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The Key Read…

Bill Madden of the New York Daily News has some money quotes from Jays players, the manager and the GM, as he jumps onto the ever-deepening pile of people trying to figure out what’s wrong with the Jays. “Do you want me to go out and hit for them?” he quotes John Gibbons as telling reporters at one point, “with a trace of irritation. ‘I couldn’t hit when I played.’ ”

What’s most interesting to me, though, is how he writes that Mark DeRosa called a players-only meeting this week, “to reiterate a lot of what beleaguered Blue Jay manager John Gibbons said to the media the day before. (‘There comes a time in a every game where you have to make a big pitch or you have to get a big hit and that’s eluded us all year long. It’s frustrating. I’m giving you guys the same stinking comments every stinking night and I’m getting a bit tired of it.’)”

However, he then quotes DeRosa as explaining, “There’s just a bad vibe creeping in here and we need to address it.”

Almost sounds like two different things, doesn’t it?

Anyway, lots of good, hopeful/frustrated quotes in Madden’s piece.

Honourable Mention…

Lots more analysis– some of it decidedly more gloomy than my own– of the mountain that the Jays now have to overcome to even sniff the playoffs in the ultra-competitive American League East.

Dave Cameron, whose work from last week I leaned on in my piece, writes that The Blue Jays Are In Trouble at FanGraphs. “To win 90 games and give themselves a real shot at either of the wild card spots, they’d have to play .596 baseball over the remaining 136 games, which is a 96 win pace over a full season. That’s not impossible. Every year, three to five teams play around .600 baseball from May 1st to the end of the season,” he explains. “Those teams just generally don’t come from the pool of clubs that were lousy in April.”

Cameron also figures that the trade deadline makes things even trickier, as April will constitute 25-30% of their record by the time July 31st rolls around, not the 16% it will at season’s end, and they may not have made up enough ground by then to justify hanging on to Josh Johnson, et. al. Good point– also: ouch.

Jay Jaffe is on the same trip over at Sports Illustrated.

And the Rest…

Sigh of relief, you guys! Marty York is still at it, and he tells us that the Jays decided today to not fire John Gibbons! But if they get swept by the Red Sox, the Gibbers death watch is back on! Robbie Alomar is a possible replacement, he suggests. Oh, and in another tweet he adds that the Jays’ “decision-makers already have fans’ ticket money based on preseason hype but plan 2 change mgr soon 2 keep fans buying tix all summer.” Because that’s totally how that works!

As per a team release earlier today, the Jays have announced that Aaron Laffey has elected free agency, rather than accepting a minor league assignment.

Our very own Drew Fairservice writes a guest post at Big Leauge Stew, in which he gives Yahoo! readers a local’s guide to the Rogers Centre and a baseball-involved Toronto road trip.

Chris Toman of gamereax looks into whether J.A. Happ is actually getting better with age. And you know what? He might be!

In his latest Bullpen post for the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin looks at the return of Ricky Romero (in Dunedin), as well as John Gibbons’ penchant for losing with less-than-ideal lineup configurations, and more.

More on Romero’s saga from Ken Fidlin of the Toronto Sun, and in a notebook post from Gregor Chisholm at BlueJays.com, in which we’re told that R.A. Dickey is going to get an MRI for the sore neck and back that he’s been pitching through, and that Sergio Santos is progressing, though his timeline for returning remains unknown.

In another piece from BlueJays.com, Gregor– as a proxy for Alex Anthopoulos– take the opposite view of Jaffe and Cameron, pulling quotes from the lengthy media scrum over the weekend in which the GM insisted that nothing is fucked and that reporters were being very un-Dude.

More stuff from the AA scrum via John Lott of the National Post, Shi Davidi of Sportsnet. Shi also takes a look at the challenge ahead for the club.

Tom Maloney of the Globe and Mail looks at the shortstop spot, where Alex Anthopoulos– due to the options on hand and the cost of picking up an upgrade– seems resigned to standing pat. Maloney also looks at how clubs are exposing the Jays’ weak middle infield with Jose Reyes out, while his Globe colleague Ingrid Peritz speaks to Rachel Robinson, Jackie Robinson’s widow, about the couple’s time in Montreal, which was entirely absent in the just-released biopic 42.

