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“So, if that was what that was on a late-April afternoon,” a wise man tweeted this afternoon, “September baseball is going to kill all of us, isn’t it?”

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet wraps up this afternoon’s heart-stopping affair, providing some money post game quotes:

“Sometimes you’ve got to look at yourself in the mirror and say we’ve got to fix some things.” – J.P. Arencibia

“Basically I went out there to keep (Lawrie) from getting thrown out, and I asked the guy where was that pitch, and then he chucked me. You can’t argue balls and strikes, I’m not so sure I was doing that.” – John Gibbons

“I was going to have to get just completely run over to let that run go by.” – Arencibia on the Davis play

“Better this week. I did a little more pre-game warmup and felt looser in the first than I did last week.” – Brandon Morrow on his velocity.

At Getting Blanked, Drew reminds us that defence matters, showing off the MLB.com video of Rajai Davis’s great throw to get Manny Machado’s would-be game winning run.

Sportslogos.net has a rather nifty feature that show each club and each day’s uniform matchups, and a quick count shows that the 2013 Jays are now 7-6 when wearing their blue alternate jerseys.

Matt Eddy of Baseball America takes a much less heavy-handed look at the Jays’ waiver games than we’ve seen elsewhere this week, talking to agents who insist that the Jays have been up front with the players they’ve claimed, and that players understand it’s all part of the business. “It’s one of those deals where if you have somebody who’s a bright GM, he’s going to find cost-efficient ways to acquire players and essentially stash them in the minors. It’s not advantageous to player, certainly, but this is what clubs and agents do all the time—find creative loopholes to better their cause. Alex has done a great job at that,” said one anonymous agent whose player had been claimed by the Jays. “Whether it’s fair or not fair, you have to admire the Blue Jays’ creativity.”

Steve Buffery of the Toronto Sun starts a piece on the Jays’ recent woes by looking to slam the “usual suspects” who are preaching patience and insisting that it’s still early– but he pulls a nice trick by pointing out that they’re right, before running through a host of worrisome trends we’ve seen so far. Flattery will get you everywhere!

Tom Maloney of the Globe and Mail says that signs are pointing to the Jays leaving their spring home of Dunedin, which would be a real shame– though not entirely surprising, given the distance between Grant Field and their minor league complex.

In the National Post, John Lott wraps up the Jays’ previous three games, speaking to J.A. Happ about breaks eventually going the Jays way, looking at the pain that R.A. Dickey has been pitching through, while also looking at how much work the bullpen has put in so far. He takes a look back at today’s rollercoaster victory as well.

Richard Griffin also wraps up today’s victory, over in the Toronto Star.

Lastly, elsewhere in the Star, Doug Smith does some finger wagging at Jays fans not acting like “respectful human beings,” while it looks like the police may not have fallen under that banner,either, during a violent ejection caught on video. In a follow-up piece the police defends the action of the officers. “He was told to step back and he was cautioned several times but he continued to encroach on the officers [as they carried out the arrest of another man],” said a spokesperson for the department. “He approached an officer in an aggressive manner, yelling and screaming at him, demanding his name and badge number. At that point he was arrested for causing a disturbance.” So, y’know, should probably bash his head into a brick wall, amiright?

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  1. How are they “alternate” jerseys if they’ve been worn more than the other two combined?

    • Its still early thats why!

      • Exactly. It’s waaay too early to determine the winningest uniform. Hopefully we’ll have a good enough sample size by early June.

    • Interesting idea. Seeing if the uniform combos coorelate to wins.
      Wonder if somebody did that last year?

      • Someone did this last year RADAR.

        I wish I could remember the source…I will rack my brain…

    • I believe the jersey (at home anyway) is chosen by that game’s starting pitcher, so regardless of home/alternate, the pitchers with the better taste choose the awesome blue shirts.

    • The team and Major League Baseball refer to them officially as the alternate jersey, therefore “alternate” they shall he known regardless of how often they are used

      • A friend kept the results on a spreadsheet during last year.
        He’s a Uniwatch guy.Go figure.
        I won’t tell the end result and spoil it for everyone.

