The chart above is from the latest Ten Stray Thoughts On A Friday post at Getting Blanked, from a section titled “How Fans See The Game.” And… uh… yeah, that’s pretty much exactly right– not that we’ve had enough games ending on “Blue Jays are the best” quite yet.

Jays fans continue to be, somewhat understandably, fucking biploar with the way the season has gone so far, and that’s not seeming likely to change tonight, with Aaron Laffey on the hill in place of Josh Johnson– who, according to a tweet from Arash Madani “is where the tricep and bicep meet. ‘Good spot if there is one.’ he said. ‘Came out of nowhere.’ ”

Also: with Colby Rasmus hitting second.

Also also: with the arbitrary-endpointed, small sample size “precedents” being passed around lately. Did you know that no team has ever made the playoffs in the last decade with a record below .500 on Tuesdays? IT’S SIGNIFICANT!!!


Shi Davidi tweets that Josh Johnson “first felt tightness after his last start. It’s on bottom of arm, up toward armpit.” He adds that he underwent an MRI today, but didn’t seem particularly concerned it would say anything.

Brendan Kennedy tweets that, for the moment, Josh Johnson won’t go on the DL, though he offered to do so, if the club felt they needed the roster spot. “He says he expects to make his next start,” though.

Kennedy also tweets that John Gibbons says he “thinks” R.A. Dickey will make his start on Sunday, which… isn’t the most encouraging thing I’ve ever heard. They’re waiting to see how the Cy Young winner feels tomorrow.

John Lott tells us that Gibbons is unsure of the roster move that will happen when Adam Lind comes back from the paternity list on either Saturday or Sunday. It will depend, Lott relays in a second tweet, on how Laffey does tonight and how Dickey holds up on Sunday.

Munenori Kawasaki moves down in the order tonight, which is probably about right. Four walks in his first five games was nice, but only one in eight games since.

Once again, as groan-worthy as the Jays are, uh… the New York Yankees, everybody!

Speaking of lineups, Jays Journal reminds us of the top-of-the-lineup configuration we were really happy to have, prior to The Trade, and wonders why we haven’t seen a new version of it just yet, which would look like: Lawrie/Rasmus/Bautista/Encarnacion/Melky/Lind/Arencibia/Izturis/Kawasaki. Works for me…

TV: Sportsnet (Ontario/Pacific/East)

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

DH Rajai Davis (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Melky Cabrera (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

Aaron Laffey LHP

New York Yankees

CF Brett Gardner (L)
3B Jayson Nix (R)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
LF Vernon Wells (R)
C Francisco Cervelli (R)
RF Ichiro (L)
SS Eduardo Nunez (R)
1B Lyle Overbay (L)
DH Ben Francisco (R)

Ivan Nova RHP

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  1. Maicer Izturis is up next. Now the Yankees are in trouble!

  2. Here’s comes the DP!!!

  3. RALLY!

  4. A decent bat on the bench is too much to ask? I’m looking at you DeRosa

  5. game over

  6. Why the fuck was Kawasaki even hitting there?


  8. Hopefully the umpires don’t reverse the call.

  9. CLETUS!!!!!

  10. walk him in you latino fuck piece of shit

  11. Daddy won’t be happy.

  12. Season done. It’s over.

  13. C’mon Cletus!

  14. Why do I even get my hopes up…

  15. If you can throw a high fastball or any breaking ball, you can strike out Colby Rasmus.

  16. So depressing

  17. This has not been easy to watch. I don’t think anybody on this planet would have guessed we would start 9-15

  18. It ain’t early no Mo.

  19. 10 walks

  20. The reason it’s so heartbreaking, I think, is that if the Jays were winning in the way their opponents are winning, everyone would absolutely love how plucky and scrappy the team was.

  21. Can the Jays bring up some other junk-baller for tomorrow so to not waste the bullpen? Save them for the crucial sweep-preventing game on Sunday.

  22. Wonder what Wilner’s got to say for himself tonight.

  23. so sad that this team would be better off with vernon wells and lyle overbay

  24. Jays outhit the Yankees, still lose.

    I’m a big proponent that the record will catch up to the talent, but when they trot out Aaron Fucking Laffey, that’s not going to happen. Seriously, Jo-Jo Reyes wasn’t available?

