Toronto Blue Jays v Kansas City Royals

R.A. Dickey was a bit hard on himself following last night’s loss, telling reporters that he isn’t 100% and that “it feels like going to battle with a three-shooter instead of a six-shooter.” He battled his command all night, sure, but the Orioles’ big fourth inning that killed him really was a whole lot worse from a results perspective than it was in terms of performance. Walk kill– as the Jays themselves showed later in the game– but it’s not like he was getting hit all over the yard, and if that’s Dickey at 80%, I’ll take it over the likes of Aaron Laffey (newly with the club, now wearing Dave Stieb’s old number 37, having been added to the roster last night with the D’ing FA of Ramon Ortiz).

A person who maybe should be hard on himself– though probably not as hard as fans want him to be– is home plate umpire Alfonso Marquez, who drew the ire of a lot of Jays fans when he punched out Melky Cabrera in the eighth on a pitch that looked like an awfully obvious ball. I say maybe not as hard as Jays fans want because, really, it’s the club’s offence as a whole that let them down– again– and not one or two bad calls here or there. Plus, the Pitch F/X from Brooks Baseball shows that, while not a strike, the pitch from Pedro Strop was still very much in the realm of what gets called a strike to left-handed batters. Or at least close to it.

So, the Jays are in salvage mode again today, with Brandon Morrow hoping to rebound from a poor start against the Yankees back on Friday, in which his velocity looked off at the start of the game, but got back to where you’d expect it by the end– again, according to Brooks. His opponent on the hill is Josh Stinson, who makes his Orioles debut today, after being picked up by the club on waivers earlier in the month. Stinson, 25, has spent six seasons in the minors, getting a cups of coffee the last two years with the Mets and Brewers respectively. So, of course, the Jays are going to make him look like Cy fucking Young, most likely.


No Adam Lind in the lineup today, which actually feels like a genuinely bad thing for the first time in a long time. Scott MacArthur tweets that Lind’s wife is giving birth, and so he has temporarily left the team.

Chris Toman looks into R.A. Dickey’s April so far, with GIFs, over at gamereax.

Lastly, I don’t think I ever will have to get in an argument again with someone claiming the Jays make decisions out of the goodness of their pure-as-the-driven-snow heart. Shi Davidi writes about the club’s use of the waiver process this year at Sportsnet, and shines a light on the players’ side of things, especially in conversation with Alex Burnett, who says he was shocked after being designated for assignment not long after being claimed. “I had my wife with me in spring training, she’s pregnant, so that made it even worse otherwise she’d be with me right now. We had to go to Dunedin and I said, ‘You know what, honey? Everything is crazy right now, go home.’ I didn’t want her flying all over the place with me and moving,” he explained. “I had to break a lease in Minnesota because I figured I was going to be there, I had to get out of a lease in Buffalo, I had to get my car shipped from Minnesota to Buffalo, now I have to get it from Buffalo to God knows where right now.”

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And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Rajai Davis (R)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Melky Cabrera (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
SS Maicer Izturis (S)

Brandon Morrow RHP

Baltimore Orioles

LF Nate McLouth (R)
3B Manny Machado (R)
RF Nick Markakis (L)
CF Adam Jones (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
SS J.J. Hardy (R)
DH Nolan Reimold (R)
2B Ryan Flaherty (L)
C Taylor Teagarden (R)

Josh Stinson RHP

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  1. GO leafs Go

  2. Bats or EE with a HR right now would sure make me smoke less.

  3. Ah there’s Oliver. I guess he is not allowed to pitch anything but the 8th inning. Brilliant.

  4. Nobody is allowed to complain. It’s early and doing so makes you a “fucking idiot”.

  5. would like to point out, that we have no singles today… even though we have 4HRs, we still aren’t getting on base,

  6. damn, you guys have a serious crap team going on here? why is it so crappy with all the ‘talent’? better sell off & rebuild. season’s over.

  7. have we lost every series?

  8. Nice team you got here, losers. Offseason champs!

  9. To anyone who watches on Rogersondemand,

    Do they shut off the feed after the game is done consistently? I missed the start of the game and have rewinded it to the beginning, will the stream keep playing once done? I recall everytime watching it live from Rogersondemand that the player simply ends and says ‘Thanks for Watching’

  10. ok, time for Melkys first round tripper of the year

  11. It’s still early!

  12. It’s like you gize are tryin to lose? Are ya tryin to? & wutz up with all those low stats? Ouch city.

    • English please.
      I know its tough, but im sure theres an app that translates retard to english. Look for that.

  13. how long until the ‘I’m tripping ballz!!!’ meme gets updated to an animated gif of Stoeten with eyes googlin’ around and the caption ‘It’s still Early, maaaaaan!’


  14. Man o man, the staff ace has a strong showing + four dingers & your tied. That sums it up right there. Damn.

  15. Getting real tired of that Oriole Satanic Magic.

    Yeah, thats right. You do not win that many 1-run games without some help from the Dark Lord.

    • I thought it was the Rays that employed the dark arts? The Blue Jays haven’t played them yet, so maybe they can beat them.

