Toronto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles

The Toronto Blue Jays will look to rebound from two straight losses in New York in Game 3 of their four game series in the Bronx. The Jays will send left-hander J.A. Happ to the mound against the Yankees ace of the staff, CC Sabathia.  Last night’s spot starter, Aaron Laffey, who was designated for assignment after last night’s game, will be replaced on the roster by right-hander Justin Germano. In four games at Triple-A Buffalo, Germano posted a 6.65 ERA, 3.85 FIP and 5.9 K/9 in 23 innings.


Brendan Kennedy adds that Germano was added as insurance for the Jays overworked bullpen. He adds that Adam Lind is due back for Sunday’s game.

John Lott writes about the injury situation that has suddenly hit the starting rotation. Brendan Kennedy adds that John Gibbons expects Dickey to make the start Sunday while Gregor Chisholm tweets that Johnson’s MRI came back clean. Still no word on if he can make his next scheduled start however.

Shi Davidi writes about Ricky Romero, (Video evidence from Tony Ambrogio) and how there is no timetable for his return to Toronto.

John Gibbons was asked about the possibility of Brett Lawrie batting leadoff. John Lott tweets that it has been discussed.

TV: Sportsnet

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

CF Rajai Davis (R)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C J.P Arencibia (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
DH Mark DeRosa (R)
SS Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)

J.A. Happ LHP

New York Yankees

CF Brett Gardner (L)
3B Jayson Nix (R)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
LF Vernon Wells (R)
1B Kevin Youkilis (R)
DH Travis Hafner (L)
RF Ichiro Suzuki (L)
SS Eduardo Nunez (R)
C Chris Stewart (R)

CC Sabathia LHP

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  1. Tabby on Brett Lawrie: “everything he does is explosive”

  2. The weird thing is, I think the Jays have been actually looking better the past week. You’re starting to see some of the bats waking up.

    But they’re still fucking losing, because they seem to get no timely hitting and the opposition is cashing their opportunities in.

    It’s just… brutal.

    • You walk two Huston Astros in a row, expect a fucking 3 run home run. Walk 2 yankies and your lucky its not a 4 run home run. you can’t win ball games by not throwing strikes.

  3. I last about as long as a Jays lead

  4. Joba the Hut.

    We’re shoving it up this guys chili-hole.

  5. If you add the BA vs RHB and LHB for Jobapplication together, they are hitting .500. We might have a shot here.

  6. Come on Cletus…lay off the hr swing and walk for once

  7. Seriously didn’t see that coming

  8. So typical

  9. Not trying to be a prick or anything but just saw the red sox lineup for tonight and I think it’s fuckin terrifying compared to the Jays even with Reyes in

    Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
    Daniel Nava, RF
    Dustin Pedroia, 2B
    David Ortiz, DH
    Mike Napoli, 1B
    Mike Carp, LF
    Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C
    Will Middlebrooks, 3B
    Stephen Drew, SS

    BJs pitching really gonna have to carry them at times methinks

    • Well, in terms of talent I don’t see how that’s much better than the BJs lineup. However, given that most of our players are hitting like retards right now, I’d have to agree with you.

    • Ellsbury, Pedroia, Napoli and Ortiz are above average players. Middlebrooks is a promising youngster who is struggling at the moment. The rest are “just guys.” By Tuesday, they might have Victorino back. Even so, while it is a lineup that should be respected by a contending team, it is no WHAMCO.
      Trouble is, right now, Jays have a fighting chance of catching the Astros for 15th. Ugh.
      They’ve discovered the enemy. Its themselves.

  10. Okay, I actually don’t hate Bonifacio. I think he’s a really good offensive player. If only he could field any single position. Why don’t we DH him sometimes though?

  11. I feel like I’m watching the Raptors extended season.

  12. Chip and a chair.

  13. Wow wow wow

  14. Lol at “good throw” from Buck. Maybe take a second to actually watch it before you provide analysis.

  15. Let’s write this motherfuckin narrative!!!

  16. If that’s arod it’s a tie game

  17. Enough of this false hope. Just strike out twice and put us out of our misery.

  18. You fucking asshole Davis

  19. They cant just go down easily. they have to give us hope first.

  20. Melk will hit a gapper

  21. This has gone well

  22. Good thing you spent two fucking minutes preparing that pitch Joba

  23. this is an impossibly unbelievable start. So much hype but such embarrassing results.

