The Toronto Blue Jays will try and avoid the three game sweep at the hands of the New York Yankees in the finale of the three game series at Rogers Centre. Josh Johnson, who looked like the pitcher the Jays thought they were getting from the Marlins in his outing against the White Sox, will take the mound against Ivan Nova.

Bautista is back in right field today, and when you scroll down to the lineups, don’t fall off your chair! Kawasaki is batting leadoff today!


Much of the talk today has been about the Blue Jays defense, not only from Saturday, but throughout the season. Mike Wilner tweets that Gibbons is not concerned about the “D”, while John Lott writes about the Jays defensive issues in his National Post column.

John Lott tweets the answer to a question asked by someone to Gibby about needing a team meeting, while Lott also has an update on the condition of R.A. Dickey.

TV: Sportsnet

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)

Josh Johnson RHP

New York Yankees

CF Brett Gardner (L)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
LF Vernon Wells (R)
DH Travis Hafner (L)
1B Lyle Overbay (L)
SS Eduardo Nunez (R)
RF Ichiro Suzuki (L)
3B Jayson Nix (R)
C Chris Stewart (R)

Ivan Nova RHP

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  1. finally a somewhat deep lineup

  2. How soon til Hafner tests positive for PED’s?

  3. I’d like to see Lind down to #8, Lawrie up to #6 and JPA at #5. And Davis instead of Rasmus. Fuck Colby Rasmus.

  4. Colby Rasmus is the second best hitter on team. I think you want him in there, particularly against RHP.

  5. Holy shit, V Dub is hitting third in 2013.

  6. I feel like Davis at DH would be better than Lind right now. Davis has looked pretty good offensively and Lind has not looked great.

  7. “It’s fucking April” but……

    Bottom 4 in MLB run diff…

    SEA -27
    TOR -32
    HOU -33
    MIA -42

    “It’s fucking April”, but……

    The season is already over 1/10 (11.1%) completed.

    “It’s fucking April” , but……

    To get to 95 wins (which is not necessary for a playoff birth, but in the range to “secure it”, it took Tex and BAL 93 last year.) the Jays need to go 88 and 56 the rest of the way, that is, they have to play .611 ball.

    Just facts here, interpret them as you like.

    • There, there?

    • The Tigers were six games under .500 on June 6th last year and didn’t permenently pass .500 until a month later, the Giants were under .500 until mid-May.

      Things turned out okay for both of them.

      • Factually correct Justin!

        While we’re picking random team performances over 162 may I add the that the 1993 SF Giants won 103 games and did not make the playoffs.

      • I’d probably add that those two teams had a history and track record of being good and played in divisions conducive to allowing for a hot streak to make up for the poor starts.

        The Blue Jays on the other hand…

    • Good points about having to go 88-56. it has been done before, but every loss makes it tougher.

  8. Full house today! Kawasaki got biggest cheer.

  9. Every time I hear Jack Morris on the radio I feel there’s a chance he might say something ignorant, offensive or racist.

    • He was in the neighborhood yesterday with a “Suzuki-Kawasaki-Kuroda/Kabota” riff that Jerry was quick to shut down.

  10. This is a sinking ship!

  11. Play for yourself!

  12. Judging by the massive lineup at the Jays Store, AA can afford to resign JJ or pick up another top tier player.

  13. half an inning into this shit and im already screaming at buck and tabby’s inanity ridden verbal diarrhea, what a fucking pathetic duo they are

  14. J.P. Arencibia on pace for a 54 HR season. LOOKS LIKE STOETEN WAS WRONG LOL. SHOULD BE THE SCLOLRE

  15. JB was wrong.
    That was a good pitch, he shouldn’t bitch.
    Hey, I’m a poet and didn’t know it.

    • I agree. Looked like the ump was pretty eager to mix it up with him though. As an ump you’ve got to let things like that go.

      • Disagree, from where I sit, It looked like JB started to chirp and the ump reacted as he should.

        • Couldn’t tell on TV, looked like he took a step toward JB as soon as he started throwing his hands up. Still, in my opinion you’ve got to give a player a little breathing room. Unless he called him a cocksucker.

          • It’s the first inning. The ump is still establishing the strike zone. Maybe after a complete run through the order you can start bitching. First at-bat? Seems more like Bautista’s got his underwear on too tight today.

  16. ugh. Tabby just said “during this road trip” while talking about Encarnacion’s hitting..

  17. I’m too lazy to get out on my balcony. Because I don’t have a balcony. It’s a basement suite.
    My Mom’s basement.

  18. FLOW

  19. Razzmatazz.

  20. Whoa….did Rasmus just get on base…I’m looking at the sky right now expecting to see some pigs flying

  21. I love JPA but you just know he is due to hit an epic fuckin slump any day now. This guy runs hot and cold like no one else..

