April 22nd v Orioles

Upside down graphs again

Batter pLI WPA
Kawasaki – SS 1.24 0.007
Cabrera – LF 1.58 -0.162
Bautista – RF 1.34 -0.134
Encarnacion – 1B 1.13 -0.040
Lind – DH 1.62 -0.044
Arencibia – C 1.64 -0.016 Pitcher pLI WPA
Rasmus – CF 2.04 0.006 Happ – SP 1.22 0.116
Lawrie – 3B 1.83 -0.027 Delabar – RP 1.91 0.255
Bonifacio – 2B 2.16 -0.103 Loup – RP 3.88 -0.358
Total 1.60 -0.514 Total 1.42 0.014

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

Shamsky: Steve Delabar, 25.5%
Griffin: Aaron Loup, -35.8%
Impact At-Bat: Colby Rasmus RBI Single, Top 7, 20.3%
Impact Pitch: Nick Markakis Walk-Off Single (duh), Bot 9, -33.9%
Highest Leverage AB: Emilio Bonfacio Bases Loaded Strikeout, Top 7, 4.76
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Markakis Walk Off, Bot 9, 6.39
Lineup Contribution: -51.4%
Pitching Contribution: 1.4%
Average Leverage Index: 1.68
Chart explanation

- J.A. Happ’s line: 6.0ip, 4h, 1er, 2bb, 6k, 2.53FIP. A hard-luck no decision that sucks very much to see go to waste.

- I’m going to be frank: I fell asleep around 8pm and woke up an hour after the game, which, by the looks of it, gives me something in common with the Jays’ hitters (ZING!).

- The Jays lineup managed 4 hits and drew 5 walks. I don’t have the numbers in front of me but I’m guessing not many teams have won with a -51.4% WPA from the hitters.

- The 1-2-3 hitters combined to go 0-for-11 with Kawasaki drawing the lone walk.

- Colby Rasmus didn’t strike out. J.P. Arencibia drew a walk. Cats chased dogs. The sun set in the East.

- A Munenori Kawasaki error with 2 outs in the 9th loaded the bases and the next batter (Markakis) ended it.

- Brett Lawrie continued to display everything we remember and more defensively at the hot corner, making a ridiculous play to save a run in the 6th and generally living the dimed life.

- After Rasmus tied the game in the 6th with an RBI single Emilio Bonifacio had a chance to break the game open with the bases loaded but he struck out swinging.

- Steve Delabar faced 6 batters and got 6 outs, 3 via K, earning a Shutdown. Aaron Loup takes the loss and a Meltdown, after facing 6, giving up one hit, one walk and an unearned run.

- The Orioles win another 1-run game, because of course they do.

- This evening’s projected match-up is R.A. Dickey (4.29FIP, 0.2fWAR) v Miguel Gonzalez (6.03FIP, -0.1fWAR). So maybe the goddamn bats will show up for more than one game of this series for a change. 

{All numbers via Fangraphs}

{gif via Gamereax}

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  1. Bonifacio was the “steal” of the Marlins trade.

  2. The weird thing thing to me is -
    The two guys I was most worried about going into the season – Lind & Rasmus – haven’t been brutal. Lind at least is walking and Rasmus is at .250 with pop.

    I’m shocked how bad the defense has been and how lifeless this offense looks at times

    There still is too much talent on this team – lucky the season is 162 games long – it will turn around

    • Lind has a .380 OBP. Rasmus an .835 OPS.

      Granted, both of this is due to some shielding from LHP in the case of Rasmus and a lot of shielding in the case of LInd.

      But both deserve more then “not brutal”

      • Agreed. Also, just listening to Jeff Blair now, and the dude is shitting on Rasmus and Lind. WTF? Ya, we know they are flawed players, but goddamn it how the hell can you blame THEM when EE and JB have been worse (not relatively, statistically WORSE so far)!?

        Yes, we know they will pick it up, but this slow start is really the fault of the big dependable bats not getting it done. To blame the 8th most important hitter for playing as expected basically is so shortsighted.

