R.A. Dickey takes the hill tonight, trying to narrative the narrative away from the bad narrative and towards the good narrative, because that’s what aces do! Even though sometimes they don’t.

I don’t know…

Just win, Jays, so I don’t have to deal with fucking idiots anymore, please.


Shi Davidi tweets that last night’s “wild pitch” has been changed to a passed ball charged to J.P. Arencibia. John Lott rightly adds that it’s justice served.

Another gem from Lott, who lays this on us: “Adam Lind has walked six times in past four games? ‘I don’t know what that is,’ he says. ‘They threw balls.’ ”

Davidi tells us that the club is hopeful to get Aaron Laffey to Baltimore in time for tomorrow’s afternoon game, otherwise he’ll join them on Thursday in New York.

Speaking of the schedule, it doesn’t exactly get any easier from here. The slate: Yankees (away for 4), Red Sox (home for 3), Mariners (H 3), Rays (A 4), Red Sox (A 3), Giants (H 2), Yankees (A 3), Rays (H 3), Orioles (H 4), then Braves (H 2, A 2). Scary, but lots of opportunity to turn the division back around the right way, too.

Missed it in the Daily Duce, but Brendan Kennedy has a piece in the Toronto Star suggesting that Jose Bautista has good reason to be fighting with umpires over their strike zone… kind of. He receives slightly more strikes on outside pitches than average.

Trolololosi was at it again today, saying he spoke to “a former GM” who insists that the Jays need to stop tinkering via the waiver wire. Miiiiiiiight have been a little rushed in getting the Daily Duce up before 5 PM, or I probably would have had both those in there.

For my thoughts on the odd lineup you see below, check out today’s Daily Duce– where you’ll also find, for your between-inning listening pleasure, today’s edition of the Getting Blanked podcast.

TV: Sportsnet (Ontario/Pacific/East)

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Muenenori Kawasaki (L)
DH Adam Lind (L)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
C Henry Blanco (R)

R.A. Dickey RHP

Baltimore Orioles

LF Nate McLouth (R)
3B Manny Machado (R)
RF Nick Markakis (L)
CF Adam Jones (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
C Matt Wieters (S)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
2B Ryan Flaherty (L)
DH Nolan Reimold (R)

Miguel Gonzalez RHP

Comments (463)

  1. GIF REQUEST!!!!
    what ever the fuck Edwin just did there

  2. Please babip.. Just this once..

  3. Brutal strike call.

  4. Fuck off you cocksucking pos umpire.

  5. This is the same prick umpire who screwed Jon Rauch a couple of years ago.

  6. wow this team fucking sucks. thank god we have the leafs

  7. Robot umpires please.

  8. That pitch has been called a ball ALL FUCKING GAME

  9. that was a brutal brutal call…i blame bautista

  10. Can we get a fucking call? just one? that is two outs the umps have screwed us on

    the double play where markakis was clearly out

    now this one where the ball is clearly outside.

  11. Is this how you win 1 Run games? Get all the calls.

  12. ish meal rodgers. shut the fuck up buck jesus christ

  13. Surprised bonifacio didn’t come in for derosa, if not for defence, then baserunning.

  14. Someone gif that bad call against melky so we can cry

  15. Am I crazy for feeling like were gonna pull this out?

  16. Strong hands!

  17. Here we go! Time for the running of the Red Bull.

  18. Lawrie has been a piece of poo hitter, but at least has made some nice plays in the field

  19. Why doesn’t someone throw at the umps head?

  20. Another Baltimore special?

  21. Guys its Jim Johnson on the mound against Lawrie, Rasmus and Izturis, our chances of winning are probably something like 0.037%

  22. bonifacio needs to steal second

  23. fucking joke of a team. season is fucking over

    • No need to despair VoR! I see your end is near.

      Jays go on 10 winning streak and you can go back to posting under your other handle and tickle Gibby’s balls with your witty compliments.

  24. fuuuuuk!

  25. On the plus side, Dickey didn`t pitch too badly, some unlucky ground balls. Hitting is still balls for us.

    • A couple of shitty calls, some weak / lucky / flukey hitting on Dickey. The offence actually looked alive. I’d take a loss like this over some of the other bullshit we’ve seen this season.

      • I’ll take a win

      • Yeah, the last two losses have sucked, but if they would’ve been in the middle of a hot streak they’d be tough luck….here’s to that hot streak that i mentioned earlier happening at some point

      • +1. They are losing with honor. They are not being blown out. The defensive errors are kept to a minimum. Some bad ump calls.

        8-13 isn’t pretty, but they seem to come alive in later innings every game.