  22. Anyone else worried like me that Lawire, as he ages, will have the same thick ankles as his mom?

  23. I think this is more in line with what people expected before the season began.

  24. Looks like somebody had a talk with the boys.
    No first pitch swinging.
    Kudo’s to Gibby for having the balls to put Kawasaki in the lead off

  25. Don’t worry, your always gonna give it up to great hitters like Chris Stewart now and then.

  26. Fuck these guys have horse shoes.

  27. Davis catches that.

  28. Nice K JJ!

  29. You guys are a riot.

    Gotta love the Monkey Army. They keep it real.

  30. JJ bends but doesn’t break.

  31. Another 2 weeks or so and VW will be popping up for outs and Lyle will be grounding into DP’s.

  32. Can’t get swept at home against a division rival. It’s our first must win game.

    • it really isn’t a must win and being swept by the yankees means nothing. The Yanks and Red Sox swept each other many times in the years they were dominating the division. I’m as frustrated as everyone else, but there really is no reason to panic. A nice 5 game winning streak and everything changes. I know it doesn’t make it any less frustrating, but its true. And on the positive side, at least we’ve managed to eek out a few wins despite serious struggles throughout the lineup.

      • Have you watched a game? There is something to panic about, not the record but how terrible we are playing.

        • Watching them play most games has been difficult with defense mistakes, poor at bats.

          However, pitching is getting better.

          2 walked in runs hurt especially to Overbay who usually strike out in these key situations. Some Yankee magic there.

      • Good to see the bats bail out JJ today, shows resiliency and heart. A yanks sweep would be demoralizing to the club. Then you have team meetings, finger pointing, negativity.


  34. Take the windows out of LF.

  35. Vernon earned that cap tip.

  36. The ghosts of baseball past are haunting the Jays.

  37. Vern trolling so hard, oh man.

  38. I feel like that guy with the binocs is looking into my soul.

  39. Holy shit that woman is definitely creeping on the hotel room windows.

  40. I thought it was an older lady, but I could been wrong.

  41. Any fly ball that isn’t a double or homer is a “little looper” according to Buck Martinez

  42. It seems like we should be up by about 4 runs yet somehow we are up 1. not good.

  43. Without a doubt, worst interview ever, CJ.

  44. Tabler with another soft hands comment.

    Do you think he sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber with his hands nestled comfortably in silk mitts?

  45. how much would you bid on the jays auction to have evanka osmack shit on your face?

  46. Ok I KNOW I’m hearing it now. Every 3rd time or so, Buck is calling Colby,

    • Why are you surprised that a Renaissance Man like Buck would reference the ‘Prince Of The Humanists?”

  47. Holy shit that pitch was almost in the dirt and the idiot called it a strike

  48. Holy crap Maicer is terrible, poor AA

  49. I’d bid 1000 for Evanka.

  50. 5 hits, 3 walks, 11 LOB. Leadoff man on in every inning and 2 runs to show for it. Gots to get those guys around.

  51. We’d like to thank the MLB & the Jays organization for sponosoring the CNIB’s new umpire mentoring program for all home plate umpires at Rogers’ center. Enjoy the game.

  52. I gotta feeling Cano is going to own this at bat.

  53. Okay, this might be completely crazy, but if KAWASAKI! continues to be awesome, do we think about moving Jose to second when he comes back? In fact, even if KAWASAKI! doesn’t continue to be awesome. Izturis is basically replacement level, and Bonifacio obviously can’t play 2B at all, so why not let Jose play a less rangy position and keep respectfully Lo Visteing all the way to the World Series?

    • It’s hard to say if we’ll still think Kawasaki is awesome in July.

      But if Boni and Izturis still aren’t impressing, then why not stick Kawasaki there? At least he’ll give good defence.

      • Exactly… Kawasaki should go absolutely NOWHERE, he has played great on all levels, he’s becoming a fan favourite and he has seemingly been a clubhouse guy. Boni-shitt-o needs to fuck right off. He has played absolutely awful at every position, get rid of him when Reyes comes back, I am sure there will be a team that will give up cash or a low level prospect for a utility man.

  54. vintage moment for a wells double play

  55. I think a Wells HR here would be the most 2013 Jays thing that I can imagine happening.

  56. Is anyone else wondering who the fuck Chris Stewart is? Ahhh it doesnt matter really, the Yankees could throw out their whole AAA team and still beat the Jays, as long as Vernon fucking Wells is in the line up that is…..

    Jesus Christ.

  57. VW can go fuck himself already

  58. Nice block JPA!

  59. Fuck I don’t like this.


    Hafner swings at high inside stuff.