Over at Bluebird Banter they answer some common early-season questions– and pretty much nail the living shit out of it.

MLBTR points us to a pair of Jays-related tweets from national writers this weekend, with Jon Heyman suggesting this week is a big test for John Gibbons, while Keith Law scoffs at the notion of getting rid of a guy who’s “been the manager for 20 minutes.”

The Tao of Stieb asks us to embrace the agony, because winning don’t come easy, while at the Mockingbird, Jon Hale embraces his inner T.S. Eliot, penning an outstanding Jays-themed homage, The Jay Land.

Lastly, Alex Anthopoulos joined Jeff Blair and Dirk Hayhurst on Baseball Central today on Sportsnet and the Fan 590. Here’s the clip:

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  1. That’s right. ‘Twas I who called the players only meeting to nip this crap in the bud. (Oh wait, its already too late to nip something in the bud that is fully flowered).

    I brought my boys in..told them what was what..and what we needed to start winning.

    Of course one thing that immediately came to mind was getting rid of me for a more useful bench player.

    I cannot disagree.

    So this is goodbye. I am retired as of the meeting.

    Have a good one.

  2. So AA was quoted as saying that if Dickey took two weeks off, this neck thing would likely go away completely. Does it seem rather asinine to let him pitch at 75 to 80 percent and slow is healing process rather than just skip a couple starts and have him at 100 percent for his remaining starts? Mind you its not I who am claiming this situation, its AA. If we take him at his word, isn’t this a bit short sighted? Sure he’s still effective when he pitches, and sure he claims that he doesnt have set backs when he pitches..but he did imply that pitching is slowing down the recovery rate. Just seems like a bit of a panic move to NOT sit him.

    • Who are we running out there? Romero?

    • Dickey was pretty decent the other day and had Rajai had some idea where that fly ball was coming down and run STRAIGHT to the spot, Dickey would have had a win. Having said that, yesterday will give him an extra day off and maybe that will help with the healing. Otherwise, you’d have to call up another Laffey.

  3. If the team is 9-17 and there isn’t a bad vibe in the clubhouse, then beatings should start until there is a bad vibe. 9-17 should be completely unacceptable to any MLB team and the team members should be rightly pissed off about the whole thing. If there wasn’t a bad vibe, I’d be worried that they’re just a bunch of cheque-collecting assholes.

    • That is pretty much what they are. Team is just going through the motions at this point. They should be eliminated from contention in about two weeks.

      Hilarious. This is the worst team we have fielded in years. 2012 Jays looked better.

  4. So I get to go the the game tomorrow. Suck it Farrell has become a distant memory, Farrell now the apparent genius. I suspect even the fans have lost their zeal to boo. Sox Fans will out number Jays fans with attendance barely into the 20,000 range. A season of great fortune has faded to indifference and the losing will continue. There is no management miracle, no hero player, and there is nowhere to be found even a morsel of hope. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…

  5. Dirk Hayhurst sure looks awkward grilling team management; he keeps rotating his shoulder cuff like it needs surgery.
    Clearly he is a very nice guy.

  6. LOL @ Alomar as manager. You know since he has all the qualifications. They should just make “John Gibbons best friend from the Hawaiian baseball league the manager.”

  7. All kidding aside, this is all a bit ridickeyless isn’t it???

  8. I could have sworn that Marty York was banned from all forms of media

  9. It’s pretty hilarious how wilner and stoets keep using the dumb luck argument every year. and BAbip doesn’t measure anything. Hitting ground balls doens’t equal bad luck

    The real reason this team sucks is obvious: defence and low obp

    I would suggest the defence has cost them 3-4 wins alone. izturis, bono, davis, and JPA are simply horrible. This isn’t suddenly going to change with more games.

    just look at the dwar’s

    izturis -.4 last year
    bono -.7 last 2 years
    davis -1.8 last 3 years
    melky -2.1 last 4 years

    and guess who brought those players in?

    compare that to jayson nix who had a +1 dwar with toronto in only 46 games. And mike mccoy career dwar of 1.2. Yet alex doesn’t want those guys. AA places no value on defense then pretends like it doesn’t matter when plays aren’t made.

    half the team doesn’t walk. that means low obp. You are never going to score runs consistently if you don’t walk. These guys aren’t suddenly going to walk. Notice how other teams score runs with only 1 hit, yet we need 3 hits?