        Where is Anthopoulos? I haven’t heard him being interviewed in a while. Is he on holidays?

        I think Adam Lind is having a pretty decent season so far.

        Chicken Wing is coming around.

        Now that I have Dickey pitch a few games, I actually enjoy his 67 mph pitches. It’s fun to watch the strike outs.

        Dickey can keep the Jays in games.

  26. BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. My dickey is so limp right now

  28. Well, somebody we will turn it around and start pounding the ball. But I fear that may not be till reyes comes back and by then well be ten back with 5 teams to crawl over for a playoff spot.

    • You’re optimistic friend. They’ll be 10 games out by next week. They’ll be 25 games out by the time Reyes is back.

      Stick a fork in it. It’s over.

  29. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Your last place Toronto Blue Jays!

    Book it. Last place for sure.

  30. Arencibia strikes out eh? Didn’t see that coming.

    • I thought it was decent AB….result licked bag. Lawrie’s AB on the other hand was difficult to watch/anticipate….good thing it was over quick.

  31. Stay tuned for the Sportsnet Connnected retrospective of the greatest Blue Jays off-season ever.
    Steven Brunt’s interview with AA will include still-shots of the GM’s most important off-season phone calls, and interviews with fans who weren’t even alive when the Blue Jays were so good in November.

    • +1. Will fans start burning the Sportsnet pre season hype magazines?

      To get to 90 wins , the Jays have to go 82-59 or 58.1 % winning percentage.

      Still possible, but It will be interesting to see what happens at the All Star Break if the Jays are not within 5 games of the second wild card.

      Will AA deal Johnson? He has replacements in Hutch, Drabek & Romero might be ready by then?

      As a die hard Jays fan since July 2008, I find it strange to watch a team of all stars flounder than the previous years when you hoped that rookies & retreads would outperform expectations.

      In theory, the previous performance of the All Stars should provide reassurance that better times are ahead. I think most fans agree that the Jays should finish above 500 even with a slow start.

      However, it was pretty exciting to watch The Cito teams of 2009 & 2010 come out of nowhere to go 27-14 & 85 wins in 2010.

      The question is : Is it better to have low expectations & be happy about utperforming or High expectations & get frustrated by underperformance.

      let’s say the Jays win 89 games & miss the playofs, wil fans be happy that it is the highest win total since 1998 or will they go ballistic

  32. That strike zone gets awfully big when Orioles are pitching.

  33. Josh Thole anyone?

  34. Stoeten gonna be inconsolable until the Jays win.
    If they lose tommorrow, he go over the edge.

    • Are you dispirited? Disgusted? Discombobulated?

      Or just 100% lurking, albeit in good company?

    • Hoping he goes on a troll-banning rampage.

    • Naw , I’m okay.
      But I know Stoeten’s been gettin hassled by a lot of people.
      I agree with him ,it’s early. With the popularity of the blog, he’s become a target, for being the voice of reason.
      I feel bad for him and the venom he receives.It’s over the top.
      I know it surprises some people that I’d see it that way.

      • Ha just wait until all the hand wringing about trading away our future for this crop of current players starters lol. He’s going to need to hire an assistant to deal with that group.

      • I know he claims not to care much (one way or the other) for those of us who frequent his game threats, but it’s becoming more and more brutal game to game.
        My kingdom for a winning streak.
        Two birds, one stone.

    • +1. The new theme this year should be “start watching after the 5th inning when the Jays try to rally”

      the first few innings each game seem to be dispiriting.

      Jays almost constantly get outscored & have to play catch up.

      The Orioles & their 1 run game wins continues….

  35. They will be swept tomorrow too. Morrow is a bust

  36. It is what it is.

  37. Well at least they haven’t been swept this season!

    • I am sure they will be gunning to knock that off their list of dubious accomplishments for 2013.

  38. I turned off after Lawrie’s error and witnessing some ugly plate appearances. It was reminding me too much of yesterday.

    What did I miss?

  39. Boston lost 13-0

    At least that’s good news :-)

    • I can’t get on board with chasing the division leaders mentality this year.

      As far as I’m concerned, the Jays are the best team in the division, and they are simply preventing themselves from being in first.

      High standards, I know, but I’ve found it to be an interesting perspective in following the team this year. I find that it keeps me positive/in perspective during low times, and it prevents me from getting too sucked in to the season, because, y’know, baseball can be an enormous time pit.

    • Falling back to earth. Dickey’s revenge.