  60. A Lyle Overbay double here and you know Buck Martinez is gonna say he’s the “doubles specialist”

  61. Don’t walk in a run please, thanks

  62. Why walk Overbay, makes no sense, nope, nope, nope.

  63. JP doing a great job this inning of preventing a wild pitch

  64. Ahead 1-2 to overbay, make sure you walk him!

  65. Dont worry everybody, Stoeten says this is all part of the plan.

  66. Fez?

  67. HOLY FUCK THROW A STRIKE! You are facing overbay and nunez!

  68. Well, you gotta respect a great hitter like Overbay, I totally understand the walk ;)

  69. we lost, because we won’t get another run

  70. Well, you gotta respect a great hitter like Eduardo Nunez, I totally understand the walk ;)

  71. Ok this sucks.
    Anyone think Gibby should’ve sent Walker out to
    give the kid a breather?

    • No shit. I actually thought Walker must’ve already gone out and they didn’t want to pull him. I didn’t think that had happened, but I am also drunk.

  72. Kawasaki makes the best plays of the week on the Jumbotron.

  73. Holy poo we are poopy

  74. Fear not fellow DJFers! Later this afternoon we could potentially have the strongest team in the division! Sadly we’ll be the strongest because we’re holding up all the other teams above us.

    At least we have a new goal for the next few weeks. Forget the playoffs. Just to get to .500!!

    Radar, you are T-shirt duty. “.500 or bust!” front and back please.

    Simulating Ricky™ is starting to look really appealing right about now.

  75. So who gets todays “In way over his head” award?

  76. Team is losing, cut to the boob shots!

  77. Just to rub it in, Sportsnet shows us highlights of Yunel Escobar hitting a homerun for the Rays

  78. Getting beaten and soon to be swept by Robinson Cano and his team of blue jay relics and has beens is a great step in the right direction. I can smell playoff baseball.

  79. haha Cabrera there before the throw but he slowed down, cunt


  81. Roid-less melky is sloooooooww

  82. Fuck Chris Stewart and fuck the Yankees spinning production out of shit.

  83. It is officially time to be concerned – this BJ team can’t hit or pitch. There is nothing coming from the minors or injured reserves soon enough to help. Management can’t trade there way out of this, and Farrell looks like a genius. It dosn’t get any worse than this

  84. If it takes 94 wins to make the playoffs we only need 87 more.

    There are 144 games left (including today).

    That means we ONLY need to go 87-57 the rest of the way.

    I wonder how many of those 144 games are against the AL East?

  85. EE is do due.

  86. haha why the fuck was the catcher yelling YA! after that terrible strike out by Edwin

  87. One of these days EE will stop popping up pitches that he should be driving. Not sure why Melky was trying to steal with Bautista batting.

  88. My God when Chris Stewert yelled “yeah” after that strike 3 pitch it reminded me of when Daniel-Son got the shit kicked out of him by the Corbra-Khan lead bad guy!

    Fuck this shit!

    Gonna catch some rays on the balcony.

  89. As opposed to the gargletyping you’re doing?

  90. It’s Wilnot btw not ‘Wilmer’, and he sucks my happenis not peepee.

  91. Lets extend Johnson now – we should get a great deal

  92. How ’bout some meaningful games in June?

  93. Next Stewart at bat better feature a fastball WAY IN on pitch one.

  94. I can’t believe Gibbons sent Johnson out to start this inning. Idiocy.

  95. Walked in 2 runs and the wild pitch lead to a run, and that beats our 2-spot.

  96. Latest tweet from Stoeten – ‘A lot of Jays fans are kinda getting the team they deserve right now’ ….. This guy is such a tool it’s not even funny anymore

    • He wants the fans to be happy with walking in runs and getting 5 hits a game.

    • Pretty stupid thing to say.

    • Reading this thread in a calm state several hours after the game is over because I can’t sleep, still regretting the ridiculously stupid and shameful comments I posted yesterday, I can say that Stoeten has every right to have said that.

      The only defense I can put forth for all of us that have poured hate on the team – there is a very fine line between love and hate. Loving the Jays is like being married. You know you love them, but sometimes when things go wrong for a while you say things you know you don’t mean just to try to inflict pain for a brief moment.

      The difference is the Jays don’t feel the hateful sting of our words, but will forever be loyal to their fans, just like a loyal dog that is beaten but doesn’t understand the intent of its owner and will remain loyal until he no longer exists.

      Those of us so willing to beat this team the way we do should try to remember why we love them and how much it would hurt if they were to leave (as the beaten dog ought to). Then maybe we would hardly care how this season turns out.

      Five reasons to get you started:

      1. 10 home runs in one game
      2. Alomar, Molitor, Olerud – 1-2-3 in AL batting ave.
      3. Jose Bautista hits 54 amazing home runs in one season
      4. Dave Stieb earns one of the most meaningful no-hitters of them all
      5. Flags fly forever – don’t they?

  97. Are you by any chance hoping to be a regular contributor here?

  98. Adam Lind has turned into Mr. Patience…4 walks in a row??

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