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Well, just contemplate for a second what Jays fans will be like to deal with if the club loses the series they begin tonight with the Baltimore Orioles. But there’s reason for optimism! J.A. Happ starts tonight for the Jays, and if they manage to pull through behind him tonight, they’ve got two great chances at taking the series, with R.A. Dickey set to go tomorrow night, and Brandon Morrow on Wednesday afternoon.

But OK, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. One game at a time and all that. Aaaand the Jays have Emilio Bonifacio in the lineup and playing second base tonight, which is sure to give anyone who saw Prince Fielder legging out infield hits back in Detroit the shivers. But the defence sure feels sturdier now than it has at any point in the season, with Munenori Kawasaki seemingly entrenched at short, Brett Lawrie back at third, and Jose Bautista in right field. Yeah, the sloppy plays are annoying, but at least they’re generally getting to the balls they’re supposed to, right? Mostly.

Fingers crossed!


Shi Davidi tweets that R.A. Dickey will pitch tomorrow, and that his sore neck feels better today than it did on the day before his previous start.

John Lott adds that Dickey missed his bullpen session yesterday, however.

TV: Sportsnet (One/Ontario/Pacific)

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Muenenori Kawasaki (L)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)

J.A. Happ LHP

Baltimore Orioles

RF Nick Markakis (L)
3B Manny Machado (R)
CF Adam Jones (R)
C Matt Wieters (S)
1B Chris Davis (L)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
DH Steve Pearce (R)
LF Nolan Reimold (R)
2B Alexi Casilla (S)

Chris Tillman RHP

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  1. I wonder how the knuckleball will be tomorrow if there is a similar wind.

  2. C’mon Delabar you magnificent son of a bitch.

  3. I’ll put my money on Delabar being the first Jay to visit Dr. Andrews this year.

  4. WARM up the bullpen!

  5. here comes a two run shot by jones.

  6. Buck: “Doesn’t bite so good ‘cuz it’s so cold, it’s gets slick and hard.”

  7. Delebar is so lucky Jones swung at that ball way outside

  8. whoa whoa whoa…they should argue that jones interfered with JPA’s throw to second . he walked right infront of him

  9. Anyone else think leaving Delabar in against Weiters is a bad idea?

  10. Clap……….Clap…..Clap..Clap..Clap.ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

  11. How did AA manage to turn Eric Thames into Steve Delabar?

  12. Sometimes you eat the Delabar

  13. Let’s get this thing to extra innings, bank the point and hope we can get the second point in the HR derby.

  14. Fuck you guys shitting on Delabar. He just struck out Jones and Wieters back to back with a man on. The bionic commando.

  15. Lets hope the “closer pitches poorly in a non save situation” happens here

  16. I’m calling a homer!

    • Cleatus, I will go to Bob Bannerman tomorrow and buy a truck if you……….never mind.

  17. Pat tabler with an actual scientifically correct statement. Balls DO travel further in moist air due to reduction in density

  18. Ok I just dropped Bonifacio from the last of my fantasy teams. Therefore his curse should be completely lifted starting tomorrow.

  19. Well, if we lose tonight, at least it will be in walk off fashion

  20. Cibia gotta lay off the high cheese.

  21. C’mon Cletus

  22. I admit, kind of like the cut your hair chants to Cletus.

  23. Goddamn it Loup

  24. Does anybody notice that Colby wears his pants high like my grandfather.

  25. Snoop-A-Loup

  26. Oh here’s comes that loogy pitcher that Gibbons can’t get enough of

  27. It was a good game guys. There is no shame in losing to perennial Cy Young candidate, Chris Tillman.


  29. So walk him, right?

  30. Anyone: please recommend to me a reliable site to stream the game from.

  31. If they but with two outs, dont throw to third loup

  32. Just got home and got the game on. 4 Hits and 1 run. Was their pitcher good or our batters bad?

  33. @chefraekwon: thanks, perfect. Morbo is pleased, but sticky.

    @famousamazingguy: I’m already on Bell, unfortunately

    @Bonifacios… blackouts, my friend.

  34. FUCK!!!!

  35. Just fucken brutal…

  36. lol

  37. I love how the Jays seemingly manage to fuck up defensively at the most crucial times.

  38. what can go wrong will go wrong…

  39. Kawasaki’s 15 minutes of fame is just about up

    • You’ve been on site less time than him.

    • Blair warned fans about Kawasaki today on Baseball Central.

      I don’t hate Kawasaki & this was a well pitched game by the Jays.

      The at bats through the first 5 or 6 innings were bad, but they started taking pitches later.

      These are the games the OriOLOLES were good at winning last year.