      I think Dickey is fun to watch now tha I understand the knuckleball

  40. Kind of sad that the highlight of the first 21 games is Brett Cecil’s brilliance and his rediscovered fastball.

  41. In the post-game interview, Gibby said that Walker won’t share a two-bedroom with him when they’re sent to the minors next month, but he’s hoping Mottola will. He said he preferred to share with Walker, but Walker had already promised Rivera he’s share with him.

  42. Jays can’t cash runners in from 3rd for some reason and they’re always down in the count especially first pitch strike one. Too many double plays with men on. They look like a bunch of individuals but nobody steps up with the big hit. Everyone’s gone to the moon. I don’t even recognize Bautista anymore.

    • Would you have sent Melky home after his triple. The throw from the outfield was way off.

      • Would have also sent rasmus on the single when he was on second

        • Would not have had to send him from second if he was on third after izturis pulled the ball to first on the play before

          have you EVER seen a guy with rasmus speed not advance to third on a grounder to the right side

          and if you argue that it wasnt worth the risk down four, ill tell you to shove it up your ass, it was the fucking third inning and you can certainly peck away at a 4-0 lead that early . turns out it would have been the tying run..

  43. No worries it’s early and everyone knows that wins early in the season against divisional rivals don’t count as much as later in the year ; )

  44. Maybe they can bring Cito back as hitting coach…..

  45. Man this team fucking sucks to watch right now. I still think we will put it together, I’d rather be the underdogs making a resurgence then the top picked team in the AL killing it till mid summer then dropping off.

    Slept through the game yesterday and kinda wish I slept through this one also.

  46. “Just win, Jays, so I don’t have to deal with fucking idiots anymore, please.”

    DO the words ‘petitio principii’ mean anything to you?

  47. Lets break this down to simple mathematics since simple english and baseball savvy doesnt compute to the panicky illogical bastages which take up 75% of the toronto fanbase (give or take?)…… 162 total games DIVIDED by 21 games played = 7% (162/21= 7%).

  48. so, how is martin f’in prado working out there, d-backs? cause justin upton is a a mvp beast.

  49. How did we get picked to win the world series with the same pathetic offense from last year?
    We pick up Reyes and a roidless Melky all of a sudden World Series champs fuckin espn

    • Buehrle and johnson arent really difference makers anymore either.

      this trade was really about getting reyes. he was the only real difference maker going forward. even if johnson had a decent year, he would be gone.

      • So are the odds of resigning Johnson declining everyday because of Romero, Hutch & Drabek coming back this year?

        Could the Jays get a 2B prospect for Johnson at the trade deadline?

        • Probably…hope they have the balls to cut bait and do it if they are out of it by then. hopefully he can get some value established by then…enough such that they can make a team take buehrle and his shit contract in the deal as well.

          in fact, I would rather someone take buehrle’s contract with johnson and give us nothing back than we keep buehrle and obtain some prospect

          • I think Johnson is the enigma. He has been OK so far but he barely lasted 1 inning in detroit & had a horrible inning against the yankees.

            Based on numbers to date this year, does he still get 5 years at 20 million based on previous track record & current market conditions.

            Buerhle is being paid for past performance. I don’t understand how a “junkballer ” gets out of innings sometimes but he does.

            Would Buerhle & Johnson get you a 2B with 1 or 2 year MLB experience for a playoff bound team?

            Would AA dare trade them if the Jays were within 5 games of a wild card?

            Nice to see Laffey back. He had 6 or 7 quality starts last year for the Jays. He is an upgrade over Ramon Ortiz.

            AA trying to corner the market on left handed relievers?

      • I think Buerhle was supposed to be the reliable inning eater, Johnson was a potential star, Reyes an all star & upside with Bonifacio

  50. Going forward……. we’re fucked.
    Called Mike Wilner tonight

    Me: Mike, how are we supposed to win with the same offense from last year?
    Mike: What do you mean, its not the same we have Melky.
    Me: Besides Melky its the same shitty offense
    Mike: Nope, We have Derosa
    Me: ok , how do we win with this existing offense?
    Mike: I dont understand what your saying
    Me: Hey Mike do me a favour……. blow me , now do you understand what im saying?

    • Last year the Jays gave 2658 PAs to guys who aren’t currently on the 25-man. What in the FUCK are you talking about you fucking assclown? They were third in the AL in runs scored before Jose went down and everything went to shit. You seriously think the OFFENSE was keeping the Jays from winning any games last year? Do you have a team of fucking caretakers helping you wipe yourself you fucking mouthbreathing troglodyte? Get the fuck out.

