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Ken Fidlin of the Toronto Sun looks at how Pinellas County politicians are attempting to keep the Jays’ spring home in the Dunedin area– including a plan that may expand the Phillies’ complex in very nearby Clearwater.

Elsewhere in the Sun, Mike Rutsey suggests that this week’s series with the Red Sox probably isn’t the time when victories are going to start coming for the Jays, given how the two clubs have played thus far. But that’s kinda the thing, isn’t it? Both teams are long overdue to start looking more like the clubs we thought they were in the off-season– and for the Jays’ sake, they’d fucking better.

Via MLBTR, it seems that there’s no love lost between Mike Napoli and  the Jays, as he was forced to cut a Mexican cruise short back in January of 2011 in order to rush to Florida to take a physical after he’d been acquired by Toronto in the Vernon Wells deal. ”It sucked, I’ll tell you that,” Napoli told the red and white pom poms of Alex Speier of WEEI.com, as he recounted the odd scenario– as we saw with Jose Reyes this winter, players usually get to finish their vacations before taking trade-related physicals (though I can understand why Alex Anthopoulos felt some sense of urgency to make the fleecing of Anaheim official)– and how nobody from the Jays’ front office contact him until he’d been dealt again, this time to the Rangers a few days later.

Great stuff from Chris Toman at gamereax, as he looks at what J.P. Arencibia still needs to do as a hitter, which is currently being masked a bit by his gaudy power numbers. Toman also makes the case for Josh Thole to replace Henry Blanco on the Jays’ roster, and while I have no lack of fondness for ol’ Machete, uh… yeah. Totally. It was the right time to do this, basically, in March. Maybe one day Alex will learn that giving valuable roster spots to unplayable veterans is kinda fucking stupid. Maybe…

The Globe and Mail goes a-trollin’, with Robert MacLeod looking at the Jays’ playoff odds (which… at this time of year are kind of the worst things to look at ever), while Tom Maloney dreams of what might have been for the Jays… an outfield featuring Alex Rios and Vernon Wells, who are going better than the Jays’ current outfielders, which, of course, means fuck all after 26 games.

Callum Hughson of Mop Up Duty gives us an interesting take on what’s gone wrong with the Jays so far.

At Jays Journal, Michael Beraskow looks at the role John Gibbons has had in the Jays’ lack of success so far, which– unsurprisingly– isn’t a big one. Sorry, pisspantses.

Speaking of pisspantses, also at Jays Journal, Travis Bateman takes a look, tongue firmly in cheek, at all the very reasonable reasons why John Gibbons should be fired.

At Bluebird Banter, Shermanator91 tries to construct an optimal lineup for the Jays, and comes up with some interesting ideas– like Adam Lind leading off against right-handers, followed by Jose Bautista. I’d do it.

Via Baseball Think Factory, it’s a slideshow of the top ten MLB stadiums when it comes to craft beer. I don’t do slideshows, so I haven’t looked, but I can already assure you that Rogers Centre isn’t on there.

Awesome stuff as always from Craig Robinson at Getting Blanked, as he brings us a spiffy infographic on the job histories of all the current big league managers.

Lastly, Sportsnet announces that the CRTC has approved the sale of The Score to Rogers, and that the channel we be rebranded on July 1st, which will hopefully, finally, stop all the damn confusion people have about me supposedly working for Rogers. I do not. This blog, and all the others on our roster, as well as theScore.com, and our mobile app operate as an independent company.

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  1. was riding up the elevator to work this morning and a story on the elevator news network stated that the Jays have a 0.6% of making the playoffs. sorry, but the ENN is NEVER wrong. looking forward to 2014!

    • I wish someone would give me those odds – I’d put $500 on Toronto!

      • I know, I bet 50 bucks during the preseason and only got 5-1 odds.
        birddawg – can you lay another 50 down for me when you’re in Vegas?

  2. Some tell that bitch Napoli to stop whining

  3. Over under on thole call up day?

  4. Just put Blanco in the 500′s with a bat see how many throw those flipping paper aeroplanes then but he has to go from the bench

    • We need him on our bench, if there is ever a brawl we need Blanco, aka, Stelio Kontos on our side!

  5. I’ll be in attendance tonight to see if Jays can pull out a huge win to equal wins in April by my 77′ expansion team.

  6. Time is on my side, yes it is
    Time is on my side, yes it is

    Now you always say
    That you want to be free
    But you’ll come running back (said you would baby)
    Youll come running back (I said so many times before)
    Youll come running back to me

    Oh, time is on my side, yes it is
    Time is on my side, yes it is



  7. Agree with the whole lineup reconstruction thing. What about putting EE second and Bats 4th will he is struggling. You could do something like this, assuming vs. a righty:


  8. Keys to game
    Morrow must throw the heat to not get beat
    Someone better than Rasmus hits in two hole
    A six pack

  9. Keys to game: stay focussed and take the shortest route to the ball.

  10. A Stoets,

    Fair to say the worst thing AA does is manage back end of bench?

