When It Rains It Pours…


Another day, another loss, another slight creep towards me having to start contemplating revisions to the only sensible position one could possibly take on this 2013 Jays club so far– which, of course, is that there is still plenty enough talent on this club to overcome the poor play, bad luck, and injuries that have plagued it so far, no matter what harbingers of doom we’re supposed to believe lurk in some hopelessly small sample size of a precedent.

On Thursday the Jays opened their series with the Yankees by not quite– through no actual fault of their own, though you’ll surely find fans who’ll tell you otherwise– being able to put their feet on the throat of a struggling Hiroki Kuroda, who eventually settled down. Meanwhile, Mark Buehrle was pitching like Mark Buehrle is pretty much likely to pitch– especially in a joke stadium in the Bronx and with a World Class hitter like Robinson Cano showing up in a fortuitous spot in the third inning– accounting for a 5-3 loss.

If you’d have told Jays fans before this one started that Kuroda, who killed the team in his last start against them, would come out victorious, nobody would have been shocked. But the way that he struggled from the get-go, and the way they weren’t quite able to capitalize enough? Yeah, fuck that.

Annnnnnnywho. The big story of the game, it turns out, was how the Jays were kind of absurdly jobbed on an overruled call on a catch at first base, which, while not amounting to much in terms of the ultimate result, did provide an avenue for Gibbers to awesomely get himself ejected for a second game in a row (they’re now 1-1 when Gibbers gets tossed, FYI). It also provided an avenue for Jays fans to indulge even more deeply thoughts that umpires– butthurt little fucking children that we’re supposed to believe they are– may not be so fond of the club right now. And, of course, if so, it’s only natural for the mind to think back to when Jose Bautista shit down their mediocre throats the other week, if looking for a possible catalyst.

As we’ve already established, I tend to want to err on the side of caution when it comes to deciding that a pattern has emerged in a pile of data, then getting fucking beyond the pale enraged about it– call me crazy– but on the other hand… an umpire in a worse position to know anything overturning a call like this is pretty rare in terms of precedent, and rarer still is the case when– as the GIF below from our own @thescottlewis demonstrates– the fucking clowns overturn it from right to wrong.

Edwin had that ball– quite obviously. (Uh… I think.)

[Side note: How the fuck is it that Encarnacion hasn't torn his groin to shreds on some of these stretches yet?]

But, as far as the game goes, it’s… whatever. It’s another loss. There have been too many so far, though while (again) it’s not at the point where anybody but a panicky idiot can panic, the Jays sure as fuck keep putting more and more of an onus on themselves to actually start winning some goddamn games. But hey! That should be be easy tomorrow with Josh Johnson on the hill, right?

Think again, Magumbo. Because– while the local media has, at the time of this writing, no clue what to make of it– here’s what Yahoo’s Jeff Passan threw down on Twitter in the wee hours of the (people with normal bed times’) morning…

Hey, well that’s just fucking great, huh? Aaron Laffey alert! I can think of at least one commenter who is going to lose his fucking mind at that possibility (so… actually, if it gets that tool to just give the fuck up on the season, maybe it’s not really so bad?).

But it’s really a thing! Local reporters Shi Davidi and Brendan Kennedy have both now tweeted about Passan’s report, and Davidi notes that, if true, “would help further explain Aaron Laffey pickup.” Kennedy, meanwhile, makes clear that there’s “no word of this from #bluejays today.”

As appealing as it is– for me, at least, or at least intriguing– to think there’s already some leaky corner of the Jays clubhouse that allowed this crucial bit of news to come out via Passan before the local grunts, uh… I’m still going to have to go ahead and hope that it’s not true. Fingers crossed. I mean, it’s not like this start to the season deserves to get any worse. Stop testing me, magical space daddy!!!

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  1. Aside from the Edwin bobble/non-bobble discussion, the runner clearly beats the throw, no?

    • I think so. But that’s not the part of it they overturned.

