Toronto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles

The Toronto Blue Jays will look to avoid being swept by the New York Yankees in the Bronx, and have the right man on the mound today to do just that today. R.A. Dickey, who appears to be healthy after leaving a few starts this year with back and neck stiffness, will go up against right-hander Phil Hughes, who has started more games against the Jays than any team in the league over his career, with not much success I may add.

The team did make some early moves today, activating Adam Lind from the the paternity list, while sending Brad Lincoln back to Buffalo. Justin Germano remains in the Jays seven-man bullpen, for now anyways.

Even bigger than this, Brett Lawrie will bat leadoff today, I repeat, Lawrie to bat leadoff!


John Lott writes about Ricky Romero’s first start in Dunedin, which just happened to go very well.

The losses are mounting up, and John Gibbons showed some frustration last night in his post-game comments that Gregor Chisholm wrote about.

Arash Madani tweets that Alex Anthopoulos still believes this is a contending team.

TV: Sportsnet

And now, the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
LF Melky Cabrera (L)
1B Adam Lind (L)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
C Henry Blanco (R)
SS Munenori Kawasaki (L)

R.A. Dickey RHP

New York Yankees

CF Ichiro Suzuki (L)
2B Robinson Cano (L)
LF Vernon Wells (R)
DH Travis Hafner (L)
RF Brennan Boesch (L)
3B Jayson Nix (R)
1B Lyle Overbay (L)
SS Eduardo Nunez (R)
C Chris Stewart (R)

Phil Hughes RHP

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  1. #unsweepable #dickeythebest

  2. We gotta win sometime right?!!?

    Hoping for a win to keep the trolls away…..looking at you voiceOfreason.

  3. The second link there is not the right one.

  4. FYI… Chisholm article link is misdirected…

  5. I still don’t know if Colby is the best guy to put in front of a struggling Jose but it is better then seeing Davis or Boni up there. I might switch Lind and Colby around in todays lineup the way things have been recently.

  6. Look for another loss today boys

    • Why do you come here?

    • I can only fathom how rich and fulfilling someone’s life must be to spend their Sunday afternoon antagonizing the closest thing in the world they have to friends.

      • You’re here as well. You must not have friends either I guess?

        • That’s not the premise and I’m not being a dick to everyone.

          • I don’t see how someone’s life isn’t fulfilling if they frequent an online forum

            • If you come here exclusively to post stupid shit, expect to be called out by people who don’t want these Game Threats to turn into a sewer of knee-jerk, drooling idiocy.

              If that’s not your intent, please, prove me wrong and I’ll look forward to seeing you respond to today’s game and future games with the poise and maturity of an adult human being.

              • Lets see you do the same for once

                • THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I?!

                  Seriously, though, VoR, it sounds like you’re saying you’re going to behave or, at the very least, have temporarily exhausted your reservoir of hatred and for that we all thank you.

      • Well that was a great pissing contest. Who won?

        • +1…though i dont see why people get wound up because someone was (even always is..though i have no idea) negative?? attacking someone personally b/c he’s negative wrt to teh jays? really?

  7. Gibby is a yokel and a JP Riccardi retread. How did Alex think bringing him back was a good decision?

    • Gibby can’t make guys put the bat on the ball. A coaching staff of Joe Torre,Tony LaRussa, and Jim Leyland wouldn’t have this team at .500.

      • Are you suggesting any jabroni could be managing this team and they would still suck?

        Wilner is claiming the yokel isn’t making tactical errors. Keeping Rajai in CF over Rasmus is a tactical error.

        • Your brain is a tactical error.

        • This post is a tactical error.

        • Its funny because the jays have been really unlucky with the “defensive set up” whenever someone comes in to pinch hit or pinch run late in the game they are always given a a tough defensive play when they take the field. Rajai x2 and Boni x 2 in the outfield. (Again you could argue neither player is a mlb caliber starting player)

      • On the plus side, that coaching staff would be in-fighting like teenaged girls after 26 games, regardless of the outcome.

