb as to think chemistry has anything to do with these things, then I understand why sabermetrics might be a little too advanced for the mush inside your head.

  11. Colby put a ball in play, something weird might be happening,

  12. I’d be in the first place in my fantasy league if I simply just started every single pitcher that faced the Jays so far

  13. Team needs a spark whos it gonna be?

  14. Would have pinch hit for Izturis instead of Kawasaki here.

  15. What in Gods name does Rothchild need to tell Robertson about Lind?

  16. Hopefully, the sound team plays New York, New York when they wrap this up.

  17. Great Davis versus a right hander. Can’t wait for the strikeout on shit in the dirt.

  18. Hahaha. Fucking RALLY!!!!

  19. Psh Lind. Just clogging the bases instead of producing runs. He needs to work on his RBI skills.

  20. Go fuck yourselves every whiny baby that cried all goddamn game.

  21. YAY!

  22. Roid-Less Melky came through in the clutch today

  23. Fuckin’ eh!

  24. Ye of little faith.

    Go Jays!

  25. This team is awesome!!!11!

  26. DAVIS!

    Wreaking HAVOC!

  27. Great inning Jays lets keep er goin


    *punches air and kicks a triumphant table*

  29. Christ we needed that!

  30. Why does Joe Girardi look lime most DJF posters did about 20 minutes ago?

  31. Yeah! GO JAYS!

  32. Can u imagine how nuts the place would get if Jose jacked one here?

  33. Let’s go Edwin, 3 run shot!

  34. See, Colby puts it in play and shit happens.

  35. This was all started by Overbay. Thanks Lyle! This does not make up for your many years of shittiness, but it’s a start.

  36. EE has been solid at first today.

  37. Bonifacio almost had an error on his first play of the game…..atleast the good thing about him is that he’s consistent

  38. Janssen is fucking amazing.

  39. 1-2-3 by Janssen as usual

  40. Fucken loser team, goddam crap, OBP in the basement, can’t do shit. If this goes into extras I’ll miss my date with my perty sheep, guess I can always fuck my pet pig too, squee, squee. E I EI OH!!!! HeeHaw!!!!

  41. Angels beating the Tigers 9 – 0 in the 1st inning.

  42. LOL, today’s comment section is hilarious. The glass half full crowd proving they are just as crazy as the negative nancies.

    • Says the mental midget who spouted idiocy like:

      “Is it just me or does it feel like every player on every other team is better than every player on the Jays?”

      • Thanks for proving my point. You’re pretty hateful for someone who is so pleased right now. Would hate to see what you call people when you’re pissed.

        Why is it better to shit on commenters but not ok to shit on the team?

        • Trolling trolls.

          You should expound on your definition of “crazy.”

        • Also, men like Jose Bautista et al. are, quite simply, better and more admirable human beings than you.

          That makes shitting on you unequivocally more acceptable at all times.


    • United we stand, divided we fall.

  43. It’s time for a dinger.

  44. I don’t think I like Joba Chamberlain.

  45. Lawrie is such a tool, I find it hard to cheer for him.

  46. All the HR’s the Yankees can hit makes me nervous for any extra innings.

  47. Anyone who comes here expecting a coherent conversation right now has to be a little nutty.

    But the stupidity evidenced in emotional tantrums from the likes of “Baby Arm”, etc. is unrivalled.

  48. I wonder how rasmus v lefty will end…

  49. Let me express my utter amazement that Joba didn’t poop the bed. Seriously. I thought the Jays had it won.

  50. 26 strikeouts! Fuck off Colby Rasmus!

  51. Good AB, thought he was gonna grind out a walk or something.

  52. Solid at-bat by Colby. You know he’s going to strikeout eventually so at least working it to 8 pitches is a small victory.

  53. Was a decent effort by Colby at least…thats a tough match up, and he managed to hang in there for a while…oh well.

  54. WHY DIDN’T HE TAG HIM……………oh wait

  55. This game is over, bottom of 10th.

  56. Buntifacio must have sacrificed a chicken to Jobu.

  57. Comment of the year so far:

    “Is it just me or does it feel like every player on every other team is better than every player on the Jays?”

    Over/under on this guy’s age: 11

    • Right, because this thread is full of mature, rational discussion. I vent by saying stupid shit just like everyone else on here does.

  58. hey was that bonifacio’s first fair bunt?

  59. Davis wins it here with a clutch single.

  60. Time to pull Loup.

  61. lol.

    we suck.

  62. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…….our defense this game has been beyond brutal…Atleast we kept it interesting and delayed the inevitable loss

    • The Jays don’t get to bat in the bottom of the inning?

      • Their closer is still Mariano Rivera, he is still great..its ok to be realistic. If they come back that would be great but HIGHLY unlikely

  63. Holy sweet fucking jesus christ

  64. Ouch, that was painful to watch.

  65. at least the game was entertaining.