        Surprised nobody’s mentioned the new stickers for players bats.

        • As a pre-test for 2013 I did this for a few teams throughout 2012, Jays included – you wouldn’t be spoiling much by sharing the Jays results, home and alternate were both hovering around .500 while the road (expectedly) was well below

          I like the stickers on the knobs of the bat, a nice touch which a few teams are doing now

          • I couldn’t find the most recent spreadsheet he sent me so here’s one from July 18th 2012

            Frequency Wins in Uniform Win %
            Grey on Grey 35 21.60% 14 40.00%
            Blue on Grey 12 7.41% 6 50.00%
            White on White 29 17.90% 15 51.72%
            Blue on White 16 9.88% 10 62.50%
            0 70 43.21% 117
            It might be a bit jumbled due to the copy and paste.
            The full spreadsheet is much more detailed with pitcher,park, opponent, etc.
            If you want, I might be able to get him to email you directly.
            The way he described the stickers were, that it was the individual players choice. I could be wrong though.He’s the uniform guru for me.

          • You know what Stoeten likes on his tiny knob? Wilner’s tongue!

  2. Jays can use a three day window for anyone?

  3. What? no link to the verducci article that is all the rage? about how patience is a losing strategy? enjoy the ignorance you are about to encounter


    • Speaking of losing patience, this is the third time you’ve posted this man.

      • What are you ? stalking me?

        • I may well be the only one paying you any attention.

          That is not a compliment.
          Learn to cut your loses.

          • Hey spuds-I know you’re into my merlot but that is losses. Last time I checked we used loses to grab Gracie Slick before she got arrested for talking too much and wanting to visit Nixon in the whitehouse and give him a dose

          • Sorry, I did not realize you were the blogs bouncer. I think this is an article worthy of discussion. If you disagree, you can shut the fuck up about it and move along. I dont but in on your flippant sarcastic used to be funny in 1955 schtick.

            • I waited for your 3rd identical posting to urge you ‘to move along,’ and did that somewhat nicely(ish.)

              How well do you remember just what was funny in 1955, sport?
              Try to learn what’s tedious in 2013.

              • I did not post it twice before but once..the first time i mentioned the article..the second time I posted the link.

                It was buried in a game thread. Now that a daily deuce was up, I figured it would be more applicable to be posted here.

                I know as your vision slowy erodes to that of a bat it might be tedious for you to have to read something double posted.

                For that I apologize. I support my local AARP

                • Does the expression “hoist with his own petard” mean anything to you, Boney?

                  • “Does the expression “hoist with his own petard” mean anything to you, Boney?”

                    That means nothing to me. Sounds hilarious though. Whatever it means.

                    • You dont think I know shakespeare? check yourself

                    • sons–

                      I tried to show both of the earlier posts by Boney to show that either he’s a two-faced liar or has a very faulty memory. I forgot that this would cause my comment to be awaiting moderation. It is what it is. The truth will out. (You should look that one up as well.)

              • I remember 1955 like it was yesterday.
                They don’t build them like that anymore.

                • It’s a tad hazier for me, but what memories I have are top notch.

                  • “The truth will out. (You should look that one up as well.)”

                    Your assumption that I have to look up these banal references only shows you to be presumptuous.

                    There are others on here that are as educated as you…and dare I say more educated.

                    So I await your clever response with all the anticipation that it will be something informative

                    much as Vladimir and Estragon wait for Godot

                    (hint….Godot never shows up)

                    • #1-
                      The comment that perturbs you was addressed to sons. That’s why I headed it “sons.”

                      There are multitudes smarter that I am. I’ve known this and been good with it for years and years.

                      I can’t hurry Stoeten. He’ll free my comments awaiting moderation eventually, and then you will see them as I see them. A word to the wise–They are your own words brought back to bite you in the ass. You could return to the scene of the crime (at 1:50 & 1:53 of the game threat) and see them yourself in all their glory. My vision has slowly eroded, alas, but my glasses allow me to catch your pathetic lies nonetheless.