    • Why don’t you point fingers at the multi-million dollar talent? What, they get a pass? Yet another idiot that thinks, oh, it’s the coach, oh, that’s the real reason no one is htiing or pitiching or doing much of anything. Moron.

      • Hey dipshit no one is suggesting the players aren’t to blame. All I’m saying is bringing in JP Riccardi retread wasn’t a good decision. I said it then and I’ll say it now.

        • Wow, that’s some analysis there. ‘Hey guys! It’s the coach! Quick! Get rid of him!’ How long did you rub your two remaining braincells together to come up with that gem? All night or?


      Not his fault.

      Actually, he is one of the few bright spots

  8. A sort of zen clarity descended upon me this weekend. I still watch, I still care, I still wear my jersey and my cap and attend games. But my competitive spirit has been broken. I’ve become numb to the disappointment. Now I’m just enjoying my team play baseball like some brainless soccer mom. It’s weird.

  9. I don’t think this team is as bad as they have performed, but I must admit to a bit of panic. The Jays were clearly built as a win now team; a team expected to make the playoffs. Simple math shows this is going to be quite difficult after this tough start. Figuring ~88 wins is going to be necessary to make the playoffs, means Jays need to win ~79 of remaining 137. This is the winning % of a 93 win team. I wonder if even the more optimistic among us would consider this team that good. Especially playing at least half the remaining games without Reyes. Still cheering hard, just saying…

  10. Chin up, knuckle down.

  11. Feeling really good about this week. Time to turn this characteristics around

  12. Now Zaun figures the players ‘subtley wink at each other’. What, has he been hanging out with Tabby too much?

  13. Feeling really good about this week. Time to turn this catastrofuck around

  14. Goddamn Blanco.

  15. TV Free Preview Sunday. Pretty much all the games are free today. Including this one

  16. People don’t like to be realistic or say bad things about the blue jays on this blog, so I will be optimistic and say I will win today because we play better when we are about to be swept.

    • “Realistic” is different from “saying bad things” which is also different from “posting repeated nonsense like a meth-addled hillbilly.”

      • Realistic and saying bad things are the same when a team is playing as poorly as the Jays. There have been some signs of life lately in the middle of the order so I have some optimism, but when people say “Boney Fasio sucks” after he makes another error is both realistic and a bad thing.

    • Actually, say all the bad things you want,just be realistic about it.
      It’s baseball, it’s an analogy for life.Sometimes you have everything in place and you still lose. Sometimes you’re strung out on acid and pitch a no hitter.

  17. Now fingers crossed….I praaaay that the butterfly works today.

    We neeeeeed a NO-HITTER!!!!!

  18. let’s git itttttt

  19. Serious question, although people will troll, why not play Jansen in close games such as a tie late in the game when he hasn’t played in a few days? I know he is the closer, but he has only had 6 innings so far this year because there haven’t been many save opportunities. What about putting him in the 8th or 9th in a tie game instead of Esmil Rogers?

    • Now you done it.
      That is the debate between Saber and old school guys, the saber guys say use your best pitcher in those situations.

    • One reason is he’s not back 100% yet from his surgery. I’m thinking Gibby might use him that way later in the season.

    • Are you serious?

      If you use Janssen in any situation other than the 9th inning of a game where the team has a 1-3 run lead, he will surely collapse. Once you name a guy a closer, he is imbued with a mystical force that only allows him to succeed in such situations. The save rule was invented for a reason and that’s for managers to determine their decisions based on those scientific rules.


    • Gibby was using both Santos and Janssen like that earlier in the year.

  20. This lineup is so fucking retarded it’s painful to watch.

    So far batting lineup issues that will cause me to not watch the game.

    1. Colby batting 2nd
    2. Lawrie batting leadoff.
    3.TBD by Gibby’s stupid future lineups.

  21. That’s a fucking fly ball in every other park…

  22. Park is joke.

  23. “Hey wait a moment that lineup looks awful familiar… oh my word, that’s last year’s batting order, except with Melky!”

