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And today we’ve got Chief– aka Darren Kritzer, aka @extrabasehit– filling in for the hopelessly disinterested Wally Pip, as we talk about the Jays probably, but possibly not, but probably being kinda already fucked.

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  1. You know, instead of all this debate and finger pointing about which camp is the more idiotic (the its early vs the its too late and we suck) how bout some calling out of how SUCKY the ploayers have performed. Its like they are getting a free pass. All we have is fans calling each other out as to who is more in the wrong, yet there is almost ZERO analysis as to the craptactular nature of the performers. I mean Melkey Cabrera and his Kawasaki like slugging percentage. Bautista and his sudden inability to command the strike zone, swinging at balls, taking strikes, and kingman like all or nothing approach (mostly nothing these days).

    How bout they just play better and start winning and we can stop all this bullshit?

    • Did you listen to the show?

      • You think he’s got all day? High art like this takes time

        • There was mention that there could be negtivity floating through the club house. Like any job its hard to come to work when the environment could be poisoned with negative talk , gousip and rumors. Derosia (spelling) had a players meeting to try to get things out on the table, but a leader leads by example and Derosia (as quoted by DJFs is OLD as FUCK and his best days long since pasted). Batistia needs to step-up or Lind veterans of this team and lead by example – be patient at the plate, make the plays and do not complain to the UMPs. I think I am seeing the UMPS not being very fair to the Jays as of late and we need to change that as well (maybe just me).

          • It’s just you. This site has posted some good work on here many times over suggesting that Bautista isn’t really getting squeezed at all. Or at least, that’s what I recall the data was showing. It’s an easy thing for fans to point to, but I don’t think it’s really having all that big an impact (if any).

    • @Voice.

      I agree there should be more analysis of the players performances. Any difference in batting stances of the players?

      De Melky need his special juice back?

      I know it;s easy to attack the fan base as panicky, irrational etc, but there is little precedence for a team coming back to win the AL East when there are 4 strong teams ahead of them. There are no pre 2008 Rays or Pre 2012 Orioles to beat up on.

      It would nice to get back to watching the games & stop the playoffs gnashing of teeth & shredding garments.

  2. Any conversation starts with Bonifacio. He single handedly deep sixed the season right from the Start. That guy should be run out of town!!! he wasn’t even assigned 1/2 of the errors he truly committed.

  3. I think Drew nails it. I don’t think a team in the AL east can afford 9-17 months.

  4. Get George Brett as a hitting coach, protect the strike zone after 2 strikes, shorten up the bat please. Not gonna get on gawking at strike 3. same as last year.

    • Great insight from this MLB caliber hitter. I’ll be sure to pass this along to Mottola so he can make sure the guys know what to do with 2 strikes.

  5. This was depressing to listen to. I really hope the Jays pull 4 or 5 wins out of their asses this week and make us feel a little better about the state of things.

  6. Drew is the voice of reason here. not because of the doom, but the rationale.

    that is a guy I can listen to.

    • Why? Because you agree with him?

      All of these guys are worth listening to, including Stoeten, because they have something to say that is worth listening to.

      • how far into the sentence did you get? perhaps as far as my handle?

      • The podcasts are always good because they have good comedic timing.

        Drw 7 “thy’re dumb” is always funny.

        Stoeten is usually much more realistic on the podcasts about their chances.

        It’s true that a 9-17 slump in any given season can be overcome, but the Jays didn’t build up any cushions like going 27-14 in 2009 etc….

        It is still mathematically possible to make the playoffs, & if they do comeback it will be one the top comebacks in baseball history. That would be awesome.

        However, the virtually non stop bashing of the fan base for not going along with the Wilnerization analysis is tiresome.

        Wilner seems to think that the Jays can win 94 games of the next 136 games to tie the 2001 Oakland A’s.

  7. To me there’s still hope for a few reasons:

    -There’s two WC spots, and only one legit wildcard contender outside the AL East (imo it’s whomever of Oak/Tex that drops that division). I don’t think enough of the Central to view anyone as a threat to grab the WC there. So if they manage to play particularly strong in the division, and ruin everyone else’s record there, the chance to sneak into a spot with a modest win total could be there.

    - Adam Lind has been getting on base constantly in a small sample size, but just stupid amounts (a team-leading 12 times in a mere 56 PAs), so if his sight holds up at some level through the year that’s something that could be a bounce for the Jays and might get him bumped in the lineup. That’s something you guys should tackle, is if he is for real, at some point if he keeps going like this.