      • I kinda get the overturned decision. Because if the ball disappears into the glove and then the runner touches the bag he’s out. But then the ball reappears at the end of Edwins glove snow-cone style. So my guess is they thought:
        a) he trapped it…. or,
        b) as the runner touched the bag they assumed the ball had to be moving inside Edwins glove…

  2. Call me crazy, but I liked Laffey last season. I actually wouldnt mind seeing him pitch for Johnson.

    • He had several passable-or-better starts, for sure. Sucks, though.

      • He had a week or two when – paraphrasing him- he was concentrating on each and every pitch and he was avoiding all distractions before his start, wherein he wasnt bad at all.

  3. Just gonna kill myself now

  4. I’m past the point of even feeling the urge to panic now. The combination of bad play and bad luck in the 2013 season has almost become comical, especially considering how ridiculously high the expectations were.

    As for a silver lining to this latest development, well…at least the Yankees have struggled against LHPs this season.

  5. Its such a long season that Im not too worried..

    It would be pretty boring if they just ran away with it…

    The offence can’t be this bad… But I do think it’s fair to question why they would go into this season with a rookie pitching coach and a rookie hitting coach, when the stakes are this high..

  6. So far, what has changed compared to last year, besides expectations? The frustration is the same. We just hope that the team will get better. But it seems too that every team we play against is playing better than us. That’s what’s really changed from last year when we just gave up on games instead of getting beat by a better playing team.

  7. If 92 wins are what it’ll take they need to go 83 and 56…………. They should probably start winning soon.

  8. You’re underrating the significance of a 23-game sample to start the season. PECOTA has the team at 12% probable to make the playoffs, and any projection system worth noting has them at <85 wins. The team is also -31, which is a thing.

  9. Think of it this way:

    Every season that passes is one season closer to the Jays eventual return to the playoffs…

  10. Or as Wilner says : Everything’s great. It’s all going according plan, nothing wrong at all, losses mean nothing

  11. i dont know who are or where these “panicky idiots” exist but they dont seem to be here, at least among the djf commenting crowd. but, if a fan can’t ride the proverbial waves of the jay’s season as it ebbs and flows then what is the point of sites like this at all? a quick peak at the box score and standings once a month should suffice.

    as far as i’m concerned i’m going to pissed when they lose and happy when they win and right now i’m beyond pissed.

    • +3. If fans are supposed to stay patient & not make any comments throughout the season, what’s the point of saying anything or have any discussion.

      I think we all know the possible narratives from here.

      Narrative 1, team gets off to good start 7 meets expectations.

      Narrative 2, team gets off to slow start, due to injuries, poor performance etc& recovers later in the year.

      narrative 3, Team goes on 6 game winning streak 7 plan the parade crowd comesback.

  12. I’m being as patient as possible and agree that there’s been an almost-unprecedented amount of bad luck and such involved but…I’m starting to think that what we’re seeing isn’t going to be radically different come the All-Star break and beyond. I get that there’s certain things that can be looked at with sabermetrics that point to a turnaround. But the eye test is tough to ignore.

    The Jays are playing some really ugly baseball and lacking in the most crucial fundamentals, namely poor fielding, too many walks given up, too many unprofessional at bats by our hitters. It’s difficult to envision a turn of events when whoever we put at 2B can’t seem to field the position beyond average at best. I love Eddie as much as the next guy, but we really need him to start saving some errors for us by scooping some of these throws to him in the dirt. I know its not entirely fair but I havent seen him dig one out all season and those are the “extras” that separate a good team vs a team that’s good on paper.

    The most alarming thing is just how much our hitters are bailing out the opposing pitchers by striking out at alarming rates and at the worst times. Sometimes, simple contact ANYWHERE on the field will do and one guy after the next hacks away and misses very hittable pitches that the opposition isn’t having too tough a time doing to us when the tables are turned. There was a season not too long ago when Albert Pujols did not strike out all year swinging and missing three times. Nobody on this team is Albert, so please don’t jump on me over the comparison, but far too often it seems the likes of JP, Lawrie and Colby swing and miss THREE times in an AB. That can’t happen as often as it seems.

