April 24th v Orioles

Batter pLI WPA
Davis– LF 1.34 -0.082
Bonifacio – 2B / CF 1.29 -0.161
Bautista – RF 1.04 -0.038
Encarnacion – 1B 1.13 0.034
Cabrera – DH 1.08 -0.098
Arencibia – C 1.15 0.179 Pitcher pLI WPA
Rasmus – CF 0.65 -0.053 Morrow  – SP 0.98 0.022
DeRosa – PH 1.84 -0.046 Loup – RP 2.20 -0.249
Kawasaki – SS 2.36 0.050 Oliver – RP 2.51 0.252
Lawrie – 3B 1.50 -0.005 Rogers – RP 3.42 0.142
Izturis – SS / 2B 2.26 0.346 Janssen – RP 2.70 0.208
Total 1.34 0.125 Total 1.72 0.375

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

GBOOT: Maicer Izturis, 34.6%
Griffin: Aaron Loup, -24.9%
Impact At-Bat: Maicer Izturis RBI Walk, Top 11, 31.2%
Impact Pitch: Manny Machado RBI Triple, Bot 7, -24.1%
Highest Leverage AB: Izturis RBI Walk, Top 11, 6.88
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Nate McClouth Flyout, Bot 9, 4.68
Lineup Contribution: 12.5%
Pitching Contribution: 37.5%
Average Leverage Index: 1.53
Chart explanation

- Brandon Morrow’s line: 6.1ip, 3h, 3er, 3bb, 4k, 112 pitches, 3.17FIP.

- Darren Oliver threw 2 shutout innings, Esmil Rogers and Casey Janssen each recorded three outs, with Janssen doing it with 2 k’s. Shutdowns for all. Aaron Loup gave up two hits and a run in 2/3rds of an inning, earning a Meltdown.

- The Jays lineup managed 8 hits and drew 4 walks.

- More managing from the manager: Mark DeRosa pinch-hit for Colby Rasmus in the 9th. Munenori Kawasaki replaced DeRosa in the batting order in the bottom half and played short, moving Maicer Izturis to 2nd and Emilio Bonifacio to centre.

- Brett Lawrie was called out on strikes to end the top of the 9th and Gibby came out to argue, earning himself his first ejection of the season.

- Home runs from J.P. Arencibia (8), Rajai Davis (1) , Edwin Encarnacion (4), and Jose Bautista (5).

- The defense had some nice moments. Brett Lawrie made a cat-like snare on a line drive and Rajai Davis gunned down Manny Machado at the plate to end the 10th. Bautista lost one in the sun, which was not so pretty, but shit happens.

- Arencibia went 3-for-5 with 2 runs and 2 RBI.

- The Orioles lose a 1-run game. You can’t predict baseball. The unsweepable Jays salvage the 3rd game of the set and now head to New York to take on the pesky Yankees.

- This evening’s projected match-up is Mark Buehrle (4.46FIP, 0.1fWAR) v Hiroki Kuroda (2.41FIP, 0.7fWAR). Hopefully the Jays can take a series and avoid being tossed from the stadium by hired goons.

{All numbers via Fangraphs}

{gif via Scott Johnson’s Gamer}

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  1. Hired goons?

  2. Yes, hired goons. Pay attention.

  3. Hope we can get some offense going against the Big Hirok

  4. “The unsweepable Jays” is just so deliciously mocking.
    … if only it wasn’t my favourite team we were talking about.

  5. “The Unsweepable Jays”…….I love that spin!

  6. But Travis Snider is hitting .308

  7. two questions
    Lind have his Baby?
    Whens he back? Two RHP in a row today and tomorrow in the very short RF wall…..

  8. No credit here to both JPA and Kawasaki for both coming up with the 2 out singles in the 11th against a very tough pitcher in Johnson. That allowed Maicer to draw the bases loaded walk.

  9. I’m predicting we take 3 of 4 here. I’m hoping we take 3 of 4 here.

  10. #unsweepable. I should have copy righted this.