  51. Well the good news is that there is help in the minors.

    -negrych is hitting 500 and is a left handed hitting middle infielder. if you look at his years in the minors….very impressive numbers….commands the strike zone..walks alot, doesnt strike out too much. never has been given a chance in the show. would be interested in seeing him up here as a utility guy and lefty pinch hitter. kawasaki is beginng to show why he sucks. that second inning grounder my machado should have been eaten up by a mlb shortstop.

    -thole: he is hitting 400..and has been solid every year in pro ball save for an injury riddled last season. I have a hard time believing that the team is better with blanco than thole. and the fact that he already has CAUGHT dickey makes me wonder wtf management is doing.

    • I would bring up thole to split time with jpa. The other guy is minor league fodder.

    • 6 fukin hits-again?? 4 fukin hits yesterday. Did they throw Seaver and Koosman at us?
      Koufax and Drysdale? Yin and Yang?
      Theylook like the worst collection of hitters I have ever seen ( Reyes excepted and he’s hurt).
      I must be honest-watched it til it was 1-0 then went shopping. I was right-didn’t miss a fukin thing of yet another snorefest.
      These guys are making it difficult and I wouldn’t want to be a scalper holding a lot of tickets for the Seattle series a week from Friday as interest in that series is drying up faster that a las vegas shower.
      I’m afraid if trends continue, and,like the stock market, it is often painful to fight the trend, so I see no reason why the trend will change, the shit play will translate into shit crowds which will, unfortunately lead to some guys being moved.
      I’ve used up 1 of my flex pack, the other 9 will be given away if the shit play continues, and obviously I won’t be wasting more on these dicks.
      I’m less and less hopeful because we are being so badly outplayed, the defence is the worst in MLB and doesn’t even begin to count the mental fukups including those by the fulin coaches like arsehole Rivera. We have been competitive in about 7 of 21 games- expansion level AKA houston astro level competitive.
      Yes the pitching is improving, but not there yet for the starters overall, but this collection of hitters is pathetic.
      Ahh enuf for now-going drankin.
      Forward Soviet-norders yet for these fuks

  52. As much as I try not to be one of the Panicky Petes… I would vastly prefer winning to losing right now.

  53. Ok, its early. 140 something games left, I get that. However, what these losses in April make the jays have to do is play that much better the rest of the year to get out of the hole they are in. With each loss in april, it becomes more and more unlikely the jays can make the playoffs. Believe it or not. So while panicking is unnecessary, some concern must be present in the jays FO and coaching staff. No matter what they say and its early blah blah blah. I dont know about other fans, but I would view not making the playoffs as a disappointment. Especially in the 2 wild card era. A playoff race in september would be cool but would leave a void for me. Especially after we’ve been subjected to 20 years of mediocre baseball.

    • As an example, the angels fucked themselves with a slow start last year and ended up an 89 win team and out of the playoffs. I worry the jays may suffer the same fate.

      • The Angels are exactly who I’m thinking of as well.

        The Jays will turn this around. My fear is that they end up 1-3 games out of a playoff spot, and we look back to this 8-13 start and go….oh yeah.

    • @afdg. I would have thought that 2nd wildcard would be the minimum level of accomplishment for the 2013 jays.

      I know “it’s early” mathematically & a great comeback could happen later this season . It gets harder with each loss. Jays have to win 58.1% of remaining games to hit 90 wins.

      The games are watchable. Pitching is good. Laffey is better than Ortiz. It seems that the team tries to comeback every night around the 5th or 6th inning.

      • Well, so far through the first 5 games of divisional play we are 1-4.

        That record does not stand to improve much going into new york with two auto losses in the games we face kuroda and pettite. so im thinking we take one out of four.

        we should win tomorrow (morrow vs no name) so we are looking at a nice 2-5 road trip

  54. On the plus side, we’re tied with the Angels, in the season after they added Hamilton and made everyone think they were an AL favourite.

    As nice as it would be to win right now, the team is integrating a number of new faces–there’s reason to believe they’ll be better later.

  55. It just seems like with each passing game this team is becoming more and more worrying. Even when we were struggling earlier this season there seemed to be more fight. Remember that great comeback in Detroit? I think some of us thought that would get the team going but they’ve lost their way even more since then. The hitters are feeling the pressure way too much and are either trying to win five games with one swing or have perfect at-bats but go down looking without even a whimper. Yeah the team is only 8-13 and there are 140 games left but from what we’ve seen thus far can you really think everything is finally going to “click” tomorrow? Something is going seriously sour with this team but the problem is that no one really knows exactly what it is.

  56. I know its early, but is never too early to be pissed off about losing to the Oriels. The bats were by and large cold again last night, which is hard to watch. Ah well hopefully they get their shit together tonight and win.

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