        • I’m not saying it is right, but it is really easy to yell at the guys who look like they are always hitting into an inning ending double play or who are striking out. It makes a good narrative and it is something that people are comfortable with. Basically, because it is easy/ lazy.

        • I feel confident that Bautista, if he stays healthy, will return to form.

          EE, I’m not so sure about. I’m kind of worried about his lack of power. It’s not luike he’s just missing balls, or topping them…..he’s hitting a ton of them right on the screws, and the ball is going…..to the warning track.

          • Yeah, Im sure he just suddenly lost significant power despite lack of any major injury int he offseason Perhaps too much jazzercise?

          • EE has been a late starter, power wise, during his tenure with the Jays, so I wouldn’t worry yet. Home runs come in bunches, especially for streaky players like Edwin. By the way he has been seeing the zone as of late, lets hope that streak time is now.

            I’ve tried to be patient and realize it is early, but the season has started out like how they start games. Get behind early, and then try to claw back into it. It’s their complete inability to intimidate any pitching staff and to get key hits, or just to put a 10 spot on someone, just cause that baffles me. I know they lost their leadoff guy, who was the only Jay who started the season hot, but they have played worst then what I thought worst case scenario so far. But if they win 20 of the next 30 games, this first couple of weeks will be ancient history. Just want to see the offence kick it up a notch.

        • How can blair shit on rasmus and lind and not shit on jpa? O yeah forgot jpa is good to the media so the media is nice to him. Nevermind he sucks and has the worst obp on the team. Fucking pathetic.

  3. I am trying very hard to be positive about this fucking team and it is getting harder and harder. I think a problem for the Jays is that Bautista should not be batting third. There really needs to be someone in there who hits for a higher average. I know all of the averages at present are quite low, so I don’t really have any suggestions-but i think it applies going forward as well

    • This is a team with a sub ,300 OBP. Who exactly would you put in the third spot?

      In the end line-up juggling isn’t going to make much of a difference, the players you have just have to hit. Moving them around is like re-arranging chairs on a ship.

      The Jays do not have a good line-up. Even when E5 and Bautista turn it around other guys who are hitting now will go south. Rasmus and JPA can’t keep K’ing like this and getting good results; that is a small sample thing.

      With Melky Cabrera, he is a guy who has had a high BABIP the past two seasons and he doesn’t get many infield hits indicating that luck could have been on his side. If it dips to a normal .300 then he won’t provide much value…………..if it dips below that number he will be awful.

      If the Jays win games this year the wins will come from the pitching.

      • Like I said—I don’t have a suggestion—it is an overall flaw in this lineup

        • Except for the fact that lineup construction has such little impact on a game. In an entire season optimizing a lineup may only get you a few extra runs. Relax. The bats will show up.

    • Bautista still has the most HR in the last 3 years even after missing half of last year.

      No one is moving him around in the lineup after 3 weeks.

      Why does everyone feel this need to endlessly post things for them to change? They need to keep playing and get into a groove. Trading people, moving the lineup around, asking JPA to change his approach 3 weeks in (and while slugging quite well), etc., is all crazy talk.

  4. I could watch that GIF all day long

    • I’m surprised with the Jays luck that didn’t hit Jose in the face and break something. Oh and then ricochet and take Edwin out for a while.

    • I’d like one with just a close up on Lind. That gif would summarize his last 3+ years in infinite hilarity.

  5. Here’s the trouble with the offense – too many guys that are too full of themselves.

    Brett Lawrie would benefit a great deal by realizing he isn’t yet as good as he thinks he is. He has had his maple-tastic ego stroked for 2+ years, and it has hurt him significantly. When he was in Vegas and trying to prove himself, he was a patient hitter with plate discipline. In the cup of coffee he had with the Jays that year, he hit a few homeruns and got a taste for it, and now he thinks he needs to hit a grand slam every time he comes to bat. Lawrie is a better hitter when he takes lots of pitches and uses the whole field to make solid contact. He doesn’t have the pop for 30 homeruns, so he needs to do what a guy like Alomar did – be able to make contact, get on base, and when a pitcher DOES make a bad mistake, punish him. Until then, he’ll stagnate. If he was American, he’d be just as maligned as Rasmus.

