The chart above is from the latest Ten Stray Thoughts On A Friday post at Getting Blanked, from a section titled “How Fans See The Game.” And… uh… yeah, that’s pretty much exactly right– not that we’ve had enough games ending on “Blue Jays are the best” quite yet.

Jays fans continue to be, somewhat understandably, fucking biploar with the way the season has gone so far, and that’s not seeming likely to change tonight, with Aaron Laffey on the hill in place of Josh Johnson– who, according to a tweet from Arash Madani “is where the tricep and bicep meet. ‘Good spot if there is one.’ he said. ‘Came out of nowhere.’ ”

Also: with Colby Rasmus hitting second.

Also also: with the arbitrary-endpointed, small sample size “precedents” being passed around lately. Did you know that no team has ever made the playoffs in the last decade with a record below .500 on Tuesdays? IT’S SIGNIFICANT!!!


Shi Davidi tweets that Josh Johnson “first felt tightness after his last start. It’s on bottom of arm, up toward armpit.” He adds that he underwent an MRI today, but didn’t seem particularly concerned it would say anything.

Brendan Kennedy tweets that, for the moment, Josh Johnson won’t go on the DL, though he offered to do so, if the club felt they needed the roster spot. “He says he expects to make his next start,” though.

Kennedy also tweets that John Gibbons says he “thinks” R.A. Dickey will make his start on Sunday, which… isn’t the most encouraging thing I’ve ever heard. They’re waiting to see how the Cy Young winner feels tomorrow.

John Lott tells us that Gibbons is unsure of the roster move that will happen when Adam Lind comes back from the paternity list on either Saturday or Sunday. It will depend, Lott relays in a second tweet, on how Laffey does tonight and how Dickey holds up on Sunday.

Munenori Kawasaki moves down in the order tonight, which is probably about right. Four walks in his first five games was nice, but only one in eight games since.

Once again, as groan-worthy as the Jays are, uh… the New York Yankees, everybody!

Speaking of lineups, Jays Journal reminds us of the top-of-the-lineup configuration we were really happy to have, prior to The Trade, and wonders why we haven’t seen a new version of it just yet, which would look like: Lawrie/Rasmus/Bautista/Encarnacion/Melky/Lind/Arencibia/Izturis/Kawasaki. Works for me…

TV: Sportsnet (Ontario/Pacific/East)

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

DH Rajai Davis (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Melky Cabrera (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Aaron Laffey LHP

New York Yankees

CF Brett Gardner (L)
3B Jayson Nix (R)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
LF Vernon Wells (R)
C Francisco Cervelli (R)
RF Ichiro (L)
SS Eduardo Nunez (R)
1B Lyle Overbay (L)
DH Ben Francisco (R)

Ivan Nova RHP

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  1. Jesus Fuck. Maybe it would bd better for Dickey to skip a start and put it to bed.

    • Remember that time Shea hillenbrand too like two days to handle adoption of a child and he got so much shit for it , that it began the entire “ship is sinking” bull shit?

      Barring an uncomplicated delivery, Lind taking is sweet time getting back is sort of bullshit. Two days is plenty

      • Yeah, I’m sure if you were given the option to head back to work a day early after your wife gave birth to your child you would be all over it.

        • Of course you would like to hang back with your wife and kid for man days, and this paternity leave option mlb has introduced in order to not leave your roster short is a nice gesture, but you rarely see someone take more than a couple days off for this. it doesn’t sit well to be away when you are healthy and your team needs you.

          Im not saying he shouldnt have take a couple days off, but this is going to be five days if he doesnt come back tomorrow.

      • Just had a baby Monday and I call bullshit.

  2. …test….test….check…check…1…2…check….aaah-em…check..check


    • Isn’t there a crime you need to be committing tonight or are Baltimore’s cops able to respond for a change?

  3. Parkes is an idiot, but that chart is brilliant.

  4. This is where the Jays need 10 runs to win…I have faith…

  5. Sorry… cooking dinner.


  6. Blue Jays to win 17 of their next 19

  7. Hehe, Cervelli out

  8. Sit down Rajai

  9. I can’t remember Yankee Stadium ever being so empty. They really didn’t like their off season.

  10. Sit down Colby

  11. Rasmus in the 2 hole? Gibby is desperate

  12. Sit down Jose….get your gloves girls and remember – don’t get your dresses dirty

  13. way to battle up there first AB Rajai. 9 pitches!

  14. also, Colby batting 2nd? Holy jesus fuck is Gibby retarded? Even Colby’s father can’t stand to watch him hit anymore he looks so bad. He makes less contact than most pitchers. wtf? Is gibby a stupid manager or is this team that bad?

  15. Think the only way to save this. SEEZIN. Is to assassinate Buck and Colby and make it look like a murder suicide. Maybe even work in some autoerotic asphyxiation to really sell it.

  16. What happened to Cervelli?

  17. Just walk Cano please…

  18. Took a hot shot off the fist

  19. Gotta love Rogers… Subscribe to two SN channels and no Jays game… people must really want to watch junior hockey (eye roll)

  20. Hook rot devour

  21. chicken wing time!!!

  22. Four straight.


  24. The Thing.
    Nice EE.

  25. 1 down, 8 to go.

    Wing a ding ding!

  26. Based on who’s in the line up tonight, I would want to get Lawrie’s Red Bull-fuelled ass out of the dugout right away:

    Brett Lawrie
    Rajai Davis
    Jose Bautista
    Edwin Encarnacion
    Melky Cabrera
    J.P. Arencibia
    Colby Rasmus
    Maicer Izturis
    Munenori Kawasaki

  27. Wow we actually got a hit on one of those little grounders

  28. The Encarnacion shot was freaking LOUD

  29. right.