    I mean they were and maybe still are carrying extra bullpen arm (gotta fact check).Their bench is Blanco, Derosa, Bonny or Izturis, Rajai .. 2 complete turds and 2 runners

    Gibby’s hands have been tied all year and it has assuredly cost then potential runs if not wins.

    I don’t get it … For a guy that is part of the “new breed of gm” to waste spots on these types of players is beyond me … Omar, etc.

    Ugh …

    • FREE JOSH THOLE!!!!!!!!!!!! Watching Blanco flail away at centre-cut fastballs is hurting my eyes.

    • Izturis and Rajai are better than you give them credit for.

      • Notice you didnt mention Boni.

      • Rajai is a fine pinch hitter, part time left fielder .. as long as he doesn’t swing at anything besides fastballs

        Izturis – is a fine utility player however he is now the regular 2B

        Bonny – was fine last year is not fine right now – can cut him some slack

        Bench is important and Blanco & Derosa should not be on a contenders bench – they do not provide a skill better then any regular for any situation (except Blanco doesn’t muck as man RAD knucklers)

      • It seems pretty clear to me now that the Jays management were so consumed with worry about Lawrie’s attitude and JPA’s defensive woes that they overlooked any other potential issues the team had and decided to waste two roster spots on a mentor and a personal catcher. I don’t want to overstate the issue and suggest this is why the team is 9-17, but looking back, it is obvious that these were paranoid moves meant to deal with VERY specific concerns…rather than moves meant to actually improve the team and insulate the roster from injury…which, with the benefit of hindsight, looks to have been a costly mistake.

    • +5

      Jays usually play with an even shorter bench.

      We have no power bat off the bench.

      We seem to usually have 8 relievers.

  11. I actually was one of those people who thought getting rid of Rios the way we did was a mistake. I mean it wasn’t exactly a team killing contract (like Vernon’s), and Rios certainly wasn’t blocking anyone in the minors at the time.

    But I understand that the strategy was to burn it down and rebuild. Having said that, 10 Million wouldn’t have killed us and we haven’t had a single fucking LF since we got rid of him. Was 10 million not a team friendly contract back then? I seem to remember that Rios was on Joe Posnanski’s list of worst MLB contracts, but 10 million seems like a bargain even for 2008 Alex Rios at today’s prices.

    • Rios seemed to be going through the motions at the time.When players are picked up on revocable waivers, the offering team usually pulls back the player and works out a trade with the claiming team.That didn’t happen. The Jays let him go for butkus.It sorta suggests that Rios didn’t have the trade value with his contract.It alludes to Rios preceived value at the time.

      Disclaimer: This an opinion. I was not privy to the innner workings of either club.I know nothing as a fact.I certainly have no idea whether it is true or not It is just speculation on my part.

      • Ya, I remember what happened and how it happened. But Rios’ stats were actually pretty decent in 2008. A player hitting like that with the track record he had would DEFINITELY get 10 million per season for his prime years, easily. I mean, Melky got almost that much without any of the speed or defense.

        I just don’t totally understand why they let him go for nothing, despite the fact that I remember agreeing with the decision at the time. In hindsight, saving 10 million dollars of Rios helped us accomplish absolutely nothing, right? Except Melky, who is basically Rios light?

        • In hindsight maybe, Rios absolutely had the physical tools but seemed to be on the decline for whatever reason.The saving wasn’t the 10 mil but the rest of the contract which I think at the time was 65 mil ( ?). It seemed to be justified also because when he first joined the Sox he played like crap for a time, then turned it around.
          Understand your points though.

  12. I think if the jays are going to win today, they’re going to have to score more runs than the red sox.

  13. Wait a minute.
    So Stoeten ISN’T a Rogers shill?
    Even if he was, I doubt that even Rogers could muzzle him.
    Too stubborn.LOL

  14. I was a baseball fan long before there were Toronto Blue Jays or Montreal Expos.
    Regardless of how the home team fares, I will enjoy my seven weekends in
    Toronto and each and every one of the 21 games I will see on those weekends.

    That said, like everyone else, am very disappointed in this start.

  15. If the Jays sweep the Red Sox and thereby reduce the deficit to 6.5 games,
    there will be a faint ray of hope.

    Anything less than that and the Division title is probably out of reach.

    Yes, teams have come from 10 games back in September.
    But that was ten games back of one team.

    One team can collapse back towards you.
    Happens quite a bit.
    But 4 teams will not.
    Yesterdays Fangraphs article was spot on as to what the Jays’ prospects are.

    • never mind that they play them another 12 times this year

      • Correct.
        Lets say they go 2-1 after which the deficit sits at 8.5
        Then they go 10-2 in your remaining 12.
        They’d still have half a game to make up.
        Meanwhile, Bos. NYY, Balt & TB are all good enough to maintain winning
        records outside of the division; and, when they play within the division
        two of those teams win every night.
        Rotsa Ruck making up that kind of ground on multiple teams.
        Sorry, but no sweep=no division title. Bet on it.