    Add in the fact that we have poor baserunners. How many times have you seen a hit expecting a run to come in and then there’s lind or rasmus standing on third?

    So the sum of it all is that there is no way this team can win consistently with those glaring factors. That means tihs team is bad and those shitty players who can’t play defense and don’t walk need to gone. But I don’t think AA has the balls to release players with guaranteed money so it’ll be next year.

    • This. 100x this.

      The Jays don’t have the fucking fundamentals down. What competitor loses multiple games in a single month due to defensive lapses? The Jays are playing worse than the Astros… only their salary is 100 million more and the their farm system is in the shitter.

      • Yup- defence wins games and a collective OBP of over .300 wouldn’t hurt either. Not to take anything away from Alex. Ah well, I was born in fifth place and I’ll support my team that finishes in fifth place.

    • Now I remember you! You were the guy trumpeting the greatness of Nix and McCoy these last few years. I should’ve listened to you, you were spot on!

  10. The Jays rushed it… plain and simple. They had a great rebuild going and decided to go all in. Now they have no depth in the upper minors to cover for injuries… or on the bench for that matter. Trade everyone but Lawrie and start again.

    • Yeah I wish we had good bench guys and shitty regulars. That would be awesome. Wonderful insight.

    • Who exactly do you believe they traded away?

      • Come on man, that’s not fair. When the Jays draft the prospects and they are highly ranked, ya’ll are on the “look what AA did..we have great prospects coming down the pipeline”

        Then when they are traded..it suddenly becomes “they werent that good anyway.”

        Well, I’ll bite. Noah is a potention number 2 starter. Marisinick..we dont know what he will be but he could be a legit starting major league CF with 4 + tools. Something we have exactly how many of? I dont care about Hech. I know you are going to go the route of TD’arnaud being injury prone, yet if someone used that argument against a guy you liked, you would spit on it.

        Im just saying be fair. They cant be all world prospects when we have them, and then nothing to worry about when we trade them.

        • @Voice.

          Agree that the Jays prospects were highly valued. AA was able to get solid major league talent for them. This site spent years touting the arrival of Snider,Drabek,Hech etc…

          It was always wait till the prospects come… Then last November when AA made the trade, almost everyone agreed that AA made the right move to win in 2013 with these vets.

          In theory, these trade should work because you have a higher degree of cetainty that Buerhle or Johnson etc will return to career averages.

          • To whoever said we don’t have upper minors prospects needs to check out where Buffalo sits in the standings. NH isn’t doing as well, but they have some relievers who will probably be actual Blue Jays at some point.

            • Yeah, apparently the AAA guys are just destroying the ball.

              In any case I’m tired of all the complaints. We came back down to earth which is where we should have been all along. I’m pretty sure that a lot of the suicide posters were yelling ‘playoffs!!’ during the off-season.

    • What players did the jays trade away that hurt their minor league depth that would have been called up to fill in for the injuries on the team?

  11. The funny thing about baseball is that they have the talent and rotation to win 10 in a row (2 games per starter) and then they suddenly are well over .500 and in the race.

    And every word uttered so far about all this would barely be worth 2 cents on the dollar.

  12. …For someone who can hit for average. I think the vibe and attitude would change and we wouldn’t be such a one dimensional offense. AA needs to pull a page from billy beane’s 2001 playbook and know when to start cutting bait and go in anew direction

    • OBP is killing us. How can the Jays score runs if they can’t get on base? We are going to experience multiple years of a team average of <300 OBP. This cannot happen.

    • Who are you when you’re not embarrassed to post under your usual screen name?

      • He doesn’t post much, as far as I can tell.

        • I give up Andrew. I have no idea what a fan is anymore. Everything about the team is apparently bad. Even guys on pace for 50 home runs.