  24. Ready……..GO LEAFS GO!!!!!

  25. #fuckthisteam.

  26. Hah, these Yankee losers. Don’t they know you can’t sweep the 2013 Blue Jays? The joke will be on them tomorrow when the Jays win the most important game of the series!

  27. Well it may be a little early to panic, but its not soon enough to be pissed off about the way the Jays are loosing these games.

  28. This team is ruining my spring and potentially my summer. Hope the Leafs win the cup. Fak!

  29. They’re gonna have a big win tomorrow just to make everyone think that they’re turning things around

  30. Let’s be clear, we’re close to moving into panic time. The “it’s early crowd” need to understand it’s getting late real quick. Yes, it’s still april, but we don’t have the team (without Reyes) that can go on a 20-5 type of run we need JUST to get back into contention.

    • Well , I think the “it’s early crowd” has acknowledged the results.

      Wilner & Stoeten are not delusional.

      However, the offense is starting to produce more, so that’s a +1.

      The month of May has 19 games against the AL East with a chance for the Jays to catch up.

  31. If its not over at this point then its pretty fucking close. Need to start winning games.

  32. I wish I actually liked hockey and could be excited about those playoffs. But no.

  33. #loathethisteam

  34. yeah, i’m starting to get through the ‘it’s too early to panic.’ The team is 9-16. April’s just about over.

  35. Why can’t these guys play in a Jays uniform. Trade the whole team and they all be .300 hitters and 2.00 Era pitchers.

    • I was thinking that as well. Colby reminds me of Travis….watch him play great for another team …..some sort of curse….

  36. This is the second game in the row that the Jays had a chance to tie or win the game in the 9th inning.

    They are not getting blown out anymore.

    As Chauncy Gardner would say,” the roots are strong”. Being There Reference

    The team is getting better & Happ pitched pretty well.

    Time to check the Jays historical performances in April…. 9-16… Jays on pace for 58 wins??? Impossible

    That won’t happen. They got 73 last year.

    • Unfortunately 73 wins won’t get ya in to the playoffs. We will get on a streak at some point, just have to hope these wins are only damaging, not fatal.

    • I hear ya, but if 90 wins is the assumed target for the playoffs, they now have to play about .600 ball from here on out.

    • Chauncey “liked to watch.”

      Me, not so much anymore.
      Sad state of affairs.

    • Valid. But this team always seems to have trouble winning the close ones. Every walk, PB, and error always comes back to hurt us. They may be close but it’s still a fuckin loss. Trying to think glass half full…..trying

      • i think its fundamentals……every game those mistakes kill us..

        today it was Rajai not being able to catch that routine fly ball

        Fucking Vernon caught three of them on the warning track…no problemo

  37. The biggest thing the Jays need right now is some fucking luck.

    • I think it’s becoming clear that luck is having little to do with it. The obvious is beginning to show, and that’s that the Jays are a team with many holes offensively. Even with Reyes in the lineup.

      • Losing a bunch of tight games (espescially with a good bullpen) is bad luck.

        The Jays season has been a couple of blowup losses (1 to Boston & 1 to Detroit) and more or less bad luck in tight games.

        Of course, there is no mulligan when Dickey doesn’t have the knuckler working one day and Johnson’s velo is down pitching in cold weather.

        This team is far better than their record. Even though bad luck may very well be the difference between ending up around .500 and contending.

        • But every team loses a bunch of games based on luck. So it crosses itself out. I guess my point is, this team isn’t playing poorly because of bad luck (although some is involved), this team is playing poorly because they are very one dimensional.

          If you’re hoping for a lot of luck in anything, life, sports, etc, you’re probably going to be very unhappy with the results.

    • Right, horseshoes are what’s missing?!?!

      Maybe they should smell their collective farts from February, seemed like that stuff got you all pretty high back then!