  25. when’s the next leafs game. at least that’s a team we can get behind

  26. this team would be better off with any other 25 guys. they’re all shit. why? because you’re always shit when you’re 9-15. Always.

  27. How do you walk 10 batters? Shouldn’t major league calibre pitchers have some semblance of control? Early or not, this team sucks to watch right now

  28. 1994

  29. Wait till next year…

  30. LOL. I was getting all hyped w the bases loaded forgetting I had paused the game for a minute in the 6th. Got the rally cap on when theScore banner alerted me of the Final score. Whata a fucking surprise -

  31. Go Leafs Go!

  32. I would get rid of Izturis right fucking now.

  33. Why the goddamn fuck are Blanco and Derosa still on this roster? Fuck whatever promises were made to them. Both are a waste of space on an MLB roster.

  34. I love baseball and love the Jays but fuck – do I hate watching these games.

  35. Fuck! The Leafs sacrificed the Jays for their playoff appearance.

  36. Too bad we didn’t have this group last september-then we wouldn’t have won all those meaningless games at the end and draft tenth. This collection of dreck w/ h won 2 of 10, maybe, and we would ahve drafted 4th. They look like they have quit, no heart.
    Maybe it’s the tedium of losses but some of that in my mind falls on the mumbler gibbons. Despite the 2 year minimum owing to him, he may get the ax for this shitshow if it persists. My guess is Mottola is gassed at the eom and takes the fall for the woeful hitting.
    AFTER that some player moves might be:
    1. Bonifacio outrighted to Buffalo
    2. Izturis put on waivers hoping someone stupid claims him. Unlikely to happen then send him to Buffalo
    3. DFA Rasmus and hope someone takes him and his 5.8m somewhere else-I am already prresuming they can’t trade this bozo
    4. Probably Lind too-DFA and rerlease despite his increased OBP

    Think about it. That is 4/9 of our starting lineup most days and by all accounts there is not one team that would trade you anything for any of them. Four of them!
    How the FUCK did we end up like this?

    • I hated Kelly Johnson and is never ending Strikeouts but shit he could field a routine ground ball and throw it the req’d 90 ft to first on a DP ball. THese 2 cunts Boni and Izzi are the worst I’ve seen-What were our scouts watching in looking at these 2? Films of Kubek and Richardson?

      • Ok, fukstik.

        Now you’ve gone and made me nostalgic.
        Kubek & Richardson indeed.
        You know how to twist the knife my friend.

        • or maybe it was Maury Will and Junior Gilliam?
          Whatever or whoever they were looking at, Gracie Slick must have been in charge of both the tea service and the film crew.
          Back to my merlot-it is very mellow at this hour

        • Good night gents! I’m drunk and I’m now in the mood to listen to some Little Feat. The season’s not over yet, and if it is, baseball is still a great sport. Let’s hope for “Changin’ Luck”.

          • (take two)

            Do NOT put on “Sailin’ Shoes.”
            First 3 songs:

            Easy To Slip
            Cold, Cold, Cold

            • I opted for “Dixie Chicken”. In my case, the wine flowed like wine. Good times with the wife with the promise of better days ahead.

    • That guess about gassing Mottola might not be far off. If this keeps up there’ll be a symbolic firing first and then Gibby. Hale may end up as the interim manager.

  37. 2013 Toronto Blue Jays playoff hopes and fan confidence:


  39. thoughts:

    - It was stupid for anyone to be happy that Wells was heading to the Yankees. He wont play like this all year long but the fact that the yankees have 3-4 former all stars that can come in and produce while 3-4 of their current all stars are on the disabled list really sucks.

    - Teams will let us hit 2-3 solo homers a game all year long as long as we continue to have a hideous team OBP. The offense just seems totally out of sync and everyone is trying to hit homers all the time it seems.

    - Of course this isn’t THE END OF THE SEASON :’( but it is devastating seeing their playoff hopes shrink steadily day by day before they even starting opening the dome. 7.5 games back of the AL east lead is a rather huge hole to be in. sure we’ll get Reyes back eventually, but the Yankees will get half their team back as well.

    • Wells batted over .300 4 separate times in his career. He played hurt a lot of the time he was here. Dont count him out when Granderson gets back. He may make a very decent 4th OF.

