Toronto Blue Jays v Kansas City Royals

R.A. Dickey was a bit hard on himself following last night’s loss, telling reporters that he isn’t 100% and that “it feels like going to battle with a three-shooter instead of a six-shooter.” He battled his command all night, sure, but the Orioles’ big fourth inning that killed him really was a whole lot worse from a results perspective than it was in terms of performance. Walk kill– as the Jays themselves showed later in the game– but it’s not like he was getting hit all over the yard, and if that’s Dickey at 80%, I’ll take it over the likes of Aaron Laffey (newly with the club, now wearing Dave Stieb’s old number 37, having been added to the roster last night with the D’ing FA of Ramon Ortiz).

A person who maybe should be hard on himself– though probably not as hard as fans want him to be– is home plate umpire Alfonso Marquez, who drew the ire of a lot of Jays fans when he punched out Melky Cabrera in the eighth on a pitch that looked like an awfully obvious ball. I say maybe not as hard as Jays fans want because, really, it’s the club’s offence as a whole that let them down– again– and not one or two bad calls here or there. Plus, the Pitch F/X from Brooks Baseball shows that, while not a strike, the pitch from Pedro Strop was still very much in the realm of what gets called a strike to left-handed batters. Or at least close to it.

So, the Jays are in salvage mode again today, with Brandon Morrow hoping to rebound from a poor start against the Yankees back on Friday, in which his velocity looked off at the start of the game, but got back to where you’d expect it by the end– again, according to Brooks. His opponent on the hill is Josh Stinson, who makes his Orioles debut today, after being picked up by the club on waivers earlier in the month. Stinson, 25, has spent six seasons in the minors, getting a cups of coffee the last two years with the Mets and Brewers respectively. So, of course, the Jays are going to make him look like Cy fucking Young, most likely.


No Adam Lind in the lineup today, which actually feels like a genuinely bad thing for the first time in a long time. Scott MacArthur tweets that Lind’s wife is giving birth, and so he has temporarily left the team.

Chris Toman looks into R.A. Dickey’s April so far, with GIFs, over at gamereax.

Lastly, I don’t think I ever will have to get in an argument again with someone claiming the Jays make decisions out of the goodness of their pure-as-the-driven-snow heart. Shi Davidi writes about the club’s use of the waiver process this year at Sportsnet, and shines a light on the players’ side of things, especially in conversation with Alex Burnett, who says he was shocked after being designated for assignment not long after being claimed. “I had my wife with me in spring training, she’s pregnant, so that made it even worse otherwise she’d be with me right now. We had to go to Dunedin and I said, ‘You know what, honey? Everything is crazy right now, go home.’ I didn’t want her flying all over the place with me and moving,” he explained. “I had to break a lease in Minnesota because I figured I was going to be there, I had to get out of a lease in Buffalo, I had to get my car shipped from Minnesota to Buffalo, now I have to get it from Buffalo to God knows where right now.”

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And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Rajai Davis (R)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Melky Cabrera (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
SS Maicer Izturis (S)

Brandon Morrow RHP

Baltimore Orioles

LF Nate McLouth (R)
3B Manny Machado (R)
RF Nick Markakis (L)
CF Adam Jones (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
DH Nolan Reimold (R)
2B Ryan Flaherty (L)
C Taylor Teagarden (R)

Josh Stinson RHP

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  1. Why hasn’t Stieb’s number been retired yet?

    • They don’t retire numbers. He’s on the level of excellence.

    • why? it’s not like he was ever even close to throwing a no-hitter or anything good like that.

    • I like the policy of retiring numbers only for Hall of Famers who wear a Blue Jays cap (I’m assuming this is the policy considering Alomar is the first retired number). You can make an argument for any of the numbers on the Level of Excellence to be retired, but then the Jays end up looking like the Houston Astros, who I believe have 9 retired jerseys in 50+ years with 0 World Series titles.

      All that said, if there’s one guy who should get an exception on the Jays retired number requirements it’s Dave Stieb. If his elbow didn’t blow up in 1992 his final numbers are probably better than Morris.

      • Personally, I feel that Stieb’s number should have been retired before Alomar’s.