  11. That gif of Arencibia tagging Machado is awesome. I hope David Cooper saw it.

  12. Looks like he might have been safe if he tried to touch home with his foot instead of trying the Robbie Alomar slide-by and hand swipe routine.

  13. How is Davis’ WPA -0.082 with a homerun and the throw? I’ve always liked Davis except for the fact he couldn’t throw (at all), but he’s made some good ones this year.

    • I don’t think WPA includes defence because it places all the consequences on the pitcher and the batter not the fielder, but I could be wrong

    • Also the homer was a solo shot, so low leverage and low WPA. See the opposite for Izturis’ walk.

  14. I see Saturday is a battle of Aces. Their fat guy versus our steady guy.

    • did u just call Happ our Ace? I know he is pitching well, but come on.

      • He’s been most consistent and pleasantly surprising so far,

        We get all over the guys who aren’t performing might as well give some credit to the guys doing well so far.

  15. the line drive hit at Lawrie’s head where he jumped when he didn’t have to was a nice play?

    • Honestly… He’s awkward as all fuck in the field. I see that he makes some great plays but I don’t buy the gold glove bullshit. He can butcher an easy play with the best of em.

  16. Why can’t I find Amanda Huggin Kiss?

  17. Is it just me, or does Adam Lind look like he cuts his own hair in the dark while drunk?

  18. Somebody should forward this article to wilner to see what he says.


    But its pretty bang on. You dont win pennants in april but you can fuck yourself over badly like the angels did last year. The second wild card does give some more hope for slow starts though. These next five games are going to be big for the jays. Im really hoping for 3-2 at least.

    • Yes. Wilner obviously lacks this information, so someone should give it to him. Then he could be much more angry that the Jays are trying to be like the Angels. If only Wilner had this article, then he wouldn’t be so wrong in thinking this sort of thing is ok for the Jays to be doing. Wilner thinks losing is alright. Wilner thinks losses in April don’t count. Silly Wilner.

  19. GBOOT = Greatest Bluejay Of Old Timers?

  20. I got pretty nasty on this team after Loup came on and gave it up, but I wasn’t expecting a hang-tough win like that from the Jays after what we’ve seen this year. Alot of dumping on Bonifacio from myself included but he made a great shoe string catch in the outfield that I thought probably saved any chance the Jays had of winning this game. Nuts to Davis on his lazer beam throw to home. They hung tough in there and this time they were rewarded. Sweep the Yanks.

  21. Say fellows! Did I leave my hair piece in here earlier? I’m having a real bear of a time finding it.

  22. Reason Wilner won’t criticize the team is he’s worried about upsetting his employer (Rogers)! Listen to post game shows in cities like Boston and they rip the team when they are laying like garbage.

  23. Brandon morrow’s pitch selection is stupid. He decides to throw a 3-2 change up with nobody on in the seventh while up 3 runs. Hadn’t been able to control the change well all day ( entire life actually).

    Just the throw the heater, even I’d it’s a little slower than he’d like it to be it’s his best pitch. You’re up 3 runs with nobody on!

    And wtf with Edwin not being able to dig any low throws out of the dirt? The first baseman on my slo pitch team can pick those dammit, and he wears coke bottle glasses.

    On the plus side, when Darren Oliver walks into a room, his dick has already been there for 3 minutes.

  24. There were at least 5 pivotal pitches in the last series that were called against us although they were clearly wrong calls. I am glad Gibbons took note of this and Lawrie as well even though he is a spaz. Umpires need to know they are wrong. (even if they don’t care and tell the players to suck it)

  25. I am getting the feeling that the Jays are going to have a good series in the bronks. They need to win a series, a sweep would be saweet!

    GO JAYS GO!!!

    and btw i can’t believe there are so many trolls that post online, they have to be from away or something.

    • I’ave been waiting for their first laugher as well as series sweep, i’ll be a happy boy if we can get both

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