  16. yeah boyz get out those broomzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  17. hey losers, guess what your new team nickname is? “the shithead losers” lol <3 from baltimore. we even kill people better than you

    • Oh, Baltimore
      Man, it’s hard just to live
      Oh, Baltimore
      Man, it’s hard just to live, just to live

    • All kidding aside, it’s definitely seriously worrisome for the Jays organization. Can’t really pawn things off on ‘being early’ or ‘ someone not pitching or hittng’. Essentially there is no reliable pitching, abyssmal hitting, no hitting wrisp at all, erratic bullpen….jeezzu when you say it like that. Analytically speaking, the team has a serious case of ‘crap-itus’.

      • You almost sound like a jays fan trolling their own team. don’t go easy on these arses LOL

        • Hooker on the corner
          Waitin’ for a train
          Drunk lyin’ on the sidewalk
          Sleepin’ in the rain

          And they hide their faces
          And they hide their eyes
          ‘Cause the city’s dyin’
          And they don’t know why

      • All kidding aside, we’re stressing plenty already thanks.

        I’m not about to draw any big conclusions about the team. Still a good team. But we can only fuck around so long here…

  18. Ode to a Jays Fan…

    Year after year
    You build me up with so much hope
    Year after year
    You show me the love with all your rope
    Year after year
    You make me cry, but still I stay
    Year after year
    You fill me with joy every other day
    Year after year
    I watch, I wait, I hope for a chance
    Year after year
    I have to put away my tweeter endzone Dance
    Year after year
    You tell me this year will be different
    year after year
    You tell me that your going to be efficient
    Year after year
    I believe every word that you say
    Year after year
    Well, either way, i am here to stay.

    Go Jays Go

  19. Top 9th……first ‘professional at bats’ I’ve heard

  20. has there been a lineup with as bad batting averages in the last 5 years?

  21. For a second there I thought JPA could draw a walk against O’Day. I’m a fucking moron.

  22. Rasmus has been banking his strikeouts to go yatzee here

  23. Best jpa AB of the year. Too bad it ended in a predictable. result

    • not the best all year i dont think, but it was a good one, needs more of those, but really, hes the hottest hitter we have, when he cools down, then ill get on his case

  24. Boy, sure would be nice to have a LHP masher right now, eh AA?

    I kid….Ramon Ortiz was a much better use of that roster spot.

  25. I love Baltimore….I mean except for the fact 220 people were murdered there last yr in a city 1/10 the size of T.O.!!!

    • because canadians—and especially torontians are pussies LOL LOL

      • Looks like you guys dodged the bullet there, but how long can you keep it up? another half inning tops? you won’t get any hits anymore, I mean that’s completely off the table. So what’s left to do? May as well crap out, accept the loss, sell off & rebuild this crap-fest. Season over.

      • We like our pussies alive…as opposed to the alternative. But seriously you are one violent place to live.

  26. DEROSA!!!

  27. When it comes to professional at-bats, Derosa is an 80.

  28. now watch this bite us in center

  29. gibbbyyyyyyyy

  30. Alright Buck…tell me again about how consistant the umps are?????

  31. I get taking Colby out here. But whats the point when the best you can do is fucking Mark DeRosa?

    I cannot fucking stand AA’s “must have a useless old guy” policy. And we have fucking two of them!

  32. get the bat off your shoulder
    You hit an ump with your helmet last year, you won’t get any borderline calls

  33. so who will be the first traded

  34. looks like another loss boys. great fucking season

  35. Why lift Rasmus there?
    Don’t you get the feeling a hard hit ball is going to be hit to CF in the bottom of the 9th?

  36. Just end the game now. I’ve had enough in-game anger. I’m ready to move onto post-game anger.

  37. I miss Ed Sprague

  38. How far off the plate was it?

    The game tracker I’m watching has it in the “ball” area but called a strike

  39. can’t wait for jaystalk to hear wilner all high-voiced and cutting people off

  40. Season over after this weekend

  41. Mauro Gomez has a 1.200 OPS down in Buffalo. To go with a .960 OPS last year.

    And plays the same position as Mark DeRosa.

    Do something with this team AA.

    Even if we win, getting 5 hits aginst fucking Stinson is a joke.

    • Thole > Blanco too. Not just based on the small sample this year but seriously, how could he not be a better option at the plate? I absolutely don’t understand that one.

  42. I enjoy PVR’ing the game and then watching it while I scroll through these comments. It’s a very cathartic way to watch this train wreck of a season. #unitedinmisery

  43. BTW, Josh Thole has a 1.028 OPS as well.

    And is two years removed from a .345 OPS.

    Blanco has no point here.

  44. How many hits do we get on average? 6?

  45. I call on yee all now as me new ship is afloat. Jays go on a 12 game streak in May and winning it will be.

  46. I just hope they don’t lose because of an error, I’m fine with any other outcome.

  47. Not to confident with whos due up this inning.

  48. don’t fucking bunt it never works for us

  49. This Orioles defense is fucking beautiful though.

  50. why didn’t he fucking bunt him over ???