  66. Wow!!! How do you fuck that up? Nevermind that. Loup is a fucking loogy gibbons!

    • I dont know who to blame more. The defense or gibbons for leaving in loup vs. righties.

      • Which pitcher would you have brought in? Darren Oliver is the only Jays reliever with better numbers against righties last year.

    • Dude – relax. Why do you even watch these games? Go outside and take a walk. You’ll enjoy it more.

    • Loup has only allowed righties a .262 wOBA and lefties a .217 wOBA for his career. Small sample (150 batters) but LOOGY talk is a bit ridiculous.

  67. And there’s the game. The result was just a bit delayed today.

    A bit too much faith in Loup. Wells and Cervelli are junk but why give them favourable matchups?

  68. Yeah Delabar shouldve started the inning….Now we need 2 runs off Rivera…No problem.

  69. Why was Loup given the chance to face two righties? Gibbons has been good this year but that was a bad move

  70. Arencibia told Loup to go to 3rd with no one covering

  71. Loup is a fine reliever, but that was a crappy, crappy decision, and even worse execution. I think they are trying too hard to “make” things happen.

    • It was Lawries missread. He needs to retreat in a hurry if the ball goes to the mound.

      • But Loup should see that happening and not throw to him

        • Loup has got to act fast there. Hes the least to blame in that situation.

        • They should have put the wheel play on. Lawrie can charge like the mad man he is and the ss covers three.

          As for Loup, he can’t see that Lawrie has overcommitted until he turns to throw there. It would be hard to then 180, and throw a dart to first.

          • Was thinking the exact same thing!!!! Especially with a lefty on the hill who falls off towards third!!!!

      • Wonder if this would have happened if Butters was still here?

        • They wont admit it, but Butters was a huge loss. He set the defences (and how many balls have gone over the OF heads?) and he coached the infielders. (how many flubbed balls have there been?) And now, he’s making Farrell look good.

          • That is a great theory, only there were SEVERAL occasions last year where that EXACT same sequence unfolded, Lawrie not knowing where to be on bunts to the pitcher . Lawrie has no instincts for the position. He is all ‘tard strength out there.

      • Yes, but from the behind the plate camera you can see that the ball was still thrown off line. I don’t think there is anything definitive, but there was simply poor execution all-around.

  72. Yes Yankees World Series woo hoo the jays suck and will always suck they will never be good hahaha!!!!! Lol XD

  73. On the plus side, we now get to see Mo.

  74. Sweet, JoeyBats!

  75. Fuck Mo’s not Mo today. This sucks that EE flied out.

  76. It’s time for the jays to fire gibbons and Mottolla

  77. Yankees have been playing pretty well so far this year, imagine how good they’ll be once Granderson, Texiera and Jeter come back. Jays cannot afford to get themselves into a deep early season hole

  78. Here comes Brett Lawrie. I say he either strikes out, or hits two home runs.

  79. Seriously. Josh Thole.

  80. Fuck! I just knew Diaz was gonna have a say in the outcome. The guy called a shit game.

  81. 3 pitch strikeouts again…

    Good to see some life in the Jays though, however fleeting.

  82. It doesn’t matter the jays season is over I hope they no they need to fire gibbons and Mottolla and Pete walker and have a fire sale and rebuild again

  83. The defence this team plays is the hardest thing to stomach for me.

  84. Not a good game for Canadian Jesus. 0-5 with three strikeouts and a couple of questionable plays on defence. Guess he did make that diving catch, but still.

  85. Keep chirping, Lawrie.

  86. Brett made a few great plays, but that missed liner really screwed us. Buehrle was battling bad defense all night long and managed to finish 7 innings with just 3 runs. Pretty good stuff.

    Should have had SS cover 3rd on that throw, damn.

    • Moot point, shortstop has to cover 2nd, because 2nd is covering first, because first is busting in on the bunt. also, how would he have time to get behind third?

  87. Josh Thole and Anthony Gose couldn’t possibly strike out as much as Arencibia and Rasmus, right? At least make some contact occasionally and move the runners along… or even better, take a walk. Arencibia’s BB/K rate is something ridiculous like 1/27… that Lind, Rasmus, Arencibia, and Lawrie part of the lineup is just a rally killer…. a black hole for the offense.

    • Gose probably would, at this stage of his development. I’d really like to see Thole up here. Lind and Rasmus got on base for the rally in the 8th, but damn JP looks terrible. He might run into a few HRs now and then, but pitchers have really figured out how to throw to him.

    • Yeah its a problem. Just way too many k’s in the second half of the lineup. Thole should come up to play against righties. Gose, I could live without. He strikes out a ton also. We dont need another boni or davis clone on this team.