  24. Lyle loved a woman who was unclean.

  25. first pitch swinging…wooo

  26. AA’s presser is basically ‘Nowhere to go but up.’ Or not.

    • Nowhere to run
      Nowhere to hide
      Got nowhere to run to, baby
      Nowhere to hide

    • +1.

      AA is doing damage control to keep the pressure off Gibby & the Players.

      I don’t know why everyone is hating Gibby. His lineups & bullpen management are fine.

      The blame for the poor performance is on the players.

  27. Is it bad that I’m hoping Blacno goes 0-4 with 4 k’s and perhaps a pass ball or two just so it hopefully forces the Jays to dump him sooner?

    I, obviously still want the Jays and that wouldn’t help but goddamn fuck, get rid of the dead-weight.

  28. This team has been snakebit ever since Stoeten boldly mocked the baseball gods.

  29. For fucks sake 5 strikeouts already in 3 innings, against Phil Fucking Hughes no less, fuck

  30. I see it as a good, in the long run. We have seen which parts are broken, don’t fit or need replacing. We are not going to win with Lind and Rasmus and it is not a bad thing for the organization to start admitting that now.

  31. EE’s getting some breaks now

  32. Does Parkes ever post here anymore?

  33. That’s gotta be a little painful for Yankeeville.

  34. Wow… I don’t even recognize Sleepy anymore. High OBP and driving in runners with 2 outs. Unreal

  35. fuck micer look at a couple

  36. Get Gibby’s ass the heck outta here! Sick of that yokel effing everything up.

  37. Wha…what is this feeling?

    I think for the first time in 2+ years I… don’t hate Adam Lind. I don’t necessarily like him but this feels weird.

    Good for him for taking some walks this year and good on the coaching for never letting him face lefties. For now. There’s still plenty of time for my hate to return.

    • Do what I do and just channel that hatred towards Vernon Wells… It helps.

    • If Lind keeps up his BB’s he HAS to start getting some decent pitches.

    • Lind is still shit and his OBP is unsustainable in the same way that Bautista won’t hit below the Mendoza all year.

      • Good point. It’s not like we haven’t been teased by Lind before. At least the last time he was hitting.

      • Say for a second though that he can keep up something reasonable like a 13% BB rate (he’s over 20% now and was 8% last year)… Even having batted ball numbers like last year, he suddenly becomes a reasonably valuable guy.

  38. Not the at bat I’m looking for to keep the rally going.

  39. I just logged on – how many home runs has Vernon hit today?

  40. Gotta love #66. Plays his ass off all the time.

  41. We start a series with Boston Tuesday? Jesus H….

  42. Ok just a question cuz I cant decide. If it comes down to it ,
    When Reyes comes back would you:

    Send Kawasaki down and keep Boni?


    put Boni on waivers (he’s out of options) and keep Kawasaki?

    • Keep both release Derosa…

      • +1. I don’t think the Jays have the luxury of keeping Dersa as Omar Visquel Part 2.

        Kawasaki is versatile.

    • Why decide a month or so early?

      • Agreed SP.
        A lot,I mean a lot, will happen in the next 45 days.Both could be good or shit or there could be injuries or other things.
        Way to early to speculate.

      • I like Kawasaki and I dont like Boni. I think Derosa should be the guy to go but i dont see it happening. He’s this year’s Vizquel.

    • Or return to a seven-man pen and keep both?

      Hint: If AA thinks he can find any kind of an upgrade for a bench bat — or better, on Lind — sayonora and arigato, Kawasaki.

  43. I think Derosa just told Blanco “That was a great pro at-bat there”.

  44. Find that short porch Cletus.

  45. Stoeten you bearded clam. What makes you an expert on the Jays? ‘Cause you have a beard and you are an urban hipster, don’t want to get a real job, plaid wearing Queen St. West bum???

  46. Write-in Kawasaki. Let’s make it happen.

  47. Apparently – according to Tabby- Kawasaki “carressed” that ball.


  48. It’s time…

  49. once we get A hit with runners in scoring position I think we will make a run

  50. ya mouse!