  38. Phhhht.

  39. Hahahahahah, oh god I love it. You traded for the Marlins, and know you play like them!

    • The Jays have had shit luck for most of the season, but they’ve also dug their own grave on most nights.We generally carry about 4 absolutely useless bats a game, our good hitters are one dimensional, we have an overall average to below average defense, we continue to make the game hard by bleeding important runs through defensive mistakes, hitting batters, passed balls, etc. There just isn’t all that much the team is doing right at the moment.

      • I agree. But I’m not sure it’s a matter of guys just getting it together. I’m beginning to see the major flaws in this roster that I don’t think will ever be fixed unless moves are made.

  40. This is just depressing at this point.

    Honestly, the way these games are going remind me of the 1995 team. Doing juuuuuust enough to lose constantly. Finding ways to turn what could, should be wins into losses.

  41. Jays record currently puts them in 4th worst overall in all of baseball.

    • yup, and before someone goes all “small sample size” it is obvious that we won’t go on to win 60 games, but it is also obvious that we are really, really far off track from winning 90 games.

    • The Raptors fan in me says, IT’S TIME TO TANK!

  42. So much hype. I blame the stupid Toronto media for this. They do it every fucking year. We are incapable of competing. And it sure as fuck ain’t too early to start worrying. But at least we’re consistent.

    • When I saw the team on paper I still was concerned about the unknown – chemistry. It’s obviously not there.

      Time for the leaders to lead – hello Bautista!

      • Chemistry? Are you serious?

        How do you or anyone of us know what goes on the locker room? They may all love each other or hate each others guts and we wouldn’t know. Chemistry isn’t the reason they are hitting and fielding like shit.

        • I was about to say that

        • there is more to chemistry than everyone being friends in the locker room. as far as I can tell everyone on the team gets along merrily.

          pitching catching relationships, working together on defense, playing to the same game plan on offense, these are all issues related to chemistry. the team does look out of sync, every time we are down one run it seems each player tries to be the hero and takes big home run swings, instead of trying to produce a run. also I question some of Gibby’s decision making although overall he seems to be a slight upgrade on JF.

          • I always think that bad luck looks resembles bad chemistry. I mean maybe ther

            • Maybe there is bad chemistry but it’s impossible to measure and I don’t really think that’s a problem.

              Also managers contribution so negligible that I can’t see it as the real cause for the losses, hitters just ain’t hitting

          • When it comes to hitting, each guy shouldn’t give a damn what the guy behind him is going to do. Hitting is an individual thing. Just get on base. Don’t create an out. That should be the goal of every single at bat. Obviously you’re not going to succeed every time but that should be the goal. I don’t see how “chemistry” plays even a tiny part in terms of this team being crap with the bat so far.

            As for fielding, this is a poor fielding team. Not much else to it. It looked like it going into this season and nothing has changed.

            • hitting isn’t entirely individual, especially when the team is behind a run in the later innings of the game. the considerations are small but they matter. whatever the case,”get on base anyway possible” does not seem to be the jays current approach.

        • You’re right. The outfield body bump after a rare win is usually perfectly executed.
          I know they’re fucking getting along but when things start to gel they start to win. I’ve seen bad teams have great chemistry and ya know what – they win. Too much hype! It’s all in their heads.

    • Incapable of competing? Losing games by one run twice in baltimore and one run, two runs, and two runs in new york means we can’t compete? I disagree. What’s annoying about this run is that we are losing so many winnable games…It’s not about competing. Its baseball..its simply execution.

      Take for example when the jays had men on first and second and nobody out with 3, 4, 5 hitters coming up. No runs…not even a well hit ball. not even a happenstance advancement of runners .

      Then the yankees come up, down by one run…man on second and one out..vernon fucking wells goes opposite field to drive the run in. VERNON FUCKING WELLS GOING OPPO. Think about that for a minute.

      Then Haffner comes up and hits a bomb to CF which Davis SHOULD have caught…he doesnt catch it. game over. plays made..plays note made…one here one there add up to losses.

      its not about competing, its about executing

    • There’s tons of reason to be concerned, and they’ve dug themselves a nice big fucking hole.

