New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays

Big Hirok

Enjoy your last few moments of collective sanity for at least three hours, and maybe longer, as the Jays– and their stolen Orioles mojo– are in New York to take on the Yankees and Hiroki Kuroda in the opener of a four game set. There’s no Adam Lind in the lineup for the Jays tonight again, as he’s been placed on the paternity list, allowing the club to call up an extra player for tonight– a spot for which they’ve selected reliever Brad Lincoln. All of the arms! None of the bench!

As a consequence, the Jays’ lineup against the right-handed Kuroda looks a little bit iffy, but if you think that’s a howler, check out the four ex-Jays the Yankees are trotting out, and the order in which they are trotting. That ain’t your older brother’s Yankees, which isn’t to say that it should be anything close to an easy one tonight– not only is Kuroda slightly fantastic, but the Jays haven’t exactly made a habit of winning games they damn well should win.

Maybe the magic stolen from Jim Johnson changes all that, but at this point, following these early season results, nobody here is in position to take anything for granted. Not even the opportunity to face a lineup that features Ben Francisco hitting second.


Sih Davidi notes that a player can be on the paternity list for a maximum of 72 hours, meaning Adam Lind will be back on Sunday at the latest.

Ben Nicholson-Smith points out that the Yankees are last in the Majors against left-handed pitching so far, so… maybe having Buehrle and Happ going this series isn’t such a bad thing.

Brendan Kennedy tweets that John Gibbons says the club went with a pitcher rather than a position player in calling up Lincoln because of the toll that the early season has taken on the bullpen, and the fact that a position player won’t play much anyway. Well he sure won’t if he’s not on the roster, that’s for sure!

Kennedy also tells us that Sergio Santos will start throwing in the next few days. Gibbers tells him that there’s currently no timeline for his return.

At FanGraphs, Alex Remington takes a look at whether handedness in the Majors has changed much over recent decades, finding what might be a slight uptick in left-handed hitters, which he wonders may be attributable to things like us hockey playing Canadians being more inclined to hit left but throw right. (Oddly– or perhaps completely understandably– this Canadian is actually a left-throwing, right-hitting Rickey Henderson, for some reason.)

In response to a tweet from a since-deleted account calling him a “massive douche,” Brett Lawrie invites a young man to “come at me brooo.” Because Brett Lawrie is kinda awesome.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

DH Rajai Davis (R)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Melky Cabrera (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)

Mark Buehrle LHP

New York Yankees

CF Brett Gardner (L)
DH Ben Francisco (R)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
LF Vernon Wells (R)
C Francisco Cervelli (R)
RF Ichiro (L)
SS Eduardo Nunez (R)
1B Lyle Overbay (L)
3B Jayson Nix (R)

Hiroki Kuroda RHP

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  1. Moar bullpen arms! Moar!

  2. Don’t want to be “that guy” but you have 2 DHs.

    • The Offensive Shift. Gibbons Shifted Rajai from LF to just behind the No. 9 hitter.

      Gibbons = Genius

  3. Cap Tip, Lo Vista sign and Crotch Grab to the ex-jays on the Yankees!

  4. The Yankees line up! YankLOLees. Good thing Jays have 9 relievers for this series

  5. How exactly does that make Brett Lawrie awesome? It seems like it only confirms the original Tweety.

    I wish there was a break in playing the Yankees. This schedule is wonky.

  6. I’m not saying that this is a must-win game or anything ridiculous like that, but I look at that Yankee lineup and I can’t help but think “we HAVE to win… right?”

  7. Of course that Yankee lineup will score 9 runs on 15 hits. Because baseball.

  8. Don’t forget the Jays don’t fare well against 40 year old pitchers

    • Yeap but Kuroda has been good this season, which by blue jay logic means we should be able to hit well

  9. Hecks up wit the Jays this season? you guys are pretty awful, why? I figure ya’ll may win 1 out of 4, maybe.

  10. Are we allowed to scoff at the Yankees lineup after they kinda sorta owned us last series?

    • It’s the Yankees coming EdStark, not Winter. Of course it’s allowed.

      I would caution against it however.

  11. The Big Hiroki needs to set down tonight.. Hopefully the Jays can put it together! I believe! GO JAYS!

  12. He struck out Bautista twice with a breaking pitch away that Jose appeared to swing not over per se, but not far enough wide to touch it.