  51. How does Lind not score on that? with 2 outs he should make it easy.

  52. Thanks for coming out.

    Henry Blanco, everyone!

    • Its a tough call. What is the net run effect?

      Runs saved by blanco catching dickey vs thole or arencibia


      runs lost by having blanco batting instead of arencibia or thole.


      the chances blanco hatchet murders AA in his sleep if he cuts him.

      • You don’t fuck with machete

      • All Thole needs to do is catch the knuckleball. He’s done it before right? As long as he can do that, he should be more valuable to this team with his offense.

        JPA isn’t an option there anymore because he can barely catch regular pitches it seems.

  53. None of us seem willing to show Izturis any love at all.
    He’s finally not sucking but totally ignored.

  54. yikes the old guy makes a play!!

  55. Some classic Vernon on display finally.

  56. Watching the game on TBS..pretty decent crew. Ron Darling sounds sort of stoned though. But that is good.

  57. Buck and Tabby just pronounced this Dickey’s best start.

    Talk about your Kiss of Death.

  58. Well, fuck.

  59. Are you fucking kidding me??? When does this stop??

    • When Stoeten shaves his beard.
      He needs to take one for the team.

      • And everybody say
        Jack, don’t you know
        You don’t tug on superman’s cape
        You don’t spit into the wind
        You don’t pull the mask of the ol’ lone ranger
        And you don’t mess around with Stoeten.

  60. Dang, we will get em next time

  61. Season over, you can’t overcome this defect in the win loss category

  62. I’m sticking with unsweepable until it becomes totally untenable.

  63. I’m going to start betting against this team in Vegas soon

  64. These guys have to get on base. Looks whos due up in the 9th. The offense is an embrrasment.

  65. So we’ve lost what – 6 of 7 against a Yankees team missing 4 regulars. Go team

    • Also been crushed by the Red Sox and the Orioles. Can’t beat the AL East, can’t make the playoffs simple as that

  66. Anyone else hate Chris Stewarts fist pumps when they get a strike out? Shouldn’t he be good before that happens…

    • It’s actually my favourite thing about him. Of course, I know nothing else about him. I just appreciate unbridled enthusiasm.

  67. These fking Jays! You picked another fine time, Sweet Dickey! Idiot Gibbons again a day late and a dollar short. Seriously, I can’t even get mad at this team anymore. Former Jays always kill this team. They become all-stars on other teams. The coaching on this team sucks and it always has. Screw Wilner.

    • Fuck off.
      Dickey was mowing ‘em down. Not ten seconds earlier, Buck and Tabby were talking about how this was Dickey’s game….probably the best game he’s pitched all season.
      He gives up a tater – and right away he’s an asshole and Gibby’s to blame??
      Go lie down on the porch.

    • What does this have to so with Gibbons?

    • Had you also said “fuck Parkes” you would have covered all four food groups.

  68. Well, Mariano in the 9th so this game is over.

  69. Such poor ABs. Jesus fucking christ. What is wrong with these hitters??

  70. Fuck me gently AGAIN!
    Jesus…it’s one nut-kick after another.
    Good thing I know they’re going to kick ass all summer long….otherwise, I’d be totally bummed.

  71. Fire the hitting coach now, the offense not the pitching is what the problem is

  72. Welp.

  73. It’s disappointing enough to see the Jays lose these games, I don’t need to listen to Buck and Tabby gobble Yankee cock all afternoon too.

  74. You know, I can handle the two run homer in that situation. I can even handle the loss. What I cant handle is the fact that it was fucking OVERBAY

  75. We need a winning streak, desperately. Get everybody to shutup. Relieve some pressure.

  76. Sigh.

  77. #hatethisteam

  78. If this holds that means the Jays last 7 losses will be by 1 or 2 runs. Also 9 of last 11.

  79. Very sad season

    • Just stunning.

      I mean… if you had told me that Jays might have had a rough start … sure.

      But 9-17?

  80. The really fucked up thing is that the Jays have had a good shot at winning all 4 Yankee games and the 2 Oriole losses.

