The Toronto Blue Jays will try and avoid the three game sweep at the hands of the New York Yankees in the finale of the three game series at Rogers Centre. Josh Johnson, who looked like the pitcher the Jays thought they were getting from the Marlins in his outing against the White Sox, will take the mound against Ivan Nova.

Bautista is back in right field today, and when you scroll down to the lineups, don’t fall off your chair! Kawasaki is batting leadoff today!


Much of the talk today has been about the Blue Jays defense, not only from Saturday, but throughout the season. Mike Wilner tweets that Gibbons is not concerned about the “D”, while John Lott writes about the Jays defensive issues in his National Post column.

John Lott tweets the answer to a question asked by someone to Gibby about needing a team meeting, while Lott also has an update on the condition of R.A. Dickey.

TV: Sportsnet

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)

Josh Johnson RHP

New York Yankees

CF Brett Gardner (L)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
LF Vernon Wells (R)
DH Travis Hafner (L)
1B Lyle Overbay (L)
SS Eduardo Nunez (R)
RF Ichiro Suzuki (L)
3B Jayson Nix (R)
C Chris Stewart (R)

Ivan Nova RHP

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  1. Singles are for pussies.

  2. Can we score one with 2nd and 3rd no one out?

  3. I know we’re not allowed to have any faith in JPA around here, but he looks pretty fucking good this year, doesn’t he?

  4. After JPA hit that ball, he stared it down and began doing a home run trot….he barely beat that throw to second base as a result

  5. Time for some CLETUS FLOW.

  6. Colby vs a lefty….lets hope for a miracle

  7. Jack Morris on inside pitch on Colby: “Should’ve let it hit him”…

  8. Wow we got a run!

  9. Razzmatazz redux.

  10. I think we are taking this Stoeten hate a bit too far now

  11. I am quite sure most of the most spectacular idiots here are not from what anyone would call Toronto.

    I don’t want to generalize and call everyone from the 905 and beyond uneducated, redneck, white trash pickup truck-driving, Rob Ford-voting pieces of shit — there are plenty of hardworking and intelligent immigrants propping up your stagnating Podunk towns.

    Non-rednecks can console themselves with the knowledge that most of these people can’t actually afford/are too intimidated by “the big city” to actually make it down to a game and, if they somehow do, they’d be too drunk and afraid to articulate even a fraction of this idiotic nonsense when surrounded by normal humans.

  12. Clogging the base paths.

  13. Cant believe you’re still here. Can’t be long now.

  14. Ok dude we get it.

  15. Fucking great game so far. Good times!


  17. FUCK! FINALLY!!!!

  18. Fuck I hate when they delete comments.
    I know it’s neccessary, but comments are all over the place.

    • Too true. Don’t they have some nerds at Score Towers to fix that?

      • Stoeten gets pissed when I say it but the truth is the Score’s IT guys aren’t that good.
        Takes them ages to fix anything.
        Are people still having site issues with iphones?

        • Yes. Have to clear my cache to load the site.

        • Yes. Works fine on Chrome, IE, etc. iPhone next to useless.

        • i get pissed because you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, RADAR. If you did, you’d be real fucking handy to have around, but the constant shit that comes from you that has ZERO basis in reality is fucked. I ask you CONSTANTLY to stop talking about website/blog shit as though you have a fucking clue, because it’s constantly– CONSTANTLY– wrong, and yet spoken with such utterly fucking moronic confidence that people might actually think it’s true.

          The fact is, I don’t patrol the comments. theScore doesn’t patrol the comments. No one was deleting comments here until about 4:45 PM, so based on the time stamp on your post here, whatever was happening was– surprise, sur-fucking-prise– not what you thought it was. Yes, the mobile site is having issues right now, nothing to do with IT not being good, but you wouldn’t fucking know that anyway, so why you would attempt to is baffling.

          What I think is happening here, though, is that you are continuing to fail to understand that the activity in the comments section here is a very small fraction of the traffic that comes to the site. That doesn’t mean that nobody cares, but– and I know that this probably makes your mind hurt– it means you’re sometimes just not a priority.

          I’d explain to you why the mobile issue is taking a little while, but you’re just going to invent something anyway, so why would I even bother?

          • I think I hit a nerve.