        As great as Robbie was in his 5 seasons here, it wasn’t long enough – I feel in 99% of the time, a player needs 10 seasons with your team before you consider retiring the jersey

  2. I cant believe I am saying this, but Zaun actually just made alot of sense on Blue Jays Central

  3. It would be super-duper awesome to make a fringe pitcher like Stinson look like, you know, a fringe pitcher. An 11-1 kinda game would be sweet. Too much to hope for?

  4. Alex Burnett has a hard life. Maybe he should get a desk job so he can be home every night with his pregnant wife.

    • it’s obviously the first time his wife has been pregnant or he’d already know that distance is a good thing for those 9 months.

      the way i see it, the jays are doing him a favor.

    • Maybe he shouldn’t assume that if he gets claimed on waivers he’s going to be with that team long term. On the other hand I do get that it’s tough not knowing where you’re going to call home and having zero control (other than retiring) over it.

    • He should probably stop suckng at baseball, then he’ll have no worries.

    • hard to feel sorry for a 25 year old who makes five hundred and ten thousand u.s. dollars a year to play baseball which i have to assume is a dream come true for him.

      i’m so sorry you had to break a lease or two and pay maybe a thousand dollars to have your car shipped???

      how about “you know what, i’m a professional athlete it’s part of the job”.

  5. Any takers on a #freejoshthole campaign? Carerr .350 OBP before last year and raking at Buffalo. Would be a big upgrade on Blanco offensively….

  6. It seems to me that if you’re the 25th man on a MLB roster, you should avoid signing any leases.

  7. .500 by May 31st. This is my new personal goal for the bluejays, as a fan.

  8. Is there a story on Kawasaki not playing short? Looked much better than Izturis whom the score app claims currently has a hamstring injury.

  9. what if D ing FA, is it anything like Bucks R,sBI

  10. Doesn’t all this rapid fire waiver claim/DFA/repeat business shine a bit of a contradictory light on the “player-friendly” organization optics dogshit that we’ve heard so much about?

    • As soon as you said Rapid Fire all I can think of is leaving this boring desk job and playing Call Of Duty.

  11. Ugh, Davis AND Boni at the top of the order??? I can handle one (Davis) but not both. Maybe just put them at the bottom and move everyone up?

  12. Is there a stat that tracks % of innings that you go 3 up 3 down? I’d be shocked if we werent leading it so far

  13. 2 runs or less today for the Jays whiffers book it suckas

  14. Great start.

    we go up three up and three down against a stiff.

    ump fucks us on what should have been strike three

    morrow is throwing high 80′s again.


  15. WOOOO AHHH here we go aleady. U go 2011 Brandon Morrow.

  16. Has Morrow thrown a slider yet?

  17. #Bonifacioworst2binbaseball

  18. And another 20 something pitch first inning where they are playing from behind….

  19. Was that the Morrow slider? (think so..)

  20. This guy has walked 12 guys in 20 major league innings. so you would think we could work him for some walks.

  21. Nice. Davis and Bonifacio leading off ensuring that Bautista comes up to bat with the bases empty every time.

    Speed at the top of the lineup is fucking pointless if you can’t get on base.

  22. Holy shit did he put a full swing on that?????

  23. Oh, thank the gods.

  24. What is this thing called in which we have more runs than the other team? Im not familiar with this situation.

  25. Travis who?

  26. I have no idea why teams even throw strikes to JP, he will swing at balls and strike himself out. Just do that and he won’t hit any HR’s.

    • Just imagine if he laid off the balls and swung only at middle in strikes….
      The mind boggles!!

  27. Just when i thought there was hope…Fuck Colby you looked so sick on that…

  28. You know you’re brutal when Bonifacio in the 2 spot…

  29. On the scouting scale, what is Lawrie’s spaz factor?

    Is he a true 80?

  30. Rasmus’ approach has to be the worst in the majors

  31. Is that the first time this year the Jays have scored any runs the first time thru the order? it sure seems like it

  32. Where’s that guy who is always saying we are waiting for the last game of the series to score alot of runs? he might be right today

  33. Umpires are against the jays, they have to ve

  34. Why isn’t Moises up yet?

  35. where can i hear this game on line for freeeee?

  36. Izturis, Davis, Bonifacio
    now that’s the ‘Due Up’ I’ve always waited for

  37. Why Gamecast, why must you taunt me like this?!?!?

  38. Is that the first HR from a LFer this yr?

  39. Rajai hits a HR off a righty. I guess this is another one of those wacky “last game of the series where we actually try” types.

