Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays

Who knew they meant for him and not for us. Ugh.

Fuckface time again at the Rogers Centre tonight, and… it wasn’t supposed to be this way, was it? The Jays are desperate, already, to start clawing back Boston’s lead in the American League East after all the calls for calm and reminders of the season’s length ran into a brick wall called reality as the Jays went 1-6 on their road trip to Baltimore and the Bronx. (You’re still an idiot if you were panicking at 8-11, though).

John Farrell makes his second return to the city as the manager of the Red Sox, and… so what? If they like him, they can have him. I don’t even know anymore.


Chris Toman tweets that Josh Johnson will throw a “light” side session tomorrow, with the hope that he can pitch on Friday. J.A. Happ has had his start moved up to Thursday (though he’ll still be going on regular rest, because of the off-day yesterday).

Scott McArthur tells us that, as of 3:30, R.A. Dickey had yet to go for an MRI, and that the plan was for him to continue to pitch through neck pain.

According to Mike Wilner, Jose Bautista said today that “tonight is the most important game of the season. Tomorrow night, tomorrow’s game will be the most important.”

Richard Griffin tweets: “Surprising comment from #jays John Gibbons: ‘We are where we should be.’ Realistic but surprising.”

Lastly, awful news by way of Bluebird Banter, who tell us that one-time Jays draftee, Canadian prospect Jake Eliopoulos, has passed away at just 21 years of age. Our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app

Toronto Blue Jays

3B Brett Lawrie (R)
DH Rajai Davis (R)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Melky Cabrera (S)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
SS Maicer Izturis (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Emilio Bonifacio (S)

Brandon Morrow RHP

Boston Red Sox

CF Jacoby Ellsbury (L)
RF Daniel Nava (S)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
DH David Ortiz (L)
1B Mike Napoli (R)
LF Mike Carp (L)
C Jarrod Saltalamacchia (S)
3B Will Middlebrooks (R)
SS Stephen Drew (L)

Jon Lester LHP

Comments (723)

  1. If he walks we lose.

  2. Delabot!

  3. this is sickening

  4. Who cares who’s fault it is, its getting hella annoying, these are the big leagues you can’t just toss the ball away like its beer league.

  5. haha I am feeling a grand slam ( power on power, lord help us)

  6. Beer? Beer? Fucking playoffs? Where’s that rum I hid on myself?

  7. Not again, please

  8. Is Kawasaki’s Korner still in service?

  9. Nothing is easy for these jays they could fuck up a cup of coffee

  10. lo visto, see that?


  12. lol it was a strike but jpa barrel rolled so…. ball 2

  13. How many times does JP get crossed up a game?

  14. JPA is an idiot. That is all.

  15. JPA=not good at catching baseballs…

  16. That was a strike if he knew it was coming

  17. learn how to fucking throw strikes. what is this, Drabek pitching?

  18. Fucking Kawasaki

  19. FML

  20. lol every single player on this jays team communally has lost us 19 games, but things can turn around

  21. There we go. The world makes sense again.

  22. I cant believe how bad this team is…botch a DP with Pedroia and Ortiz coming up…fuck em..what a joke

  23. Morris really is a fucking douche bag wow

  24. O my god why. why why why.


  26. Ha

  27. Well good night folks. Im off to the land of beer and chicken wings for the night… maybe a few tears.

  28. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

  29. Single tear.

  30. Just fuck off. Fuck off for a little. Fuck. Poor dog is even barking at the tv. They can smell fear you know.

  31. “Ortiz is the best at rbi’s” says Jack Morris right before I slice open his jugular.

  32. Fuck this. I can’t watch this shit when the players can’t do the basics. I don’t have enough booze to balance it out. See you tomorrow boys!

  33. This is the worst month of baseball I’ve ever experienced.

  34. I think Lawrie’s going to have to win this all by himself.

  35. you have to wonder about gibbons, when do teams bring in shortstops as defensive replacements mid game? if you don’t trust your starter then he probably shouldn’t start.

  36. It’s almost like everytime we get a lead….I’m almost expecting them to blow it

    • If they are going to turn the season around I wasn’t expecting a laugher.
      We’ll need to beat them in the 8th/9th.
      Need something to rally around.

  37. WTF… It’s only the 7th inning FFS.

  38. Man, I just checked out Delabar’s stats. 12 walks in 14 innings. That is atrocious.

  39. Listen guys, things aren’t going well at my job, my kid won’t stop crying,and my wife won’t even look at me.

    I really need the Jays to win this.

  40. Unfuckenbelievable….did I say unfuckenbelievable? Ya I did…don’t even blame the bullpen/delebar…the starters have been taxing the bp so ya I dunno, what’s to say? Still early :o) fuck off!

  41. I’m just starting up my meat grinder. About to run my Dick through it.

  42. fuck you jays, fuck you Delabar and fuck you Gibby for not putting a lefty to pitch to Ortiz

  43. Even if toronto gets the lead again they’ll find a way to give the lead up again

  44. Bullpen and D comin up big for us tonifht

  45. HOLY FUCK I want to FUCKING murder Jack Morris right now. I can’t even handle his SHIT.

    • Hebisb

      • Fucking phone.