    I wish I could watch more of this one before I get off work to see if Jose adjusts and lays off that shit.

  13. start spreadin the news…hehehe

    • You’ve got staying power.

      • got some time to kill until 8:00…so figured i’d watch the Jays in…good…ol’…NY….NY

        • Is that when your whore mother has the microwave hot dogs and kool-aid ready?

          • No, that’s when the Jays give up the first crooked number of many for the evening……in…good..ol’…NY…NY….start spreadin the news….doo doo…doobeedoo

            • Time’s running out for you man.

              • Damn…did I call it?…or did I call it???….as The Chairman of the Board used to sing:
                ‘Staaaart spreadin the news……..’ hehheheh….ill check in as your esteemed guest poster later on.

  14. Chas Uttley are last hope for the Jays to make good in 2013

  15. BR TL is clearly the worst permutation of the four possibilities.

  16. I had no idea JP loves cotton candy so much

  17. I’m not tempting fate laughing at this Yankees line-up. Vernon’s not going to troll us again.

  18. Gibby caught with chew wrapped in his gum on tv.

  19. The one thing that I am quietly excited about is that the 2013 Jays have enough starting pitching to reel off a 10 game winning streak.

    That hasn’t been a reasonable hope in many, many, years?

  20. It’s not how BIG your .obp is. It’s what you do with it that matters


  21. Time for Big Hirok to put this AAAA line-up in its place.

  22. DP sit down girls

  23. Bomb!

  24. hey! neato!

  25. nice Tabler.

  26. huge


  28. Delicious chicken wing.

  29. The Chicken Wing has an extra dose of “fuck you” in Yankee stadium.

  30. Hearing the yankees feed is oddly refreshing, nice to hear a different point of view.

  31. Buck is alllll about chemistry now…

  32. FINISH HIM!!!

  33. What an unexpected treat to see someone else’s starter struggle early.

  34. All of the baseball statistics available on the new

    BA, RBI, HR, ERA, W, K.

    That’s it. Wouldn’t bother me if the website didn’t have its own commercials.

  35. Buehrle is tossing low 80′s fastballs. How the hell are we supposed to use him for 3 more years? If he has any more loss of velocity were fucked.

  36. what the hell is that Dickey commercial about?

  37. Gawd… Yankees batters are human rain delays…

  38. Mapleboner!

  39. All right Yankee stadium homer by Lawrie! About time.

  40. Yankee Stadium is ridiculous. How is it their whole team doesn’t hit 40 HR a year each?

  41. Looks like the bats are beginning to wake up.

    • Yeah the offence may be waking up and I like that … but Kuroda is also pitching much less well than he did last time.

  42. Suh-weet!

  43. Lawrie power.

    that dugout fist pump needs to be gif’d ASAP!

  44. The Jays are going to destroy this bandbox all weekend.

  45. Yeah. Lawrie. opposite field.

  46. Kawasaki CLAP CLAP clapclapclap!

  47. Geez whats the attendance there?? Five? Six?
    Awful quiet.

  48. I would’ve lost my shit if Kawasaki hit a homer. But again, a double is better than a home run. Callback!


  50. That’s huge for Lawrie. Might give him the confidence to end that rough start he’s had thus far.

  51. I went for a smoke…any post Lawrie HR injuries?

  52. As long as they keep hitting homers the jays will be just fine. Weak defense or not

  53. What a meatball. Grooved it.

  54. VW loves his Jays.

  55. oh wells

  56. no go against the FLOW

  57. Colby is a good fielder

  58. Nice to see JBau actually trust the guy in CF to make the play.

  59. Kawasaki would be a great on base 9th batter playing second once Reyes gets back.

  60. Wing Ding Thing please.
    Side of blue cheese.

  61. I’m guessing A-Rod doesn’t make that play.

  62. Anybody know what the deal is with Cano and the biogenesis horseshit? Heard that he was implicated on PrimeTime the other day

  63. JP That last pitch was 1.5 feet outside.

  64. Did JP just strike out on purpose?

  65. This defense. LOL.

  66. God, what is Izturis good for?

  67. I can’t wait for Jeter to retire so Tabler can stop slobbering on his cock.

  68. Hey, I missed it. What is Morris apologizing for?

  69. Is anyone listening to the game? Jack Morris just apologized for a comment he made, but I’ve become too proficient at tuning him out and missed it.

