April 21st v Yankees

Batter pLI WPA
Kawasaki – SS 1.01 -0.021
Cabrera – LF 1.00 0.147
Bautista – RF 0.70 -0.022
Encarnacion – 1B 1.18 -0.096
Lind – DH 0.78 0.090 Pitcher pLI WPA
Arencibia – C 1.27 0.188 Johnson – SP 1.67 -0.150
Rasmus – CF 1.06 0.208 Cecil – RP  1.59 0.007
Lawrie – 3B 1.24 0.166 Rogers – SP 0.74 0.069
Izturis – SS 0.69 0.102 Oliver – RP 0.26 0.016
Total 0.98 0.558 Total 1.42 -0.058

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

GBOAT: Colby Rasmus, 20.8%
Griffin: Josh Johnson, -15.0%
Impact At-Bat: Brett Lawrie 2-run Double, Bot 6, 18.4%
Impact Pitch: Lyle Overbay RBI Walk, Top 5, 13.1%
Highest Leverage AB: Lawrie 2B, Bot 6, 2.52
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Overbay BB, Top 5, 4.07
Lineup Contribution: 55.8%
Pitching Contribution: 5.8%
Average Leverage Index: 1.21
Chart explanation

- Josh Johnson’s line: 5.1ip, 8h, 4er, 3bb, 4k, 5.65FIP.

- Another fantastic outing for the bullpen. They combined for 3.2 innings of 3 hit baseball with no walks.

- With the exception of Kawasaki leading off, I’d say that’s the closest thing we’ve seen to the Jays lineup we’ve been waiting for all season.

- The 6-7-8 hitters combined combined to go 6-for-12 with 5 RBI and 5 Runs.

- Adam Lind drew four walks, giving him 4 times as many in one day as J.P. Arencibia has all season.

- Melky Cabrera went 3-for-5, giving him a team-high 18 hits on the season.

- Edwin Encarnacion went 0-for-4 but he made solid contact with his swings and was robbed at the wall by Vernon Wells.

- Speaking of Wells, I can’t waste this opportunity to say how hilarious he was in left field this weekend. I was at the game Friday and he was having fun with the fans all night. Encouraged jeers, brushed his shoulders at us, waved, tipped his cap, outwardly laughed at us, and even farted in our general direction and wafted it into the stands.

- A 2-run home run for Arencibia (6) put this game on ice in the 7th. He’s tied with John Buck of the Mets for most HR as a catcher this season and 5th among all hitters.

- The Jays dropped 2 of 3 in the series and now continue their AL East tour with a 3-game set in Baltimore.

- This evening’s projected match-up is J.A. Happ (4.34FIP, 0.2fWAR) v Chris Tillman (5.38FIP, 0.0fWAR).

{All numbers via Fangraphs}

{gif via Gamereax}

Ah, fuck it. Here’s a second gif:

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  1. Agreed, this was the closest the team has come to their potential. Incredible considering Johnson was shaky and Reyes wasn’t in lineup.

    Really enjoying kawasaki and lawrie pumpin the team up.

  2. GBOAT should be Rasmus, not JP.

    Also, in your write up you don’t mention Rasmus at all, aside from saying the 6-7-8 hitters going 6-12.

  3. Here is hoping we get back to a bit more reasonablness in the comments section and for back to back wins.
    Like the Lawrie GIF, when he slid into home plate he was going nuts and then seemed to on purpose tone it down. Nice to see Lawrie back to some productivity, hopefully he was just a couple weeks behind and is rounding into form.

  4. Vernon Wells The Best. Even when he doesn’t play for us, he still can’t be hated.

    • Don’t hate the player, hate the giant albatross of a contract he signed.

      What is it with the Yankees and 1-2 year resurgence of allegedly washed up players?

    • He’s great taking it in stride like that. And you just know when he retires and the Jays bring him back for a flashback day or whatever he’ll get a rousing ovation again. But his hot start can’t last forever. Bubble has to burst soon.

      • We can only hope.

      • On Sunday, after the first catch, the fans booed him and he doffed his cap and winked up at us. I laughed my ass off. It was great and good on him. He was a monster this weekend and played like an all-star.

        • Absolutely. Same with Overbay’s at bats. Glad we won, but man was it great to see two classy guys stick it to the idiots. Loved it.

