New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays

Big Hirok

Enjoy your last few moments of collective sanity for at least three hours, and maybe longer, as the Jays– and their stolen Orioles mojo– are in New York to take on the Yankees and Hiroki Kuroda in the opener of a four game set. There’s no Adam Lind in the lineup for the Jays tonight again, as he’s been placed on the paternity list, allowing the club to call up an extra player for tonight– a spot for which they’ve selected reliever Brad Lincoln. All of the arms! None of the bench!

As a consequence, the Jays’ lineup against the right-handed Kuroda looks a little bit iffy, but if you think that’s a howler, check out the four ex-Jays the Yankees are trotting out, and the order in which they are trotting. That ain’t your older brother’s Yankees, which isn’t to say that it should be anything close to an easy one tonight– not only is Kuroda slightly fantastic, but the Jays haven’t exactly made a habit of winning games they damn well should win.

Maybe the magic stolen from Jim Johnson changes all that, but at this point, following these early season results, nobody here is in position to take anything for granted. Not even the opportunity to face a lineup that features Ben Francisco hitting second.


Sih Davidi notes that a player can be on the paternity list for a maximum of 72 hours, meaning Adam Lind will be back on Sunday at the latest.

Ben Nicholson-Smith points out that the Yankees are last in the Majors against left-handed pitching so far, so… maybe having Buehrle and Happ going this series isn’t such a bad thing.

Brendan Kennedy tweets that John Gibbons says the club went with a pitcher rather than a position player in calling up Lincoln because of the toll that the early season has taken on the bullpen, and the fact that a position player won’t play much anyway. Well he sure won’t if he’s not on the roster, that’s for sure!

Kennedy also tells us that Sergio Santos will start throwing in the next few days. Gibbers tells him that there’s currently no timeline for his return.

At FanGraphs, Alex Remington takes a look at whether handedness in the Majors has changed much over recent decades, finding what might be a slight uptick in left-handed hitters, which he wonders may be attributable to things like us hockey playing Canadians being more inclined to hit left but throw right. (Oddly– or perhaps completely understandably– this Canadian is actually a left-throwing, right-hitting Rickey Henderson, for some reason.)

In response to a tweet from a since-deleted account calling him a “massive douche,” Brett Lawrie invites a young man to “come at me brooo.” Because Brett Lawrie is kinda awesome.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

DH Rajai Davis (R)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Melky Cabrera (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)

Mark Buehrle LHP

New York Yankees

CF Brett Gardner (L)
DH Ben Francisco (R)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
LF Vernon Wells (R)
C Francisco Cervelli (R)
RF Ichiro (L)
SS Eduardo Nunez (R)
1B Lyle Overbay (L)
3B Jayson Nix (R)

Hiroki Kuroda RHP

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  1. Buck: “Fransico is a much better hitter than his average reflects.” No, not really.

  2. Instead of an Asics bat, Kawasaki should take me to the plate.

    • That’s enough, Ice. Now pipe down, or I’ll melt you down and forge two blades from your remnants.

  3. I don’t like Cano

  4. I like the yankee’s plan to buy up a bunch of sacs of shit, and give them lockers near Cano….it’s paying off for them

    • +1.

      Yankee magic:)) It can’t last…. Can it?

      Can you imagine Overbay, Nix, Wells & Francisco being on a playoff team in 2013?

  5. Right now Buehrle is throwing 83 mph fastballs and 79 mph change ups. So he’s basically just throwing 100% crushable BP fastballs. There needs to be more of a gap between the 2.


    Because I am not wearing a cap

  7. Holy sweet fuck, Joba Chanberlain is fucming huge. I thouht they were warming up John Goodman.

  8. So AA didn’t want to pay yu darvish 17 mil but we’re now stuck with buerhle for 20 mil???

  9. Fuck you Cervelli.

  10. Joba warms up John Goodman after the games…

    If ya know what I mean…

  11. Srsly? Hes leaving Buerle out there?

  12. I will be happy to be proven wrong, but I am not sure Lincoln is the guy to bring in in this situation. Or have we given up at 2 runs behind?