    I’m waiting for the turnaround and the numbers say one is coming. But I can’t get past what I’m SEEING. And it doesn’t look good.

    • Agreed.

      • Yeah…

        • I’m not going to bother looking up how well Markaikis hit against the Jays in the last series. We all know he was great for the O’s. What I noticed particularly, was his ability to choke up on the bat and with much better control after 2 strikes, hit or foul off just about every pitch the Jays threw at him. The one he got for the game winner was not a fluke, he’s done it many times.You’d think someone on the Jays would clue in and start doing the same thing.

          • Exactly. Prime example w/b Rasmus who just keeps hacking like he is cutting cane even with 2 stokes-fukin awful. They seem to think settling for a single is unbaseball like or something.
            Speaking of RAsmus, of all the players in MLB, including PITCHERS, he has swung and “missed” at the highest rate. Trade him for a good mascot

    • Agree too except for Eddie. He’s been doing his fair share of dirt eating and jumping and snagging next to impossible throws. He cant get them all. Lawrie has an amazing arm and he’s just now learning when NOT to use it. Boni and Izturis however, were bad choices. At some point they should give Negrych a try. He has the best (offensive) numbers on the Bisons and he looked pretty good at 2B in ST.

      • Why DO they keep the bullpen carousel going…why call up Lincoln?…instead of bringing up Negrych (sp?) to run him out at 2B. He can’t possibly be any worse than the black hole of crapitude that exists there now.

    • Hi, EE has been doing a fine job at 1B. I feel like you’re just stuck in the “Edwin is a bad fielder” narrative and aren’t really paying attention.

      The reason JP swings and misses three times in an AB sometimes is because he’s a really bad hitter. There’s nothing to be done about him. They chose a bad hitter as their catcher for the next half decade or so. The fact that he’s off to a good start power-wise should be cause for celebration. The bad stuff between the dingers is who he is.

      Colby Colbsters looks like a guy who might hit 20-25 dingers, provide very good CF defense and get on base at a below league average clip. This is who he is. You’re expecting too much from guys who never promised anything more than this.

      • I’m definitely paying attention. I don’t feel Eddie has ever been a bad fielder. Just a bad thrower. This year, when we’ve needed a timely dig out of the dirt from EE, we haven’t gotten it. Not every time, but enough times to notice.

        As for the other two, JP and Colby, I’ve been the biggest apologist for these two when discussing the Jays with my buddies but with both in their mid-twenties now and stubbornly doing certain things like they’ve always done with no change, I guess I’m just frustrated that neither of these guys approach an AB according to the situation as opposed to the thought “if I get a hold of one here, I’m going to hit a homerun” every. Single. Time.

        When talking about this team’s chances, there was a lot of discussion about all three of Lawrie, JP and Colby taking a step forward as productive offensive players. Lawrie aside (who was hurt and behind everyone else on the team as a result and is much younger) we can’t have everyone aside from Maicer and Kawasaki going up thinking homerun every single AB. Lawrie has shown this tendency too that’s why he doesn’t get a total free pass on this. We need some actual situational hitting from these guys.

        Its actually what makes Reyes such a great hitter. He has 20hr power…but swings the bat accordingly based on situation, pitch etc. Last night was actually a perfect example of a missed opportunity and it had everything to do with approach. Kuroda was struggling to find the (admittedly) tight strike zone early on, we jumped on him a bit early and a lot of it had to do with a more patient approach in those first few innings. We took our three run “outburst” as some sort of sign to go up hacking, started swinging at more and more borderline pitches and before you knew it, Kuroda settled in, was getting ahead and we had no answer for him, making weak or no contact the rest of the way.

        Not familiar with Mottola at all, but I would bring out the tape from last night’s frist few innings and compare it to the last 5 or 6.