  40. Bautista has been absolute poop so far and he’s missed 7 games.

  41. What’s this? The Blue Jays making a minor league spot starter look like a minor league spot starter?

  42. So how does that Lawrie catch fit with the “spaz” concept???

  43. I wonder how many of our losses would have been won if the umps made the right calls

  44. I hate this machad his face is off, that and buck wants to have his babies

  45. Didn’t the 90′s Tigers teach us that living and dying by the HR gets a team nowhere fast??

  46. Walk error to 2 bad players with their 3 4 5 coming up

    • The umps aren’t looking so bad now i guess

      • They’re all over the place. Some pitches in the exact same spot are called balls and strikes. Last night a pitch was called a strike 2 inches outside of the zone was called a ball and 4 inches outside was a stirke.

  47. Well Morrow can’t throw strikes this inning, this could get bad

  48. Fucking shit fuck

  49. You could have made the throw….

  50. Lawrie handed them an extra out and run…I hope they dont lose by 1 run.

  51. WingDingThing

  52. Too many home runs, I demand doubles and Sac flies.

  53. Colby strikes out on 3 balls, teams should do the same thing to JP.

    • No sure what to do about Colby as I believe he is striking out in 50% of his at bats which is just crazy. I like Colby but I am not convinced he brings enough to the team if he continues to swing at everything and strick out at his current pace.

      • It is strange how much he is striking out. Given AA’s rather impatient approach (so many waiver claims, spectacularly frequent promotion/demotion of relievers), does anyone else think that if things continue as such, we might see Rasmus and Gose swap places? They have surprised veteran players in the past with trips to AAA.

  54. Is this the inning where we start to see the real morrow like last game?

  55. Im not surprised all 4 runs have come via the home run with this collection of hitters. Agianst a shit pitcher no less. Still concerned about the offense.

  56. I would have caught Rajai’s HR

  57. Are you hearing this ignorant crap on the orioles broadcast right now about patience?

    they just flashed a graphic about strikeout rates when you swing at the first pitch vs strikeout rates overall…the graphic seem to show that you strike out much more when you swing at the first pitch.

    then they say. “see..that proves that patience is costly ”


  58. I’m still concerned about Morrow’s velocity. Last year (I especially remember his complete game shutout against the Angels) he would hit 97MPH very consistently.

    Why hasn’t there been more of a narrative on this?

    • What in the world are you talking about? His average fastball velocity last year was 93.1, according to Fangraphs.

    • because MANY pitchers experience a variance in their velocity – especially early in the year when weather conditions vary so wildly.

      Consistency comes in mid season when weather conditions and the routine of throwing 100 pitches every 5 days sets in.

      The only reason we’re all hearing about it now is because pitchFX is now readily available.

      • not to mention that some balls may look like fastballs but are actually his split finger – which is naturally a little slower.

    • Because we have 100 other narratives to panic about instead. And Morrow is still pitching very Morrow-like.

    • “Why hasn’t there been more of a narrative on this?”

      why are we hearing anything about this?

  59. anyone see that big boobed milf pull her kids face into her boobs?

  60. Here’s the article they are referencing. a verducci article

    wow this is some ignorant shit.

  61. The single “bats are alive” game of each series are always fun.

  62. Stoeten, i know you guys are going to have a take on this article coming out right? perhaps at getting blanked? this type of crap must be debunked I say!

  63. That mofo asked Gibby to fuck off.

  64. Fuck I’d LOVE to tell Buck what an asshole he is right now…If anything the fucking umps have been SO FUCKING INCONSISTANT…..

  65. Attaboy Bautista!

    Here you go guys, hitting and pitching. It CAN happen.

  66. just teeing off on this scrub

  67. Stoeten- Wilner needs you on Twitter! @MKG85 is being a douche bag!

  68. We must all be pretty happy Arenbibia didn’t end up being traded.

  69. LAWRIE!

  70. I like JPA. He’s a masher.

    Wish he could frame pitches a little better.

    Is that a skill that can be taught/learned? Or something you either have or don’t at this point?