          We literally don’t even stand by the guy on this team with the most proven record (with us).

          • Fans are just demoralized. This team was our best hope at a playoff run in years and it is currently failing miserably.

            • @hihi.

              Not everyone is demoralized, but I think it’s shocking that the team would be this weak at all levels.

              It should even out though. Other teams could collapse which would help the Jays.

              I do feel that I have to bring out my stats 1 book from storage about probabilities of 90 wins 95 wins etc based on current games played.

        • Me? Or Jose?

    • That’s fucking ridiculous.

      But speaking of Bautista, remember 2011? In the first half, he was hitting .334/.468/.702 with 31 HR, 74 BB to 54 K. Good times. We could sure use some of that right now.

    • He’s shown himself to be liitle more than Rob Deer with a bad attitude from aug 2011 onwards. Swap in someone Hunter Pence like and imagine the offensive construction once Reyes comes back. I’d also say the same about Encarnacion. I’d say substitute one of those all or nothing sluggers for someone that can spray the ball, find the gaps, with some speed on the base paths. With the current construct, I think 40 doubles and and ops of .750 to .800 would have greater effect that either of those guys 40 home runs, 230 avg. and 150+ wiffs.

      • Why are you responding in support of your own comment but under a different name?

      • “either of those guys 40 home runs, 230 avg. and 150+ wiffs.”

        You seem to be mistaking Bautista and Encarnacion for Mark Reynolds.

      • Hunter Pence. Yeah, that’s going to solve everything for us. Maybe we can coax Randy Ruiz back to sub in for EE.

      • So you’re earnest yet embarrassed and needy, all wrapped up in a really conflicted package of shit?

        • HE’S conflicted???
          How’ bout someone who’s trying to follow this stuff ??
          I guess there’s one guy posting under a few names but now “Bob” is introduced and , far as I can tell…

          there IS no “Bob”

  13. I never thought I would say it… but I miss KJ too.

    • You’re talking about the guy who had 159 K’s in 142 games and a slugging % worse than Rajai Davis? No thanks.

  14. The site ain’t fucked, bob.

  15. It is really uplifting checking today’s scores and seeing the Astros taking the Yankees to the woodshed. FML.

  16. So stoeten is banning people again, what did bob do?

  17. Sigh.

  18. One of the more interesting ideas in the comment section of Cameron’s piece is that most of the teams that had a poor April (or poor month at any time, really) were poor teams in general.

    Really, though, the Jays are more like LAA last year in that they are a good team trying to climb out of a big hole.

    The most encouraging part, to me, is that Cameron notes “every year, three to five teams play around .600 baseball from May 1st to the end of the season.”

    If the Jays play up to their true talent level sans Jose Reyes for another 2 months, .600 ball is within the realm of possibility. After all, a large number of the FG writers picked the Jays to win the ALE, which may very well have required the Jays to play .600 ball all year anyway.

    It sucks that less than a month in the chances of making the playoffs are much, much slimmer than they were on Opening Day, but even contending for the 2nd wildcard in September is something.

    • If there was ever a time where this team’ll show what kind of grit they have, I think it’ll be this week. If we’re this pissed off/horrified/worried about the season as fans, imagine being one of the guys on the team. My gut – or maybe it’s just blind hope – tells me this week we start to turn it around.

      • This team is not pissed off, they’er afraid, afraid of losing, afraid the ball will be hit to them, afraid of errors, mistakes, striking out, afraid no one else will do the job that needs to get done, afraid their pitchers aren’t as good as they use to be, afraid of loosing fans. This team is afraid they may be the worst team in the history of the game of baseball. They may well be. John Farrell, maybe he saw it coming

      • But as I understand it, you can’t channel frustration and anger into something like hitting, especially at the pro level. I can kind of see an extra bit of energy in running down a flyball or ground ball though.

  19. The obvious cause for all this losing is that they are wearing the blue jerseys way too often.

  20. Good ol shitcanning of the sox tomorrow would be nice

  21. well maybe we’ll get some luck and if we can pull out a sweep or two in the next couple of series then this hole won’t be so bad

  22. yanks 6-1 vs jays, 9-9 vs league

    jays scored 13 runs in 4 games, astros scored 9 in 1

    It’s going to be scary when the jays face the stros.