    You’d think they at least go something like 3-3 in those 6 losses (and be 12-14 after today).

    Jesus. It’s just painful.

  81. Hey – look at the bright side. We’re guranteed not to lose tomorrow!

  82. This offense gobbles more cock than Buck and Tabler.

  83. I love how Sportsnet’s only highlight to preview future games is JPA’s homer from opening day last year!

  84. No, FUCK YOU, fastball. Gibbons is has no instinct whatsover.

  85. lost 6/7 to the yankees B team.

    cant wait to see what happens when they get their A team back.

  86. Don’t worry folks. We’ll put this slow start behind us and forget about it……until mid Sept when we’re in the hunt but come up short…because of a …..u guessed it – A SHITASTIC APRIL!

    • Very true. They have to go something like 81-55 to get to 90 wins now. Playoffs? No chance.

  87. Cant even claim unsweepable anymore

  88. The generally shitacular starting pitching has caused Cecil to be seriously overworked lately. He’s pitched multiple innings every 2nd day 5 times in a row and now he’s in for his 6th appearance in 10 days. I noticed the his velocity seemed down a little yesterday and when I checked his stats he was down nearly 2 mph at the top end with all of his hard stuff from the week before. I hope Gibbons doesn’t blow him out now during this horrible stretch and not have him at his best later on. Of course it probably won’t matter at this rate lol

    Hopefully the rest of the starters get this shit show straightened out tout suite.

    Is it too late to say it’s too early to worry? Or did I miss that boat? Seriously, worst April ever? Has to be pretty close if it’s not I imagine.

  89. Fuck! That is all.

  90. what a F-uped month. I’ve been chompin at the bit since the off-season moves.


    • At this point, I think it’s understandable to have the madness. This team looks like complete shit, and it’s not really early anymore. Still need to see how they do over the next 15-20 games to make a fair judgment on them, but they look so bad that there isn’t much reason to rationally hold hope for them.

    • Hey at least the Jays are far more efficient compared to the 2012 team. Wasn’t until August 16th last year that they reached the low of 8 games below .500 lol

      • @500 or bust.

        That’s an incredible stat. lots of catching up to do.

        Wilner is busy arguing semantics with callers.

        Jays don’t have to go perfect meaning win the next 136 games.

        Wilner did acknowledge they have to win about 60% of their remaining games to hit 90 wins.

        It’s to bad the slump hit from April 1st this year, because many fans won’t care if they come back to a respectable 80-85 win season by beating teams later in the year.

  92. Look on the bright side, I watched the game with no sound!

  93. #sweepable

  94. Worst fucking team I’ve ever seen. This is getting just fucking ridiculous now

  95. Sigh. (Reaches for drink)

  96. A single tear just rolled down my cheek…not the brooms…anything but the brooms…SHAVE YOUR FUCKING BEARD STOETEN!!!! YOU DID THIS TO US!!!!

  97. Miami North anyone?

  98. 2013 Toronto Marlins! I hope AA can atleast get some decent prospects back

  99. The scary part is, we’re one Rajai Davis throw out at home away from being swept by consecutive AL East rivals and losing 7 straight.

    No worries though, its early.

    • Meh. They could have won all 7 games on the road trip as well. Every game could have gone either way.

    • As fatalistic as I’ve become this is just ridiculous now. Someone needs to show the way like….ummm Bautista – go 4-4 and get ur team going….SOMEONE!

    • Yup, but if Rajai makes that catch yesterday…….

      weird, isnt it?

  100. 2008, 2013. Good luck getting your new bosses to EVER open up the purse strings again. I got my golden parachute!!!!

    • +1.

      On a serious note, I don’t think think Rogers will demand a Fire sale this year.

      The most tradeable pitcher assuming he is not on the DL too long would be Josh Johnson.

      Dickey pitched well today, but why didn’t they let Lind run home on Izturis’s double off the wall??

      Was Lind so slow that he couldn’t make home.???

      • I’m not allowed to say he runs like a g**l, so I’ll just say (like soeone else did) he runs like a one legged ape.

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