  13. Some of the stats I’m seeing are absolutely awful…..run differential, fielding %, hitting stats, are universally near the bottom of the league. These are Houston and Miami type numbers….

    • hitting BABIP, pitching BABIP, hitting sequence (getting your hits together)…

      despite what many ‘observers’ have ‘seen’, pitches/AB are average, swing %, contact %, etc are mostly fairly normal.

      we have been unlucky and made some untimely mistakes that have cost us…

  14. This seems to be happening to much, as soon as the Jays get the lead, they cough it up the next inning, or they start giving up runs. It seems jays pitchers give to much credit to hitter. They need to like Casey jansen, attack the zone challenge the hitter. Like jack morus explained they try to be to fine, miss the plate or leave nice grapefruits out over the plate and the get sacked. Burtal and Mr. Johnson (plumbers helper) belong aaa if they keep pitching like junk.

    I think the laugh is on jays. Boston is playing like the Jays should be.

  15. Rumors are the Jays are bringing back Josh Towers

  16. Does Colby Rasmus always wear earplugs? I noticed on a close-up of him last night…

  17. Does any team really go out and get Jose Reyes and Josh Johnson and expect an injury free season from either/both?

    You cross your fingers and hope fate misses you but you don’t act shocked when it happens.


    If only Wilner would be more negative on this Team, the Front Office would take notice and make some changes!

    This is the key to victory!

  19. I think what’s adding to the frustration for me, especially when watching them play the Yankees, is we use injuries as one of the reasons to explain away the poor start yet the Yankees have started Vernon Wells, Lyle Overbay and Jayson Nix all at the same time. On purpose.

    Yet, we’re missing Jose Reyes (granted, the best player on the team) and can’t seem to overcome this.

    Maybe we win the next 3 and all is well again. But I can’t believe I’m actually wishing for Adam Lind to come back as quick as possible.

    • Very true. It seems like the yankees have “magic healing powers” that makes washed up players return to above average performance when they put on pinstripes.

      It can’t last though but by then some of their regulars will be back. Will the regulars start to screw up & underperform?

      I am glad that Stoeten is starting to reduce expectations. The season so fa rhas been disappointing, but there is a lot of baseball to be played.

      No need to panic, it’s just a game

    • Yup, and the Yankees GM no less has openly admitted that they’ve gotten incredibly lucky with their performances (especially Wells) thus far.

  20. Not until August at least for all the toy John guys right?

  21. Forget commenters losing their minds, one could make a reasonable case that Blair has already started to lose his damn mind with panic.


    • I prefer Blair & Hayhurst. Cosentino is not a skilled foil for Hayhurst, who argues a lot of same points as Stoeten. Hayhurst is great tto listen to.

      Cosentino used to pronounce offense as ooohfense. Drove me nuts.

      • I give Blair full props & partial redemption for his panicked nature based solely on referring to Hawk Harrelson as a knob on 590 this morning.

  22. Aaron Laffey is in fact starting tonight, per J. Blair courtesy of the Jays.
    Fuck everything.

  23. Only two guys (and just barely) above .300 OBP. That’s almost impossible for a team to sustain right? I look at that as a good sign that things will turn around, eventually.

  24. Ya, you’re right, Aaron Laffey would be just fine. Maybe we should have just brought back Vizquel and Francisco Cordero too because so long as it’s likely that your backup players will suck you should fucking ensure that that’s the case by signing players you are certain will be terrible amiright?

    Seriously though, what’s wrong with Chad Jenkins? Is he hurt? He wasn’t terrible last year and at least he has a fucking shred of potential.

    • Laffey was OK last year, but whatever happened to Ricky Romero. Is he still in Dunedin? Is he allowed to itch in any competitive games?

      I wonder if Ricky will be more motivated to get back on track now that there is a potential spot in the rotation.

      Johnson will only miss 1 start, for now….

  25. who the fuck cares about wilner?