                    • I hated that play.

                    • Hey, SP, In your dogged pursuit to prove that you are right, you have overlooked one undeniable fact….

                      WHO GIVES A SHIT…what is this crime you accuse me of? posting a link multiple times?

                      WOW!!!! If you can prove that, then I dare say I should march myself down to the authorities and turn myself in?

                      I can only imagine the sentence that comes with this high crime.

                      perhaps fifty lashes from the same whip they used on Jesus, which I heard you bought directly from Pontius Pilate given that you were there.

            • If you think it’s worthy, email it to Stoeten. I’m sure he’ll find a home for it if it fits, either at DJF or GB. Problem solved.

              Now, if your searching for internet glory with your find, try this……


  4. Geez if that’s police brutality we better just let everyone run rampant. Buddy got mouthy than taken down and trussed up after a little head rub in the wall. I tried yapping like that to a state trooper when I was mouthy teenager and they knocked the hell out of me with their night clubs.
    Last time I ever mouthed off to a trooper though!

    • Agreed. We must live in one hell of a country if we’re getting upset at that.

      Can you imagine being a cop and having some plaid shirt wearing neckbeard who has paid all of $3,000 taxes in whole life coming at you like he’s Serpico?

      • Surely the weapon of choice could (and should) have been an exercise of patience.
        Exuberance is not a crime.

        • Well as someone else said, the level of rowdiness and abusiveness that someone has to get to for cops at a paid duty event to arrest them is way up there.

          Add to that 200 people standing around shouting and filming and egging on the douchebag being arrested.

          Now add one of those 200 people coming right up to you in the middle of the arrest and getting in your face and continuing to press forward after being told to step back.

          Cops are scared in situations like that. They have no clue who is about to go nutso on them. And the best sign of a fucking nutso is any person stupid enough to not back off when ordered by a cop. The guy fulfilled his own idiotic destiny.

          • You may well be right, sons. The clip isn’t exactly conclusive.

            When the police use language such as “he continued to encroach” and “arrested for causing a disturbance” it makes me think of newspeak, a language “designed to diminish the range of thought.’

        • and yet you were not there, so you could not know.

          • Yet I saw the video. And am clearly going by the story as I have heard it. Absolutely that could be incorrect. But nothing has been put forward to make me question what I saw in the video.

      • Pa-thetic. Do you have a stuck up piece of shit attitude about everything, sons? Or just cops and poor people. Because you’re on the wrong side of not being an asshole yet again. Congratulations.

        • Not everything. Just lots of things.

          But where am I an asshole? Because I’m siding with the guys who are doing paid duty work and just want to go home and not be involved in physical altercations and have to do paperwork for the next 3 hours? I should side with the “fan” for what reason? What swayed the benefit of the doubt to his side? They didn’t tase him or pepper spray him or kick him or shoot him.

          He didn’t back off so they slammed him down to the ground.

          What else could they possibly do when words failed?

          • You’re being an asshole 1) by suggesting that someone’s perceived employment history should have anything to do with how he’s treated by the police, and 2) by pretending there isn’t a happy medium whereby they don’t slam the idiot’s head into a wall.

            • 1) Admittedly, trolling to some degree. But when you deal with crack heads all day and then take on paid duty at night to try and afford your wife that little vacation she wants and suddenly some kid that has no compassion whatsoever for what shit you deal with every day starts getting in your face and potentially stirring up others (who ALL hate you for… who knows what) and probably starts in with “derp I pay your salary” – yeah I think that gets old after 10 years or so.

              2) Maybe it was a little rough. They don’t get paid to lose fights. I don’t know. Seems in many other countries, you’d be kicked while down. I saw a full takedown with its ramifications followed by nothing more.