  23. Not to be annoyingly optimistic, but it’s realistic to think the Jays could make up 8 or 9 games over the course of the next 2 months and be at .500 by the all-star break. From there, you start the second 2nd half fresh with Reyes and go on a tear. No?

    • I figure if they are around the 500 mark when Reyes gets back it’ll set them up for a second half run.

    • I think reaching .500 in June and a 2nd half run is probably the only shot we’ve realistically got now.

    • The legend of Jose Reyes continues to grow in Toronto………………………I guess that works better when a player is hurt.

      I’m not saying that Reyes isn’t a good player because he is, but people are getting carried away. The guy is worth between 4 and 5 wins over replacement over an entire season. Now a replacement level player is one of ridiculously low quality, the average starter is 2 wins above. Granted the Jays have replaced him with a replacement level player but that doesn’t mean that Reyes comes back and the team that was .500 is ready for a 20 game winning streak.

      Once again, Reyes is a good hitter for a SS but that is where it ends. He is no one of the best hitters in the game and he presence did not have such a dramatic effect on the Mets………………..why would it have such an effect on the Jays?

  24. No matter how you slice it, this is not what anyone expected.

  25. AA needs to try the 2nd baseman out from Buffalo looks like he can hit

  26. I’ve had enough of the nonsense about it being too early and how I shouldn’t be panicking. I’m not actually panicking anymore because I realize that IT’S OVER!!
    The hole is too deep. It’s too late.
    This will be my last post. I won’t be back and I won’t watch another game this year.
    I just refuse to be subjected to this for even one more day.
    I’m out!!

  27. All you fucks crying make me wanna puke, spoiled fucking babies. Grab your dicks and collectively calm the fuck down. And the trolls popping up on this site are the truest cocksuckers of all.

  28. Hey, we finally gained on the yankees…by not playing..somehow they got run by the astros?

  29. C’mon guys, everyone needs to back away from the ledge a bit (maybe not all the way). We knew the team would suffer with the reyes injury. Last I checked it was still April and the season had 5 months to go. Obviously there are some disconcerting trends that need to turn around but a nice little winning streak can turn things around in a hurry. I hope to fuck it starts soon so that the trolls will disappear and all the talk of bad vibes in the clubhouse will magically evaporate.

    And for fuck sakes try to enjoy watching the games knowing that the team has a chance to win on any given night. If you aren’t watching for enjoyment, rather for some kind of vicarious athletic glory, just bandwagon on some team that is on a winning streak at the time and quit wasting 3 hours of your life every day.

    • 100%

    • “And for fuck sakes try to enjoy watching the games knowing that the team has a chance to win on any given night. If you aren’t watching for enjoyment, rather for some kind of vicarious athletic glory, just bandwagon on some team that is on a winning streak at the time and quit wasting 3 hours of your life every day.”

      I wish more people would do this. A baseball season is awfully long for one who only cares about the prize at the end of it.

    • They were suffering before the Reyes injury.

      I dunno, something needs to be done… I have no idea what but something so long as it isn’t something counter-productive in the longterm. We’re past the the time where “it’s early!” is an acceptable response because we’re venturing into “even if we turn it around right now we might not make it” territory.

      Such a shame… Rogers finally opens the pocketbook and spends to make the team a winner and they respond by collectively failing.

      • Rogers should keep payroll steady based on Kierkegaard hire for Mlse.

        The product is marketed on several platforms.

        Hay hurst and Blair are realists on baseball central today.

        Let Wilner be the cheerleader who battles the Jsys talk fans who wanted a good team from day 1.

      • The Jays said “If you come, we will spend”. Everybody shat on them and said fuck you Rogers. Rogers says fine, “We will spend, then will be happy and come?” Everybody pretends to be happy but it turns out there was a string attached. “If you spend, and WIN RIGHT AWAY, then we will be happy.”