  26. Question -

    Looking for some discussion or thoughts on the following:

    Why did the Jays decide to pitch to Cano in the 3rd when it was 2 outs, 2 man on (1st, 2nd)? He has been the hottest hitter in the AL and Vernon Wells is hitting behind him. Why not put Cano on and take your chances with Wells with the force out at eevry bag. Especially when the count went to a 3-1 count? Why give him that pitch down the pipe to be taken deep? I just didnt understand why that played out the way it did. Playing with fire there scorched the Jays.

    • Simple. Because Wells is hitting .500 against Buehrle.

    • If the Jays are so gun shy they feel the need to start issuing intentional walks in the 3rd inning they might as well just pack it in now.

    • I crush Mark. Batting .500. Hit dinger previous at bat.

    • I dont think theres been any batter since Bonds who gets an IBB in the 3rd inning with men on 1st/2nd. On top of which, lefty on the mound vs. lefty Cano as opposed to righty Vernon who is hitting .500 vs Jays and has already gone deep in the game.

      Buehrle missed his pitch, it sucks, but walking him could have led to an even worse inning.

    • Those hindsight sight glasses are a little tight on your large head.

    • Uh, because Wells has completely destroyed us this year and already had one HR in the game?

    • Same. A very hot Cano or Vernon Wells?? Cano is the only legit scary hitter in the Yanks’
      line-up. Gimme Vernon every time. First pitch pop-up Vernon…(And yes, I understand lefty vs. righty, he just hit one out, etc., etc.!)

      • I’m specifically talking about the 3-1 pitch, after J.P. had gone out to talk to Beurhle(“don’t
        give in and groove one-if you miss we can get V.W.”)…

        • I’m sure JPA didn’t call for a meatball belt high on the inner half.

          Probably was supposed to be lower and in further to hopefully get a swing or BB on a borderline pitch. Buehrle missed and paid for it.

          Intentional walk would be ridiculous there. Even meatballs down the middle get an out half the time.

      • You don’t understand why he got rid of Wells?? ‘Nuff said.

  27. Gibbons has to go. Poor fundamentals are on him and it was the same during his first run as manager. I know it’s all too common to blame the manager but this was a disaster of a hire to begin with.

    • ‘Fundamentals’ are not taught by the manager at the major league level. Execution has nothing to do with the manager.

    • You can blame a manager for lack of communication skills or bad bullpen management. You can’t blame a manager for stuff like fielding.
      With that being said I don’t like our new coaches especially that freaking 3B coach.

      • Luis Rivera. I believe he was chosen principally for the high numbers of hispanic players. He’s definitely no Brian Butterfield.

  28. Would also explain Lincoln getting called up rather than a bat in Lind’s absence, considering the bench is currently Blanco, Davis, and Derosa.

  29. @Julius. I would like the same explanation. Perhaps the bullpen is getting tired from being used so much ?

    We have a very slim bench.

    • Gibby was asked about that and said that the bullpen was worked a lot. So they brought in another pitcher.

      • @RADAR> OK that makes sense. Hopefully the starters can go a bit longer to give the bullpen some rest.
        It would be nice if the jays could have one blowout win this year.

  30. Maybe being in shape would benefit Buehrle.

  31. I gotta keep saying it……yes, its mathematically early. Thats not the problem. If we had Detroits roster with our record, Id be sleepong like a baby.

    It is the fact that despite all the talent were supposed to have on this team, I look up and down and I just dont see it, at least with reyes out. I see one superstar (Bautista) and one reallly good supporting player (EE). Then a bunch of potential (Lawrie, Rasmus, possibly JP) and a whole bunch of suck (Izturis, Boni, Kawasaki, the bench). I left Melky out, because hes prett meh. Not terrible, but he doesnt have an ounce of power (1 XBH all year) . Hes not going to killl us, but hes not gonna help much either.

    Sorry, but thats not a talent laden team. Even the Marlins have one superstar.