            • Guys I’m sorry that little head rub just makes me laugh. I must be an ogre because I fail to see what the up roar is about.
              Let’s all get out for a good game of Rugby this summer.

        • And for the record, all I ever said about poor people is that only poor people go on about how much money other people make as if it is a character flaw.

          It was in response to someone knocking Vernon (as I recall anyway) for making millions of dollars.

          Again, I’m the asshole (apparently) but it is ok to insult and disparage a guy that has done nothing wrong to you or your team or your country and actually did a fair amount of charity and public work as Jay. Isn’t that assholey?

          Perhaps I’m too old for this world where people are bad because of the clothes (uniform) they wear or because of the bank account they have. To me that is just as bad as judging based on skin colour.

          If you want to tell me I’m too serious about all this, yes you are right. But everyone is so serious around these parts lately. I’m hardly alone.

          • I’m not saying people aren’t assholes for talking shit about Vernon– you’re absolutely right. But they’re as much assholes as you are for talking shit about poor people with your blanket generalizations like they’re below you. And it apparently wasn’t all that you said about them, because you shit on the arrested idiot’s perceived lack of lifetime taxes paid like the cops should have been gentler with a guy in a suit.

            You’re also right though that things are too serious around here. Sorry for the lack of tact here.

            • Well I’m not saying I’m rich. I’m as middle class as they come.

              And my trolling statement was a knock on the guy’s age. Not his income.

              No need to apologize. I know when I’m stirring the pot.

            • Holey sheep shit stoeten thanks for talking to us low lifes over here on your sight.

        • Fuck off Stoeten! Who gives a shit what you think, you sanctimonious prick!

  5. It’s a highly educational experience to work as security at a game or concert. Gives you a whole perspective you didn’t have before. One thing I learned is that to get arrested you first have to attract the attention of security, who then have to decide that you need to be thrown out, something they rarely do unless it really has to be done. But, to get arrested on top of that, you have to keep on working at being a cementhead even after you’ve already been thrown out of the event. It takes serious sustained assholery, really.

    • Pretty much a Doctorate in Assholery.

      • Now if a cop slammed Stoeten’s fat fucking ugly head against a wall, he should get a medal. Christ, his crimes against music (Action Makes) should earn him a jail sentence.

    • They should just leave him be.
      Then he can get braver and graduate from throwing stuff at players to throwing cans of beer from the 500′s.

  6. Jeezuz I have invested a lot of time and thought into this fucking sight and Radar is totally riight!

  7. Completely glad to here some loser being a dickhead to the cops get a paddlin’. How would you react to someone acting that way to you? Karate chop, neck high.

  8. Nothing to be proud about boys ,today we gave up a big lead and had horse shoes on the play at home.
    Lets get our shit together or the Marlins will finish with a better record.

    • Meh… I think today it was what it was. We didn’t necessarily deserve to win, nor did we deserve to lose. Just one o’ dem games. There’ll be a lot of them over a 162-game season.

      But, I have to ask, why was it only “horse shoes” that helped the play at home? The reason I ask is because some people out there (not saying it’s you, Greek, but a few folk I’ve heard on the radio and what not) seem to think it’s luck when we win but lack of skill when we lose.

      And no, the Marlins won’t finish with a better record. Even if 2013 was a giant turd of a season for a Jays team featuring Dickey, Morrow, Buerhle, JJ and Happ in the rotation, you’d have to think they’d at LEAST finish .500 or better (82-87 wins), whereas Miami is probably going to lose at least 100-105.

      • Hey Rajai’s made that throw before with the same result. I think he nailed someone at home plate the same day he made “the catch” last season. The guy has a decent arm.

    • also, just 6 FUKIN hits thru 9 again today against a true shitballer and then 2 singles in the 11th. The hitting by any measurement is putrid.
      Surely to Christ they can whaletar somebody can’t they-well can’t they??
      FUK we haven;t had to face Verlander/Price/SAbathia et al yet and we suck. Maybe everybody else except dogshit bonifacio should try and bunt.
      Yes we own, and that is good, but they are still not hiitng with compunction and that is not good

    • Rob Brantly is the Marlins cleanup hitter. No way a team with Rob Brantly batting cleanup finishes ahead of anyone this side of the Houston Astros.