  40. This is why you go to 2nd base you asshat.

  41. God I hope that play doesn’t cost the game. The honeymoon will be over for poor Kawasaki

  42. Time for seppuku?

  43. I got Loup on my Fantasy team, so this is starting to suck

  44. Good lord.

  45. still finding new and exciting ways to lose I see,

  46. Kawasaki noooooo

  47. Who knew, Loup was Latin for “losing pitcher”? Go figure.

  48. cue the grand salami

  49. Edwin saves the day again.

  50. Damnit.

  51. I hate fuckin Baltimore

  52. hahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahaha

  53. Way to go, mascot!

  54. sonofabitch

  55. Don’t worry guys, the Jays are just saving all the runs for the last game of the series. It doesn’t matter if you lose the first two when you can emphatically win the last one!

    Momentum, it matters. Like, a lot.

    1 run against Chris fucking Tillman.

  56. on an 0 and 2 pitch? seriously?

  57. Does that take the shine off of Kawasaki at all? Fuck the jays find ways to lose games, panic!!!!

  58. Drat.

  59. That one’s on Kawasaki. Goddammit.

  60. Don’t worry guys, it’s early.

  61. When does Reyes come back again?

  62. only pain.

  63. are these charitable contributions tax deductible?

  64. And that’s the way she goes, shitty bill

  65. Why the fuck did he not go to 2nd?

  66. I don’t blame the defence. The offence has to score some runs.

  67. They shouldn’t just walk the hitter with a runner on second automatically. Throw a couple of pitcher’s pitches to see if they will go for it first. Down 3-0 go ahead and just walk him then.

    • Gibby ball- is back and as middling as ever. I got news for ya gibbs….you cant rely on the 3 run tater if bau bau and e5 aren’t hitting

  68. #hatethisteam

  69. Okay, Kawasaki’s blunder aside, the offense has gotta score more than 1 damn run against this guy.

  70. At least, that was a better ending than I expected.

    I was counting on the Orioles winning on a HBP, pass ball or wild pitch.

  71. Kawasaki is still my homie. Shit storm incoming, buckle up

  72. another shit show. this team is going to be in last all year long . . . wait until the pitching injuries start, then it’s going to be really fun.

    my bet is on Morrow for TJ by the end of May. any takers?

  73. the plunked lead-off hitter was a nice touch, too. that never comes back to haunt you.

  74. Goddamn pixies still residing in Baltimore I see

  75. For all of you hating on Kawasaki:

    (1) the jays need to score more than one run;
    (2) the first run shouldn’t have been scored by the orioles, hang it on JPA;
    (3) loup hits with pitch sets up that whole gong show;
    (4) edwin needs to be able to catch that ball; and
    (5) kawasaki shit throw.

    So hang it on at least 4 different players, plus the entire batting order for not being able to score. This is why the Jays are losing games.

  76. HBP, WALK, ERROR, BLOOP, and thats the game folks

  77. Well that about sums up the way the seasons gone

    Fuck around

  78. On the plus side, the 2013 Blue Jays have taught me that I need some serious anger management therapy

  79. Why was I programmed to feel pain?

  80. Seriously, Kawasaki is a junk end-of-the-bench player. What do you expect from him? Hell, he’s probably already hit better than I expected him to with all the walks. There is a reason why he’s a 32 year old waiver pick-up. I’m in fucking disbelief that he is actually getting walks at all given how every pitcher should just challenge his weak contact.

    Not getting on base enough vs shit like Tillman was the problem.

  81. I’m not gonna say the sky if falling. I’m not even going to say the season’s over. (It’s not). But Chris Tillman? Christ. We haven’t even had to face Sabathia, or Weaver, or Verlander, or Price yet. What happens then, guys?


  82. At least it happened in the 9th and not in the fucking 17th inning after burning through every bullpen arm.

  83. Fuck me, tonight, Saturday and last Tuesday all could have just as easily gone the Jays’ way. That’s why they play 162 I guess.

    • I count at least 4 home run balls that turned into easy flyouts because of the wind blowing in. Feels like we can’t buy a win nowadays.