    Jose Bautista looks completely lost. It drives me crazy when he whines at the umps about taking a close strike 3 call, because earlier in the at-bat he watched two perfect strikes right down the pipe. It seems as if he doesn’t know what pitch to expect and where to expect it. I’d rather have him hit 35 homers with a .400+ OBP than 40 homers while sitting at .310.

    One thing I will fault Gibby for is Emilio Bonifacio continually being allowed to bunt. The guy can’t do it, and the manager needs to make him stop.

    JP Arencibia – love the homers, but his first at-bat last night was a great example of his shitty plate discipline. On a 3-1 count, he swung at what would have been ball four – it was below the knees and way inside. Luckily he fouled it off and the next pitch was even more inside, walking him, but when a pitcher is struggling to throw strikes, why on earth are you helping him? Unfortunately, JP has done that all year so far. Swings at lots of balls and lots of unhittable pitches. Just before his RBI single last night, Colby watched a pitch in the zone that he knew damn well he wouldn’t be able to hit – why? Because he had a 2-0 count. Didn’t need to swing. Arencibia needs to learn some plate discipline. When – not if, WHEN – he goes into a homerun slump, he’s going to be a big steaming turd in the middle of the lineup if he doesn’t learn to take a walk or just hit for a base-hit.

    Rasmus and Lind over the last couple games seem to have decided to hit for contact rather than power, and it’s working. Hits and walks. Hopefully it’s contagious, and hopefully more guys learn to listen to Chad Mottola (this has typically been his approach).

    • With the way that Bautista’s hands are coming loose on his follow throughs it would not surprise me if his wrist is still injured.

    • Thanks for that insight into the hitters psychology Dr. Julius. How did you get access to the players?

      • I Inceptioned all of them.

        Seriously, can people not post their opinions on here anymore without everyone lampooning them for trying to “delve” too much? I don’t believe I ever said “This is fact! This is what’s happening!”

        Simmer down, people.

    • Bautista has started slow in every year hes been with the Jays save for one (2011 I think) when he tore the cover off the ball out of the gate and then couldnt hit a thing after the all star break. He will find his stroke. Hes not going to hit .300, but he is going to run into a lot of balls and put up some production.

      Lawrie is a step behind everyone and understandably so. I also havent liked his approach at the plate so far, but he will level out. If you and I and all the other “experts” who comment on blogs like this can see it, you had damn well better be sure that the Professionals – the people who get paid to see issues with swings and coach players (Gibby, Mottola) – are watching this too.

      Its 20 games into the season. This isnt football. Or basketball, or hockey. The nice thing about baseball is they have the luxury right now to find their swings. The pitching is really rounding into form and I suspect by June 1, all this bitching and whining will be the minority and not the majority.

      Ive said it before on here, but too many times over the last 20 years we have watched the Jays come out quick and have strong records in April and May before falling out of it by June and July. That hasnt worked so well for us eh? Veteran teams and good teams are the ones who can win at a more consistent rate in the dog days of summer. Give it time. At 100 games into the season if the Jays are 10, 15, 20 games under .500 we can get back to the bitching and whining. For the time being, stop writing off veteran guys like Bautista and let them figure it out. 4 games under .500 isnt exactly an insurmountable number …

    • Julius do you really spend this much time telling yourself that you have some insight into these guys?

      Do you really sit and (try to) analyse every at bat in a sport where the best fail 70% of the time and the worst fail 75% of the time?

      Does anyone just watch the fucking game and enjoy the process?

      • The best fail 70% of the time? I guess the stats fool me because it seems like a .300 OBP is pretty low end.

        Take Votto for instance he fails about 50% of the time. Bonds was failing about 40% of the time in his best year.

        Failing 70% of the time in baseball is………well being a failure.

        • Really? you are going to put words in his mouth? He is clearly talking about average.

          • Really? Seemed like he was talking about failure rate. If talking about average then he is missing the point of hitting.