    I just dont see how his team has the talen to make a playoff spot even if we restarted the season, let alone having to dig ourselves out of he hole weve dug.

    A month into the season and weve won one series. Now, I was a fan back when we were shit and Ill continue to be. Ill still watch every game this year regardlesss. But lets not put our heads in the sand and pretend this is just a bad stretch. Theres a good chance this is just a bad team. AA better get off his ass and make some moves. Not on thebwaiver wire, but moves that addd to the team by subtracring from it.

    Why isnt Mauro Gomez here as a LHP specialist? Hes got an OPS over 1.200 so far in AAA and he was the league MVP last year. Surely he can do better then Mark Fucking Derosa. Fr that matter, why is Blanoc on the team? To catch Dickey you say? Thats great, but guess what? Weve got a 26 y/o in AAA who CAUGHT DICKEY HIS CY YOUNG SEASON and is currently OPS’ing above 1.000. Not to mention hes only one year removed from a .350+ OPS season.

    Granted, these moves are not likely tobe enough to tuen this thing around, but who knows? You make enough incremental improvements, and eventually they might add up to a pretty big improvement.

    I just know Im fucking sick of AA deliberately making the team worse (even if by onky a little bit) to satisfy his ridiculous need to have one or two useless old guys who bring “character”. I will never for the life of me understand why he got rid of Wells. There has been several oppourtunities that cried out for a lefty masher in the past week alone.

    End rant.

    Sry about typos, Im on my phone and have fat thumbs.

    • The team you see at the beginning of the season, most likely won’t be the team you see at the end of the season.

    • Incremental moves…I agree on Thole as I have never been a fan of Hank White, Offensive Sinkhole. Also, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere…Negrych at 2B can’t be any worse than the craptastic options currently on the MLB roster. If we’re at .500 when Reyes gets back, I would be happy and hopeful.

  32. The Jays could be losing gate money as this slowly circles the toilet bowl. Don’t expect big crowds for the Mariners on the next homestand. I do expect more phoney Sux termites, as we have seen in the dome over the last 10 years.

  33. I’ve been away and consciously not paying attention for a couple of weeks. Here’s what I think: this team will not do well this season. There were too many advance expectations and too many changes through the line-up and with the manager. I believe that by the All-Star Break there will be many many gleeful articles about how the Jays of 2013 are the Marlins Redux.

    Here’s what I also think: if the front office can weather the storm this year and not panic and start ditching players, then next year the team will perform tremendously well and will shock all the this-season nay-sayers. They’ve got to learn to work together and relax and it’ll take a season where there are much fewer expectations to achieve that. I am writing off this season. In fact I wrote it off at the very beginning. I’ll be thrilled to be proved wrong. But next season, next year should be a really interesting time and a continually interesting time for a good few years.

    • @Isabella. Welcome Back. I concur with you that the expectations were very high & the “gel factor” has been a problem.

      The team hasn’t had it projected opening day roster at all his season.

      Romero in Dunedin, Santos hurt, Bautista missing, lawrie missing , Jose Reyes injury etc…

      I think the team will come together, & will be a chase for the playoffs. Some good baseball ahead, I hope.

      However, I would like to discuss more roster moves, possible trades etc.

      It’s a bit tiresome with the “bash the Jays fans” posts.

  34. Yawn. Can we talk about something other than the “freak out or not freak out” debate? Like who needs to be released, who we should consider dumping at the trade deadline if it stays like this etc.?

    As far as Gibbons, give him two years and then you can show him the door, it’s WAY too early for that.

    The saddest part is that Rogers was exactly right: spending more money does nothing; think of all the prospects we would have had if we’d stayed the course and been patient for the next 3 years . . . we would have sucked like this anyway but had something to look forward to. I don’t know, I would have complained about that too.

    Side note: our only prospect position player left is Gose . . . and he is sucking ass at AAA.

    • Two years ago we were begging the Jays to sign Darvish.

