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Hired goons? Lots of stuff about Yankee-paid security guys pointing out fans to be tossed from the Rogers Centre because of their conduct near the visiting bullpen, which originated from this post at Sportto Network. We discussed it on today’s DJF Podcast, and Brendan Kennedy followed-up with some actual journalistic leg work over at the Toronto Star. It’s all very… unsurprising, isn’t it?

Elsewhere at the Star, Curtis Rush talks to Gregg Zaun about the unruly behaviour of Jays fans. The catcher-turned-broadcaster says that the Jays are getting a reputation for it, and that it seems to get worse every year, with this year being more prominent because more younger fans are coming out. Asked to comment, Jays vice president of communications, Jay Stenhouse, told the Star in an email, “We are not going to respond to a blog post about our fans in relation to all other fans based upon a blog site. I have not seen any reliable survey that documents fan conduct around baseball.” The Jays also didn’t respond, in Kennedy’s piece, “to a request to clarify what is considered ejectable behaviour.”

Elsewhere still at the Star, Richard Griffin has his new Bullpen post up, in which he looks at Casey Janssen’s leadership, the Jays’ shoddy-so-far defence, and more.

The Casper Wells era officially ended today for the Jays, as he was dealt to the Oakland A’s for cash. MLBTR has the details. I half-wrote a post about this before realizing that I’d pretty much already said the same stuff, back when he was originally designated for assignment last week.

MLBTR has a deeper exploration of the how the Jays are exploiting the waiver wire, and wondering whether that might be a problem.

The issue is also addressed at Baseball Prospectus, on today’s Effectively Wild podcast.

Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet looks at Brett Cecil, who has, so far, made an excellent transition to the bullpen.

Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun has some great stuff for the Chicken Little crowd.

In a notebook post at BlueJays.com, Gregor Chisholm and Evan Peaslee write about John Gibbons’ belief in his club’s defence, the good fit Munenori Kawasaki has been at the top of the lineup so far, and the fact that the manager insists his players aren’t feeling the pressure of heavy expectations.

Jeff Reese of the Doug Gilmour trade Bullpen Banter watched Roberto Osuna’s first start of the year, and walked away very impressed, not just with his pitching, but with some apparent weight loss and increased athleticism, calling him potentially “a future number two starter.” He includes an 11 minute video of Osuna as well.

Dirk Hayhurst has a problem with Gregg Zaun’s characterization of J.P. Arencibia as a “base clogger,” and writes about that and JPA’s need to take more walks– as opposed to Zaun’s advice, which is for him to just swing freely.

Speaking of Arencibia, Mop Up Duty looks at some spray charts and comes away impressed that he’s been hitting home runs to all fields so far.

Jeff Blair’s new book on the Jays’ history is out. You can get yourself a copy via Indigo.ca.

Lastly, at Getting Blanked, Drew writes about Great Moments In Tenuous Connections, in which the head of Robinson Cano’s charitable foundation appears in the records of Biogenesis. Dun dun dunnn!

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  1. I need to start seeing some Edwin chicken wings.

    • Tuesday evening and another fiasco.

      Was $128 million dollars (the team payroll) ever more poorly invested?

      When does the team intend to hire a pitching coach anyway?

  2. Just posted this in the Podcast post:

    With Montero riding the pine in Seattle, I wonder if the Jays would take a look at him. They could use an upgrade at the DH position, and could spell Encarnacion at 1B, or Arencibia at C every once in a while too (maybe not well, but adequately).

    • If we had Montero and Aaron Cibia as our catchers, we would have hands-down the worst defensive catchers in the majors, and probably ever.

    • Thole is probably a better option over Montero anyways. Jays might need to look at trades for upgrading 2B, CF and Lind instead.

    • The whole point of having Blanco (and Thole) as backups is to catch Dickey, not to institute a time share with Arencibia. Picking up Montero doesn’t seem to make much sense.

  3. I appreciate the entertainment value that Zaun sometimes brings, he’s so rediculous that it’s usually entertaining but for him to encourage JPA to swing from his taint-hole because if he walks it will road-block the bases is insanity.

    Walks = better pitches = better pitches to hit = even better results.

    Not to mention there is the chance that someone drives him in…. hits with runners on will eventually come.

    • I understand the flaws in having a completely linear view like zaun’s, but it’s not 100% without merit. For some batters, being more selective won’t automatically equal better at bats. I have seen JPA hit a bunch of curve balls off of the ground and over the left field wall.
      Getting on base is great for putting pressure on the defense, making the pitcher throw from the stretch, hopefully get that pitch count up, but if you had to choose one person on your team you wouldn’t necessarily want on the base-path for an inning without getting a rest, it would be your catcher.

      • the thing is, if he swings at everything why would you ever give him anything to hit? Kind of like pitching to Hamilton.

        • it’s tough to determine exactly what pitch is coming as it comes out of a pitchers hand, where it’s going to end up, and decide whether or not it will be a good idea to swing. Jose is fantastic at it, but not everyone has the same eye that he does. Based on what I see from JP, he’s a bit of a guess hitter. So maybe swinging as hard as he can so that when he guesses right he crushes it, isn’t such a bad idea.

  4. Sometimes Gregg Zaun says the most insane things and I get upset. Sometimes I even spit milk from my mouth.

    Then i remember that he hit that walk off grand slam in 08 and the feelings of jumping up and fist pumping make me forgive him again.

    And then I remember that Jim Hughson called that game and jacked because he’s the best.

  5. I wonder if the Lawrie 2B thing might have to do with a possible future Chase Headley acquisition.

  6. I’m with Zaun for one big reason.

    JPA is doing better right now than he ever has (at the plate anyway).

    Messing with his swing or approach in any way RIGHT NOW would be absolutely idiotic.

    Arguing the projected value of walk vs HR’s misses the whole point.

    PS. Having a very hard time posting comments from any browser. And can’t pull up the site at all on my iphone. Like for weeks now. Wtf.

  7. Remember all the smoking, heckling and drinking we used to do in the bleachers @ exhibition stadium? Funny how every generation thinks this crop of younguns are the worst, most irresponsible fucks imaginable.

    • Exactly.
      while I don’t like seeing fighting and all its true that baseball is about the only thing where you will get rowdy 18 year olds enjoying the same thing as 80 year old grandmothers.
      Now when you put both demographics together there is bound to be some issues.
      Just like the guy on here saying how he wants to bring his 6 year old to the game…great sounds fun. but the 19 year old kids sitting beside you drinking beer and having fun, are probably not worried about good family fun. even if the 19 year olds are decent kids they are going to be drinking and swearing probably, yelling and carrying on… you cant get mad at them but yet some do….

    • “They’re getting drunker, and drunker and drunker and it’s because fans are getting younger and younger,” Zaun said.

      ya like 18 and 19 year olds never used to go to baseball games back in the day right?

  8. comments working tonight or am I just banned?

  9. Is it just me or is it weird that the only player quoted in a piece on defense is the DH?

  10. Re hired goons, the Star link goes to the blog.

  11. Makes even less sense now that Wells was dealt for cash.

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