            Or somehow counting a walk as failure. I personally think the Jays can use a few more failures (walks) if that is the case.

            • you’re nitpicking. His overall point was still a valid one.

              • How is it valid? It doesn’t even take into account the degree of success. For example a HR is worth more than a single.

                Pretending that the gap between a good and a bad player is that small is flat out wrong. Then to go on to ask if anyone else understands the game is absurd.

                • The point he was trying to make (in my opinion – and all apologies if it’s me that’s misunderstanding) is that failure is a big part of the game and if you’re going to get frustrated at every single failure, you’re not going to last too long as a baseball fan.

                  • Failure is a big part of the game, yes. But the whole “the best fail 70% of the time” axiom is tired, inaccurate and makes you sound stupid.

              • Not it wasn’t . It was the same wrong crappy point we hear from the announcers nearly every single game. Failing means not reaching base. That means a 70 percent failure rate would be around a 300 obp. That is terrible.

                And even if we are talking about average, a 300 average isn’t shit if you dont walk, run well, or hit for power. They call it an “empty” 300 for that reason.

                The people in the media that they put in front of our faces everyday to “educate” us about the game are really uneducated themselves.

                How did it come to pass that because you can do something well (former players) that you are by extension going to be adept at teaching it or really even know anything about it.

                • They are not making any effort to educate. They are only interested in being popular which means speaking to the lowest common denominator.

                  I didn’t mean to be harsh but seeing that trash rehashed followed by a ridiculous comment that involved insulting people made me call him on it.

      • Luckily, I’m a human being that can accomplish two things at the same time, so I can enjoy the process AND analyze the game with a critical eye.

  6. I am starting to hate Brett Lawrie a bit. There. I admitted it. Great defensive player. Awful approach at the plate. He really reminds me of a hockey player. And I mean that in the worst way.

  7. The plate discipline of this team has to be the #1 concern of anyone watching thus far. This is the one thing that cannot be swept away with “it’s early”. Yes it is – so there is no use getting caught up in results – but nothing that I’ve seen from many players indicates that when everything settles in, that they will be able to start hitting the way they are expected to.

    Its not a panic, but at least when you see guys working the count and hitting the ball hard, you can say – at some point, things are going to normalize and we’ll be off to the races. Instead we see Chris Tillman give up 1 run in 7 innings. We see Pettite cruising. Kuroda cruising, Ivan fucking Nova cruising through 5 innings. Its too easy for the opposition pitchers and its horrifying that Adam Lind and Kawasaki are essentially the only guys who seem to currently be willing to make the pitcher throw more than 3 pitches in an at bat.

    • I totally agree. I’ve watched probably about 40% of the innings this team has played, and the only player who I can see as being unlucky has been Melky. He’s hit several rockets right at people. That said, he is much slower than I realized.

      The rest of the team has had a brutal approach, and unless they change it, even good luck isn’t going to help them score runs. Balls can’t fall in for hits when you don’t even make contact. Jeff Sullivan has an article up on FanGraphs right now showing that Rasmus has the highest percentage of swings and misses of any player ever with 50 PAs, INCLUDING pitchers.

      I think many, if not most, of us posting here understand that its a long season, that luck plays a big part in success, small sample sizes don’t count for much, etc.. So when I express dismay at how the season’s gone so far, its not because of the raw results, but because I don’t see the underlying fundamentals (I don’t mean “productive outs” or any other old school shit) being good enough to actually produce results.

      The offense has been horrible, but if someone told you that this pitching staff would have a run of 20 games, at any point in the season, where they only got one 7-inning outing from a starter would you have believed them? That’s been the biggest surprise for me.

    • Why is plate discipline only an issue in this 3 weeks?
      This is a Jays hallmark for 5+ yrs – ever since our John Buck/Most HR’s in the league.
      Kelly Johnson Ks – Aaron Hill pop-ups – Vernon Wells swings at high outside pitches.
      It seems to be Jays culture that they have to break. It’s nothing new – we just expected something new.
      The fact that we have Melky and Kawasaki, at least fouling off pitches and having a good eye is magical. Lind just starting to take walks is a nice change – hopefully it’s infectious for a couple other guys..

