Cleveland Indians v Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays will try and get back on a winning track after dropping Game 1 to the New York Yankees Friday night. Mark Buehrle takes the mound for the Jays against Hiroki Kuroda, who pitched a master piece of a game last time out against the Orioles. Buehrle’s last win against the Yankees came back on April 10, 2004, when he was a member of the Chicago White Sox.

Good news from the injury front, as Jose Bautista is in the lineup, so he had no trouble with the back after playing last night.


Brendan Kennedy brings us a quote from Gibby on the condition of R.A. Dickey. Doesn’t seem as if the team is very concerned at this point. Mike Comack adds that they should know more on Dickey after his side session.

Ben Nicholson-Smith tweeted another quote from Gibby, who basically said the team needs to start playing better.

Barry Davis tweets that Encarnacion will not return to third base anytime soon.

TV: Sportsnet

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

RF Rajai Davis (R)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Mark Buehrle LHP

New York Yankees

CF Brett Gardner (L)
DH Ben Francisco (R)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
1B Kevin Youkilis (R)
LF Vernon Wells (R)
C Francisco Cervelli (R)
Rf Ichiro Suzuki (L)
SS Eduardo Nunez (R)
3B Jayson Nix (R)

Hiroki Kuroda RHP

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  1. Boys… its April 20th…. Which ostensibly means 2 things:

    1) ITS EARLY!!! I mean it’s April for fuck sakes! There have been lots of positive signs the last couple weeks, so focus on those, and give it time you declare this a “lost season!”

    2) Its April 20… Aka 420, aka a great time to smoke away your troubles and get ready for a great start from JJ tomorrow!!!!

  2. Mike is worse than Jesus cristo

    • I agree with him that it’s way too early to panic. But yea, he’s still can be a condescending piece of shit.

    • A typical DJF troll posts 1 or 2 stupid comments. Mike must have a slow life to put so much effort into just trying to piss people off.

  3. Some of these panicky handjobs should look at the July the ’92 team had and the August the ’93 team had. All teams eventually have a shit month. Ours just happened to have come in April this year.

    • This.

    • ok but the HUGE difference between now and then is that both those teams were far more complete teams with more overall talent. Thye had the ability to come back from poor starts.

      Its not about the record for me AT ALL. I admit Im starting to get a really bad feeling and I promose you Id feel the same way if we were 11-7 somehow.

      The whole “its early” thing is bang on, but incomplete. The REAL statement is “Its early, and a good team willl have no problems recovering from a poor start”

      But that presuppose that toronto is a good team. I think he pitching will be great. Theres too much talent there. But look at this lineup…..we have between 5-6 below average hitters out there every night, with piss poor defense.

      No one is worried about the record. Its just that this looks like a bad team overall. Maybe it wont be hard to fix, a few solid roster moves. But the team as its currently constructed is not a playoff team. Its not like weve got a bunch of good hitters who are underachiving. We just have a lot of bad hitters.

      • The 92 Jays had four regular hitters with OPS+s of 90 or below. The 93 team gave 81 starts to guys with ERAs of 4.44, 4.81, and 6.19.

        • It also had two, possibly three HOF players. WTF is your point. Comparing the two in anyway is stupid. I’m not writing them off by any means but the run differrential is concerning. It’s considered a great way to determine how good your team actually is and if you go back 5-7 years you won’t find a contender that started like this. The combination of getting beat and getting beat badly. Before you jump all over me, look it up and let me know what you find.

          • What’s your definition of getting beat badly? 3 or more runs? 5 or more runs? 8 or more runs? And why 5-7 years? I can tell you that the ’89 Jays were fucking horrid when Jimy Williams got fired in May — 12-24 — and we ended up winning the AL East. But fine. Let’s go back 5-7 years. As far as wins and losses go, the 2007 Rockies were 10-16 at the end of April and ended up in the World Series. The 2008 Phillies and the 2008 Rays were 8-10 after the first 18 games. Wanna guess which of those two teams ended up in the World Series?