    • I went to a Raptors game one time when Vince Carter was playing for the Suns. Like always he was boo’d like crazy for thee first little while – every time he touched the ball. After like 5 minutes the Raps were out of the game and Vince started dunking everything. By the start of the 2nd half he was being openly cheered for being so damn entertaining – he was engaged with the fans and was the lone bright spot on a very dismal day.

      I imagine it could be the same with Wells. I thought he handled everything really well this weekend. When he came with the Angels he got cheered the first time at the plate – homered and then was boo’d every time since.. so I imagine he’s fully aware that there remains a lot of people in this city who appreciate the time he spent here. It didn’t go as planned – and he wasn’t worth the cash – but who cares? 45,000 people in the stands – he’s going to get heckled. He seemed to enjoy it.

  5. Is Lawrie auditioning for the role of The Incredible Hulk?

    Great comeback by the Jays yesterday.!

    They almost came back on Saturday.

    I like the new lineup . Melky Cabrera is helping the team but no one really talks about him.

    There were problems with the website comments last night. New comments weren’t showing up.

    Josh Johnson walking Lyle Overbay was sad. Overbay used to strike out in key situations for the Jays when he played for the team.

    • Melkey Cabrera is the best fucking batter on this team. He has been ‘unlucky’ for the first part. A lot of very very excellent hits that he was robbed of. The hit on Saturday grabbed by Cano was unreal. That basically came down to it being Cano + Cano knowing Melkey pretty well and anticipating correctly the kind of shot that was going to come off the bat.

      Besides Reyes, Melkey has been the ONLY jay giving you a minimum of 5 pitches per at-bat. Now that Kawasaki is doing the same its starting to come around.

      Here’s the rub (and I’m sure most understand this): Melkey’s 300 batting average last year was due to 3 things, none of which have to do with the drugs:

      1) Well hit balls, line drives, etc.
      2) Good/patient at-bats.
      3) being part of a team whose batting lineup ALL approaches at-bats as the above.

      This doesn’t necessarily pay off over the course of one at-bat. But when every member of the lineup is taking 5 pitches to go down, then the next time Melkey comes up? the harder it is for the pitcher…he’s at 15-30 pitches. and then Melkey’s 2nd at-bat…he’s at 45-60 pitches, etc. Combine that with his own general approach and ability to hit balls hard, and the batting average is up because pitchers just can’t keep up with that.

      Melkey’s been doing the same thing this year…but if everyone else down the order is going down swinging on one pitch then Melkey has only his own approach and hard hit balls by which to benefit from. And so you’ve seen the results drop off a bit.

      What happens when the whole jays lineup is patient? Well…suddenly melkey goes 3-5.

      the team needs to be on the same page. do that and melkey is going to become as dangerous a hitter as he can be. THEN you’ll have the impossible batting lineup we hoped for:

      Reyes (patient)
      Cabrera (patient)
      Bautista (walk/HR…but sir…ya gotta take 3-5)
      Edwin (edwin can take 5. we know he can)
      Lawrie (you sir need to get onboard. we want 5 pitches out of you son)
      JPA (HR…but we want 5 dude. Sorry. we want 5. and the odd walk wouldn’t hurt)
      Lind (keep taking those walks)
      Rasmus (no son. I said we want 5 pitches. Five. look at my fingers. this many)
      Boni/Izturis/Rajai/Kawasaki/DeRosa – We want 5 you hear me? You see how Kawasaki does it? yah, I don’t care that you ran into 2 HRs last week izturis. I don’t even fucking care if you get ON BASE…..because I want you to take 5-11 pitches, just like Kawasaki here. that’s your job from now on. get it?

      • Lol Melky does not average 5 pitches per plate appearance. Nobody in baseball does that, it’s impossible. That would mean every at bat he would have to work to a full count. Joe Mauer leads the league this year with 4.46 pitches per plate appearance. Melky isn’t even in the top 40 for pitches seen, Rasmus is 21st at 4.11 pitches per plate appearance.

        • haha what? you’ve never heard of a foul ball??

          you can be 0-2 foul off 2 pitches and then see a ball.. you’re 1-2 and guess what you’ve seen 5 pitches.. haha

        • you understand the concept of ‘intent’ and ‘approach’ vs. results right? the *objective* is taking 5 pitches per at-bat.

          also…Rasmus may have the top Toronto spot…but did you happen to notice that Edwin is 4.04 (which I said he has shown that he’s been patient so far..and last year too) and that who is next buddy? Yeah its Melkey. and I’ve been watching son, and I can tell you that fucking Melkey has been taking 5 pitches except for like 1 week where he fell off the wagon and had bad at-bats. But generally speaking, Melkey has given you fantastic at-bats.

          you need to watch a little more attentively son.

          as for the guy who commented about Bautista – obviously you can’t read. I said 3-5 to the Bau. The man is no JPA. If he goes down in 3 he generally had good reason to. You can afford 1-3 guys in the lineup that swing on first pitches and only last 3 pitches…but the other 6 batters in the lineup had better have ’5′ in their heads..

