R.A. Dickey takes the hill tonight, trying to narrative the narrative away from the bad narrative and towards the good narrative, because that’s what aces do! Even though sometimes they don’t.

I don’t know…

Just win, Jays, so I don’t have to deal with fucking idiots anymore, please.


Shi Davidi tweets that last night’s “wild pitch” has been changed to a passed ball charged to J.P. Arencibia. John Lott rightly adds that it’s justice served.

Another gem from Lott, who lays this on us: “Adam Lind has walked six times in past four games? ‘I don’t know what that is,’ he says. ‘They threw balls.’ ”

Davidi tells us that the club is hopeful to get Aaron Laffey to Baltimore in time for tomorrow’s afternoon game, otherwise he’ll join them on Thursday in New York.

Speaking of the schedule, it doesn’t exactly get any easier from here. The slate: Yankees (away for 4), Red Sox (home for 3), Mariners (H 3), Rays (A 4), Red Sox (A 3), Giants (H 2), Yankees (A 3), Rays (H 3), Orioles (H 4), then Braves (H 2, A 2). Scary, but lots of opportunity to turn the division back around the right way, too.

Missed it in the Daily Duce, but Brendan Kennedy has a piece in the Toronto Star suggesting that Jose Bautista has good reason to be fighting with umpires over their strike zone… kind of. He receives slightly more strikes on outside pitches than average.

Trolololosi was at it again today, saying he spoke to “a former GM” who insists that the Jays need to stop tinkering via the waiver wire. Miiiiiiiight have been a little rushed in getting the Daily Duce up before 5 PM, or I probably would have had both those in there.

For my thoughts on the odd lineup you see below, check out today’s Daily Duce– where you’ll also find, for your between-inning listening pleasure, today’s edition of the Getting Blanked podcast.

TV: Sportsnet (Ontario/Pacific/East)

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Muenenori Kawasaki (L)
DH Adam Lind (L)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
C Henry Blanco (R)

R.A. Dickey RHP

Baltimore Orioles

LF Nate McLouth (R)
3B Manny Machado (R)
RF Nick Markakis (L)
CF Adam Jones (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
C Matt Wieters (S)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
2B Ryan Flaherty (L)
DH Nolan Reimold (R)

Miguel Gonzalez RHP

Comments (463)

  1. Miguel Gonzalez is a cold killer

  2. It’s just one game. It’s early. They’ll be fine.

    • its not one game, its 21 now. 21 games where weve been able to have both good pitching and good offense. Thats what contenders do.

      • I’m with you, RobA!

      • I would add terrible defence, lack of hitting with runners in scoring position, way to many strickouts, swinging at everything but of course it’s early lol

      • Do you idiots understand this isn’t scripted? This is what the season is for. Stating that they are underperforming is like calling the sky blue.

  3. Every pitcher we face is an ace. We have the worst luck!!

  4. It could be worse guys, we could be the Dodgers.

  5. Its early!!!

  6. What does the team BABIP look like? I swear it’s got to be something like .012

  7. Fuck off babip gods already holy shit

  8. lol Buck and Pat think this pitcher is Cy Young, really he is lucky we are terrible and can’t run bases or get a ground ball not directly at someone

  9. hey 1 more inning and an opposing starter gets another quality starts, whats that 20 in a row???

  10. @Dabble, in all fairness, Gonzalez was nails all last season. He’s legit. He’s no Ace, but he’s a solid number 3.

  11. This sucks so bad I’m gonna change the channel to hockey

  12. 12-0 Oakland over Boston. That will be Boston’s 3rd loss in 4 games, so maybe a bit of a market correction is under way there.

    Need one here.

  13. Im gonna be honest. I didnt just hit the panic button. I smashed the fucking thing, locked every door and window in my house, ran to my panic room, sealed myself in, and now Im huddling under the table, gripping my battleaxe so toght my knuckles are white.

    • Several times tonight I’ve been ready to reply to you that “you’re better than that.”
      I’d still like to believe it.

    • With the chillingly gentle voice of Jerry Howarth echoing your innermost fears back to you?

  14. I can’t watch another inning of this team. All they’re doing is making me want to kill myself horribly.

  15. Acevedo, the gift that keeps on giving.

  16. this is the worst offensive team i have ever seen EVERRR!

  17. Machado is going to be a great one.

  18. Just looked it up and the Jays have a team BABIP of .264 which is good for 27th. The Rays are last at .259

  19. Still not a God Damned catcher on this roster who can catch the knuckler.

  20. I wouldn’t be concerned if they looked like they were close but the mental errors on defence, what looks like absolutely no game plan other than swing at everything is concerning as they haven’t shown any improvement

    • THIS is what worries me. Not to mention completely sucking for nearly a month in a very close division.

  21. Wilner, Stoeten, and the cult of enlightenment suggest its still early, and small sample size, and extrapolate this talent over 162 games, and they are bound to play better. Am I right?

    Yet, when the Orioloes played 162 games last season, they made the playoffs, yet Wilner and Stoeten never once suggested that that was the record they deserved, they all called it ‘lucky’, or a statistical ‘anomoly’.

    So how many games does a team have to play for their record to reflect their talent? 300?