    • he is a major league caliber reliever. Would you rather have ortiz or bush pitching?

      • Well,and obviously he got out of it, but he was ineffective with us last year, he has pretty much sucked for Buffalo this year, and we bring him up as the 7th or 8th reliever and that day bring him in in a situation where basically he needs to hold the line or have the game slip completely away? It worked out, but it just seems like a weird call.

        • he had one bad stretch in the early goings in AAA. Had been shut down in his last couple outings still coming back from some time off from injury

  13. Joba The Hutt. The force is not strong with this one.

  14. What is the “injury delay”

  15. I’m back….how about a nice tune?….”Staaaart…spreadin…the news…..Jays are losin today-ay……gonna drop the ser-ies..oh-pener…in old NY…..”

  16. no buck that is not trouble

  17. Snider is hitting .300 with 7 doubles. Thank god we got rid of him. 2 pitch Rajai is much better

    • Must be the soft & shtroong hands?

    • He still would’ve been the fourth outfielder in Toronto this year. He’s getting real at bats, if he becomes even a fraction of what he was supposed to become, good on him. I’d still love to see it.

  18. this team has been playing terrible.. there is no two ways about it… yes it’s “early” guys but these are fundamental mistakes… inability to advnace runners, starting pitchers who take an inning or two to get comfortable, costly errors in the field..

    also note to Jays marketing department.. having a twitter promotion “#whiff” for a team with the second lowest Avg. in the MLB.. maybe not a great idea..

  19. Where’s that crooner? I have a yen for “That’s Life”.

  20. that’s fucking bullshit.

  21. Give ‘er, Gibby!

  22. thank you gibby

  23. unfuckenbelievable…is that a word? it is now….what luck

  24. I didn’t even see the Yankees challenge the call! What the fuck was that?

  25. damn you maple leafs, i wanna know what he got tossed for

  26. Meh.

    Buehrle vs Kuroda? Down by 2? That’s about as good as you can hope for in that pitching matchup.

    Hopefully the Jays can split the series. Anything more would be a nice bonus.

  27. ….let me sing….”That’s life……that’s what all the Jays fans say-ay……your ridin low in April…and…12 games under in May-ay….”

  28. That be some bullshit, right there.

  29. izturis is a useless piece of garbage. He can’t pick balls right at him just like bono. 3years with this loser, I can’t take it.

  30. Cecil has been pretty fucking awesome.

  31. We play like poo probably tastes

  32. Never felt such rage as the rage I felt seeing Girardi’s smug fucking face as Gibby was getting ejected.

    Fuck. This. Shit.

  33. That’s the Yanks luck vs Jays Luck. Ichiro gets hit in the bill of the helmet on a steal and he’s fine. Reyes steals and injures his ankle.

  34. Can’t wait for wilner’s excuse talk where he will say the following:

    there’s no need to panic, it’s still early!

    if izturis makes that play, they get out of the inning and in that space time continueum the jays win!

    buerhle just made 1 bad pitch, the jays could have easily won.

  35. C’mon Cletus!

  36. So what happened? Gibbons got ejected? I couldn’t watch the game…

  37. Alright, Rivera is good but come fucking on! Jim Acker could strike out JP.

    On a related topic- I’m going to start drinking Vodka tonics now.

  38. It’s always a treat to be reamed by Rivera.

    Makes you feel like a piece of history.

  39. Guys? Say nice things. Tell me this team will be okay. Okay? Guys?

    • It’s only April *BARF*

      • +1, but someone at sportsnet posted an article stating that teams with poor April’s rarely make the playoffs.

        Slumps happen to teams all the time but I wonder if AA pulls the plug in July to restock the farm if they are out of the race?

        Would AA go broke & keep Johnson no matter what hoping for a late season surge?

        Would AA try & get Johnson to resign an extension based on current performance.

        Who’s the first to go? Johnson? Can the Jays get a 2B prospect for Johnson?