      • You can’t complain about Bautista not taking enough pitches. He can hit. If he sees something to hit, it’s pretty stupid to tell him to work the count. A first-pitch hit is better than a five-pitch out.

      • yeah man, edwin also has more pitches per plate appearance BUT Melky has indeed looked awesome in the last week

        • and the start of the season as well.

          guys who don’t see that melkey is doing it right are not paying attention.

          as for ‘Matt’::

          Maybe YOU should do some research son. League average is 3.88.

          Melkey is above league average at 4.00. He is ranked #62

          how many players would you suppose there are in the league? There are over 1200. Even after you take out pitchers…..son….#62 is SOMETHING ELSE.

          see ya in detention.

          • 1200? Um . . . that’s 40 per team, which makes no sense since there are 25 man roster. 25×30=750. Many of those 750 are pitches, let’s say an even split of 375/375 of regular players (obviously there are injuries etc., but still.) On top of that you’ve got bench guys whose numbers can be thrown out.

            So let’s just say Melky is 62nd out of around 275-300, not 1200, ok?

      • Good points, but I doubt everyone can take 5. How about at least 3 .?

  6. what’s the deal with booing Overbay? Shouldn’t we then be booing Jayson Nix as well?

    • No one booing at the Dome knows who Jason Nix is…

      If they did, they are likely in the booing part of the crowd. (Syllogism time…)

    • Overbay is like Rios. He’s a former Jay that people know and associate with bad things (he really wasn’t awful here, just didn’t live up to the expectations of being the second coming of John Olerud), and so people boo because they know the name and associate it with Ricciardi. But most of these people don’t even know why they are booing.

      • Rios is way more like Wells than Overbay. Inflated new contract and subsequent massive drop in performance.

        Overbay was the same mediocre player his whole time with the Jays.

        • Not true. Overbay, offensively, was fairly beast in 2006, and pretty good in 2009 also. Aside from those years though, he was fairly average.

          • Ok but my point remains that Rios, like Wells received a massive contract and had his performance decline. Overbay never got a huge contract from the Jays.

    • we should have been booing Ben Franciso too I believe

  7. 1. colby has some gaping holes in his swing but when he makes contact, good times. even if it’s with a broken bat.

    2. did lind swing more than 3 times all game? can’t remember him ever drawing 4 BB’s, good on him.

    3. lawire’s gonna hurt someone, likely himself. dude is so pumped up its awesome.

    4. johnson was cruising until the one inning with a few singles then all of a sudden couldn’t find the zone. not worried about this outing at all.

    5. bullpen solid as per usual, love rogers’ smug look

    • JJ wasn’t cruising at any point. He was pitching out of trouble until it caught up to him. His WHIP was over 2.00 for the game and close to that level on the season so far.

      The only start he looked half decent in was against the woeful hitting W-Sox.

  8. Why does everyone make such a big deal about the booing?

    Prior to the Angels getting 3 wins this weekend, the home fans in Anaheim were booing them very loudly. The St. Louis fans booed the bullpen several times last week when they blew up against the Reds. These are two “baseball markets”… fans are stupid, many of them are drunk…. and they will boo old players, new players, their own players, other fans. Who cares? A bunch of people booed Wells and Overbay? They play for the Yankees now. Can we stop talking about it? We need to stop worrying about this.

    • Great point. In general ppl have been worrying about what others think around here way too much lately. No one here is a baseball czar, you don’t have the authority to tell someone when to boo, how much too worry, how optimistic they can be. Some ppl seem to have taken a holier than thou approach and put themselves in charge to deem what’s right or wrong.

      • @Billy I’m not sure anyone is claiming to be a “czar” of any kind although RADAR does have some claim to Czar of Burr in Stoeten’s Saddle. Of course, no one has “the authority” to tell someone when to boo, but as a community we can discuss what we, as a community, agree would be awesome community standards. And people putting out there that we want to be seen as a generally knowledgeable, fair and not dickish community is not a terrible message. There’s so much sh*t going on, that putting it out there that we should think positively and act with some class is not the worst message in the world methinks.