  40. Colby’s current .750 OPS and stellar defense are not the biggest issues with the team. DH and 2B are our current troubles: Izturis (.462 OPS), Lind (.713 OPS), Bonifacio (.524 OPS).

    Somebody like Hafner would’ve been a great addition at DH. It’s time to make another move AA because we can’t afford to send out horrendously below average bats with average to below average defense.

    • save it for next year, 2013 is over. it’s time to dump salary, cut the dead weight and try and trade away some of our shit for other teams shit minor leaguers. bring up Gose and yawn away the last 137 games.

  41. Not to be negative for the sake of being negative but I think this is the end. I see nothing from this team except that it is the worst team I have ever seen. I see it just spiralling from here. Free fall. This team makes no sense.

  42. People laughed at me last week when I said it c/b all over by next week with the jays 10 games out and climbing. They are now 7.5 out and have 2 left with NYY while the Bosox play Houston. we could be 9.5 out by monday and then Boston only needs 2 of 3 to make it 10.5. Over and Out my friend.
    I said Minny found themselves in this position lst year being 10 out at the end of Aprl and spending the rest of the season just amusing their fans and deciding who to dump/trade by 7/31 and they played in a SHIT division-many scoofed at me. I would love to be wrong but gotta go with what I see and I see a big fat nothing with this outfir-in fact they are on the verge of being delusional
    Foward Soviet-nyet!

  43. I’m not pushing the panic button yet, but this team is unbearable to watch and is fixing worrisome as well

  44. Toronto Blue Jays = LA Lakers
    At least the Lakers made the playoffs.
    Even if we had a 16 team format the Jays still wouldnt get in.

    With all the money we spent on a mystery bag of shit ( Buerle, JJ, Dickface dickey, Izturis Roidless Melky and Reyes) We couldve spent it on Darvish and Prince Fielder and would have been set for the next 5 years kept our talent in the farm and positioned ourselves to be contenders moving forward. Instead we’ve become the laughing stock of the majours accordingly.

    Congrats AA WOW your such a ninja, you really thought you were fleecing the marlins they’re all laughing in our faces for taking untradable contracts of their hands !


  46. You guys are all fucking nuts!!!!!! Have you ever followed baseball prior to this year?!?!?!

    Seriously, GB mean nothing in April. This happens every year; the teams which start strong are rarely in it by September (i.e. The Jays for the last 2 years), and good teams which start slow tend to pick things up (i.e Yankees last year, Boston in 2011 – who started 0-13!). Even Oakland last year was something like 8 back of Texas with 9 games left to play! Also, Boston will not continue this pace.

    The Jays have great players and will be fine. If you are commenting on this site, you should be a fan. To suggest “selling” the team now is ludicrous! To suggest it’s “over” now is also bat-shit crazy! The reason (knowledgable) people keep saying “it’s early” is because IT’S EARLY!!!!!!!

  47. i don’t fucking get it. I just can’t wrap my head around the concept that the Jays could somehow be worse than the Yankees even though the Yankees are basically just fielding the 2009 Jays but 2 years past their primes. I DON’T FUCKING GET IT! I watched the 2009 Jays – they were fun but mediocre. This team is better. There’s no way to look at our roster and not come to that conclusion. Then I watch them play… and they’re amazingly terrible. The only player that hasn’t been a complete waste of everyone’s time (Edwin might be coming around) is fucking Aaron Wolfman Loup!

    I’ve never seen as confounding a first month of baseball in all the years I’ve watched the sport. Luckily the team is still talented and there’s still plenty of time. Oh, and also we don’t have Aaron Fucking Laffey anymore. Turns out he fucking sucks, which apparently was surprising for some. By the time July rolls around, I’ll be watching Ricky throw 7.1 again and doing my Jose homerun dance.

    I hope.

    • here are consecutive hitters in tonights lineup…

      arencibia, lawrie, izturis, kawasaki, davis, rasmus.

      thats six of the 9.

      you think that is talented? people have to start analyzing this team objectively and realize that the big improvements to the team were really not on the offensive side, aside from reyes…..they were supposed to be in the rotation with buehrle, dickey, and johnson…

      it is the combination of terrible offense with inexplicably shitty pitching that has is in the quandary we currently now strand..but i daresay it is really not THAT surprising that bonifacio, izturis, and cletus suck balls.