          • Stoeten,I’ve obviously caused you some emotional distress.I was merely voicing frustration at some of the technical issues associated with the site in the past and currently.My opinion is based on OBSERVATIONS and not a product of my imagination.
            In the past there have been commenters who ( so they claim) work in IT depts. and have also wondered about certain things.Some have even suggested solutions.
            In the past, every time the when the comments have become jumbled YOU have said it was because a comment was deleted. So now there’s something new.Bad for me to assume that it wasn’t the same reason as the 20 times before.
            I could list all of the issues that have cropped up but you’d just accuse me of inventing something anyway.
            You’ve stated that you’ve promoted twitter and facebook as a means to increase traffic to DJF.I figured solving access and IT problems would be a priority.Seems logical but what the fuck do I know.
            But In the interest of detente, I won’t mention it again and accept the fact that whoever is in charge, is either unwilling or unable to correct the issues.
            It’s over.

        • It’s better now. It redirects to Blogs at

  19. Don’t you have some offs to fuck?

  20. We are really bad at bunting, just saying.

  21. Ken Singleton – “there sure is a lot of hockey on TV up here”…

    Uhm…. doesnt he live in New York ? It’s not any different up here lol

    • To be fair, it really really is different up here. Not only in terms of the actual number of games shown, which is much higher, but especially in terms of what makes it on Sportscenter (or Sportscentre). Any TSN top 10 list has 8 hockey highlights; on ESPN, maybe 1 or 2 depending on the subject.

      Even TSN’s top 10 games impacted by weather has like 5 hockey games (soft ice in olympics, fog game, etc).

      • Back when Bill Hewitt did it, there was just a bit less than 2/3′s of a game a week on HNIC. And that started about 10 mins into the 2nd period.

  22. The running of the red bull.

  23. Gotta love Lawrie’s redbull fuelled enthusiasm

  24. ATTA BOY BRETT!!!!

  25. Who are those two old guys high fiving each other? Sportsnet can’t seem to get enough of them

  26. You haven’t been banned yet?

  27. Vernon is just trollin.

  28. The Yankee fan part of me just wants the Yankees to lose this game already so that all the ignorant fucks who have taken over DJF can just shut the fuck up and/or leave. Because winning one game is just as likely to prove that the Blue Jays are awesome + post-season bound as losing however many games in April proves that they suck to infinity.

  29. I’m loving the Cecil resurrection.

    • Ya, he’s been lockdown out of the pen. Looks like we’ll still need another reliever, but the team is really starting to come together.

      I don’t love seeing Rogers coming out two days in a row, though.

    • +1…if he had sucked to start the year he wouldve been heaped in with Lind as a fat, lazy, slob fuck…but he’s got his velocity back and Lind with 4 walks…It’s a good day today,..

  30. Rasmus can catch, and he’s had a good game, some arsehole earlier suggested Rajai Davis should have started this game…

  31. Does hitting the “post” button cause your computer to dispense meth?

  32. 4 walks for Lind this game?! That has got to be a single-game high for him

  33. I hate to say it, but VW looks like all-star in LF.

  34. 5 straight BB’s for Lind

  35. That Adam Lind guy really has goot at-bats. – Said no one ever (until now)

  36. Okay, that one was almost funny for once. You should’ve gone with “Encarnacion came up like Stoeten in bed; a little short” but since you’ve been posting at a rate of 15 times per crack rock, I’ll give you a break.

  37. Holy fuckernauts Arancibia!

  38. What do you call 4 walks in a game (ie golden sombrero)
    and why is adam lind walking 4 times in a game…holy shit!

  39. JP is kinda good when he gets contact.

    • Ya if someone could convince him to cut down his swing a bit and continue to utilize the entire field, instead of trying to pull everything into the seats he would probably have more consistent success. I like to see him go the other way with authority every now and then.

  40. A new page, a new page, my kingdom for a new page.

    Make it so, Score wonks.

  41. #ThingsYouHearInApril

    “JPA has just tied Chris Davis of the Orioles for most Home Runs in the American League”

  42. What is wrong with people? Someone just threw a ball from the stands at Wells. That’s not a baseball fan. What a fucking embarrassment.

    • On Friday night @ the dome there was much chucking of various different things. It’s embarrassing to be there. And, yknow, to be having a few working brain cells.

    • Wells deserves better from the in-stadium fans than he’s getting this weekend.

      Of course that was true when he was wearing a Jays uniform, so I don’t know.

