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The Jays’ conspicuous game of waiver roulette continues, as they’ve brought Aaron Laffey back to the organization, at least temporarily, claiming him from the Mets according to a team release. Wheeeeee! Depth!

In lineup news, John Gibbons has pencilled Adam Lind and his newfound appreciation for walk into the second spot in the lineup tonight, with Melky Cabrera moving to the five-hole. I’m a little wary of Gibbers’ love of micro splits and things, but I like putting a guy getting on base in that spot, and a guy coming up with some base hits at five. Plus it’s not like he’s married to the idea, if it doesn’t work, which is great.

At Sportsnet, Ben Nicholson-Smith looks at league-wide strikeout trends, which are moving in the upward direction, with a small blurb about how this relates to a couple of the Jays’ most productive hitters so far. This relates to a piece of his from earlier in the month, in which he spoke to Colby Rasmus about the number of fastballs he’s been seeing so far.

Pivoting on Ben’s work, Jeff Sullivan writes about Rasmus at FanGraphs, noting how he’s both produced and actually been a complete catastrophe at the plate. He finds that Colby is seeing the lowest number of fastballs in the league– a rate that only will go down as long as Rasmus finds himself unable to do anything but swing through breaking stuff. Just about all of Colby’s success so far has been on heaters, and pitcher have noticed.

Another from Benny Fresh at Sportsnet looks at where the Jays and their plans to possibly move out of their longtime spring home in Dunedin are at. Apparently the possibility of the club moving to Palm Beach, in a facility shared with the Astros, took a step forward this week.

Tom Maloney of the Globe and Mail grades the Jays’ performance so far this season, and… uh… believe it or not, it ain’t pretty.

Matthew Leach– Matty Leach-bomb!– writes at MLB.com that defence is just one of many things not going well for the Blue Jays right now.

Further to his lineup switch this evening, in a notebook post from Gregor Chisholm at BlueJays.com, John Gibbons stresses that he wants patience from his hitters. The piece also looks at the Casper Wells deal, and the health of R.A. Dickey, who will be on the hill tonight, despite a stiff neck.

At Bluebird Banter, Shermanator91 tooks a look at umpire Ted Barrett’s zone last night in Baltimore.

Scott Johnson of Franchise Mode tells us about how MLB is working to optimize web connectivity at Major League ballparks, so that you might actually be able to use Twitter and Instagram at the ballpark.

Tthe Toronto Star wants your help identifying a fan that was rather roughly ejected from the Rogers Center by police back on Friday.

Lastly, some great discussion on the Star’s “Do the Jays have the most unruly fans?” article over at Baseball Think Factory.

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  1. Reyes was moved to the 60-day DL to accomodate Laffey Taffey. I guess it’s to be expected, but I’m sure everyone was pulling a rainbow of hope out of their ass for Reyes to be back sooner than the All-Star break.

    • 60 day retroactive from time of injury…can still be back before then.

    • I dunno why, but your screename filed me with unadultered rage. Its just horrible.

      I think Im a little stressed and high strung lately, its these damn Blue Jays. I prob need to cut back on my caffeine/crystal meth intake.

      • I like the tag better than Indestructible.

        If anything, it sounds like you need more meth, less caffeine, and more booze. A winning team wouldn’t hurt either.

  2. Toronto Blue Jays:
    1. SS: Munenori Kawasaki
    2. DH: Adam Lind
    3. RF: Jose Bautista
    4. 1B: Edwin Encarnacion
    5. LF: Melky Cabrera
    6. 3B: Brett Lawrie
    7. CF: Colby Rasmus
    8. 2B: Maicer Izturis
    9. C: Henry Blanco
    SP: R.A. Dickey

    Lol, well if he manages to walk 4 times gain whats the harm eh?

  3. That lineup is kind of awkward, but I like the implication. Before Reyes got hurt, I was hoping they’d fine someone to slot into the 2 hole, pushing Melky to third, Bautista 4th, etc, to lessen the dropoff from 4 to 5. All things considered Melky isn’t a terrible #5 hitter and presumably if Lawrie can string a couple of solid weeks together he’ll end up somewhere back at the top.

  4. Meh go down to one of those horrible clubs on Peter St and you’ll see cops dealing with people like that 4 or 5 times a night. If you mouth off and stand confrontationally at a cop, you’re going to have a bad time.

  5. Colby Rasmus is a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a coonskin hat.

  6. If Dickey can just pound that box all night, mix up speeds, and really hit that mitt I think things will be good. If he fills that box with balls all night when he does pull one out and slide it somewhere else they’ll have no choice but to fist it or just watch it.

    • This seems…forced.

      • lol my thoughts exactly. Didnt flow organically.

        • the driving point there is dickey sounds like penis…. anyway i’ve taken your notes into account and i will work harder on johnsons next start.

          • I read today that the Yankees have Chien Ming Wang pitching well in AAA. Personally I hope they call him up soon. Id like to compare our Johnson to their Wang in person, see how we measure up.

  7. “Bats, they are sick. I cannot hit curveball. Straightball I hit it very much. Curveball, bats are afraid.” said Rasmus

    We need Jobu!

  8. I’m not sure why he looked at the second called strike to Boni and not the first. I know Bautista threw a fit from the dugout on the second, but it was the first that bothered me. It was visibly inside and pitchFX agrees that it was slightly inside. I could see it being a borderline strike to a righthanded batter but to a lefty I was shocked to see it called a strike.

    Not of course, that it really matters in the grand scheme of things but it gave me an opportunity to scream at my TV last night.

  9. Yippee, Laffey’s back. What the fuck.

  10. That fan might be my buddys brother in law. My friend went and they both got thrown in the drunk tank. Theywere right by the bullen and someone else threw a beer and they got tossed. I guess my friends BiL got realy messed up. Im going to show him this

  11. Thank fuck we have personal cameras to keep those fucking cops a little more accountable.

  12. This idea that Jays crowds are any more drunk or unruly than anywhere else seems to be coming from people that haven’t been to a lot of sporting events elsewhere. I’ve always found Toronto crowds to be quite tame compared to most other places.

    • I dunno. The cookie-cutter douchebags seem like a uniquely Toronto phenomenon. I’ve been to games at Safeco in Seattle and they just didn’t exist. In spite of them, though, Skydome never seemed particularly rowdy to me. Worse than Safeco, perhaps, but not very bad.

  13. I think its a product of being irrelevent for 20 years.

    When the majority of people are there because of the baseball, these things will just naturally happen much less. And the only way to do that is to gove people a reason to go there fo the baseball. Win, for example.

  14. Seriously, Dickey’s stuff simply looks unhittable

  15. Dickey looks unhittable? Tell the O’s that.

  16. The behaviour of the fans at Rogers Centre has been a bit concerning, especially the booing. Booing former players is bad enough in my opinion. But the worst thing I’ve heard all season was the booing of R.A. Dickey in his second start (against Boston). What better way to welcome a new player than to boo him when he is clearly struggling. Watching on TV, I actually heard some idiot shout “Come on, Dickey. What are we paying you for?”

    The problem is the fair-weather fans who haven’t watched baseball since the mid-90s. They’ve heard we have all these new players and they expect immediate results. When the team struggles, they get bored and drink more and do and say stupid things.

  17. Good for the cops. That drunk little hipster d-bag probably deserved it. Hope his glasses broke when his face smashed against the wall. Milhouse mother fucker.

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