  8. I love how all the apologists make the same comment over and over in one form or another:

    “I’m not panicking, I’m not panicking, I’m not panicking . . . ”

    You guys make me laugh every day.

    • Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

      … but seriously. What’s the alternative? rant and rave and wave my hands in the air and act as though the team somehow OWES me something?

      I think I’ll choose to stay optimistic and just enjoy the game.

      • And not be labeled an apologist because I have some god damn sense not to throw a hissy fit and look at things logically.

        • Deep breaths. Remember, you’re not panicking.

          I think posters like you just choose to throw “hissy fits” as you call them at fans who are angry and passionate, rather than at the team itself. It’s the same emotion, just expressed in a different way. If that makes you feel superior to me (and the literally tens of thousands of fans who are pissed at the horrible play of the Jays through 20 games) then I’m happy for ya.

          • By all means, point me towards where I threw a hissy fit at you.

            You’ve completely misunderstood my position. I don’t give a flying fuck what you think about the team.

          • Oh I am not panicking. If you read the rest of my comments you will see I just enjoy pointing out hypocrisy. It is a long season and just because The Jays didn’t start the season 20-0 and I’m not mad about that doesn’t make me or IMW an apologist.

          • I also highly doubt that the “dont panic” crowd AREN’T pissed off about the teams performance so far. I for one am certainly not happy that my favourite team is in last place. However the difference is that “we” are choosing a different level of frustration. One that is based more on the rational notion that there is still a lot of time left in the season and that when you get right down to it, the world does continue to spin no matter how many wins the bluejays have.
            There is of course a chance that this is the true level of performance that we’re going to see from this team in 2013… I doubt it, but it’s still possible… and that would seriously suck.

          • You’re obviously not happy for anyone.

    • It could be worse. The Marlins are actually slugging under .300 as a team.

      Well I could actually get some enjoyment out of that but perhaps I’m a baseball masochist deep down.

  9. Yeah, yeah….I get it – it’s early days, the batters will come around, the team needs time to gel, etc etc ad infinitum ad nauseum.
    I’m just wondering about the impact of a Chad Mottola and the offensive part of the game? Do the players have a clue about what they want to do at the plate? A previous poster alluded to Batista and others looking at strike-one, strike-two being grooved through the strike zone – and then flailing away as they protect the plate with two strikes.
    Important to note – I’m not slagging anyone…I’m just wondering aloud about the philosophy of hitting under Gibbons and Mottola.

  10. I’m worried about what would happen to this team if someone else gets hurt. Seriously, if we have another middle infielder go down, who gets the call? McCoy? If we have a SP or two go down, who gets the call? Miguel Batista? If Lind or EE get hurt, do we have anyone in the minor leagues to fill in?

  11. Looks like we got the wrong Izturis brother too . . . Cesar hits walk off in the 13th for the Reds . . . on a one year contract making $800K instead of three years fucking $12,000,000. Damn. And our Izturis sucks at everything too, he would play no more than two or three times a week on a real team.

  12. After 20 games, Jays sit at 8-12
    Lets say they turn it around and average 4 games over (12-8) in each of the next 7 blocks of 20 games. They would then sit at 12×7=84 + 8 (games already won) = 92 wins with two games left to play.
    However, they’ve never been good at inter-league play and have the Giants and Braves at home before a 7 game road trip thru Atlanta, San Diego and & SF. After that, they still have to face the Dodgers at home for 3 and the D-Backs in Arizona for 3. Not at all an easy schedule.
    Thing is, at this point there is still no reason they can’t win the division.
    However, if they scuffle thru the next 20 like they did the first 20, then the task becomes truly daunting.
    They really need to start winning some games.

    • I’m not so comfortable going ahead on assuming a 60% win percentage for this team going forward.

      • Winning 92/160 games is a 57.5% winning percentage to begin with. Once they get on a roll and start putting some decent win streaks together, that number will fluctuate quite a bit.