        • lol@PuddnHead…if this place is a community, God help us all.

          On another note anyone someone needs to get the clip from Saturday’s game youtubed. Camera is in the windowless Tom’s Terrace and gets close to one fan who yells, we like Bjays.

        • That’s not a community Pudd..that’s a cult. I’d rather let bygones be bygones and enjoy the game however I like. It’s easy to ignore things you don’t like or agree with once you realize you’re not right about everything.

          • Believe me Billy, I have no intention of following Stoeten to a firey death. And don’t get me wrong, I love hearing your thoughts on issues and I hope you won’t mind hearing mine. Have an awesome day.

      • Yes. Perhaps we should have a “Cheer/Vent/ Anger” thread for the games then another thread for “Its only 1 game, don’t worry, small sample size”.

        If everyone on the board was at the same bar watching a game we would most likely get mad at Josh Johnson for walking Overbay or JPA’s passed balls etc….

    • I agree with this completely. I think Wells makes in 1 year 1/2 of what the lottery was advertising a couple of weeks ago as the largest in Canada.

      I think they are ok with a little boooing

      I would guess that most of them don’t care or have some fun with it like Wells on the weekend.

      • I can always tell who is poor.

        Poor people go around talking about how “there is more to life than money”. But then they hate on a classy player who did all kinds of Jays youth and charity work for years and never said a bad thing about the team, because “derp he makes so much fucking money”.

        • you can always tell who is poor from what they write?

          I can always tell the idiots from how the respond.

          You seem way more concerned with the Booing than the players.

          As long as no one is throwing crap on the field it’s all in fun. You should lighten up. It’s just baseball and it’s just a little booing.

        • Wow, this is one of the most offensive things I have ever read. You can tell people who are poor by what they right? Can you tell who are terrorists by what they look like too?

    • @Likes +1.

      I think booing is part of the game.

      There are many new fans at the Dome so they have no clue who half the players are.

      Vernon Wells seemed to enjoy the booing .

      I wouldn’t Boo Overbay or Wells. Jayson Nix though….:))

      • The most fun part about booing Jayson Nix is that nobody in the section around me knew why I was doing it. Except for the Yankees fans behind me who laughed. Good times.

      • Sure, boo Arod.

        Booing VW, who was one of the classiest guys to play for us in the last 20 years, is sad.

        At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if people boo Doc next time he comes to town. Makes no sense to me.

    • Besides, anyone who plays for the Yankees is an asshole. Nothing else about them matters.

  9. Interesting article in the Star about a fan who said he was ejected from the game after Yankees security alerted Jays security. He said he was only heckling.


    I wish Rogers Security kicked out more people. They have let a few games get out of hand with paper airplanes etc. Even if you don’t see anyone throwing the planes, how hard is it to pick it up off the field, open it up and see what seat is on the ticket? Then go up there and boot the person out.

    • That’s how they kick the paper airplane people out. We just don’t see it, but within 5 minutes they have them gone. And these idiots are using printed out tickets they bought online, that have their names on them, that they purchased with credit cards, so good luck trying to buy another ticket to throw.

      • Was in the 500′s on Friday night – some paper airplanes started, ushers saw who a few of them were and warned them, but didn’t see many get booted. But the 2 idiots who threw full beers down to the 100′s – that shit is over the line. The sections surrounding it went crazy though – which was good to see. The majority are relatively decent, but the idiot minority got called out immediately. They tried denying it to the cops, but with hundreds of people pointing them out, that wasn’t going to last.
        Paper airplanes are embarrassing, but if that’s the worst – I can handle it. Beer cans and fights make me not want to go back.

        • I got soaked by one of those beers thrown from the 500’s. Thank god it hit the seat behind me instead of actually hitting me, or anyone else for that matter. I bought the tickets in the 100’s to avoid the bullshit in the 500’s, just to have it back fire on me, what a fucking night, a Jays loss and an unwanted beer shower. I’m glad to hear the perpetrator was apprehended though..

          • What a shame.

            I’m looking forward to taking my 2 year old to her 2nd game and I read about this stuff. It would be annoying if it was just me there but unnacceptable with my kids there.

            I guess that’s 1 of the drawbacks with having cheap seats. More drunk idiots.