  43. Red Bull!!!

  44. I met Stoeten a while back at Opera Bob’s. I’d read this blog before meeting him and had no idea who he was till that night. I couldn’t believe how much of a loser the dude was. He’s a wanna be hipster wearing stained clothing and a shitty beard. Other than coed softball he probably has never played a team sport in his life – and dude feels he has all authority on baseball cause he’s a nerd reading a stat sheet (like Wilner) — it shows you the power of the Internet. Anybody can set up a good blog or website, but it doesn’t mean you still aren’t a wiener.

  45. You are honestly really creepy and fucked up and I’d actually applaud Stoeten if he got a restraining order filed against you.

  46. Look like the comments section exploded again.

    Lind taking four walks is probably the safest thing he can do.

  47. GSMC — I’ll always give credit when it’s due. Yes the blog is impressive. The person who is running it is rather unimpressive however.

  48. Smile now Vernon, pretty soon you’ll be__________* ( DFA’d, benched, on waivers, traded to the Ham Fighters)

    *pick one

  49. Can we boot this?

  50. Pat thinks the Yankees are still the Yankees. Good to know

    • “Do you know why those kids are yelling pizza?” Um, probably because they want chinese food Pat. Holy fucking learning disability.

    • I’m giving that quote my “Tabby Quote O’ The Day.” I know he was just quoting what someone else said, but then he had to follow it up with “And I agree with him!”

      Because yes, the Yankees haven’t decided to change their team name! Eagle-eyed observance, thy name is Tabler.

      • as funny as that is to read, you obviously have no idea what Tabby is trying to say. He was merely pointing out that the yankees are still the yankees no matter who is playing for them. In otherwords the uniforms bestow magical baseball powers upon those who wear them. Duh.

  51. Come on Oliver, work that magic of yours

  52. I don’t care. I’m still obviously reading the blog.

  53. BEST Tabby quote of all time “I’m going to really snap one off”, in talking about Darren Oliver’s approach

  54. Dude. Really? Have you read some of the horseshit posted here? – and you’re going to come at me for make an objective statement based on a factual meeting.

    Fine – go back to reading dudes write ‘ Yankees are Stoetening here’

  55. Did Hafner just give up? wtf was that last play

  56. Didnt realize the level of sensitivity. Lesson learned.

  57. *Cher Lloyd style grunt*

    That game was awesome. More of that please. Sweep of the nO’s . Fuck em.

  58. See you tomorrow, douche.

  59. Stoeten – please ban this racist, homophobic idiot.

    Racist, homophobic idiot. I’m sure Stoeten appreciates all the pageviews, though. It’s amazing how someone who claims to hate something or someone is too lame and feeble not to post about 50 comments today.

    • He’s been doing it for years, actually. Clearly some kind of OCD shit. At this point I just feel bad for the guy. I’m sure he doesn’t really want to do it any more than we want to see it.

  60. I miss that guy

  61. Comment section weird today, I couldn’t post all game.

  62. Comments are going all over the place, but that’s not a big deal today, not much to read in here. Tomorrow they will get cleaned up.

  63. Dear Mr. Stoeten;

    I have noticed that on many Jays message boards there have been certain fans that have seen into the crystal ball of the future and have found nothing but gloom and doom. Fortunately there is a solution to this problem. I found the most amazing quote on the Hum and Chuck webpage ( which you so nicely provide a link to:

    “A few years ago I was watching some playoff game or another with my father, and I began making wailing noises at some point due to the unbearable suspense that comes into play during playoff baseball. And my father turned to me and said, “If you are going to watch this game, you better toughen up.”

    So, everyone who watched that game yesterday, hear this: if you are going to watch this game, you better toughen up. ”

    The problem seems to be that many people are watching the wrong sport and should stick to synchronized swimming.

    • Well said.

    • Wait, what!? What does ripping on synchronized swimming have to do with anything? What’s not tough about holding your breath for five hours while you hoist 6 of your best friends above water in unimaginable poses? I’m not a fan, but I respect the hard work and athleticism that goes into it. It seems every time we need to demonstrate “toughness” we rip people (read: men) for their femininity or homosexuality. So predictable and so ridiculous.

  64. Kawasaki now to lead off vs RP/s

  65. I wonder how many people who are shitting on this team think baseball is just like hockey. Cuz, you know, Johnson would have picked up the win if he just finished his checks and got the puck to the net.