  40. Jays just keep digging themselves deeper in the hole. This is getting old.

  41. When can we stop saying “it’s early” btw? I just want to know when the stupidity is going to stop and people come to the realization that this team is ass.

    • When did you decide it was ‘too late?’

      Wasn’t it game #1?

    • Thank you, Randy Quaid.

    • My guess is until the end of April.

      Then i May we can say “It’s still early”

      In June we can say “it’s not even the all star break yet”

      In July we can say “we still got the second half”

      In August we can say “there’s still two months of baseball”

      In September we can say “Anything can happen”


  42. Whoa….painful, painful….you know, after a tough loss I like to enjoy some nice music…maybe a little Chairman of the Board??….”Staaart ….spreadin…the news……Jays lost the 1st one today-ay…..they played like crap all game again, in old NY……..”

    • That was just as fresh as it was the first ten thousand times. I guess the fact that you live in an above-ground sewer where it rains a mixture of human blood & chum and where the clouds are made from willowy puffs of crack and foreclosures really did have an effect on the autism rates.

      You should quote song lyrics again!!

  43. Is it a good/bad sign that I’m looking forward to Lind’s return?

  44. Gonna a be jimmy of a JaysTalk tonight!


  45. Is this the 2004 Blue Jays???

    This looks like Ted Lilly struggled today…Hope Josh Towers pitches well tommorrow

  46. Ok, I’m now pissed off. This team is just fucking painful to watch. Also Colby Rasmus fucking sucks.

  47. So I had a smoke and a vodka tonic and had a mini epiphany. It follows…

    I remember many a solid and exciting start to the season by over achieving Jays teams. Starts like 16-9 a few years ago when we were trotting out a few aging core pieces like Wells surrounded by hopeful building blocks like Hill and Lind and Rios.

    Now those teams floundered eventually and we all realized they were playing above their heads as they settled into the typical late oughts era Jays and finished close to 500.

    So maybe. Just MAYBE this team will do the opposite. They will shit the bed early. They will spray messy Jackson Pollack mudbutt all over the month of April and then…

    And then they will play great. Our veteran established rotation will keep calm and carry on. Our feared 3 and 4 hitters will again cause the opposition to shit themselves 4 times a game. Our bullpen will continue to be the unsung 92 era trenchers. Gibby will get throw way the fuck outta games! Melky will slash doubles! Reyes will come back and be our shining light! JP will strike out 170 times but will also jack 35 homers and drive in 90 runs! It can all happen! It SHOULD

    I sit today, not despaired. I’m pretty sure this team has some special times ahead gentleman. And one glorious day this summer, when the sun is hot and the beers are cold, we shall all enjoy it together.


    • was that the year they went 27-14 start before they crashed to earth? I like your train of thought though

    • You got all that from a schmoke and a vodka tonic?

      That’s it for fukstik’s merlot.
      Potato potables it will be from now on.
      And, I’m turning over a new leaf (B.C. Bud)
      Any port in a storm.
      Desperate times call for desperate measures.
      Fingers crossed.

    • +1. this has to be the new narrative.
      It’s early meme has to be retired by early May.

      jays pitching is holding up relatively well.

  48. What the fuck is going on? Seriously? Is this team just fucking cursed with bad luck? I mean, they cant score runs without hitting homers. The starting pitching is inconsistent. The only bright spot somewhat is the bullpen so far. Im fucking dying for a winning team. Is it simply a lack of talent? I know som hitters have no clue waht to do at the plate. (JPA, Rasmus, davis). Im at a loss guys. I just want a fucking winning baseball team. Is that too much to ask? Same shit every year. AND to make it worse the fucking yankees and red sox are playing like their old selves but with FUCKING SCRUBS!! Doesnt make any sense.

    • It’s fucking sad, because teams like the fucking Marlins, Orioles and Athletics have performed multiple complete rebuilds in the 20 years we’ve been fucking waiting.

      • I hate to say it but i think our offense is just not all that good. I think we have the worst OBP in the league? or is it still too early to allowed to be worried?