            • @Caught
              Ya – it looks like the beers missed hitting anyone in the head. I saw one of them get a lady in the shoulder. The guys they pulled out were these big, hairy rednecks. They were gone in about 10 mins. Of course though on the way out as they get booed they have to throw the finger out to the crowd, be all cocky as they’re walked out – as if they’re better than the crowd.

              May want to avoid the Friday games – but other than that I think you’re in good shape. Now that the Yankees are done on the weekends, and the shine is wearing off the early part of the year. I’m expecting/hoping the ‘Opening Night’ esque shenanigans will start to die down.

          • @Caught the taste. I would not throw beer on anyone at 11$ a can. It’s dangerous.

    • I was at a game and some 16 year olds were throwing shit down from the 500′s and their parents were there doing nothing. So I had to be the one to speak up. Meanwhile planes were everywhere. And a couple fights.

      I’m sick of it. Rogers needs to put way more eyes on the stands whether by camera and/or increased security personnel. Fuck it. I bought my first flex pack this year and already regret it. It’s such a joke. I’d give anything to go back to 50,000 people every day and quiet as a graveyard.

      • Couldn’t agree more. Sad to say but the increasing popularity of the team seems to have brought out the goons in full force who have a minimal interest in actually watching the game and are more focused in getting wasted as quickly as possible.

        Luckily, the Ballpark Pass tickets also get you access to the “patio” on the 200 level which is quickly becoming a great place to watch a game. Great view and lots of big screens in the area that show replays.

        • I’m still amazed people decide to spend that much money getting shitfaced at $10 a beer, after paying $13 for a ticket they don’t even want. Either they have a lot of money to flush down a toilet, or…well I don’t know how to finish that.

        • @Simon.

          Do they sell beer at the patio?

          Do u have to wait in line to et in? My tickets are in 118, but I wanted to check it out next time I go to the game.

      • Go to the centre field porch. There’s people drinking and you have to stand but it’s real baseball fans and it’s a fun atmosphere without fights and drunk people and paper planes. The only trouble I had was in game 2 when some idiot tried to start a Go Leafs Go chant, and security kicked him out. It was glorious.

        • Alright guys, see you there.

        • Its stupid to start that chant, but why woud security kick him out for it? its almost like security kicking a guy out for booing. Are you not aloud to say and yell whatever you want at a game as long as you are not swearing or being abusive?

      • Where did they get the sh!t from? Their diapers? This shouldn’t be allowed. They must have seen their parents have a sh!t fight or something.

  10. Great game yesterday. So that’s what a full house sounds like for a Jays rally. I like it.

  11. I have to stop listening to fans calling into 590 to talk Jays. Some moron called McCowan and told him that Bautista is finished because of his swing. He told McCowan that because he has played baseball for years he knows that he is done and that he should swing slower and become the 12 homer guy he was in Pittsburgh. Where do these morons come from??????

  12. So what’s the deal with Esmil Rogers’ quick pitch? He seems to do it every outing, yesterday he induced Ichiro into an out with it… is it legit? Don’t recall seeing it before…

    • Totally legit. He can’t do it if there is a runner on – or else he’ll be called for a balk if he doesn’t come to a set position.. but totally legit and a very good thing to do – even if it just forces the batter to think about the fact that it could be coming.

      If it disrupts the timing of the opposition you are only going to help yourself out.

      • I haven’t yet been able to see the pitch, but quick pitches are against the rules with or without players on base as per 8.05(e) of the official rules:

        “Rule 8.05(e) Comment: A quick pitch is an illegal pitch. Umpires will judge a quick pitch as one delivered before the batter is reasonably set in the batter’s box. With runners on base the penalty is a balk; with no runners on base, it is a ball. The quick pitch is dangerous and should not be permitted.”

        Now, if the batter was “reasonably settled in the batters box” then it’s fine. As I said, I haven’t seen the pitch yet.

    • I love me the quick pitch.
      Too many times over the years I feel like pitchers have used it against the Jays, and the Jays have never really had a pitcher who could use it effectively (at least to the best of my recollection).

      Rogers does it really well. And I love the annoyed “wtf” look on the batters face after the pitch.

  13. Quick, someone get Lawrie a Red Bull.

  14. I’ve been waiting for a laugher that would indicate the Jays are getting on a roll…this wasn’t it but it was still pretty awesome. I like when we get to see the whole lineup in one inning

  15. Adam Lind has the highest obp on the team besides Reyes….. I’m scared

  16. If I may chip in:

    - Canadian Jesus made several great plays at 3B, including a great catch on a hard grounder than turned into an inning-ending DP, all but snuffing out any Yankee hopes of a comeback.