  66. Great game by the Jays. By gum, that one was fun!

  67. Good win today, much needed. After hearing a lot of the ‘It’s early’ chatter, I wanted to find out how ‘early’ the records are indicative of post season play. So I went back the past 18 years and tracked the records of the AL East teams after the first 20 games to determine (a) what their records were, and (b) did they make the playoffs. Below is a summary of what I found:

    Record # of times done # of times’s made playoffs Probabilty of making playoffs
    17-3 1 1 100%
    16-4 0 0 0%
    15-5 2 2 100%
    14-6 9 6 67%
    13-7 9 5 56%
    12-8 8 3 38%
    11-9 14 6 43%
    10-10 10 2 20%
    9-11 17 5 29%
    8-12 8 1 13%
    7-13 5 0 0%

    My gut says the format won’t translate, but in essence the best record the Jays can attain after 20 games is 9-11. This has been done 17 times by AL East teams in the past 18 years and only 5 times has the team made the playoffs, most recently by the Rays in 2011. They Rays also did it in 2008 and won the East. The Yankees did it the 3 other times (’97, ’04 and ’05).

    The next finding won’t endear myself to anyone here. A team has had a record of 8-12 eight times in the past 18 years. Of those times only once has a team made the playoffs, this was the 2007 Yankees. This means tomorrow night’s game against Baltimore is a MUST-WIN. Okay maybe not, but the odds and history seem to differ.

    This is kind of like Tiger Woods never wining a Major when he is behind after Day 3. Even though you think he could, and possibly should, it’s never been done.

    • Thanks for doing the research. What lies ahead is a tough road that hasn’t been made easier by our start to the season. That said, with the extra wild card, things have changed considerably. Here’s hoping the Jays beat the odds.

    • @Jays Rule

      Thanks for the analysis.

      I was going to do a similar analysis.

      The “it’s early” crowd need to know the facts. 29% chance is what it is.

      The fact that the jays have been missing key players, gives us hope that we have a shot.

      today’s rally was a positive sign as was yesterdays although it fell part because of defensive mistakes.

      The good news is the team is showing signs of being able to comeback.

      Lind deserves credit for taking 4 walks. Starting pitching is above average. Good Cecil is back.

      There will be good times this year, but we should stay vigilant. Gibby said there may have been a team meeting this weekend.

      I find it hard to believe that the Yankees will continue to dominate with Wells, Overbay, Jayson Nix & Ben Francisco.

      Stoeten was correct that this could be a 5 way fight in the AL East & not a walk in the park.

      Just enjoy the ride & get drunk. Kawasaki told us its OK .There will be nights when extra beer & wine will be needed.

    • If the 1997 Yanks came out in 1998 and went 8-12 to start the season, would anyone think they had little hope of making the playoffs?

      The reason that so few 8-12 teams make the playoffs is because most 8-12 teams suck. Here’s some other teams that could be 8-12 by their 20th game:
      Los Angeles Angels
      Chicago White Sox
      Cleveland Indians
      Tampa Bay Rays
      Minnesota Twins
      Philadelphia Phillies
      Chicago Cubs
      Los Angeles Dodgers

      See, the problem here, is that a sample of eight 8-12 teams in the past 18 years, is in itself a small sample size. There’s just too many variables at play here. Injuries? Trades? Manager firings? There’s a whole assortment of types of teams that start 8-12, be they crappy teams playing above expectations, or great teams starting cold.

      I’m not going to pretend to know how to calculate deviations from the norm, but I’m quite certain that when your sample size is eight teams, a standard deviation would have to be at least one team, if not two.

      One game is no more of a must-win tomorrow than it is in September. They’re both just one more number on the win total necessary to get you to the playoffs.

      • Sample size is irrelevant, it has been ordained that this is the Jays year. Put the calculators away, grab your drink and/or combustible of choice, and sit back and enjoy the ride. We’re going to win some; we’re going to lose some. Shit happens. We’re in new territory now that MLB has added the extra wild card. Anything can happen. All 5 ALE teams may be in the hunt in September. How great would that be?

        • And, yes, I didn’t stop drinking when I got home from the game.

          • Your Blue Jays decal (and the heart you wear on your sleeve) won’t get you into heaven anymore, GSMC, but I bet you can see it from there. (Apologies to John Prine.)
            Don’t change.
            Keep drinking.
            You’re a most excellent Jiminy Cricket for DJF.