    • Ditto. I’m listening too. Jerry was quick to move on after the apology.

    • They were talking about Lind being off for paternity leave. I guess it’s 72 hours off when you have a kid, and he made this ridiculous comment about how maybe in the future, some players may start being polygamists in order to get extra paternity leave. It was really stupid. Jerry really sounded like he didn’t want to talk about it, eh?

  70. I had a chance to meet Ben Fransisco in Toronto last week, A really pleasant fellow, but speaks really softly, like Hooks from Police Academy softly.

  71. Holy shit Buehrle sucks.

  72. I dont feel so good..

  73. Fucking Cano. Must be all the testosterone he got from Melky.

  74. Buerles not gonna look very hot at $18 million/per next year

  75. 1. JP is terrible at catching (framing) that 4th pitch was a strike but he dove for it so the ump gave it to Cano.

    2. Once it was 3-1 I said to my friend he better walk him on purpose instead of giving him a perfect pitch. Next thing you know, perfect fast ball. I thought Buhrle had BBall IQ

  76. this team is fucking cursed see you all later

  77. Maicer is a scrub who makes Kelly Johnson look like…Kelly Johnson.

  78. that`s the way she goes, fuckin way she goes.

  79. What would Chase Utley cost as a rental? Asking for a friend.

  80. At least this years Jays are consistent, defence giving extra outs, tough play but should have had it.

  81. Right down the middle and you foul it weakly. That’s our Cleatus!

  82. Oh Shit! Papi’s back?

  83. remember when we were leading 3-0 and had kuroda on the ropes?

  84. That is about as good as you will get from Macier. our 3 year 12 million dollar replacement level committment

    • It’s 3 years/10 million with an option

      ■13:$3M, 14:$3M, 15:$3M, 16:$3M club option ($1M buyout)

  85. I’M BACK!

  86. At least Kuroda is going to be out of the game no later than the sixth


  88. so jason nix robs edwin of a double and then starts the four run rally. vernon hits a homer. overbay robs davis of a double and potential rbi.

    what the fuck

  89. The Yankees are just trolling all of baseball now.

    • Right??? If you took this exact team and put them in different uniforms they surely wouldnt be winning this much…

    • No, they pitch, catch the ball and take what they get offensively. Pretty much the opposite of the Blue Jays.

  90. I’m a douchebag by trade, but I’m occassionally a baseball player too.

  91. buehrle is throwing 79 mph changeups right down the middle

  92. dont know how much longer i can watch this. Unbelievable……..

  93. laffey taffey time

  94. I can’t remember. Was Nix that good defensively when he was with the Jays?

  95. So basically the difference in the game right now is the yankees have made the their tough defensive plays and the jays have not.

  96. lol and the Jays get the privilege of paying Buehrle $19 million next year oh joy. If Simulating Ricky™ makes a full recovery and J Ace Happ continues to defy the known laws of the universe, does Buehrle become the highest paid reliever in history?

    At least it was nice to see Lawrie hit something other than a ground ball.

    Come on Jays, don’t wanna bust!

  97. Buehrle will pitch 200 innings with a 4ish era and 1.2ish whip. He’s done it for ten years. Nothing to be surprised about.

  98. Best thing about the 2013 Jays: 99% of the time as soon as they go down, they quit, swing at everything and then the games are over quick!

    I would be willing to bet they don’t get a hit between the 6th and 9th innings . . . maybe if they go down 10-3 someone will hit a solo HR to make the final 10-4, but that’s it.

    Absolutely useless team going nowhere. Even when they win they suck.

    • You’re so cute.

    • You’ve outlived your uselessness Aaron.
      Please give the Leafs another chance.


        I believe they had one single in from the 6th the 9th.

        This team is shit, just admit it folks. Without Reyes we have 7 guys trying to hit home runs every fucking at bat plus crap Kawasaki and Melky, maybe our only real hitter on the team.

        Pathetic. Every single day, fucking pathetic.

  99. Icksnay to Nix.

  100. the amount of popouts we hit is uncanny

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