  84. You just know the rogers beancounters are having a conipshit. The advance sales for the Red sox next visit which is next week for some stupid fukin scheduling reason, have slowed to a crawl and the wekend series against Seattle you can pick whatever seats you want ( be lucky to get 20k for the Friday night game). The point is, this putrid,pathetic dispaly of baseball is turning people off quick.
    I was hoping they would turn it around with the bats but the more I watch these fonzonns I’m doubting it. Oh, Bautista will likely pick it up, hopefully Encarnation too but, by the time they do, it may not matter a whole lt.
    Minnesota was 10 games out at the end of April last year playing in a SHIT division and played the rest of the summer just amusing their fans and deciding who should go on July 31. If we are 10 out at the end of April ( getting swept by the sox next week would do it) then it is over my friends and I do not want to here how it is early and we;ll get the elixir to pass 4 fukin good teams somehow.
    I know this is negative but it’s also true. I think AA may have been taken by the MArlins to a large degree.OK so we had to take Buerhle to get Reyes-umm Ok. Johnson ( jury out on him so far but I do think he’ll rebound). Bonifacio is dogshit- he can’t even fukin bunt properly although he tries it damn near everytime up. ANd for taking Buerhle and dogshit off their hands we give up 5 guys-this may yet bite AA right in the nuts and cost him his job.Just venting but this is beginning to look like Colangelos trades with the Raptors-trading for guys who look good on paper but don’t deliver any better than Pizza pizza.
    Foward Soviet-no orders for these Fuks, I’m going drinkin!

    PS we have now lost 5 games in the opponents last bat this year and won zero. Not a good trend for a supposed contenting team

    • You’re comparing last year’s Twins to this year’s Jays?
      And losing five games in the opponents’ last bat while clearly playing nowhere close to the level you should be playing at isn’t a bad thing.

      • It’s a near-miracle we’re only 4 games below .500 with such light-hitting, fundamentally weak baseball.

      • I’m with you on Bonifacio, but Buehrle Reyes and Johnson are great additions to a team that sent guys like Aaron Laffey and Robert Coello out to pitch last year. I can see some kind of deal at the deadline and I hope like hell they dont use the last good players we have in the minors.

    • I agree but you will be called a troll

    • I never liked the Marlins trade, and the Marlins trade to me looked a lot worse after the Dickey trade. This is because the resources now dedicated to Dickey’s extension, Buehrle’s bloated contract and Reyes’ market-level contract will probably prohibit the Jays from extending Johnson. I felt that the Marlins trade always hinged on whether or not the Jays could lock him up. Ask yourself, how good is the Dickey trade if we don’t extend him? Not very.

      • I don’t think the Jays are financially prohibited from extending Johnson. They may not choose not to, as a value judgement, but that’s a different story. Call me naive, but I actually do believe Rogers is willing to spend if Beeston and AA come to the table with pieces they feel are necessary to the team’s success.

      • Why extend johnson? Is he really going to be that much better than 2014 Hutchinson?

        • Very well could be. It’s not like I think they should extend him in, like, the fucking morning or anything.

        • Let’s see if Hutch ever comes back. Not to mention he wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire while he was here. He was fucking rushed and could use another year or so in the minors.

      • Not that Drabek or Hutch or Romero-at this point anyway- would make a lot of difference but there are options if JJ doesnt sign. And if he goes to FA that’s a high draft pick down the road….or should be if they make a qualifying offer.

    • By far the best player in the trade goes down for 3 months, and now John Buck is tearing the cover off the ball.. for the New York Mets. Not saying we should have kept him, but the series of circumstances up to this point is a little bit infuriating.

    • AA put a great team together. Problem is they play in Toronto which has a tendency to suck the life out of players.
      At the end of the day the entire roster only needs to look into the mirror and understand why they’re not executing. Hang it on mgmt but these guys are not getting it done and finding too many frustrating ways to lose!

      • Obviously not one of the 3 major Toronto sports teams has made the finals of its respective league in 20 years. Since there are only 15 or 16 teams in a conference/league, mathematically each of them should have made it once – albeit this is flawed logic since not every team has the same level of competitiveness. But it’s even more insane when one considers how few playoff berths there have been among Toronto teams. I would hazard to guess that the New England/Boston area has won more major sports championships than Toronto teams have made the playoffs over the same period. It’s insance and makes me wonder if there really is something wrong with this city’s energy/vibe/mojo/karma/aura/etc.

  85. This reminds me of Game 3 of the NLDS last year, Scott Rolen of all people booting it and keeping the Giants alive.

    Such fine margins in this game.

  86. Oh we’ll there goes our 1 game winning streak. Still better than a 1/2 game winning streak.

  87. One run win by the LOLrioles. Who would have thunk it?

  88. Couldve been prevented with some more bullpen help, dont get what AA is trying to accomplish with Ortiz collecting dust on the bullpen bench, he is absoloutly worthless and Brad Lincoln has been good in his last couple outings. Loups been great but not a good idea to keep putting him in high pressure situations. Would love to see some more contact from our hitters too, enough swinging for the fences. Just slap the ball around.

  89. Fire that one ball boy. It’s all his fault. You know the one.

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