  68. I’m getting a little sick of all the K % talk. For one it’s early, for 2 WHO FUCKING CARES Outside of the low percentage of situations that benefit from contact what is the fucking difference if Rasmus/JPA strike out/pop-out or roll over on a breaking ball…Especially JPA, he’s not gonna leg out ANY infield hits and would you rather 5 2 strike HR with his current approach or 10 bloppers over a season…PS Everyone is shitting on a guy who was expected to be of little use this year and now he’s leading the AL in HR and is 10th in slugging….if this is the aprroach that works for him enjoy the bomb show and shut up when he k’s 4 times in a loss…

  69. Well I didn’t get to see this one, but checking out the boxscore it has Adam Lind going 0-2 with….FOUR walks!? Nice, wow. Anyway big win hopefully this is finally the offense breaking out a bit.

  70. it’s Kawasaki time!

  71. Good game today. hopefully they can keep it rolling for a while.

  72. Great game today. The place just exploded when Colby hit that broken bat single, I think everyone in the stadium was resigned to a strikeout.

  73. As a reminder, Buster Posey hit his first home run of the season and is batting about .232 right now.

    If he were a Jay, the idiot branch of the commenters here would be asking for AA to get fired and to release Posey because he’s clearly done.

    It’s early. People are complaining because lots of others are saying it’s still early. But fact it, it is EARLY. Calm down.

  74. Haha today this clown was yelling at Hayhurst in that Sportsnet holding cell: “I chirped you on Twitter and you went nuts on me.” Hayhurst responded by saying “You want a box of tissues?” which prompted the guy to lose his shit and start swearing and yelling at Hayhurst while I and some small children looked on. Reasonable Sunday lunchtime behaviour.

  75. Nice to see Lawrie hit a liner today, dude has been a topped ground ball machine, including most of last year.

    I think he waggles his bat too much, too late in the pitcher’s delivery. Timing a 90 mph pitch is hard enough without having to get your waggle right too.

  76. Lind with 4 walks? Look out for a blue moon tonight.

  77. Seriously though, nobody is giving Adam Lind love for walking 4 times in one game?

  78. Today’s comeback victory was a good sign. The team has enough offence weapons to have big innings.

    Kawasaki at leadoff is not crazy.

    JPA 40 HR? That can’t happen can it?

    Pitching is still strong despite Johnson walking two runs in.

    We will have a fun summer , win or lose.

  79. Hey, I want to give some kudos to ADAM Lind who a lot of us have shit on good here.
    While he is hitting a pedestrian .222 his OBP is up to .370 because he has suddenly developed an affinity for the walk which he used to eschew like a hive of bees and led directly to a couple of key rallies.
    Hell, if he can suddenly see the light and get better, maybe Colby will discover that the area to the left of 2B can be used to put the ball inplay and increase both his avg and OPA. Edwin used to use the area to the RIGHT of 2B a lot last year but his year he is trying to pull e’t hing to LF and thus his avg is down below .200. I hope someone gives him the revelation soon.
    Hopefully we can build on this.
    Forward Soviet! Get the marching orders!

    • Yep agree. If he can continue to take walks and not get himself out it’ll help the lineup tremendously. Now, if only jpa could learn to walk. That would be even better. BTW, great atmosphere at the done today.

  80. Kinda wish you left it up. I’m wondering what all the fuss was about. Am also aware of how lame sitting here and reading comments with no reference point is.

  81. A team with a collective .260 OBP will not lead the league in GIDP. Doesn’t mean they’re not famously good at squandering their rare chances, just means they don’t get on base anywhere near as often as the leaders do.

  82. Thank god you’re here man. My day wasn’t insufferably negative enough yet.

  83. The very definition of insufferable.

  84. GingerCampbell that is.

  85. Just swing at everything as hard as humanly possible and hope for the best – 2013 Toronto Blue Jays

  86. Just swing at everything as hard as humanly possible and hope for the best – the Blue Jays for the past decade.

  87. Spud you’re getiing crouthity

  88. I’ve been rocking ‘crotchety’ for years and years ‘dawg.

    It’s kinda my thing.

  89. *crotchity, no?

  90. + crotch

  91. Did this blog get funked somehow?

  92. When a comment gets deleted the whole thing gets a little fucky. Somehow the deleted comment did not belong to the retard of the day.

  93. There were a lot of candidates. Maybe we should have a vote after each game.

  94. I tried to delete comments that were in reply to him as well. Yeah, things are fucked a bit. Sorry.

  95. I hope I win

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