        He has definitely solidifed himself as a fuckin asshole to hear talk with todaysbgame

    • Why? I actually enjoy the fact that he recognizes JP’s amateur hour bullshit and calls him on it.

      • I dont need his snide cocksucking ass pouring salt on my wounds

      • You’re not at all fucking tired of “the Red Sox just don’t give up in games. They just keep grinding.” I mean he’s obviously right, but he doesn’t need to shove his fucking salty dick in the gaping wound that is our season, especially right after the predictable shitshow that was the 7th.

        I hope his beard lights on fire.

  46. Silver lining: April ends in 146 minutes.

  47. I dunno, I get the feeling that this game is only starting, ball is flyinggg out of the Dome tonight.

  48. Oh shut up Morris. What an idiot

  49. Jack Morris earning a living straight up trolling

  50. We need a watershed moment. Down a run going into the 8th to the division leaders sounds like it to me.


  52. So the last five games we have had the lead each game.

    In four of those five games, we had a lead of 2 runs or more.

    and yet we lose them all.

    when was the last time a team lost 5 games in a row in which they held the lead? i bet its been a while.

  53. All the Jays need is more veteran mentoring from Derosa and Blanco on the bench. That is what they do all game, right?

  54. Gibby has done everything he could this game with going to Loup early and then making the defensive replacement.

  55. are we filling out Maicer Izturis’s release forms yet?

  56. So does this mean Farrell is the shit? Shoot me now….

  57. RIP 2013 Jays Season

  58. pinch hitting for Rajai in the 7th? curious

  59. Don’t worry Lind is up….we are saved

  60. “I want to scream. and shout. and let it all out” now playing. Should be the official song of the 2013 Blue Jays

  61. This is a joke right? A really bad joke?

    It’s almost like the game is scripted. You just know the shit is coming. No matter how great the line up looked going through the order a couple times. No matter how good the starter looked through the first few innings…..

    You just knew the shit was coming.

  62. That’s a lot of caucasians behind the plate.

  63. Yes Lind! Boom!

  64. #ThingsThisSeasonMakesMeSay

    I miss Pat Tabler. I miss him so fucking much right now.

  65. I was gonna say Lind did a good job of laying off the outside pitch 2-2….but why did he spit on the 3-1 one cock shot?

  66. Those Redsox are just so ‘scrappy’ like their glorious leader Pedroia

    Surprised Morris hasnt dropped ‘scrappy’ yet

  67. Welcome to that segment of the game where the jays, down by one run, have 9 consecutive players head to the plate trying to hit a solo shot.

    You can see it right here on home run derby

  68. Half expected the ump to ring up Jose on that pitch

  69. I keep hearing what a great bullpen manager Gibbons is? I just don’t see it. Don’t u think u might want a lefty for ortiz?

    Another brilliant move – putting in Lind for Davis – I mean normally a wash, but Davis is playing good tonight and it’s only the 7th. what a shitstain.

  70. If anyone is watching the Boston feed, the Nesn announcers even sound like they feel bad for the Jays…btw if the sox win it will be their best start in April EVER! Farrell sucks right?

  71. lol chicken wing

  72. In Edwin we trust.

  73. Wing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. fucking terrible… just simply fucking terrible

  75. Fuck ya

  76. fuck…when edwin get’s hot…he get’s HOT

  77. Edwin the best

  78. wow! another chicken wing, this time CF!

  79. YES!!!! Edwin is the man!

  80. lol The Shitacular Show™ 2013 continues I see. Shitacular pitching and Shitacular defense. Oh what a lovely combination they make.

    I think that old lady that sits behind home plate nearly every game for the last 2 years has been giving the Jays the evil eye. Only way to explain the Shitacular bad luck and bad play during that period of time. Rogers should invoke some kind bylaw and remove her from those seats permanently.

  81. Don’t celebrate yet

  82. Make it a double order of the wings for me!!!

  83. but hey at least the fucking Buffalo Bisons are playing well!!!

  84. OUR SAVIOR EDDIE!!!!!!

  85. *crying*

  86. awriiiiiiiiight Chicken wing!!

    You called it Smasher!!

  87. Eddie doing everything he can to keep us in it…lets keep the lead this time

    • But that will mean you can’t whine like a fucking baby.

      • I get annoyed when we fuck up double plays and give up free runs to the best team in baseball right now, all of this while we are 8 games under .500 in April, I also get pumped when we hit big homeruns…get the fuck over it.


    Suck it Farrell. Suck it Jack. FUCKING SUCK IT JACK!

  89. EDWIN!!!!!! I think I luvz you

  90. This team is a joke …except EE

  91. Can we use Casey for a 2 inning save, his arm must be fresh.

  92. He pimped the fuck out of that.

  93. Holy fuck not now Jack. Who pitches the 8th for us?

  94. I take back everything bad I EVER said about E5

    Just let us win this game!!!

  95. I’m late but that was the delicious wing action.

  96. Ok – who on here is going to go to church this Sunday if we get the win tonight? Time to pony up with the promises to the big guy,

  97. Anyone else preemptively angry about the run the Red Sox are about to score?


  98. Bautista drew a very impressive 2 out walk there setting the table.

    Encarnacion delivered – he is playing great.

    Hope we can close this game quickly and swiftly so the team can rally around that inning. A tough at bat, not throwing in the towel or trying to do more then is available.

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