      But the ‘it’s over’ talk is dumb. There’s just too much time to get things right.

      Lets just all fucking hope they’re .500 at the end of May, and go from there. FUCKING hell.

      • Baseball should go to a points system, set up like a gimmicky game show, where the last round makes all the previous ones a complete waste of time. The last game of a series is worth 50 points. All the other games are worth one point each.

  43. Has there been even one SERIES we can look back on at this point and say was positive?

    They wont 2/3 in KC but fucking lost Reyes. I’m pretty sure they’ve lost every other one (other than the White Sox split).

    It’s INSANE.

  44. Snaching defeat from the jaws of victory!

  45. Sweep forthcoming. Jays finish last in AL East. Too many new players & coaches for Toronto
    to compete effectively & consistently this season imo.

  46. I don’t understand why a team this good is playing this badly.

    In small sample sizes anything can look bad, I guess, but this is starting to approach not being a small sample size anymore.

    • Isn’t it obvious? Too many new faces. Any team that has changed this much from coaches to lineup to pitching roster may take a while to play well together. That is the elephant in the room and the only common thread that ties together the underachieving across the board with this team. While it would have been nice for them to storm out of the gate, the only people who believed this were the foolish sports media and ‘new’ (aka stupid) fans’.

  47. Like ol Gibby once said…”ain’t that a kick in the head??? “

  48. Even when this team has a lead it feels like they are losing. That’s not normal. Pathetic, pathetic efforts day in, day out. Something needs to change quickly or it will be another long summer of meaningless solo home runs and wins to avoid the sweep.

  49. #unsweepable

  50. The team talked too much about their chances before the season started. The media has something to do with this, but I think sheer naivety played a pretty big role too. the whole “we are on a mission to win the world series” schtick is setting the team up to choke. how many players on this team have ever played a game in the playoffs? Buehrle is one of the few that actually has had post season success and he kept quiet when answering questions about playoff chances.

  51. From Tony Ambrosio Twitter:

    Ricky Romero comes out for the 6th inning. So far, 5 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 2 K” @therealscrad

    Ricky is able to pitch again !!!


  52. Story book ending: Ricky & Reyes return and somehow carry us to glory.

    And now back to the drugs

  53. Ricky should go to buffalo before the bigs

    • I think they will let Ricky get a few starts in Dunedin.

      If he performs well, I think he can go to Buffalo .

      Could we see Ricky back in June? If there are several injuries to the rotation, perhaps hey could acclerate his return.

  54. It’s just poor execution on fundamental plays. In the 7th, Bautista hit a bomb to dead center that was caught right at the wall. The very next half-inning, Davis loses a fly ball that ends up scoring the go-ahead run.

    In the 9th, Boni hit a ball right down the line and the Yankee player made a solid defensive play to keep him to a single, hold Kawasaki at 2nd and probably saved the tying run.

    Every single game these little things come back to bite them. It’s beyond bad luck now. There is immense talent in this Jays lineup but it doesn’t mean shit if they aren’t executing.

  55. Let’s get real. CC vs Happ today. That’s why they lost.

  56. For real though, is anybody starting to feel a bit better about them? I know they’ve lost, but the last couple of games they seem to be getting their head out of their ass a bit. It seems like it’s coming along. Maybe I’m just too optimistic, but it feels like things are getting better.

    I mean, I expected Cap n’ Crunch to straight up murder them today. Maybe there are signs of life #prayersforwins

    • Batista and EE have looked much better this week and are usually slow starters. Close losses should turnaround

      • That’s what I’m talking about. They look like they’re coming around, and they’re a big part of our offence (obviously). From what I’ve seen, even Bro-no-face-yo seems to be coming around a bit too, same for Maicer.

        If the middle of the order gets going, and Lawrie gets his timing I think we’ll be okay. Still got faith, for now anyway.

    • Well, they’re not getting blown out anymore. 1-5 on this road trip, 3 of the losses have by one run and the other two have by 2 runs. They’ve scored first all three games this series and led 3-0 in two of them. So they’re doing just enough to lose at this point.

