*Sung to the tune of “We’re Talking Softball”. (If you don’t know the song, here’s some help)

Well, the hose was out to wet it,

Bautista couldn’t get it,

Brett Lawrie saying “fuck” all the while,

His play at third went the extra mile,

And we laughed at this bro for more than a while,

We’re talking Jays ball,

At least we’re better than San Diego.

We’re talking Jays ball,

With more rage than Canseco.

Gibby came out to run his jaw,

The umpire then laid down the law,

Janssen saved it,

Are we panicking yet? Fuck nah.

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  1. nice post

  2. Ok this is awesome.

  3. I enjoyed this.

  4. outstanding!

  5. This is what greatness aspires to be.

  6. Gibby’s expression as he is getting tossed is priceless

    • Look like Gibbons said “Come on, all I asked was if my” end of gif. I’m assuming he was asking if his pitchers were going to get the same call. Not a real reason to get tossed. then, when Boni struck out (on a pitch a few inches off the plate), he basically pointed him to the bench. I have to say, in my 30 years of watching baseball, I don’t ever recall a manager getting tossed so easily, and with Gibbys not showing emotion before or evening calling out of the umpire.

      Hope this doesn’t turn into the NBA, with refs trying to make momentum calls to try to benefit one team.

      • Up to now I’ve been thinking that they’ve just been making bad calls. I sure dont like what I saw in this game though.

  7. We’re talking Jays ball.

  8. I’m sure this will embiggen the fan base.

  9. Fuck yes

  10. Solid gold as always Scott.

  11. Most cromulent post!

  12. Shit’s tight!

  13. Great post! And kudos to the commentors for not typing the “plan the parade” sarcastic BS after a win.

    We won dammit – lets be happy and go for 3 out of 4 this weekend!

  14. We’re talking Muuuuunie, Ollie & The Raj.

  15. That just brought a big ol’ smile to my face.
    I needed that…great work

  16. I want the Jays to win as many games as it takes to keep Gibbers forever.

    • Agreed completely. I no longer care how many world series the Jays win, all I want is for them to play the game hard and win enough games so Gibbons will be the manager forever.

  17. Djf won’t work on iphone

    • It’s a known issue, but thanks for letting me know. It should work for most people by now, though it may take a little long connecting to the site, for some reason. It will be back very soon.

  18. brilliant!

  19. Is it just me or does Gibby have a baseball sized wad of chew in the old cheek there?

  20. Gibby was the catalyst to that win! He really didn’t even snap like Ted Lilly or Shae Hillenbrand, but it was a spark. Nice to see the bats. Hope they’re heating up – two big division series coming up…

  21. Some terrible calls at the plate, but that isn’t why we almost lost. Fuck everything

    • Yes it was disheartening to see the Jays cough up the win, but they got it back. Errors, walks, pass balls will kill yu everytime. However the Jays have been showing they are starting to come together over the last say 5 games. So let’s take it to the bronks bums over the next 4 games.

  22. Fun fact, the Simpsons song is a version of Talkin Baseball, a song by Terry Cashman (he sings the Simpsons version too.)

  23. Love Esmil’s reaction after the play at home

  24. Best. Post. Ever.

    • “And we laughed at this bro for more than a while,”

      I was laughing at that bro, brilliant

      • why?
        because he’s a jays in baltimore?
        he’s with a girl?
        or he works out?
        or do you just hate sunglasses?

        • Yunel’s Eye Black, meet the “bro”

          • I wish that was me, that would mean I was at the game and not at work.
            I just dont understand why most of the guys on this website hate “meatheads” or anyone that has seen the inside of a gym… it doesn’t make sense. If someone could explain it that would be great.

            • I don’t have anything against “meatheads” or “bro’s”… The man was just entertaining to watch throughout the game, as the camera kept focusing on him and his girl. No negativity towards him.

        • Maybe its because we can tell he’s jacked, he doesn’t need to wear his grade 9 Jays t-shirt.

        • Maybe I’ve got a dirty mind, but it looks like be cops an elbow feel on his date. That made me laugh just a little.

  25. Roger Clemens is still clucking all the while.

  26. Also, any chance that beefed Jays fan can DH?

  27. Every time the Jays win I still get sucked into thinking ‘OK. This is the time they’re going to start winning and playing like a good team.’

    Sure hasn’t happened yet.

    Have the Jays only won more than 1 in a row once? I feel like there was one 2 game winning streak (lol) and that’s it.

  28. lol i loved this

  29. This should be the song the Jays’ play during the 7th inning stretch.

    are they still playing that crappy OK BLUE JAYS shit?

  30. Yall be laughing at tha bro but yall be lovin’ him if he was sitting in your section on a road trip to ballmore. beelee dat!

  31. Seriously as much as I respect Stoeten`s defence of the seemingly sad sack blue jays of late, this did more to defend them than his post did. They still actually look kind of fun here, while Stoeten`s running out numbers and calling out us crybabies didn`t really pass that message on.

  32. Rajai Fuckin Davis.

  33. I’ve followed DJF for many years, and this is the greatest thing that has ever been posted here. It might be the best thing I’ve ever seen on the internet. Aside from videos of cats riding Roombas….

  34. This is one of the best posts of all time.

    Is Scott the new Bergkamp?

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