      • Actually, yes, I do think that is talent. Is it production? Not right now, no.

        Lawrie was a high prospect (#3? top 10 anyway) only 2 or 3 years ago and is one year removed from being spectacular at the MLB level.

        Arancibia is one of the best power hitting catchers in the game, and his offense is definitely comparable to others at his position.

        Rasmus, well, ya it might be getting about time to give up on Rasmus at the end of the year. But there was still good reason to give him a chance.

        Davis has very passable numbers if he is platooned with Lind (on paternity leave) and only faces lefties.

        Kawasaki has been nothing short of amazing considering the general quality of backup shortstops

        Ya, Izturis and Bonifacio suck. On the other hand, so did Kelly. On the other, other hand at least Kelly could field second.

        The fact is, the offense, like the rotation, has plenty of talent. That is why this season has been so confounding.

  48. When is Gibby gonna explode like this?

  49. Last year, the pitching staff had an ERA almost a full run less when Jeff Mathis was catching vs. JP. If you want to blame anyone for the high-priced / newly aquired starters’ slow starts, don’t lay it all on them, Arencibia needs to share the blame.
    How many home runs will he have to hit to offset being a 1-run-per-game defensive liability vs. a defensively sound receiver?
    The passed balls and blockable wild pitches that he routinely whiffs at are becoming nauseating, as is his inability to frame pitches.
    I would trade his 1-tool ass for Jeff Mathis back any day of the week.

    • That was a brutal passed ball and throw but not even Molina could save that one *save the strike call, not the ball in the dirt.

      JP isn’t a great defender but his offense so far has definitely offset his defensive liabilities (first game excluded because what the fuck were they thinking).

      You can definitely have your opinion that his game-calling or pitch-framing have been sub-par but to imply that it’s cost them a run a game is…. stupid.

      • do you have a stat to back up the notion that JP’s bat offsets his defensive mistakes?

        • I mentioned catcher’s ERA last year regarding JP/Mathis and no one really said anything…IMHO the 2 moves that need to be made once Reyes is back are ditching Derosa and Blanco for Kawasaki (starting at 2nd) and Thole to catch 2/5 games (Dickey and 1 RHP)…Kawasaki will solidify the infield D and Thole can offset a bit of the defensive liability, give the ability to play match-ups a bit more and NOT STRIKE OUT…he’s kind of a shit bag but he makes contact of the non pop-up variety and should put up a servicable OBP compared to Papa Blanco…After that have Melky/Arencibia Dh a bit and play rajai/boni in LF if either of them warm up their bats…if Rasmus removes all doubt and is in fact a 200 K shitbag trade him for 10 cents on the dollar and bring up Gose…same speed as Boni/Rajai with +++ defence and if the lineup is clicking him and Kawasaki 8/9 would be fine by me…Let’s remember there are options if everyone stays/gets healthy…

        • Well, no, I don’t. The effect of pitch-framing, game-calling, etc, on the overall value of a catcher is a rather nebulous area of advanced stats. I’m not very good with metrics at all so perhaps someone better qualified can answer the question.

          I do know that ten runs saved on defense equals about 1 WAR. Intuitively, ten runs lost on defense equals -1 WAR. Obviously, though, a catcher touches the ball much more frequently and has many more opportunities for mistakes than the average fielder so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a different standard entirely. Notwithstanding the first game JP has been tolerably bad given his offensive (and the relative dearth of offense over the rest of the lineup) contribution.

          My point isn’t that he is a good defensive catcher but there are enough black holes in the lineup to pitch to right now that to take his bat out would be, in my opinion, more harmful than beneficial.

  50. Just to highlight how pathetic this offense his been, I would like anyone interested to peruse the box score and realize that David phelps had


  51. Sure, the team looks awful in every facet of baseball, but can anyone here actually predict the future accurately and say the Blue Jays aren’t going to be a good team when this season is over? They could lose their next 10 in a row, they could win 15 of their next 20. That’s BASEBALL, none of us know what’s going to happen. Yeah they look like shit so far, but we’re 24 games in for crying out loud and the sky is leaking but not falling just quite yet.

    Let’s stop comparing other teams records about where this team SHOULD be and let’s just enjoy some baseball. These guys can and will do better and you know it.

    • It ain’t gonna happen with Gibby.