      • they sure are, and holy tits is it ever frustrating. I hate to reference Wilner, but I heard him on the Fan talking about how it isn’t always an instant turnaround, and this is at least SOMETHING for us to grasp at I guess. If they still keep going on like this through May, well shit, there’s gonna be a lot of room on the bandwagon

    • @timelyhitting.

      Yes i do feel better about the Jays. The offence is improving. Almost every day, we get a “Chicken Wing” HR.

      The bullpen is better than expected. Gibby is moving the lineup around so no one gets to be a consistent rally killer.

      Starting pitching is better, but that’s one area where things could fall apart.

      As Jimmy Cliff was told by the drug Lord while on a motorcycle in The Harder They Come,

      “Just sit back & enjoy the ride”

  57. If last year was a disaster, what does it make it this year?

  58. Its funny that Wilner spouts off that changing Managers now would do nothing, however he forgets about when Cito in 1989 took over from Jimy Williams when the team was 12-24.

    The team went on to win the division.

    Gibby should be fired.

  59. Or, you know, they ran their No. 5 starter out there against one of the best lefties in the game and came up one run short in a game of inches.

    Not that I’m wearing rose-coloured glasses here, but Vegas had the Yankees at about -160 on this one. A win would have been obviously preferable, but that’s a decent performance against a team the oddsmakers were picking to deal with them handily.

    Yes, it’s (another) loss, yes it sucks, but let’s not go Shea Hillenbrand on the chalkboard here.

  60. I can’t see how canning Gibby will help at this juncture. They need to carry on, but if this team continues to shit the bed, then it hangs on AA.

  61. The Blue Jays were 8-12 before this road trip. Hardly anything to get overly worried about for the rational fan.

    The Blue Jays are 1-5 on this road trip being outscored by a total of 6 runs. Against two good teams in their home stadiums. Again, hardly anything to worry about for the rational fan.

    The two things together, along with the Reyes injury, suck. And, yes, these events have significantly decreased the probability of making the playoffs.

    But this “the season is over” bullshit is pretty dumb.

    One of the comments above is bang on. Get to .500 before the end of May and hope that Reyes and Romero help the Jays go on a run.

    • Breaking .500 by the end of May only requires a 20-11 run against a schedule that’s noticeably harder than what the team faced in April. No sweat. Try the end of June.

    • What talent?

      The team is 9-16.

      Expect a another losing season.

      Gibby should be fired.

      • I agree – gibby should be fired. I looked it up – he hasn’t gotten a single hit with RISP and he’s fastball is too flat.

        His defence also sucks.

        As do you.

    • Just fucking sell all assets at the deadline and rebuild. This is the best approach. It was a good run being a competitor for 25 games but our time is passed and the Jays need to accept that and move on.

  62. This is not complicated. The Jays are 4th-worst by wRC+ and 3rd-worst by xFIP. Also 4th-worst by ERA and OBP, if you prefer. They’re playing shitty for an extended period on both sides of the ball. There’s no ‘clutch’ or ‘situational factors’ here, just shitty play.

  63. Its still fucking early. AMIRITE Stoeten you sack of asshole!

  64. Red Sox best record in the league, its early and Farrels still the worst but I’m sure he is laughing now

  65. Have fun guys. I’ll be back when (if) they hit .500 Can’t deal with this team anymore till then.

  66. The parade of morons today on Jays talk was an outrage. Every caller claiming they have to fire Gibby, as if he has much of anything to do with this crap. My favorite guy was the caller who said he wants to give Wilner only facts, and then went on to say he didnt agree with Rasmus hitting second every game.

    Its as if they screen out any knowledgeable caller that would pose a challenge to Wilner and put through a bunch of straw men.

    • Gibby is the only enjoyable part of this ball club.

    • +1.

      I wonder if Wilner ‘s producer screens callers that are irrational.

      Wilner has a few regulars like the guy in Alabama & Russ in NJ, who are fun.

  67. Quote from Bautista:

    It seems like every single mistake we make ends up costing us a game,” said Jose Bautista, who hit his second homer in as many games Saturday. “We have no breathing room.”

    ummm. wrong jose. Ya’ll were 0-9 with runners in scoring position. Maybe one more hit in that situation and its a different outcome. maybe.