          • @Billy

            2 years ago, Red Sox started 2-10, went 7-20 in September and still missed the playoffs by only 1 game. It’s a REALLY long season.

            • Stoten is right, ppl don’t understand. I said RUN DIFFERENTIAL. Five to seven because that’s what I bothered to go back on ESPN’s standings. No matter what your record, good teams generally have a high ratio and bad ones a low. Those Rockies? Negative 14, Tampa +2, Philly +2. 2013 Jays? Negative 32. That’s a lot. To be 4 games under .500 and have -32 is really hard to do. It certainly hasn’t all been bad luck. Go ahead, check it out. Here’s the link. . Find me a good team this far out RUN DIFFERENTIAL wise at this point.

              • I wouldn’t doubt that they’re rare, but the sample is too small for anyone to be looking at run differential too seriously at this point. You think this team is destined for the kinds of blowouts that the run differential would suggest as some kind of a regular occurrence? Does that really make sense to you?

                • Of course not, I’m still hoping/expecting good things but the fact that being beat by this much early hasn’t happened much, if at all to good teams is concerning. On the brightside, Dickey has straightened out, Morrow is bound to be better, Buerhle should level off somewhere between his first two starts and past two, Johnson should be closer to his last start than first 2 and Happ is what we thought he was. On offense there’s not one player clearly playing above his head so that also leaves a lot of room to rebound. On the darkside of the moon this teams health history stinks and its showing already. Unfortunately our best players are the ones with troublesome history and no amount of depth can replace players like Bautista and Reyes. If the Rasmus’, JPA’s and Melky’s of the team were injury prone I don’t think there would be any problems bridging the gap but thats not the case.

              • Go back a little further than 5-7 years and you will see how ridiculous you are sounding. Is -32 a problem in April but not in June? Again, go back to the ’92 Jays. They were 14-16 and had a run diffrential of -39 for August. Clearly, the World Series they won hid the fact that it was a shitty team since they had a bad month.

  4. Here’s the thing. It’s not too early to be frustrated and worried. The Jays are less likely to make the playoffs today than they were on April 4th, and there have been significant injuries, and piss-poor performances. So yeah. It sucks.

    What it’s too early for is hysterical fucking bedlam. Keep perspective. Some commenter here are posting like idiot preteens who’ve been dumped. OMG MY LIFE IS OVER I’M ONLY 12 BUT SRSLY NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE ME AGAIN

    • Also this.

    • I will agree that the coolstandings playoffs odds will gradually decrease as the team continues to lose games.

      It seems though that the AL East will be bunched up more than xpected, so if everyone beats each other,

      Jays could squeak through with 88-90 wins

      • September is going to be very interesting. I back loaded my flex pack expecting the ALE to be tight during the stretch drive. Jays will be in the mix.

        • Agreed. That’s what I am doing as well. I have the last game of the season & looking at baltimore & yankees series in September.

          It could be a wild ride. Defence has to get better though. It should improve with more playing time together.

          Sept 13-29 is exclusively against the AL East.

    • “hysterical fucking bedlam”

      Pretty apt characterization of the comment section the past couple weeks.

  5. So this kawasaki dude is just sitting around as a minor league free agent. Nobody wants him. He plays a solid defense and puts up decent at bats . He is not a world beater and he isnt a great offensive threat nor will he ever be


    we spent all this money on macier izturis? a guy who we cant apparently trust at ss as a backup. a guy equally if not more shitty than the freely avaiable kawasaki..

    so what the fuck was the ninja thinking committing years dollars to that chump when this dude was sitting around collecting dust?

    • I think Izturis is better at 2B. He was suppose to share time at 2B with Bonifacio, who is worse defensively than him.

    • A week or two in baseball doesn’t tell us anything. Maicer has been about as good a hitter in the Majors as Kawasaki has in Japan over the last five years. Think there’s a talent difference between the two leagues? Ever wonder why every other GM in the league also didn’t bother to pick Kawasaki up?