    - Colby was fantastic. He exploded his bat on a 2-strike breaking ball (from a lefty!!) that keyed the 6th inning rally, then flew around the bases to score on Lawrie’s double. And adding to a previous comment, it’s a lot of fun watching him patrol center field. He almost always gets a great read off the bat and seems to have all the time in the world to snag deep fly balls.

    - Izturis was a black hole on offense, but played good D..

    • I don’t think anyone expects Isturis to be anything but a hole on offense. If he’s all we have to worry about, I’m happy.

      Awesome game. Nothing but continued respect for Vernon after this three game series. He’s never done anything but lose his talent, and I’m sure he didn’t do that on purpose or out of spite for Toronto fans. The fact that he’s such an awesome dude and handles his return here so well says nothing but great things about his character. He’s playing great this season too, and you can’t be anything but happy for him. That catch on Edwin at the wall was classic Wells..

      • Fuck, he’s looked ridiculously bad the past 2 years, but now he’s hitting everything hard and playing GG defense. Really wish it was any team other than the Yankees, though.

        re: Izturis, his .334 career OBP seems to suggest being slightly better than a no-bat utility guy… BABIP hasn’t been kind to him so far, either.

  17. Is wells in buffalo now?

  18. Adam Lind: Best DW – Designated Walker – in the league.

    • I’ll take that. As long as he stops getting himself out which is all hes done the past 3 or 4 years.

      • Uh ya, and you can almost bet if he keeps taking walks at a rediculous clip he is going to see more fast balls down the pipe or keep walking.

  19. Should put those two gifs of Wells and Lawrie side by side. I don’t know what it says, but it says something.

    You know when Lawrie gets traded to Boston in a couple of years, we’re going to goddam his tattooed guts to hell.

    • I assume you meant to say “we’re going to goddam BOO his tattooed guts to hell” and I totally agree.

      Every time I watch him play, I always think about how if he wasn’t canadian and played for any other team we’d all shit on the guy. He’s a huge dbag, but he’s our dbag so we love him.

      For now, anyway.

  20. Was at Friday and Saturday games. Second series been to this year. Most of the people booing Wells in our section were hipsters that lkely didn’t follow baseball when Vernon was here – and certainly not when he was playing well. It was kind of embarrassing when Yankee fans asked us why he was being booed. Booing a guy just because, well, he made a lot of money and was traded. Then there is the excitement of watching paper airplanes from 500 level, and the lame attempts to get a wave going. Jays may have some of the lamest fans in baseball. Brutal.

  21. So is anyone else starting to seriously dislike Bautista? I guess its just because he isn’t hitting, but holy fuck he acts like such a little bitch all the time.

  22. Didn’t see the game…who was at second?

  23. I’m thinking Lawrie is shouting ‘Lets Go’… but onll cause I can’t think of any swear words that would fit what he seems to be saying…… anyone got a better suggestion ?

  24. casper wells for cash? by the sounds of it, rogers can use the extra cash for more security.
    I just hope they dont go too far the otehr way and start throwing people out for heckling and just having a good time.
    rememebr the stories from the star about people getting in shit for things like standing up and yelling and all that.
    Intersting article in the star today about yankee security throwing people out the the rogers centre.

  25. Interesting thoughts…. Lind taking 4 walks.(that was actually mind blowing)

    Jose Bautista.. he doesn’t like pitches out of the zone, why doesn’t he try to spoil them if they are going to be close calls. you can’t expect the umpires to be as perfect as Jose Bautista all of the time.

    And on that thought, now that he has the home run perfected, why couldn’t he learn to dump the odd out side pitch into right field rather that striking out, especially with none on.

    Lawrie…is he really a douch bag? whats wrong with playing with emotion? Granted he could tone it down just to be a little safer.

    The bullpen this year actually looks pretty good in the early going, that is a major big time plus for this team right now.

    Kawasaki, this guy is gold. When Reyes gets back, I would be looking for ways to keep him on the bench at the very least.

    Lastly its only one win, but its the kind of win that the Jays need to build from. Hopefully they can put the Oriels in their place. And holy flying shit balls if Adam Lind can keep on picking apart AB’s like he did yesterday, this very well could be a very special year.

  26. #unsweepable!

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