  68. One thing for certain, it looks ugly and smells bad.

  69. I almost wish that everyone could agree that the current team is crap so that the pressure of winning would go away and the players relax.

    I don’t think AA had this as a 1 year plan.

    We have the players to be very good and the potential to be great. Just a bit more tweaking to get to that next step.

    But then again – I’m hammerred.

    • I agree this team is crap. Too bad we don’t have an elite farm system to look forward to anymore.

      • I like your suggestion above.
        Blow it up and rebuild.
        Let’s trade for the current NL Cy Young winner and a couple of NL batting champs.
        While the Jays are at it,let’s trade for some strong arms that can keep you in games and pitch two hundred innings.
        Can they trade for a decent bullpen and a lights out closer too?
        Maybe a couple of guys capable of knocking out 40 HR’s.
        Oh , we already have that ?

  70. Lately I’ve been thinking that 15 years ago when I got into baseball, I wish I had decided to follow the Expos instead of the Jays. Yes, I would have been heartbroken when the Expos moved to Wash – but I think by now I would have gotten over it (to a point) – time would have healed the wounds. I would look back fondly on the the good memories and not feel so crappy about the team moving.

    But since I picked the Jays, the torture and pain goes on and on and on every year.

    Jays 2017!

    • @JV.

      I was born & bred an Expos fan & the pain from 1994 still hasn’t goneaway.

      After Bronfman sold the team in 1990, the Expos put together rosters with very young talent & couldn’t afford any free agents.

      If Toronto had had the Expos scouting staff that went to get the Dominicans & Felipe Alou as manager, they would have won a couple more world series.

      At one point Felipe Alow had his son ( Moises) & nephew ( Mel Rojas) as closer on the team. alou was a tactical genius.

  71. I want Gobby to have success more than anyone else on this team.

  72. I want Gibby to have success more than anyone else on this team.

  73. Ha!

  74. Here are the latest coolstandings predictions. Jays predicted to win 84 games when the season began. That seemed a bit low. Now predicting 70 wins which also seems low.

  75. How long til Gibbers is fired? Not saying he deserves it, but as the only moveable piece in this shit show you have to think he’s in jeopardy…

    • The offseason of 2013-2014.

    • I’m thinking a few guys could be DFA’d first. Blanco, Derosa, Bonifacio. Then call up a few others like Thole and Negrych. Gibby at least deserves to shuffle the deck a bit. I also dont think it’s too fair to can him before Reyes comes back.

  76. Lawrie leading off today

    • Now that he’s hitting a bit better.Good idea.

      • No it’s not. Just put them in their fucking spots and leave them there. This bumping all over is stupid. There should be a LHP lineup and a RHP lineup. Just fucking pick someone (Davis or Kawasaki) to leadoff and leave them there more than 5 fucking minutes.

  77. This season is not lost – but it requires 2 key ingredients: a #1 catcher and second baseman. AA has to sacrifice the farm to do this – no one is safe. AA you can’t satisfy your audience being half way in….get ‘er done!

  78. lineup: Lawrie 5 Rasmus 8 Bautista 9 EE 0 Cabrera 7 Lind 3 Izturis 4 Blanco 2 Kawasaki

    I don’t think I can physically watch Rasmus batting second without retching. I am becoming very displeased with Gibbons lineups.

  79. Baseball’s an interesting game.
    Before the season started.
    I remember the debate over Ortiz and his overdue regression.
    If the Jays had traded for V Wells in the off season to play LF, everyone woulda thought AA was nuts.
    Bonifacio,according to most experts, was the hidden gem in the Marlins trade.
    Who’da thunk this group of starting pitchers would only reach the 7th inning twice in the first 25 games?
    That JA Happ would be your ace?

    Things will change within the next month.
    Wonder what it’ll be?

  80. If a stat existed that was a compilation of worst Cater’s ERA, Passed Balls and Injury days incurred by pitchers – JPA would be #1. Why can no one see this….oh ya it isn’t his fault. Co-incidence I’m sure. When a player is great and you say he’s lucky, others will tell you that great players create their own luck. It should hold true in reverse

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