  22. Can’t wait for the big salary dump at the all star break. AA will make loria look like mother theresa

  23. I ain’t an asshole but I’m on some hood shit

  24. Oh Ramon Ortiz is up so I guess we forfeit


  26. Ramon Ortiz up in the ‘pen, good luck to us.

  27. I think the Sportsnet crowd shots are looking for a Stoeten look like contest. Bearded Oriole fans.

    i wonder if Stoeten has relatives in Baltimore?

  28. Benny Blanco, from the Bronx.

  29. I’ve had my rally cap on since before first pitch. I don’t think it’s working, guys.

  30. This site needs more trolls, hard to have fun otherwise

  31. Why is everyone freaking out? Don’t you guys realize this is all part of the Jays plans to save all the runs for the last game of the series?

  32. Here comes a GIDP. The umpires will allow the extra out to carry over to the next inning.

  33. Lind is impressing me.
    I had given up all hope.

  34. Chicken Wing it!

  35. If rasmus scored on that single we would be tied, just sayin

  36. Well that was timely.

  37. Earl Weaver baseball!

  38. Saves Dickey’s crappy ass

  39. Thanks Edwin.

    That fat guy was happy.

  40. Welcome back Eddie. Fuck yes.


    its 3 to 4 you twat

  42. That’s for all you Mother Fuckers out there.

    Thank God for a Wing Ding.

  43. Extra sauce on that chicken wing!

  44. Woo! I knew better than to stop watching.

  45. It’s about fucking time! Chicken wings for all!

  46. This team: the best.

  47. First time this year something good has happened with that camera angle

  48. Melky!!!!

  49. fuck he could have scored

  50. I feel happy for that Jays fan that was celebrating. Dude looked so miserable earlier.

  51. Man if that was Boni it would have been an in the parker.

  52. Stupid Rivera losing us another game

  53. Yah ee

  54. This team is the best ever!!!!!! Never in doubt!!!!!

  55. The rational, common-sense comments should outnumber the troll comments.

    big fucking triple while typing.!

  56. Rivera saves another run.

  57. With EE and the affiliation with the Buffalo Bisons there’s got to be some chicken wing angle marketing campaign. Basically I just want free chicken wings.
    Get on it Rogers marketing staff!

  58. Still bottom 3 in every offensive category

  59. fuck you nate mcclouth

  60. Two extra-base hits in an inning? What the fucking fuck is this?

  61. Lawrie hit that one well.. too bad it found a glove because of course the way this season goes – we don’t cash a triple.

  62. 34 pitch inning for Gonzalez. They worked him over, probably done.

  63. Lawrie hit that well too. Finally some signs of offensive life.

  64. I guess EE finally realized that the pitcher is Miguel f’n Gomez.

  65. I live pitch to pitch

  66. Heard AA is shoppin emilio, any thruth to that??

  67. Can’t be walking people bud

  68. yea walk the .098 3 times ya FUCK

  69. Id rather face Gomez then Baltimors pen.

  70. wow dickey could you stop fucking walking people and serving up meatballs to the next hitter? thanks ass

  71. Walking Flaherty twice in one game is a fucking embarrassment, he is awful

  72. Dickey has lost his marbles this inning

  73. wow 2-0 again

  74. Is it Dickey’s fault or Gibby’s? (Its Dickey’s I would have put him out to start the inning)

  75. woo dickey nice!!! love ya bud!

  76. Pete Walker is trying to use the bullpen phone to find an apartment in Buffalo.

  77. Why is Zaun on a segment called “Ask the Experts?”

  78. Gameday is calling some of Dickeys pitches “Eephusses”

    I enjoy this.

  79. Hypothetically, at what point in the season does the switch occur from being a “fucking idiot” for thinking the Jays are blowing it to being a “fucking idiot” for thinking the Jays are still in it?

  80. Not to be debbie downer but what’s everyone so excited about? Orioles know how to win 1 run games.

  81. Bmore wins 1 run games because the back end if their bullpen is phenomenal

  82. JP fouled off 2-2 pitches that were both 6 inches inside and 6 inches outside.

  83. So on the Orioles broadcast they put up record in one run games stats since 2012


    32-12 (BEST IN BASEBALL)



    we suck and have no luck . bad combo

  84. I didnt see the first part of the game live..watched on DVR..and I cant believe how nobody gave rasmus any shit for not being on third base when izturis pulled a ball to the right side with nobody out.

    i read how people were complaining that he didnt score on that single to right center but to me that was more definsible than why he was on second and not third in the first place.

  85. Man, does it ever look like we are getting squeezed.

  86. Was he even close to being safe there?

  87. Nice k

  88. nice cecil….been proud of you thus far son

  89. Why derosa?

  90. Fuck off gibbons. Fuck sakes.

  91. No we are fuked. Davis vs strop.

  92. Holy shit I hate Rajai Davis.

  93. Gibby-Ball!
    That’a put Lind 2 hole and lift him instead of pinch running for derosa

  94. We are not good at bunting

  95. why are we playing for one run there?

  96. and another terribly manage game by gibbons

  97. Bunting to try to tie the game up. WHY?

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