  9. well, this was more of a topic in previous years, when the long game was more of a concern and the idea of “winning it all this year” was a remote possibility, but the Baseball America reemphasizes the strategy on scouting in the organization (nearly double the average number of pro scouts):

    Those 15 pro scouts report to two crosscheckers and a senior adviser, bringing to 18 the total of Blue Jays scouts dedicated exclusively to the pro game.

    This level of reach is uncommon. The major league average is about 10 full-time pro scouts, and only the Yankees employ as many full-time pro scouts as the Blue Jays. Toronto separates itself by also staffing four major league scouts and a special-assignment scout, according to the 2013 Baseball America Directory. (See table at right.)

  10. So all of you that thought doc was finished? Here are his last three starts.

    21 1/3 IP: 8 hits 4 er 5 walks 16 strikeouts

    • Not the best competiton

    • I’ve said before you could probably do a hell of a lot worse with Doc as your number 5 between the top 4 we have now, but he’s making $20 million this year and probably won’t want to take a huge pay cut, right? When it comes to starting pitching though, first priority has to get Josh Johnson signed long term I would think, before you’d consider spending a few million on what will be and old and declining Roy Halladay.

      • The Yankees will sign Doc and he’ll win 2 more Cy Young’s for them at ages 39 and 40.

        Thankfully we aren’t that kind of team. Frank Thomas was the last aging superstar I can think of that we signed. It didn’t go so well as we hoped.

    • It’s good to see Doc doing well. But the last 3 games don’t exactly erase everything that has happened since last season.

      Here’s hoping he can still be a #2/3 starter. It would be great to see a successful reinvention.

      • What happened last season? It really wasn’t that bad. He’s had down years before and rebounded. Im not saying he is going to be what he was in his prime, but if you are going to chuck out his last three stellar starts, then you might as well chuck his first few shit bomb starts as well. he’s a solid pitcher and he’s going to be just fine.

    • Doc will never be finished

  11. That was my buddy Dave. His brother is the one getting his head smashed into the wall. I actually heard his story Sat morning, before it became A Story.

    What happened was the Yankee employees told cops that they ALSO were part of the throwing peanut group (assuming because they high fived him as he was being booted). They didnt know buddy at all, just having a laugh. I mean, srsly, it was a freaking peanut. Anyways, cops came and grabbed Dave and started escorting him out. His older broher was rightfully indignant and was asking where they were taking and saying they did nothing. The video takes over at that point.

    Dont know the brother but Dave is like Good Guy Greg. No way would he do anything to get kicked out. Hes not like that, plus hes too obsessed with the Jays to risk missing the game. Dude is a fanatic.

  12. literally a foot of dirt (again) between the ball and the plate on the lawrie/gibbons/umpire mess. the first pitch called strike to him was a ball for most of the game as well. a number of other balls called strikes and vice versa through the game too.

    once again jays get screwed by the umpire.

    yes, yes, it is all in my head…

  13. Go Jays

  14. I feel itchy

  15. Fuck I want my old DJF back

  16. tw.bc.ca\@ gmail.com

  17. So, y’know, should probably bash his head into a brick wall, amiright?

    No, they probably shouldn’t bash his head into a brick wall. But I think people need to be a little more empathetic to police officers, and put themselves in their shoes. I’m sure the officer who grabbed the guy was scared and didn’t want the situation to escalate any further. He was probably over the line to grab him the way he did, but he certainly did not purposely “bash his head into a brick wall.” Carrying a firearm and being a police officer carries a certain responsibility and the officer obviously is aware of that responsibility. Maybe the fan shouldn’t have been such a fucking dick. Just a thought.

  18. Anything been written recently on Romero? Just wondering how the rebuilding of his mechaniecs is going.

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