When a reader sent me this picture he’d taken in Union Station he’d described it as though the man in the jersey was actually wearing an old-skool Jays jersey. It sure as hell looks like a White Sox jersey to me, and I was totally going give the man the benefit of the doubt when I did a post about it… until the reader, @TJGoertz, emailed me back to respond to my questioning of whether or not he might have been mistaken about the logo on the front.

“100% man,” he said. “I saw the front. It was the pre-2012 Jays logo but black. One of a kind.”


That’s… that’s fucking unfortunate, man. Well, unless the guy’s name is Chad Beuhrle or something, I guess.

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  1. Well, he got the number right.

  2. That’s actually worse than those ding dongs at Jays games who where a jersey of a team that’s not even playing that day. Or the dickheads that where a Jays jersey and a Boston hat at the same time.

    • I once wore a Leafs jersey to a Senators vs Lightning game in Ottawa. That was done entirely to aggravate the Sens fans around the time the Leafs owned them in the playoffs oh so many moons ago. Good times. (Just the aggravation not the actual being in Ottawa. What a boring shithole!)

    • I once (pre-2004) wore a Jays cap with a Red Sox 1918 World Series Champs t-shirt. Perhaps the troll was too high concept but I got yelled at a bunch by Jays fans.

    • holy shit i thought i was the only one.

      jays vs boston and you wear a yankees jersey? what the fuck is wrong with you.

    • Oh wow, I saw a turd nugget who wore a Jays hat and Bo Sox jersey when they were playing the Yankees.

    • I’m visiting Cleveland and Pittsburgh on my way to Disney this fall and will be representing the Jays at both stadiums with my jersey. I will cheer for the home team in both instances though, especially when Travis Snider is batting.

    • Or even those who Wear them

  3. And what about the ding dongs who don’t understand the difference between the whopping four and five letter words ‘wear’ and ‘where’.

  4. Is the name even spelled right? I get buerhle’s spelling wrong all the time, too. Too many vowels.

  5. Even Mark himself spells it wrong. It’s spelled Bührle.

  6. I saw a guy during the White Sox series with a Buerle jersey spelled BUERLIE, That too was unfortunate for him…

  7. Regular segment now?

    • only if people continue to miss spell home made shirts…and someone catches them and sends them in im guessing.

      • I cant wait til my #12 Bret Laurie shirt comes in the mail ..

        • No one is luckier than me. I was going to the game tonight and was going to wear my #55 Jonson jersey. Instead I can bust out my #37 Laughey!!!

  8. I just got the brilliant idea to get one of those Chinese knockoff jerseys with MEIN BÜHRER on the back.

  9. Beuhrle, Buehrle, who gives a shit. The doomsday scenario involving the Marlins trade is upon us. Reyes injured until the All Star Break. Buehrle getting shelled. Johnson now is injured. Aye carumba!

  10. That’s up there with a Gibson Les Paul knock off I saw a few years back. Instead of saying “Les Paul” in writing on the head stock, it had “Let’s Play”.

    I would have offered $50 cash on the spot for that gem of a shirt.

  11. What about the guys who wear Jerseys with their own name on the back? I’ve hated that for years – but never hear about it here. It’s right up there with my hate for the wave.

  12. Fuck now I want to get the worst jersey possible. Like one of the old black ones with the full name JOE CARTER on the back. Something unbelievably bad, but it can’t look intentionally bad.

  13. I had a leaf jersey with my own name once…I was 9 lol

  14. If you feel the need to wear a jersey, to show who you cheer for, well then for pete’s sake leave the back, name free. It sickens me to see anyone over 9 wearing a jersey with their idols name on it. Just don’t do it. What’s next, some drunk jays fan with Stoetens name on it?

  15. I don’t see an issue with wearing a retired player’s jersey, as that way the legacy is known.

    Can you really hate on someone in the stands wearing a Fernandez #1? If so, you are one cold baseball hipster.

  16. I one point I had a Carlos “Delgato” #25 jersey. I was about 9 at the time though

  17. I saw a guy on the GO Train after one of the Boston games in the first week of the season. This guy was being a drunk idiot and almost started a fight with some friends of mine.

    Surprise, surprise. The guy being a goon on the train is wearing a Jays (white one, can’t remember which; irrelevant) jersey with a Phillies hat. A guy wearing Philly merch, acting like an idiot and starting fights? NO WAY!

    There is a video of some of his antics on Youtube. Can’t find it right now, will check later. Seriously considering making a mock-Jays commercial with the “Stadium Love” bullshit set to clips of all the stupidity that goes on at the Dome/GO

  18. I once wore a Strasburg jersey under my Lawrie jersey and had both caps on during the game. It was the day Bryce said ” CLown question” It was fun

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