  13. What exactly does Bonifacio do? Can’t hit, can’t bunt, can’t throw. Worst pick up I can ever recall.

  14. We got a team of Dominicans, they don’t get playing good until the weather warms up. Ask Carlos Zambrano.

  15. What’s great about the GIF is Bautista faceplanting right into the bat.

  16. I remember an interview with a Florida reporter right after the big trade saying that Bonifacio would be the biggest surprise of the trade.
    He was sure right, we are all surpirsed at how shitty he is.
    Seriously this guy thought the Jays made a great deal getting Bono, i dont know if they are relatated or the reporter was making a joke.

    • It’s puzzling just how bad Boni looks right now. He had a good year in 2011, actually forcing himself into an everyday leadoff role and hitting .296/.360/.393 with 40 SBs. In 2011, he played only 64 games due to injury, and his offensive numbers were down across the board, but he still managed to swipe 30 bases in that time. 64 games is a small-ish sample size, so it’s understandable if people were still influenced by his 2011 numbers, and the gaudy SB rate is enough to get people excited. I also recall reading something about being one of the league leaders in bunt hits, an ability which seems to have abandoned him completely.

      His defense was always replacement-level-ish, so that part is not that surprising. The real surprise is the ugly swing he’s showing right now that does not look like that of a career .326 OBP guy. The current .237 will normalize to something less obscenely bad, but even .326 seems like a stretch without some big changes to his swing.

  17. OK I dont agree with idiots runnning on the field but in the day and age of youtube, i am surprised someone hasnt ran on the field with a GoPro camera strapped to their head then posted it online.
    Be funny if they had a camera on their body, that way we could watch the arrest and booking proceedings. And maybe a beating.

  18. 4 hits against Tilman, ooooooooooooooh Yeaaaaaa

  19. This is a good but but flawed team, like all the rest. The offense at some point will pick up but I don’t think they are ever going to be the juggernaut people expected. I also don’t see the the other teams in the division getting a whole lot worse. The positive is the starting pitching. It should keep the Jays hanging around to the end. If not a playoff spot then at least somewhat close. My advice to enraged fans: lower your expectations a bit and lower your heart rates as a result.

  20. I only skimmed the comments so I’m not sure if this topic has been brought up, but why isn’t anyone throwing Gibbons under the bus? The offence was weak during his last tenure with the team and he continues to approach managing this team with a laissez faire attitude….whenever there’s a mistake “hey that’s baseball” is all you hear from Gibbons. The majority of successful sports organizations are led by over-organized, intense, borderline-crazy coaches and managers…Gibbons doesn’t even strike me as a guy who could tell you who the opposing pitchers are likely to be in the next series. If this team turns it around and does something productive this season, it’s going to be in spite of the coaching.

    • What should Gibbons be doing? Taking the bats and trying to swing for these guys??

      I am 100% hes not telling guys to go up there hacking and striking out on 3 pitches.
      Gibbons and his staff do their homework. A helluva lot more than we do, since, well thats what they are paid to do. And they wouldnt be in Major League Baseball if they didnt. The assumption that he doesnt know whos pitching against the Jays is ludicrous.

      • Buddy…if you’re the manager you should be telling hitters exactly what they should be doing when they go up to the plate. The players are an extension of the manager’s strategy….and if they are going up there and having useless at-bats then it’s a direct reflection of the manager’s inability to either communicate his message, lack of strategy or hold them accountable for not implementing the strategy. The only logical conclusions are that 1. Gibbons has no offensive strategy or even worse a terrible strategy, 2. he and the players aren’t on the same page or 3. they could care less what he wants….any way you slice it right now, it’s on Gibbons…a lot of the same players have torn the cover off the ball in the past under different coaching regimes.

        • Yes of course, it’s Gibby’s fault. Why couldn’t we all see that when it’s so clear to you – buddy. Every 20 games we should get a new manager until we get this thing right! Let’s also fire the hitting coaches since, according to you, they’re not doing anything anyway. Thanks for straightening this whole thing out!