        Lesson learned by Rogers – “Why bother – we have SHIT FANS – might as well go back to focusing on profits – much less risky.”

    • I would rather watch baseball every night than summer tv reruns.

  30. This team is not that bad but not great either , expectations for me were battle for the wild card spot play some sept baseball for once and go from there . Also name to starters who can win 15 games this season for us this season cause i cant. To me AA always tries to get players at a bargain rate and never overspends then expect all star production from a guy like EE who makes 10mill and season or morrow who makes 7, when you look at what the tigers yankes angels and other top teams pay for 1-3 rotation guys and 345lineup then you look at the blue jays and compare the players then you will see the problem

  31. Wow – a morning in which there wasn’t a Blue Jay loss the day before

  32. Dome is open right now

  33. Think about it everyone. Now it’s gonna be even more epic when we go on a run to the playoffs.

  34. My question is this why did we scorn JP Riccardi for throwing money away and not making the right moves, when all everyone does is eat the jam out AA ass and praise him for being a ninja.
    Bring riccardi back if we want to compete , at least he didnt sell the farm for buerle + izturis and bonafatcio + Dickey.

    • AA will be given 3 years to see how the team does.

      It’s not fair to judge Jim on these 26 games.

      There is no way he would have hot Reyes or buerhle as a free agent,

      1 year of Johnson is worth rolling the dice.

      Dickey looks like a good deal

    • Any credibility you’ve had in criticizing Anthopolous just went out the window, surely you jest.

    • Gotta hand it for this guy. After all the hysteria this year, this is still the first (and likely only) time I’ve heard someone trash AA and reminisce about the old JPR days. That takes a special brand of revisionist history to accomplish. Well done.

      Dude. You are fucking nuts.

  35. I guess wins was the wrong word I do understand that Phil Hughes wins a bunch of games a yr despite being avg,for me .600 baseball in the east the rest of the way is what makes me think that we don’t have that kinda staff. We have a really good Nl central team though

  36. But…but…but AA is a ninja, right?

    Some silent assassin. I can’t wait to see how much is waistline will have stretched by the end of this stressful, disappointing season.

    • Hay hurst says tonight should be a Lester victory. Morrow has a terrible track record against current red six lineup

      • In 2012 Morrow pitched 6 scoreless innings against the Red Sox. So you’re really going back to 3 starts in 2011 to establish that “track record”… a total meaningless microsplit and anything before that is probably useless. I think we can all agree that Brandon Morrow has evolved from the 2010/2011 version of himself.

        • Hay hurst looked at current red sox roster vs morrow. Napoli was on a different team etc ops around 1000.

          Hay hurst said it looks very bad for the jays tonight be Susie they don’t hit Lester well

      • We’ll just have to see what Morrow we get tonight.

  37. AA did try but he constantly makes trades for players that he thinks can turn into something better, for ex Kelly Johnson , Rasmus, santos Johnson Escobar but there track record remains the same I think he believes he’s ripping the other team off. Brandon morrows biggest start as a jays 2 nite

  38. For those of you who are rational of mind, but human, and therefore caught up even a little bit in the current hysteria I say this……

    As competitive as NY,BOS, and BAL are, the Jays are only 3 and 1/2 games behind the only team in the division that really matters. Yes, TB is the team, in my opinion, that the Jays really need worry about.

    If Tampa had the same start as Boston this year, then Drew’s theory of fighting thru the AL east to get to the top rings much truer, but they didn’t.

    Forget about wildcard projections, too many variables, the goal is the division, Tampa is well within the sights of the Jays and it going to be a glorious fight to the finish.

    Book it!

    • If you don’t think Boston is legit, you’re fooling yourself.

      • Perhaps Boston is legit the same way every other team who has collapsed and missed the playoffs was legit. 2011 Red Sox legit – DEFINITELY. Last year’s Rangers at this time of year? Probably BEST TEAM OF ALL TIME – NO DOUBT 110+ GAME WINNER.

        Toronto is as legit as any other team – they just need to play like they are capable.

      • Boston is a competitive team, Much better than their record if a year ago, but they are not, in my opinion, the cream if the AL East crop.