      If the Jays would have signed Darvish and Cespedes, we would have had both the solid #1 pitcher and the middle-of-the-order bat we desperately needed. This is without giving up prospects. This is without sacrificing draft picks. Fucking retarded.

      Now we’re stuck staring down the barrel of a complete fucking rebuild. We laughed at the Orioles. We laughed at the Red Sox. We laughed at the Yankees. Now they are smoking the Jays’ scrub asses.


  35. Fuck it. I’m entering full blown panic mode. This team is a disaster and my summer is in shambles. Only some fresh box can save me now. Hopefully 7+.

  36. Laffey won’t be any worse than Johnson has been anyways. Obviously the room for improvement is just a little greater with Johnson but as it stands.. Status Quo!

  37. Well a 10 game winning streak sure would be good.

    Would more than reset the season. And is possible with this rotation.

  38. What can we get for Jose Reyes at the deadline? Bautista? Encarnacion? Not a troll… there’s a good chance we’re looking at a complete rebuild/salary dump the likes of which not even the Miami Marlins have seen before.

    • You keep Reyes. I think if you get a good offer for EE or Bautista, you have to do it–they’re the same fucking batter, we hardly need two HR or nothing guys right in the middle of the lineup.

      Rasmus should be released after 2013 or if Gose gets hot by June or July.

      We need a 2B so that should be the focus of trades (not Utley, but a AA prospect of some sort)

      Hopefully Josh Johnson isn’t too hurt, because he’s the best guy to trade at the deadline, since we weren’t going to re-sign him anyway.

      Obviously trade Lind if anyone will take him.

      Release Bonifacio at any point . . . this might come much sooner than later.

      I would say that’s it for 2013, although that will keep AA busy; maybe he can try to focus on fixing the team rather than all this waiver wire bullshit. Why Laffey? Guys like Justin Germano at AAA suck too and they’re already in the organization . . . I guess he’s just planning for more than 3 injuries to the starting rotation.

  39. The real summary is that defense and offense killed us again last night?

  40. The book on the Jays has to be that they never swing at the first strike and they always swing at ball four. Particularly Lawrie, opposing pitchers feel comfortable grooving the first pitch right down the center of the plate, knowing the bat is gonna stay on his shoulder.

  41. Next week they will be calling up Coello. Then Chavez, then they’ll sign Vladdy & Moyer to Minor-League tryout deals. Oh wait, sorry, wrong year. Then again, it seems to be happening all over again this year. Can’t wait for 2014 when the prospects are ready. Oh fuck, scratch that last comment.

  42. First (that I’ve seen) successful use of the word butthurt in written form.


  43. This post from the BlueJays.com Message Board: Fans getting restless. I don’t agree with this but I thought it was funny.

    AA did a great job of collecting assets during his first couple of years but he has shown be to be quite inept at putting it all together.

    -Inexplicably hiring Gibby because supposedly “he wasn’t given a fair chance his first time around”. Even though no other major League team would even consider him as a possible candidate.

    -Built the team with very little emphases on defense. JPA is his man behind the plate in an all-in scenario… LMFAO

    -Put together a terrible bench and gave the last spot in the pen to garbage pitchers that even the Astros didn’t want.

    -Give away SS depth and left himself without a single middle infielder capable of filling in for Reyes.

    -Passed up on Darvish after a 81 win season because “we’re just not ready yet” only to go all-in the year later after winning 73 games.

    This fucking goof used to call the Rays one of the best run organizations in baseball but as soon as the purse opened up he fucking lost himself and started emulating the Phillies.

  44. It’s maddening that Lind is playing passably for the first time since I can remember and he’s missing a series in a park that was made for him.

    Anyway, they aren’t going to give Buehrle 220 innings of 6.35 ball. He’ll either figure it out, and soon, or go to the pen.

    • Agreed. It seems the Jays have players missing during key series. Lind may be on the bench when we face lefties in the next series.

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