“Hey! Rajai Davis, you just saved the Jays season with a bullet throw from left field to gun down Manny Machado at the plate as he attempted to score the winning run! What are you gonna do now?”

“I’m gonna go hang out with a bunch of weirdos in the MLB Fan Cave!”

OK, OK, not weirdos– does my cynicism know no bounds!– great baseball fans. And there’s even some Jays representation here, as you may know, with Vancouverite New Brunswicker Jays fan April Whitzman (@AlleyCat17) being among this year’s crop of enthusiastic youngsters who somehow didn’t have a problem with the prospect of watching enough baseball to make the Ludivico Technique seem breezy.

Ahhh, but what the hell do I know? If they’re enjoying themselves, that’s super. And hey, it’s Rajai Davis doing… whatever it is they do there– even in video form (in which he thanks FanGraphs?)!






Images via MLB Fan Cave on Facebook. Vine clip via MLB.com.

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  1. I want that octopus chair

  2. That Ice one Rajais wrist though!!!

  3. The GIFs set to music series (i.e. all two of them) are transcendent.

  4. Here’s the FanGraph’s link. Funny stuff.

  5. rajai has a small head for his body

  6. why did the pick RAJAI.. out of all the Jays they could have had in to the fancave, they got Rajai Davis?? lol!

  7. this just made me mad that there isnt vine for android

  8. Ugly arse shoes.

  9. I really like Rajai. I just wish he was better at baseball.

  10. move fancave to LA

  11. What the hell actually is Fancave?
    Is it like a Big Brother Baseball thing? Or that stupid old MTV show? (Real Life?)
    Is it a contest?
    A huge MLB cross-platform multi media experience?
    Jesus, I’m so confused.

    • Kind of all of the above. They’re there to create content and will slowly be whittled down to one by the end of the season. They share a few apartments but spend most of the time at the Cave. What’s there is kind of ridiculously cool.

  12. “”A team of home runs hitters doesn’t win a world series” – Bob McCown

  13. all i can say is that Raj doesn’t get enough credit for what he does… hell if he coudl get on base 40% of the time, he would be a really good leadoff hitter

  14. Damnit! I wish I had been abke to meet Davis! Im his number one fan!

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