      The guy was here last time and was never a winner, just mediocre.

    • The problem with the season isn’t that they’re not scoring runs and giving up runs. They’ve had bad bounces and some suspicious calls and normally everything regresses. The problem is that I personally feel fortunate that their record is as good as it is.

      They suck at fundamentals. Or, like all of us, they hoped that everyone would get better a little bit.

      *for the record I have been a die-hard jays fan for a long time and watch all the games I can live or after work but… it’s getting worrisome.

      Can’t be swept!

    • You want me to ENJOY this???????

  52. Baseball can be such an ignorant bitch!

  53. The 10 hits tonight were a bright spot, along with EE showing that last year was not a fluke (5hr in 4 games?). Lawrie got a couple knocks and a walk tonight, and Bautista is healthy enough to stay in the line up.

    Seeds of better things to come?

  54. score was 2-1 jays…jays had 1st and 2nd with one out..then. edwin falls behind 0-1 on a BULLSHIT first pitch strike call (every goddamn game we get shit calls at crucial times..and when i say shit calls, they are really shit!ty calls)). once again it happens at a crucial moment.. once again the jays score no runs. once again that turns the game.

    fuck you umpire(s)!

    ps-stealing 3rd with the meat coming up…not sure that was the best move. ‘course he steals it and edwin hits a sac fly and i think it is a great move. so there’s that…

  55. I don’t understand why AA dfa’d Laffey after 1 poor start especially when he has horrible career stats there anyway.

    Who’s the next 5th starter, assuming Johnson is out for more than 1 start?

    Romero has resurfaced in Dunedin but he won’t be able to pitch for the Jays for at a least a month right?

    The upside is the Jays are only losing games by 1 or 2 runs now.

    Chicken wing is fun to watch.

    How much longer will Derosa be here/ Should they bring up Mccoy? Gose?

    • Lincoln would be your spot starter, I suspect.

      Also, I need to point this out to you, and to everyone else: if you think Mike McCoy is the answer to anything, you’re asking the wrong questions.

      • Question: “We’re out of pitchers !! Who can we send out there?”

        Answer: “What about McCoy?”

        Result: 3 up, 3 down.

        • Nice!

        • Nice. I also would have accepted “Who’s paying for this round? McCoy!”

          Still makes my point, though — Mike McCoy is not the answer to any question that implies he’ll make the team better.

      • I know Mccoy pitched 1 inning in a blowout last year. I don’t want Mccoy here as a pitcher.

        I wonder if we should upgrade the bench by bringing up Gose or Mccoy.

        Mccoy is a better defender than Izturis or Bonifacio.

        Gose is abetter Outfielder.

        Colby’s strikeout are hurting the team. He’s not the only one, but I don’t like Colby’s at bats.

        • I would like to see Negrych, Thole and Gose up here at some point before the All Star break, but then there’s the question of what to do with De Rosa, Izturis and Blanco. I’m not sure we’re fielding the best team right now, but there aren’t any easy answers either.

      • So right now, Lincoln is the emergency starter?

        Does AA plan to send Laffey to Buffalo?

        I hope Ricky Romero gets his act together & joins the team by the middle to end of May

        • I think AA’s endgame is to send *everyone* he claims to Buffalo.

          I’m guessing that Lincoln is the emergency starter because he’s capable of multiple innings and doesn’t need a roster move to be made to use him. Failing that, Justin Germano is probably next in line, based on AA’s comments when he signed.

  56. That game last night made me sad…I am not in panic mode… but I am in unabashed disbelieve mode that the Jays keep playing JP behind the plate when he doesn’t have a sweet fucking clue on how to catch a baseball. They need to tie him to a hockey net and throw baseballs at him until he looses his fear of the ball. its the only way he will learn to actaually not suck any more…

    • everyone’s in panic mode now, let’s not be stupid, shall we? this team is a flaming pile of garbage.

  57. So Brian Burke is suing people who make online comments about his alleged affair with Hazel Mae of Sportsnet.

  58. The news about Burke is all over the internet. He is mad at someone named “Slobberface” who provided details about Burke’s alleged conduct at a party. Hazel mae is married to a former blue jay, kevin Barker

    • Probably a gigantic waste of time – but on the other hand, maybe people should taking some responsibility for what comes out of their mouths.