  71. Today is one of my break days from Buck + Tabby. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

  72. Morrow looking good late in the game. Once he finds a groove this season, he maybe our best pitcher.

  73. Hay anyone know if Lawrie shot his load on that play?

  74. at least Colby didn’t strike out this time,

  75. Last night I took a break from studying to hit some balls. Knocked a couple out of the yard, sent some mind messages to Joey and Eddie to let them know they should do that to.


    Destroyed my Analysis II final today in less than hour, got home and see them bush crushin See-Ya Bingos.

    Y’all are welcome.

  76. love how Gibby is stretching him. Throw some strike jackass

  77. Morrow’s command not looking good at all today but so far only 2 runs and a lead. Winning games like these when the starter doesn’t look too good is nice (if they win it).

    • 7.1 innings and only 3 runs…quality start…ok at this point in the season. On the other hand, he was piching against Stinson and their offence normally isnt scoring 5 runs/game.

      • 6.1 and his command was clearly off. Watching the Orioles today was like watching the Jays of recent games. Bailing the pitcher out. I’ll take the good result. Well, good for now at least.

        • Yeah 6 1/3 sorry…Still that’s deemed a quality start (5 IP’s and 3 runs). Most pitchers will say their best days come once in 4 or 5 starts. I dont think it’s up to Morrow’s standards though.

  78. The women hauled me down to church the other day and I prayed for the Jays. It is unfortunate that I took a double shot at communion and Father George gave me the “You are fucked” Look. Go Jays blessed they may be.

  79. So a guy hitting .079 gets a fucking late inning double against MORROW for an rbi????Why the fuck is this happening?

  80. fucking 1 run games and the god damn Orioles, we better hold this lead

  81. THIS is where they should have Janssen in.

    I hate the closer role. It is the stupidest thing ever invented. Save your best pitcher for the last inning with a couple runs lead and nobody on? What bullshit. I like Loup but come on.

  82. Oh Dear God

  83. i know its been asked, but fucking shit man!
    why do our pitchers nibble on 0-2

    ffs, tie game

  84. Oh Blue Jays…

  85. I hate baseball.

    That is all.

  86. Is Darren Oliver not available or something? You’d think he would be the lefty to put into high leverage situations.

    Or is he strictly in the “setup man” and absolutely cannot be used in any inning that’s not numbered “8″?

  87. Morrows like “I coulda fucking done THAT”

  88. I know this isn’t the time or anything, but I believe Markakis’s walk-out music is The Humpty Dance. Which cracks me up a bit.

  89. Lets leave Loup in for another couple of runs – Gibbons is such a fucking meathead. It was a mistake to hire that bumpkin.

  90. now we need to score…..vs this bullpin…..

  91. Loup again…really?

  92. sweet lord, can we not be swept by the fucking orioles

  93. Give the orioles credit that inning. Thats how you have proper ABs. I hope the jays were watching.

    • That’s going to be the loser/idiot/troll calling card for 2013 “proper ABs” or “better approach”… hitting 4 home runs today. Decent approach.

      • Thats unsustainable. You have to take walks and be able to gets singles and doubles in additon to homers. Btw, the homers had nothing to do with approach. It was their typical first pitch fastball swinging shit.

        • afdg… point me towards one piece of statistical evidence that suggests seeing more pitches per PA results in a higher run expectancy. These are aggressive hitters. This is what they do. If they need any relevant advice on navigating internet forums or not getting laid, I’m sure they’ll look you up.

          • Ummm lets start with teams that score the most runs have the best obp. I dont think you know baseball very well.

      • Four 2 run HR’s would’ve been better.

  94. Loup. That boy’s fkin shit. And Gibbons. Waiting until Morrow sets the table to pull him. I hate Gibbons. Fk him. And what’s with all these two out rbi’s again? #hatethisteam.

    • I dont get why or how Gibbons was annointed the “bullpen use ” genius when he was re-hired. In this instance I dont know who else was available if he was saving Oliver for the Yankees series or if he didnt want to use Caey til the 9th. The guy’s fairly normal. If not a little below normal.

  95. All you whiney fairweather Jays fansy-pansies deserve another loss.

  96. I’m usually quite optimistic, but if we manage to waste 4 home runs and a quality Morrow start…. fuck me.

    And I’ve said it many times, but fuck the closer role that makes you leave your best pitcher sitting on his ass while some random bullpen guy tosses beach balls at these guys.

  97. Damn karma and its payback for all of those OriLOLe comments in the past.

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