    - Lawrie only has started to play like someone who had enough ABs to be comfortable like a week ago. He could’ve turned the tide on a few 1-run ballgames if he had been back and healthy earlier. Who knows what he’s going to do, he just had 2 homers in the NY series I believe.

    - Josh Johnson, I just can’t see him playing this badly for any length of time should he stay healthy. It would defy his entire career.

    - No way will EE/Jose remain off the basepaths to the tune of their April % for the year. Again, it would defy the last 2 years and would make no sense.

    Anyway, I think we’ve seen the team at its worst this month, I don’t see how this could hold up. Since most AL WC competition resides in their division, I still think they’re in striking distance. Just stay in some reasonable pursuit of contention, (i.e. 4-6 games within a spot), into June – and viola, you’ve got Reyes back and then people are as afraid of this order as much as it’s being ridiculed now.

    But they can’t have a May like this, I’m withholding judgment until end of May-ish. I’m with Stoeten, their odds of breaking the playoff drought have taken a large tumble but I still say it’s too early to rule them out with any finality.

  8. Years gone by, I’d have to hope that everything would break the Jays’ way AND that other teams would stumble in order for them to have a legitimate shot at the post-season. Going into this year I felt like all the Jays had to do was play to their potential, and if other teams did the same then the playoffs were definitely within reach.

    Now i’m back to hoping that other teams shit themselves somehow in order for the Jays to get back into the hunt. If the Jays improve and nobody else stumbles it won’t be enough.

    It’s a lousy feeling.

  9. wow that was dark

  10. You guys are bailing way too too early.

    The starting pitching talent/depth will win out over time. The runs will come due to the talent. Prospects and money is in place to acquire an additional piece at the right time.

    Trust it , then book it!

    • I don’t think people are bailing, so much as people (and by people, I mean the smart, rational, not-completely-bi-polar fans) are realizing that this will be extremely difficult. Stoeten, the ‘eternal optimist’ (wink wink) himself admitted that this would be very hard to climb out of. I, for one, am certainly not giving up on the season, but 9-17 is really bad, and we are getting to the point where sample size is becoming large enough to counter-balance all the previously-justified “it’s still super early” talk.

      Do the Jays have a mathematical chance of competing for the post-season? Absolutely. Is it likely? Certainly not.

      It would just be such a damn shame to be out of it so early.

      • +2

        Stoeten’s made many rational points about the difficulty I’m climbing a mountain.

        Is Darren an ex blue jays employee? He mentioned being in the clubhouse

  11. The Jays are 2-8 in one-run games. 5-5 or 6-4 and we aren’t having these conversations.

  12. Mr. Fairservice thank you for saying they’re done and explaining your reasons why.

    • Why do people need justification to abandon all hope? If you think it’s over, stop watching. A very weird dynamic around here these days whereby folks need to rationalize their irrational behavior. I’m sure even Drew will admit, that was a little tounge in cheek. Chances are slim, sure, but not nil.

      • Did I saw I was giving up hope or agreeing with him and saying that the season was done????? No you fucking tool bag. It was just a simple comment. Don’t read too far into it.

  13. What pisses me off is everybody is claiming the season is over and that there is no hope, then proceeds to come on here to say the same things over and over again after every loss. You have already given up, so why are you bitching again after another loss? Either you’re in, our you’re out.

    Following a sports team is like playing poker. If you get shit cards and decide to fold right off the bat, YOU DO NOT RESERVE THE RIGHT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE CARDS THAT APPEAR ON THE FLOP, THE TURN, OR THE RIVER.

    So, if you give up hope now, then shut the fuck up the rest of the year.

    • And if you don’t fold and play the best hands that are consistantly beaten by inferior hands, you have the right to request a crying towel.
      The Jays were fielding a better lineup than most teams they faced and are getting beaten.
      But as always, a chip and a chair.

  14. If seems the Jays poor start went from being “no big deal” to potentially “season ending” rather quickly for the DJF crew. Granted there were a lot of losses last week.

    I like the blog and the podcast, but you guys were way too optimistic about how easy it would be for the Jays to turn things around: ‘They’ll be fine’, ‘It’s early until June’, ‘They’ll fall ass backwards into wins’, etc.

    I think as soon as DJF completely gives up hope the Jays will get hot.

    • That’s it: the DJF crew abandoning all hope is the sacrifice the baseball gods are waiting for. That and maybe Stoeten’s beard. ;)

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  16. lower the beer prices

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