        Time will prove either one of us right or wrong on this, and yes, currently you are in the lead.

  39. http://www.weei.com/sports/boston/baseball/red-sox/alex-speier/2013/04/30/planes-trains-boats-and-automobiles-mike-napol

    “They made it seem like I needed [the physical] right now,” he continued. “They probably could have just had my physical done when I got done with the cruise. But I didn’t want anything to get messed up or anything, and then the trade be quashed.”

    YOU didn’t want the trade quashed – Uh, no Mike. This wasn’t about you. The Jays needed that physical done ASAP because they didn’t want to give LAA any time to reconsider and back out of the deal – thus being stuck with Wells.

    • True, but we’re seeing a lot of questions regarding the Jays handling of guys they acquire. Their usage of the waiver wire has pissed off some guys, I don’t know what that means but it can’t be good can it?

  40. Remember when morrow would always get into full counts and the redox were that first team to lay of the slider 3-2, then some 1 on base he used to struggle spotting the first ball out the stretch. That’s where the bad numbers vs the redsox come from. If it wasn’t for Molina snap throwing to first and controlling the run game morrow would of been in bigger trouble

    • molina was awesome and we lost a big piece when he departed. he raised the bar of every single one of our pitchers.

  41. For the folks screaming for lost prospects, we still have some pretty good stuff coming up.
    This from Ben Badler of Baseball America:

    Aaron (NY): What pitching prospect has intrigued you the most so far this year?

    Ben Badler: Roberto Osuna. Our reports were that he and Victor Sanchez were the two best pitchers on the July 2 market back in 2011, and obviously Osuna looked sharp last year, but the reports from scouts this year are even more impressive. His breaking ball has improved to the point where scouts now think he has a chance for three plus pitches, so we’re talking about a guy who maybe looked like a potential No. 3 starter to a kid who just turned 18 two months ago who has a chance to be a true frontline starter.

    • And not to mention Stroman, Nolin, Sanchez…….. etc
      Plenty of good arms to bring along or trade, so quit spouting that we shouldn’t have made the trades. Not a single GM in baseball would have passed up Loria’s shiny gift basket.

      • I agree, he had to make that deal, but it doesn’t mean it will work out. I think it all hinges on Buerhle. If he turns in to a sinkhole then Reyes has to be beyond incredible to make up for his anchor of a deal.

      • hopefully one of these pitching prospects learns how to get on base. Heyo!!

        • Smoral is a 6’8 beast. When they circumcised him he lost 12 pounds.
          Maybe we can get him to pitch and hit.

          • AA made some aggressive/risky picks in his last few drafts. Many of them have not yet played a minor league game so I think we should wait and see how this new crop of kids fare before screaming that the cupboards are bare.

          • I’m pretty sure Smoral’s a lefty too.

  42. I choose to believe that Morrow is capable of putting this team on his back for an evening and battling Lester very well.

    I choose to believe that Jose Bautista has many months in him where he can get an OPS of 140. And that Edwin is capable of playing like he did last year.

    I choose to believe that Lind will have an on-base percentage of like .430 against RHP once Gibby tells him he is allowed to literally walk to first on all BBs.

    I am going to enjoy tonight for tonight: wholesome, delicious, Blue Jays baseball.

  43. If I could guarantee you that the Jays will have at least one stretch of 17-9 between now and the end of the season, would the remaining 110 games (results unknown) be of interest to you?

    If the Jays are over .500 in August and WITHIN ANY KIND OF STRIKING DISTANCE of a Wild Card spot, would the last 50 games of the season be of interest to you?

    Is there any chance that the Blue Jays will play MEANINGFUL games in August and September this year? Something they have rarely done in the last 20 years? YES!

    Fuck your statistics, fuck Ben Nicholson-Smith, fuck Dave Cameron, and fuck all of you.

    We have good baseball players on our team and I will not give up until our magic number is 0. It is not impossible for all at the same time Dickey, Morrow, Johnson, Melky, Bautista, Reyes, Encarnacion, Lawrie, and whoever the fuck else has any kind of streakiness to get HOT and for this team to go on a sick run.


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