  16. Maybe our Ninja GM is more John Kreese than Mr Miyagi…

    • Both trained are in karate…Ninjas don’t train in karate

      • What do ninjas train in? They are a group of people not a fighting style.

        Ninjas are a sect of assassins/spies, I am sure they have used the odd karate chop Austin Powers style from time to time. I bet in the Venn diagram of Ninja’s/Karate usage there are some dots in the overlapping circle.

        Mr Miyagi was never a Ninja, how would we know he works in the shadows or does he.

        Brush that off

        • WIth particular attention to the 18 skills. Before you say there may be some loose association through some karate training, let me just say that AA’s Ninja status was a result of his stealth, not that of hand combat.
          In terms of Ninja references in popular culture, you could have tried Beverly Hills Ninja, Kill Bill, TMNT

          • putting my best Master Po voice on and switching countries and fighting styles completely

            “is AA stealthy,maybe Beinfest/Hill are the real sensei; grasshopper”

  17. Would you rather:

    Your team played crappy in April, but then played better the rest of the year, but still missed the playoffs due to the hole they dug themselves in the first month?


    Play crappy in September, losing 18 of your last 24 games, blowing a 9 game lead in the WC and missing the playoffs on the last day of the regular season by losing to the worst team in your division?

    • I prefer losing in April and playing catchup the rest of the year. Squandering a lead would be devastating

  18. 10 game win streak starts now. Book it!

    At which point the season is more than reset.

    • I like where your heads at.

      • Would be nice, but not the way the team has been going lately.

      • As stupidly optimistic as it is… a 10 game win streak and suddenly our playoff “odds” are perfectly respectable.

        If we thought the team had talent 4 weeks ago, 4 weeks of play shouldn’t outweigh the years of play prior that formed that conclusion.

        • I’m not holding my breath for a 10 game winning streak, but I do think this team is totally capable of winning say 8 or 10, 11 of 14 … a stretch like that.

          The fucked up thing is, I actually don’t think the team played THAT badly on the 1-6 road trip. Not great, but they could have won every game.

          If they take it up a notch, and get a little of the luck that so far hasn’t come our way, I wouldn’t be surprised to see things start to swing the other way soon.

          Now that I’ve said that, watch them get swept by Boston.

          • Yes James – I’m only throwing in the towel when a “10 out of 12″ run isn’t enough. It still is enough and it still is possible.

    • My next game is June 9th. I’m hoping the Jays are around .500 at that point. It starts tonight. Hopefully, we can wipe that shit eating grin off of Farrell’s face.

      • If Farrell and David Cooper had a love child whose genes win out when it comes to the chin?

  19. Okay. Little game of “who says no?”

    Blue Jays
    Mark Buehrle, Anthony Gose

    Minnesota Twins
    Joe Mauer

    Twins get out of the contract, Jays are Even Stevens through 2015, Mauer fulfills his destiny at 1B, spells JPA every once in a while and sends Adam Lind to the FA market.

  20. Stoeten angered us. The only was to lift the curse is:

    Not to have Stoeten shave his beard entirely- but instead Stoeten MUST sculpt his beard a la R.A. Dickey. Only then will we be happy and the curse on the Jays will be lifted.


  21. I love how you say the Globe is trolling by pointing out playoff odds. If they’re trolling, you’re also trolling by constantly pointing out how stupid it is to make anything out of this poor start. Merely pointing out how big of a hole they have created for themselves (in mathematical form) should not be characterized as trolling.

    • Agreed. People calling the panicked fans idiots are now at least equally annoying. No matter how optimistic or pessimistic you are, the fact remains that the Jays just explosive-diarrhea’d all over April.

      • +5.

        I spent an hour discussing the blue jays season with co workers who are very casual fans.

        I try to be optimistic.

    • +2.

      The playoff odds are calculated using different statistical calculations.

      I do think the 9-17 matters more at the beginning of the year than in the middle for stats purposes.

      If we assume the team had gotten off to a 500 start after 30 games, then gone 9-17, I believe the odds would be higher than 9-17 to start. I have to run some simulatins.

      It still doesn’t affect my enjoyment of the game.

      It will make my wife make me do more garden chores this summer, because I can’t yell “playoffs” :)))

  22. Sweep the Sox and all of a sudden the season isn’t over anymore. Tough step to make though, I’ll take a 2-1 series victory.

  23. Dan Szymborski has the Jays at 26.3% chance of making the playoffs (7% of winning division) using ZiPS projections… hopefully this will provide sufficient optimism to get through the next few games without committing suicide.

    ESPN (insider only):

    • This hurts: “When J.A. Happ has the best ERA in your rotation by nearly a run, you know something very bad has happened.”

      What hurts even more is that it applies to FIP too.

  24. Farrell is a selfish prick.

    He just tweeted:
    “How can you tell when a woman orgasms?”
    “Who the hell Cares?”

    What a selfish animal.

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