  30. wouldnt it have been nice for Melky to be on base for the EEE HR rather than having Colby K in the 2 hole?

  31. nice to see we are still playing Farrell ball.

  32. What was anyone thinking when they thought Melky could steal? The guy took an hour to get to 2B. Fuck wouldnt you know it?? Lawrie gets a single.

  33. Is Melky slower than Lind or is it just me? He runs like he is obese. Weird.

  34. Melky’s just pulling into second now

  35. Ugh, we would have been on 2nd and 3rd with just 1 out.

  36. Melkey is sort of fat and slow for a guy who has played CF

  37. My my my the Jays have a lead….when was the last time you could say that? Don’t worry we can give it right back

  38. THIS is the game they start looking good.



  39. Farrell ball cost us a run that inning

  40. Someone should tell Melky that he can try losing weight on his own time instead of using up outs in-game.

  41. Fuck…what the fuck does it take to keep that sob (or anyone for that matter) off the goddam bases????

  42. this is going to get very ugly

  43. Cant blame Laffey for walking Stewart. its fucking Chris stewart.

  44. very soon

  45. that should be an error on Lawrie

  46. ball was not hit hard

  47. Now this is the Aaron Laffey we all know and expected to see tonight.

  48. Not an easy play, but a play a supposedly superior defender like Lawrie should make.

  49. Lawrie better with his bare hand then he is with a glove.

  50. Walked-in run incoming.

  51. wow does Izturis ever suck ass

  52. Ugh… Izturis ain’t Alomar.

  53. Well the lead was nice while it lasted. We will get another one on Tuesday I hear

  54. Just fucking embarrassing.

  55. Can I hire a hitman for Izturis?

  56. I feel embarrased that we are playing Izturis every day.

  57. what the fuck was that type of turn of a DP?

  58. Finally, decent recovery

  59. I’m not drunk enough for this game.

  60. yeah, i am a little surprised Izturis didnt fuck that one up as well. i really wish we had Kelly Johnson back

    • Just checked…KJ’s hitting .185, horrible, but 23 points ahead of Izturis at .162.
      But AT LEAST KJ can play defence.

      • @Karl +1.
        I thought Izturis was supposed to be better than Kelly Johnson.

        We went from Aaron Hill to kelly Johnson to Izturis.

        Hill had an excellent 2012.

        In retrospect we should have kept AARON Hill . it’s frustrating..

  61. Was expecting alot worse out of that mess

  62. Good Grief.
    Izturis can’t make the play on Wells.
    Lawrie can’t make the play on Ichiro.
    Then they botch the double play.
    Just bloody atrocious.

  63. true

  64. I hate to say it but this is starting to remind me that Kelly Johnson made routine plays and did turn it pretty well…Reyes + Kawasaki for the second half please…

  65. Jesus Christ, Izturis can’t even make the routine plays, and he wants to make the highlight reels with a totally unnecessary flip? Oh well, at least he’s rocking that .197 OBP…wasn’t he NOT a useless piece of shit in Anaheim?

    • He was actually fairly useful. He had a shitty year last year but was injured. Having said that, he is filler. I dont think you should be spending decent money and mutiple years.

      Three years three million ..fourth year at one million.

  66. Kawasaki just got a dent in his fairing.

  67. I’m surprised it didn’t deflet right to Cano for a doubleplay.

  68. Now Nova’s injured. At least we’re taking their players down.

  69. I think Nova was removed from the game due to that giant pustule on the left side of his face having cratered.

  70. Why did they pull nova???

  71. If he were considered eligible, Rajai Davis would be leading the active roster in batting average right now after that hit.

  72. Cleats don’t fail me now.

  73. Finally. Some misfortune to work in the Jays’ favour!

  74. holy christ Rasmus got a single!!

  75. Some contact there.

  76. The jays must have started to steal signs again..or at least per new york writers.

  77. yeah, I wonder if ESPN is saying the Jays are stealing signals again. what a bunch of biased fucking tools

    • +1.

      Jays are getting shafted by the umpires. Bautista’s mediocrity comments don’t hep but it’s getting out of control. Beeston should file a protest.

      • It was really a pompous comment. I love how Wilner defended it too. Funny thing is, its not even really true. He argues more pitches than almost any other player you see and he does it on pitches where they were indeed strikes.

        Jose needs to shut the fuck up and start producing rather than laying blame on umps for the fact that right now he cant hit a 90 mph cripple pitch fastball from david phelps.

  78. a walk to laod the bases to bring up EEE would be nice now

  79. how did Bautista totaly miss that FB?

  80. Bautista should of bunted.

  81. Well that sucks.

  82. first and second. heart of the order up. butkiss. sounds about right.

  83. Ouch

  84. Seriously? 9 and fucking 14? Those cheap Rogers fucks. When are they going to learn that they need to spend money on this fucking team for them to actually win some fucking games. Oh wait.

    • +1. Given Rogers strong profits this past quarter , i don’t think they force AA to do a salary dump this year or next year.

  85. What the hell, it’s not as if outs are a scarce resource.

  86. This is just ridiculous

  87. This team is great at manufacturing outs

  88. The swings are so long with 2 strikes.

  89. Laffey ratchets up the drama.

  90. way to go up 0-2 on him laffey and then throw four straight balls.

  91. At least we have a 1 run lead.

  92. Why would the Yankees bunt there? Laffey is not throwing strikes at all, just gave us an out.

  93. FFS Laffey wtf are you doing?

  94. I like the move to pitch around Nix there, rather have Cano beat us.

  95. Is it time yet for the 3 run homer from the oppostion?

  96. So laffey has now walked francisco and nix to this inning. I thought he was a control pitcher with finesse.

  97. this could get ugly

  98. Perhaps Mr. Laffey is injured?

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