    • Because this isn’t the TSN comment section

      • +1 for Deere5800.

        It’s a frustrating team to watch right now, but there’s a lot of reason for optimism, even with Reyes out. It was always going to be tough to come out of the AL East, and that hasn’t changed.

        The Rockies aren’t going to win the NL West, The Yankees aren’t going to keep milking production out of guys who were washed up two years ago, Bautista and EE are going ot hit some dingers, and John Farrell is going to drive the Red Sox crazy at some point. The 8-12 looks worse because we were 0-0 to start- this kind of stretch in the middle of the year would get a “meh” from most of us, so should this.

        I love that people are already pinning this on Gibbons. He hasn’t been great (and the Reyes injury sucks), but it’s a classic “correlation/causation” scenario. The team sucks, so it must be his fault, and not one of a thousand other things that he can’t really control. One of those borderline crazy managers is Buck Showalter, and he’s been fired how many times now?

      • yes, this is so much more than the TSN comments because everyone is so much more enlightened and has such interesting things to contribute. Get over yourselves

    • Jesus. Leafs just made the playoffs buddy. Time to call Andy Frost @ LeafsTalk postgame. You’ll fit in better there.

      • And everybody should sign the petition to turn the CN Tower into the worlds biggest goal light.
        Yes, it’s out there.

    • All I can tell you about Gibbons is he doesn’t get the best out of his players and he has the bums eye for pitching changes too – one of the things that drove me Loupy about him last time. Last night he should have had Janssen in there in the 9th, not that Loup has been terrible but just good enough to lose through no fault of his own. Maybe I’ll finally trade my Kawasaki in for a Suzuki.

      • Or maybe, you know .. he’d save his closer for a … closing situation. Which they would have had if they were able to get it to extras and score a run.

        Loup got himself out of the inning, if not for the error.

  21. FUCK BUCK SHOWALTER AND FUCK THE ORIOLES!!!! GO Jays, aahh that feels better

  22. Worst part of that game was listening to Buck/Tabler. I’m paraphrasing, but with JP at the plate Buck breaks out a “You can keep your batting average and on base percentage. I want production out of my catcher and with seven home runs JP is giving you that and more”.

    • I was listening to the radio and, though drunk, I’m pretty sure Jack Morris said something ridiculous about lefty/righty match-ups being meaningless but cannot recall exactly…

      • Haha, yeah he said that managers do the matchup the thing because the stats say it makes sense. But he implied that it’s stupid and managers used to manage based on their gut feelings. Apparently gut feelings are more accurate. I was driving home from work and was laughing at his apparent distaste for these fancy pants stats.

  23. Thats pretty arbitrary, isnt it – “under different coaching regimes”.

    A manager can tell his players until hes blue in the face that he wants them to “work the count” or “take a first strike” and none of that guarantees them any success whatsoever at the plate. They can work the count and still strike out on 3 pitches in the pitcher is locating well.

    What youre saying is, if a hitter is in a slump, the manager isnt coaching him properly, OR hes not listening to the manager?? It couldnt be that hes just in a slump, his confidence is down??

    I think you are putting way too much importance on a “manager’s strategy” at the plate. At the end of the day, regardless of what the manager says, a hitters success comes down to his individual talent.

  24. The Jays are 0-6 when tied late in the game. 1 game was lost in the 8th, 3 in the 9th, and two in the 11th. Jays have yet to pull off a walk-off win or come from behind later than the 7th inning.

    There’s too much pressure for the Jays bullpen to hold the team until the offense wakes up which seems to be “never”. And with the bullpen playing 3.6 innings per game, 3.24 ERA is good ball. The team has yet to have a blown save.

    Blue Jays apologists are calling it “bad breaks”. Where’s the damned offence?

    • “Blue Jays apologists are calling it “bad breaks”.”

      Not on this blog they aren’t. I’m sure most people here agree with everything you said.

    • Wouldn’t it also be reasonable to expect the Jays to win some (or half) of those late inning tie games? Those are roughly coin flip situations when its bullpen v. bullpen late in a tie game. Let’s say they ought to win 50% of them. All of a sudden the team is 11-9.