        • Andrew McCutchen would help.

        • This offense has never been good. People just think that because of that stupid “most runs in the league” bullshit that was said non-stop last year.

          This teams FEASTS on shit pitching and pads stats, that’s it. Prove me wrong, scrubs.

          Pro-tip: you can’t.

    • +1

      It’s been 20 years of mediocrity. It’s not too much to ask for a team that wins. The Red Sox pitching and Yankees line up should be chewed up by this Jays team.

      instead we lose – and lose and lose.

    • @afdg.

      I share your frustration. I doubt the jays would be winning at yankee levels with the old jays/new yankees lineup.

      It should even out by the end of the season, but the regular yankees should be back to help them compete against the jays later in the summer.

      Photo finish for the Jays in september.??

  49. A caller criticized the thinking of the inside pitch to Cano, and Wilner responded that “hindsight is a wonderful thing, but if he breaks his bat we’re not even having this conversation.” And then they “lost” the caller.

    Would you buy a used car from Mike Wilner?

    • Wilner might be a baseball fan – but he is an employee first

      • funny how Jeff Blair and Hayhurst can carve up the Jays and are realistic when they talk about the team unlike Wilner.

        • +5. Hayhurst & Blair are must listen to podcast.

          Hayhurst s a stats guy who played the game & unafraid to call out players like JPA,

          Blair s an old school baseball grouchy guy.

          very good combo for radio.

  50. Wilner talking people off the ledge on his twitter

    • You mean on mandated customer retention mode.

      I don’t know the man personally, but his job is to get people to come back and listen to a talking Super 8 sign.

      Never forget that about Wilner.

      • Wilner likes playing devil advocate. He has acknowledged that the team is not playing well.

        He knows that there are many games left in the season.

        Unfortunately, the Jays will have to place close to 600 ball to get into the playoffs.

        It;s been done but not by the Jays.

  51. last week people were saying this stretch vs division rivals was going to be a fair indicator of things…….well, so far we’re 2-5. And it easily could have been 1-6.

    • well, yes, but most of the margins, save the Friday Yankees game, have been within 2 runs. All the Baltimore games could have just as easily won – they aren’t playing that badly, we just tend to remember certain aspects more prominently than others.

      • a loss is a fucking loss. we’re 2-5. haven’t even gone to fenway yet. this is an uphill slog right now

  52. you know – the city of Toronto is going to start looking this way once the Habs/Bruins beat the Leafs in the 1st round of the playoffs.

    They better be playing so good ball at that point.

    • so an extended run by the Leafs buys the Jays a month with the bandwagon fans?

      • yea – unless you have 50,000 die hards somewhere wanting tickets to a game with Jays 12 games back. How many die-hard ball fans are there in Toronto?

  53. Look at the bright side. At the beginning of the offseason, the Jays and Mariners were in comparable situations.

    Each team probably had a true talent level between 75 – 80 wins. Each team had a good stable of prospects. Each team had easily identifiable holes.

    The Jays needed pitching desperately. The Mariners needed (and still need) hitting desperately.

    Well, the Jays ownership/front office massively exceeded expectations. The Mariners, though they tried like hell to land Josh Hamilton and Justin Upton among others, failed to do anything significant.

    Though the Jays have a harder division which may very well make it difficult to have a wildcard team come out of the ALE, the talent on the roster is still very good.

    Even if the Jays have an inordinate amount of things go wrong like last year, it would be very difficult for this team to finish well below .500 again.

    I still fully expect this team to be in contention in September. We all would have been thrilled by that last October.

    • When was the last time the Blue Jays were in a pennant race in September?

      • before most of the people here were born . . .

      • One could possibly argue 1998. They went on an 11 game winning streak in late August/early September to get back in the wildcard race. At one point in that month I think they closed to within about two games of the wildcard team (Boston). I remember a four game sweep of the Red Sox in Toronto where the attendance turnout was great. Of course they came up a bit short.

        But honestly other than that you’d have to go back to 1993.