      • Gose would probably be just as bad or worse. Stick with Colby in a semi-platoon for now.

        Fuck whatever “veteran presence” Henry Blanco brings though. Seriously, fuck that shit. If Thole can and has caught a knuckleball before then he needs to be up here, hopefully, challenging JPA (who is a shitbag with the bat) for playing time.

        • Yeah, I like Rasmus’ defence… Arencibia on the other hand is a train wreck on D. You have to wonder at his ability to call a game, too – with so many good starters not pitching that well under his watch (although Buehrle was much better today than Morrow was yesterday). Thole is hitting .400 in Buffalo right now with only one strikeout… one! We definitely could use some of that in the lineup. Maybe JP can go down to Dunedin on re-work his swing alongside Romero.

      • Jack Morris & Jerry Horwath were complaining about too many JaysStrikeoutse outs.

        One Jays Talk caller brought up a point that too many Jays were away for the world baseball classic.

        so the team hasn’t played many games together.

        Another complaint was that Gibbons ran a lazy spring training camp. Brunt ,Mccowan & Cox called it too loosey goosey.

        Aren’t spring training camps pretty standard. ?

        I agree that the teamhasn’t been together too long, so mistakes on defense are happening.

        Another caller wants Murphy Back .& Mottola demoted.

  88. Season is over well there is always next year :(

    • Yeah, I like Rasmus’ defence… Arencibia on the other hand is a train wreck on D. You have to wonder at his ability to call a game, too – with so many good starters not pitching that well under his watch (although Buehrle was much better today than Morrow was yesterday). Thole is hitting .400 in Buffalo right now with only one strikeout… one! We definitely could use some of that in the lineup. Maybe JP can go down to Dunedin on re-work his swing alongside Romero.

      • Apparently JPAt old Loup to throw the ball to Lawrie. Lawrie was not at 3B.

        Loup feels bad.

      • Really? You’re going to start comparing AAA statistics to major league ones? As long as JPA’s power numbers remain strong you really can’t complain too much when he’s riding an OPS of 860. If he finished with that for the season or around 800 then there shouldn’t be too many complaints. Would I love him to talk more walks? Sure who wouldn’t? He is what he is though just as Thole is what he is, a guy with a career .664 OPS.

        This team has far larger worries than JPA imo. Inconsistent starting pitching, poor hitting from nearly all the regulars other than the two Jose’s, and an overworked pen that’s short one power arm with Santos out. Even when the Jays get decent starting pitching the hitting has been so crap that it results in a loss or a very tight game. Losing

        The best hope for this team is to inch their way back closer to .500 by the end of the month and not be 5 or 6 games below at that point.

    • If you actually feel this way, sounds like you could use a blow job.

  89. F$@$& John Gibbons is a bum fire him already /:(

  90. Time f

  91. Read what Yankee fans are saying, we’re pretty much a laughing stock due to our defence. They’re so bad in the field that they simply don’t look like a Major League team. It’s embarrassing, more so than anything else. The other stuff should come with time but their the worst defensive team I’ve ever seen so far and that will ultimately limit their success.

  92. Time for a fire sale and Bautista is wasting his prime playing here when he could play with a legit contender

  93. Bautista and Hale to the Sox for Butterfield, who says no?

  94. I say yes the jays are never going to win anyway we will just have to sit and deal with mediocracraty forever because it will always be the Yankees Redsox and Orioels who win in this division have a fire sale and fire gibbons the entire coaching staff and Alex anthoupolous who made this shit show possible they were never this bad under ricchiardi who is complete shit and time to enjoy loosing forever this team is cursed this city is cursed and these teams will never win anything again ever again

  95. This should have been a W. Lets not kid ourselves these are VERY costly losses against teams in your division AT HOME. The lineup is just so dysfunctional right now. You have way too many free swingers like jpa and davis who quite frankly fucking suck and have no business playing everyday on a team with playoff aspirations. I would bench jpa vs. righties and bring up thole. I dont know what to do with blanco but thats the only internal fix I can think of that would help the team obp wise.

    • Every loss is costly. It was a winnable game

      • However, there are some positive signs.

        We have Lawrie & Bautista back,

        Kawasaki at SS is OK. No major screw ups.

        Buerhle kept us in the game.

        It’s not as bad as we think.

  96. I am so Angry, does this team know how to swing bats?
    Rasmus need to get the fuck out of this team. how long is his leash?
    Shame on the Jays

  97. This is the worst jays team ever on pace for a 79 and 83 record bottom of the al east here we come woohoo it’s fun to be shitty and suck and never win anything this is the worst team in the al and second worst in the league anthoupolous you are a bad gm

  98. #thisteamsucks

  99. Orioles, Yankees and Red Sox all win today

  100. So, who won today?

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