  59. Rogers gave AA a bailout and AA bought junks Bonds (JJ,Roidless Melky, Dickey, fat buerle)
    Im wondering where all the sportsnet feel good stories are from the beginning of the season ? you know about Buerle’s dogs ( who gives fuuuck) JJ’s surf life, Melkys teary admission to using roids, Dickeys road to the majors, all these ‘koumba yah, and save the whales stories” mean fuck all unleess we wins games.

    • If you only watch when the Jays are winning, why don’t you become a Yankees fan and go read all of their Kumbaya stories?

    • AA will be held accountable if the team flops over the next 3 years. However, he did what was needed.

      Did Loria outsmart AA? No.

      Loria hoodwinked Miami into giving him 600 million to build the stadium.

      He spent 100 million on payroll & fooled the players into not getting “no trade clauses”

      Loria is a crooked genius. He hoodwinked the Expos into giving him control of the team.

      Don’t blame AA for this mess.

  60. Here are the directions:

  61. Buehrle is ridiculously out of shape. The guy looks like a beached whale.

  62. BIG QUESTION: who will finish with the higher winning percentage in 2013? Raptors vs. Blue Jays:

    Raps: .415
    Jays: .375

    It’s gonna go right down to the wire!

  63. Remember at the beginning of spring training, when everyone was freaking out about the bullpen and how that was the biggest weakness? Wouldn’t you like to go back to those days?

    Seriously, though, here are the biggest reasons for the Jays’ current problems:

    1. Injuries.

    Starting the season without Brett Lawrie at third induced a chain reaction that involved running the corpse of Mark De Rosa out at the hot corner and included messing up Bautista’s back, which, in turn, resulting in more regular at-bats for career fourth outfielder Rajai Davis, as well as Davis playing at arguably his weakest position, right field. Reyes’ injury has resulted in more playing time for Kawasaki, who is awesome to watch but, let’s face it, is not actually that good of a baseball player. It’s also left the Jays without a true leadoff man. Lawrie would be a pretty good choice to fill that role in the short term, but his timing is off and he’s a few weeks behind due to the aforementioned injury. it’s also meant that the Jays have to carry more light-hitting bats than planned. They expected to be able to carry Izturis; they didn’t expect to have to carry the 6-9 hitters. Injuries also forced Bonifacio into an everyday role early on, which, along with Davis and Zombie mark De Rosa, significantly weakened the defence. After an admittedly-shit first 10 days or so, the starting pitching, which began looking better (coincidentally, as the defence stabilized), is also injured (Dickey, Johnson), leading to some terrible starts.

    2. Slow start for the big bats.

    Edwin’s been on fire for the last four games, but even that has only dragged his average up to .225. Sure, he’s OPSing .800, thanks to 11 BB vs. 17 Ks, but he’s off last year’s pace and only has two doubles so far. There’s nothing to say he won’t come around, and probably already is, but it’s been a slow ramp-up. Same with Bautista: .185/.284/.492/.776. Again, he’s had off months before and will come around, but when your middle-of-the-order thumpers get off to a slow start, everyone else is going to press more to make up for it, and you’re going to end up cashing in a lot fewer runs. Case in point: Bautista has cashed in a measly 9% of the 44 baserunners on when he’s come to the plate this year, well of his career norm of 15%. (Edwin’s at16%, in line with his career norm of 15%).

    3. Adam Lind

    I say this as a guy who has been a Lind fan for longer than I should have been (ever since he helped me win a fantasy league in his age-25 season): Adam Lind is shit. He has no business being the starting DH for an AL East team. He’s got a .713 OPS based solely on his unsustainable .396 OBP (career mark .318). He can’t hit left-handers. he can’t hit for average. And he can’t be the five-hole bat that the team sorely needs right now. This, to me, was the biggest failure of the offseason.

    Please note that the words “Colby Rasmus” do not appear anywhere in the list of problems. Seriously. Deal with it.

    Consider this: Eliminate the injuries, ditch Lind in favour of, say, Hafner (as a random DH-type who was available this offseason), and return Bautista and Encarnacion to their normalized averages. Suddenly you’ve got Reyes-Cabrera-Bautista-Encarnacion-Hafner-Lawrie-Rasmus-Arencibia-Izturis, solid defence, decent pitching, a good bullpen, lights-out closer, and a scary lineup, and nobody’s bailing off the bandwagon.