      Me thinks the “apologists” might be on to something… even with the offense struggling, the team has been that close to a winning record.

      Relax. Everyone.

      • Sorry but this team has a -30 run deficit. They’re lucky they have as many wins as they do.

        Yes, it’s early but it’s absurd to say they have played to a .500 level at this point. The only team that has surrendered more runs is the Houston Astros and the Jays are also near the bottom in runs scored.

        For this to turn around the players need to play a lot better not get more breaks.

        • @Ezchoice

          30 of the runs against came in 3 blowouts. That puts the Jays at even for 17 games.

          The sample size to this point is a bit small for run differential to be that meaningful. The Jays aren’t the 2nd worst team in the AL, for goodness sake.

          • And look at that, they are only 4 games under .500

            Seems about right for the level they’ve played. If they repeat this performance in the next 20 and are -60 they won’t improve their record.

            I understand what a small sample is but in this small sample the team has been terrible. They haven’t blown anyone out. Good teams tend to do that too.

            • “Seems about right for the level they’ve played. If they repeat this performance in the next 20 and are -60 they won’t improve their record.

              I understand what a small sample is but in this small sample the team has been terrible.”

              I don’t think you do understand was a small sample size is, because you completely misused small samples in the previous sentence.

        • But perhaps this is what differentiates this team from years past… With good pitching we’ve been able to eek out wins despite playing like crap. So logic suggests that when the bats get going, we should start winning a lot of games.

  25. For all those wannabe Chad Motolla’s out there preaching about the “poor approach” of Jays hitters… can you please point out how this team is any different than, say, the 2011 version of this team. I recall that was a team who struck out a shit ton and still scored a shit ton of runs? Isn’t that all that matters. Yes, it can be frustrating to watch, and runs can be lumpy, but all we really care about it the team scoring runs right?

    • Pointing out, of course, that this team is clearly BETTER than the 2011 version on paper, given offseason additions, a full season from Lawrie, development of JPA’s power, no John Macdonald, etc.

    • Stop with the blaming the coach/manager angle. Its low lying fruit. The team’s approach isnt any different than it was last year or the year before or the year before. they are not EXECUTING…in other words..they are not HITTING THE BALL. Unless Motolla is encouraging them to swing and miss, he is not really central to the problem here

      • hahaha – so true. At the end of the day, coaches can’t swing the bat, field the play or locate the ball.

    • Yeah, with Reyes out, this is basically the same lineup that were first to 500 runs in the majors last year, with Kawasaki and Izturis/Boni replacing Escobar and KJ respectively. Chad Mottola couldn’t turn them all into Mike McCoys even if he tried.

    • Its not about it being different than before – its about what has traditionally worked for other successful teams, and has clearly worked for other teams against the Jays own floundering pitching so far this season. Its not a guaranteed fix – but it would be better than continually seeing 1 pitch infield popouts and pitchers getting into the 7th inning with 70 pitches thrown.

  26. Wait, they scored JP’s passed ball as a wild pitch? That pitch was barely out of the zone!

  27. Can someone please make a gif of Kawasaki’s fake steel in the top of the 8th. That shit was to funny not to watch on a continuous loop.

  28. If I’m John Gibbons’s I say this……..

    No more bows, Lo Viste’s, chicken wings trots, two out arm action holsters, or outfield bumps until we reach .500

    • In other words, panic in April and kill all clubhouse chemistry so that everyone tightens up. Genius!

      • That’s not panic, or a “chemistry” killer.

        $100 fine for the infraction.

        Think of it as a “you guys can do your thing, but we gotta take care of business first”, I bet everyone would be on board. The players understand, it’s symbolic.

        Tommy Lasorda fined players who wore red in the clubhouse one year because he wanted his team to “hate the Cincinnati Reds”.

        Joe Madden makes his players dress up silly during road trip. This is common baseball stuff.

    • I think what might straighten Gibbons out is a phone conversation with Shea Hillenbrand.

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