  51. I know this is a baseball game but in the animal kingdom a blue jay would totally wreck an oriole


  53. Gonna be sweet sweep-city soon. You guys should rebuild this mess.

  54. Orioles win on an error, 2 walks and a wild pitch next inning?

  55. Plus Yanks next??? Ouch man, may as well throw those in the L column too?

  56. Joey Bats predictions? Grounds out softly to SS? Strikes out? Massive pop-up to 2B?

    • Man if I were a Jays fan I’d be in serious pain right now. Odds have it this will end with a sweep. Then NY, swept there too more n likely. Pain city.

      • Did your mom do a lot of drugs while she was pregnant with you? or just beat you a lot when you were young?

  57. that was the pitch jose…..

  58. If DeRosa is on the roster to be a pinch-hitter, then replaced – can’t we have a real hitter instead?

  59. stop pronouncing the name ISHmeal you fucking idiot

  60. Reyes comes back tomorrow right?

    when do Draybek and Hutch come by to pick up the pitching???

    • 2014

      • I’d be shocked if Drabek ever starts another game for the Jays. Two TJ surgeries and he was shit when healthy. I say, forget about him.

        • I’m gonna say 50/50 chance. The guy is built like a horse. Anyway we may see him -if he makes any progress- in Sep. If not, next year. Hutch is different. They didnt operate til August last summer so he wont be back til next year.

        • my point ,exactly +2. Don’t understand all the ball licking of Drabek. Worst BB/K rate in the Jays organization and only has a great 55ft curveball( trouble is the plate is 60.5ft).
          Trade him for Joe Schlobotnik-we’ll be better off

    • I’ve read anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 months for Reyes which means mid-May (very optimistic) to mid-July (overly cautious). I’m going to stick my neck out and say June 1st.

  61. esss meal is pitching, 1-2-3 come on now

  62. Oh nice, still no Casey Janssen. Makes sense.

  63. They called him Ishmael

  64. Man, Rogers does some really weird quick pitching. Been doing it for a few games now.

  65. All kidding aside, you guys may have a collection of alleged talent, on paper, but this is a clasic case of a team having too many changes all at once, all the new players & all the new coaches is a recipe for disaster. Then top it off with veterans from last year playing like crap. Just my 2 cents.

    • Take your two american pennies and shove them far up your fucking american asshole faggot

    • Would you be saying the same if the team were winning?
      Obviously not.

    • It’s really essentially everyone on the team having a major cold streak minus 2 players, plus our defense kinda sucks

      • The odd of that happening are tiny without some other issue. Too mnay new faces playing together coupled with new coaching staff leads to big problems. All kidding aside, the Jay may get it togther in another 6-8 weeks, but by then they may be too far under 500 it’ll be far too late.

  66. He’s going to throw it away soon

  67. Jack Morris keeps calling Esmil Rogers, “Ishmael” (as in the biblical pronunciation of said name).

  68. Esmil just doesn’t give a fuck

  69. wow that’s a new way to lose a game

  70. holy fuck.

  71. Another loss on a stupid f**king error

  72. Hahahahahahahaha

  73. MotherFUCKER, another fucking error, this will probably be the winning run

  74. Following along on Gameday…how bad was the error? Missed pop fly by Jose??

  75. Bring i Jannsenn right now Buck.

    We could use him to shut down this threat and have him next inning.

  76. ya….nice call on that 4th pitch ump


  78. holy shit that must be our first outfield assist this year

  79. Hahaha. What the fuck just happened?!

  80. What a strike, Rajai!

  81. Nice save on that, holy heart stoping fuck

  82. Aaron Laffey is getting into this game before Janssen if it remains tied, right?

  83. PLEASE let that be the play that turns things around for us!

  84. WOW!

    Did NOT see that coming.

  85. Had to be a perfect throw there

  86. delicious throw. This comment section is a shit-show.

  87. Never had a problem with the Orioles. They’ve always had good teams with lots of decent players. Jim Palmer, all the Ripkens, Boog Powell, Brooks Robinson were all great players and decent people too. I even like their team and manager now.
    But their fans, what a bunch of mouth breathing dorks.

  88. Davis threw someone out? Has that ever happened before? Maybe the gods are finally showing us favour! Jupiter’s cock!

  89. i’ll take rajai in the outfield/lineup rather than bonifacio any day.

  90. Why didnt machado try to murdertackle JP?

    If lawrie was in his place you can bet he would have.

  91. I will take the squibiest of hits at this point.

    thank you Cibia

  92. Dear God,

    Please let us look back in a few weeks at the Rajai Davis missle being our turning point of the season

  93. Pressure is on the Blue Jays…

    The expansion Astros are on their way to win #7

  94. SINGLESSSSS!!!!!!!

  95. FUCK don’t be injured

  96. “La-ow-or-ie” – this is how the Baltimore broadcasters pronounce Lawrie. Makes me long for Buck + Tabby.

  97. and of course……

    KAWA MVP!!!!


  99. I hope Jim Johnson’s arm is shredded after this series.

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