    All of which is to say: it’ll get better, and, but for random chance, could have been better. Don’t freak out, don’t microanalyze every friggin’ manager’s decision as if it were the root cause of the fiscal collapse, don’t pine for McCoy and Negrych, and for God’s sake, have a drink and relax.

    • @Farrell . Very good analysis. You do have to admit that expectations were higher for Colby Rasmus when he was first brought over to the Jays from the Cardinals.

      Colby’s defence is above average. He still hits HR’s, but he seems to strike out more than his career average this year.

      I agree that Colby is the least of the Jays problems.

      I hope Johnson is able to pitch his next start.

      Happ vs CC Sabathia today. Odds favor the Yankees, but its time for the Jays to steal a win.

    • These are just excuses. The bottom line is this team is failing pretty much in every department. Not just marginally, but significantly. The team has undergone huge changes in players, pitching & coaching. Too many changes at once to expect all the individual talent to work together cohesively. This season will get worse before it gets better & any reasonable fan should expect 2013 to be a forgettable season & 2014 to be much better overall, barring any huge upheavals in staff.

      • They’re not excuses. They’re causes. if you don’t understand the difference, there’s no point trying to explain.

        I’m not planning on where they’re going to hang the WS banner in Rogers Centre either, but you need to acknowledge the fact that just as a team can go on a tremendous run of bed-shitting, they can also rip off a huge win streak.

        Bottom line: we’re like 20 games in here. It’s too early to say that it’s all over.

        Unless you’re that “It’s All Over!” guy. Don’t be that guy.

        • Like I said, you’re making excuses. I’m hardly an ‘it’s all over’ guy, but I’m being realistic. This sort of thing happens all the time when teams make huge changes across the board & was my number #1 worry when I heard about all the off season wheeling & dealing etc. Of course they will go on a run…eventually…but I think they will struggle more & thus the season will end up flat overall. It’s natural for fans to want to come up with some sort of multiple scenario of mundane excuses….’see?…look at this and this….and if this didn’t happen…then they’d be here & done this ot that’……blahh,blah, blah……if there were only minor hiccups….but across the board failure with faint sparks of mediocrity doesn’t bode well I’m afraid.

      • You may be too young to remember the years leading to the Jays being contenders in the late 80′s and obviously the 90′s, but half of the enjoyment of watching the Jays become a contender was watching the team evolve. There were some spectacularly shitty teams to watch, but there were bright spots: Steib, Barfield, Bell, Moseby and Fernandez to name a few.

        I’m assuming you enjoy the game of baseball. As FSBM said, pour yourself a drink and relax. The sun is still shining and cold beer still tastes really good when you’re listening to the game on your deck.


    • It’s doable to go 81-57, but they would have to start winning games soon.

      If injuries continue to the starting pitching staff it will be tougher

  65. Man are there ever a lot of passed balls this year. Oh, look at that – JPA leads the majors with 5. Tied for second place is Blanco. And look who’s tied for first in stolen bases allowed – JPA. What’s the point of having a catcher who allows a lot of passed balls and stolen bases and doesn’t frame pitches very well? Oh right, he can hit HR’s – but his bat doesn’t play well at any other position. Oh, and he’s a team leader, right? Isn’t it time for team leader JPA to have a closed door, players only meeting or something (and work on his defense)?

    • Take away his first start with Dickey and he has two PBs since. Blanco only catches Dickey, who is a PB machine.

      His CS% is 13, which is terrible, but it’s also way off his career rate of 26%. Which is still terrible, don’t get me wrong, but is more of a blip than a trend.

      Does he have room to improve? You bet. Are there 29 other teams that would jump at the chance to have a catcher that’s currently hitting .256/.272/.589/.861 with an OPS+ of 127? Even at his career stats there are teams that would take him and his measly $500k salary in a red-hot second.

      To put it another way, you seem to be saying the Jays would be better off if they traded him straight up for Jose Molina — better at catching runners, better at framing, fewer passed balls.

      Do you make that trade?

  66. It ain’t working.

    Bonifacio is useless, Izturis is a disaster. Ya fucked up on that one Greek boi.