  6. I blame stoten and wilnir, aka, Ace and Gary. The knob gobbling duo.

    • Aaron Loup? More like Erin Poop. That’s more clever than Aron Cibia. Stoten’s pitching tomorrow, Wilnir is catching.

  7. Stoeten is worse than Wilner. What a fuckin’ whore.

  8. close game, tough loss, lace ‘em up tomorrow

  9. its ok, its too cold for baseball.
    It will be more fun when the Jays are on a winning streak when its 30 degrees out and I am on the front porch listening to the game on the radio and drinking beer.
    stop the crying.

  10. Some random observations from being at the game today:

    - It’s a pleasure to watch Colby patrol center field. Even though he didn’t end up getting it I couldnt believe he got close to that Overbay double. He’s worth the strikeouts.

    - Kawasaki gets the biggest cheer of the game for just existing. It’s great and all… and I like to watch someone have fun playing the game, but he’s already the new Johnny Mac. If he sticks around until when Reyes comes back people the general fan base will probably be angry, hahah.

    - Most people still aren’t there to watch baseball. Heard a few go leafs go chants, saw some airplanes being thrown around and just a lot of people with their back turned completely toward the field. I was sitting in the 500′s and i was in a row entirely made up of women. Now- nothing wrong with that at all. I just don’t get why a group of 6-8 women (or men for that matter) need to go to a baseball game to fucking yammer on about the most INANE bullshit for the whole time and pay no attention whatsoever to the game. Yeah, I get that for the most part it was sort of a boring game, and that I’m probably a giant cunt, but it still pisses me off.

  11. Great article by hayhurst on arencibia’s approach (or lack thereof). I LOLd when I read Zauns stance. How can a former ball player be this dumb?

    • The weird part is that I love the type of hitter Zaun was. He was the smart hitter who could take walks but didn’t hit for much power. I preferred him to Bengie Molina at the time. You’d think Zaun would agree with that kind of thinking. But he only cares about the cameras.

      • Dont ever make the mistake that because you played the game you know anything about it. There are all kinds of professional players that can excel at their sport yet know nothing about strategy, approach, talent evaluation..etc.

        • Also, anyone that utters the phrase “clogs the base paths” is a fucking idiot.

          Zaun is probably saying “its not worth JP walking because that only gets him to first..he must try to hit the ball far enough to at least get to second lest he prevent the guys behind him from stretching a single to a double or..worse yet…getting a hit and being on first while JP is on second”

          LMFAO. Every single statistical analysis ever performed, sorting through thousands and thousands of games tells us that the single biggest correlation between runs scored and any single offensive metric is getting on base. OPS is a flawed piece of shit because it weights batting average and on base equally when we KNOW on base is about TWICE as important.

  12. I still expect the Jays to be very much in the mix for a playoff spot come September. That’s all I wanted for sure out of this season. Anything more is gravy.

    Be pretty disappointing if it’s another “playing out the string” August and September.

  13. Cleveland leading Houston 15-3 in the third. When do we get to play the Astros.

  14. Latest Jays playoffs odds. Something seems a bit off with the predictions on April 1.

    Check out Top Comebacks & Top Collapses on the website. There is still plenty of time to recover.

  15. PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  16. Better to get the shittiness all aired out early than at the back end of say, August. Still good to see the starting rotation performing as expected and bullpen holding up. Buffalo exploded for like 27 runs and it isn’t like they are still playing in PCL. So I think the offence can be the easiest to retool in this case while the defence can only improve. Go Jays!

  17. Not surprised the reacharound boys Stoten & Wilnur continue to defend this team’s shiftiness. Same old tired act, year after year. Who did Stoten blow to get this job? Seriously?

  18. The bad news: we’re .389.
    The good news: we’re only 4 games below .500.

    Everyone who believed in chemistry said this team would start slow and finish fast. Well it’s happening, so let’s see if part b happens.

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