    • Jays 2010:
      You may be interested in Hazel Mae’s upcoming retrospective of the greatest Blue Jays off-season ever on Sportsnet.
      Highlights include Hazel’s in-depth conversations with the GM’s from both the Blue Jays and Mariners. Sportsnet has special behind-the-scenes coverage of AA making late off-season phone calls that put the Jays in front of the tight AL offseason race.
      Don’t miss the heart-stopping moments of the greatest off-season ever on Sportsnet Connected.

    • The Mariners improved their hitting by moving in the outfield fences by 4-12 feet in order to have the pitchers park effect stop fucking with their younger hitters.

  54. are there any lunatics who still think this team can contend?

    Buehrle is a trainwreck, Reyes is still out for 3 months we have 4 regulars who swing for the fences every single at bat, our 2B make me miss fucking Kelly Johnson, Lawrie has 3 errors already, Dickey is playing injured, Morrow looks awful, Romero is in high-A ball, Mark DeRosa is on the team, Bonifacio gets at bats every day . . . holy hell, it’s not like we’re just not getting the big hit here and there people, I think they are lucky to be 9-14 . . . this seems like a 90-loss team easily.

  55. our winning % is 25th of 30. only worse teams: Houston, Seattle, Miami, the Cubs and San Diego.

    In other words, the only team worse than us are the five teams expected to be the worst five teams . . . maybe this is exactly where we’ll be all year . . . sure things change, but I don’t see a shred of improvement and the season is almost a month old.

  56. Seven hits tonight-oo boy. Whata juggernaught we are developing. Even the pathetic dodgers of the 60′s hit better than this and they had Koufax, Drysdale and Podres pitching 3 out of every 4 games.
    Sorry I gotta go by what I see and I said ten days ago these fuckers do not know how to play ball. They stink.
    Yes , they have good players, but they are not a good team. The hitters are extremely selfish.
    Anyway I hope I am wrong-I really do but to me some kind of change is needed( bullshit on it’s still early stuff as soon it will not matter if this trend continues) or this team will finish last. It’s bothering me because I desperately want to see good baseball this year ( so far it is boring garbage) and I want to see Sept baseball with us in it, not just talking about what FA we will go after.
    Sadly, I am already just watching til they fall behind and then turning it off just like last Aug/Sept-these guys have no fight. They can start by trading Fukstik Rasmus for some batting practice balls and a case of beer and give dogshit Bonifacio and his wonderful speed but pea brain the royal toe to Buffalo.
    Lot of people won’t agree and that is fine but I gotta go by what I see and not what I wish.
    Forward Soviet-Nyet!

    • “Yes , they have good players, but they are not a good team”

      That’ll change.

      • @RADAR.

        Do you think this will be like 2008, when they got off to a 35-39 start under GiBBY with poor hitting & closed strong with 51-37 under Cito to finish 86-76.?

        Giby wont be fired 7 he has been ejected 2 games in a row.

        Jays could be close to the 2nd wildcard.

  57. hahahahahah!!! Josh Johnson is going to miss his next start says Jeff Passan. Biceps tendinitis. Who’s betting this turns in to tommy john??? Well, now we know who Romero will replace.

    At least he’s not signed beyond this year–see guys, a silver lining, I’m being positive. I now upgrade our predicted losses from 90 to 92. final record: 70-92

    • I guess you haven’t passed remedial reading yet.

      Jeff Passan ‏@JeffPassan 11m
      Heard Blue Jays could scratch Josh Johnson from Friday start with biceps tightness. Not thought to be serious. Expected to make next start.

      Maybe he starts. Maybe he doesn’t. Either way, you are an idiot.

      • Whoa Whoa Whoa. Perhaps Passan can learn to write better.

        First he says “jays could scratch johnson with tendinitis”

        then he says “expected to make next start”

        what? “so we are thinking about scratching johnson, but we probably wont”

        • He could be scratched, but he’s not expected to be. I can’t see any way in which that doesn’t make sense.

    • So 10-16 after this series? Shit.

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