    Bring up Gose and Negrych because this is NOT working

    Fuck Chad Mottolla in the ass too and fuck Boomhauer too. Since when is every hitter supposed to be Adam Dunn? The two strike approach of this team is bush league.

    Hiring Gibbons was a mistake.

  67. Don’t get me started about the clown that’s the third base coach. Does he do anything?

  68. Is he Boomhauer’s drinking buddy?

  69. We have lost 5 + games because of badly placed infielders, we took Butterfield for granted.

    • Butter never coached the catchers, he was infield coach.

    • Not sure this is picking nits or not but Butterfield’s duties included “instructing the infield” as in coaching them. ( fielding ground balls, throwing etc.) He also “instructed” the outfield. He spent a LOT of time coaching Travis Snider while he was here.
      This is almost but not exactly the same as “setting” the defence: another of his duties. Butterfield used to spend a lot of time researching each oppostion batter, noting his tendencies and “set” the appropriate defence. This is where he is missed. Farrell knew how good he was and hired him away. And now he’s making Farrell look good in Boston.

  70. You may be trolling but what the hell.
    You’re a fucking idiot.

    • I was a bit harsh.
      Sorry, I’m new here.
      I respectfully disagree with every idiotic thing you said.
      What’s wrong with mom’s basement?I got a TV ,the internet,a small fridge and snacks.
      Plus mom does my laundry.
      It’s like my little piece of heaven.

      • Happy times in the old RADAR house.
        Mom just made my favorite lunch,whole wheat KD and hot dogs.Some ketchup chips,a couple of cream sodas and I’m all set for the game.
        I’ve been trying to find Tahiti Treat. Do they still make that?

      • @ True Blue
        Mom warned me about guys like you.And for your information I turn 82 next Thursday, i doubt that puts me into the oldest category. There’s gotta be older commenters here.

        Cito’s not coming back. He did his time and is enjoying his “consulting ” contract.
        Farrell tried to convert a team that lead the majors in HR’s and turn them into a small ball team.He recognized his mistakes and thanked the Jays for the learning experience.
        Gibby’s strategy has been excellent,the players haven’t performed.
        AA has and will continue to “game” the system. MLB has even had to change the rules because he was taking advantage of them so much.No other GM would have or could have followed Beeston’s vision of building the team.
        The aquisitions made by AA have been heralded by all experts. Hell they even held up the Marlins trade for a week because it appeared so one sided.
        It’s up to the players to perform.

        • Radar, you can’t reason with trolls.

        • RADAR, I always enjoy your insights. If Gibby’s strategies have been excellent, then he has failed elsewhere. This team is wound to tight and he needs to get them back to having fun (penguins anyone). Gibby has to figure how to get these guys supporting each other, excelling to the level of their respective capabilities, and impress upon AA that AA’s job is not yet done for 2013. If Gibby does this he may get fired….if he doesn’t he will get fired.

    • No. A ‘Toronto’ Blue Jays fan, maybe. Even that’s a tad suspect. Your a whining, snivilling, petty little shit crying over spilled milk. Tying the lack of success this season to the fact AA is of GREEK decent also shows you have a serious lack of deductive reasoning, and I have to wonder how you manage to get your thoughts to your fingertips without first having to jam your fingers up your arsehole to get directions, and if you are indeed above the age of 8, I highly recommend NOT forgetting your helmet the next time you manage to amble outdoors.

  71. Hopefully we don’t have another retarded batting order today. If Colby or Lind are batting second, I’m not watching the game today.

    • Of it’s apparently Davis 8, Cabrera 7, Bautista 9, EE 3, Arencibia 2, Lawrie 5, DeRosa DH, Izturis 6, Bonifacio 4. Happ starts for today.

      This lineup still has too much suck but bearable to watch.. at least for a few innings if it’s not too painful.

  72. +1 for hilarious comments. I assume you are joking.

    AA as Doogie Howser.

    I do like Buck Showalter.

    I wonder what things Terry Francona would have doe differently with the Jays?

    I can’t fault Gibby on bullpen management or batting lineup.

  73. This team is woeful. Hold a fking lead for once damnit!

  74. Pat Hentgen can fuck off too.

  75. This season is not lost – but it requires 2 key ingredients: a #1 catcher and second baseman. AA has to sacrifice the farm to do this – no one is safe. AA you can’t satisfy your audience being half way in….get ‘er done!

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